ULTRASONE announces exclusive distribution partnership with Sorishop in South Korea

ULTRASONE announces exclusive distribution partnership with Sorishop in South Korea

Wielenbach, 19th July 2021 – ULTRASONE, the leading German manufacturer of handcrafted headphone masterpieces, is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting new distribution partnership with Sorishop Co. Ltd. for South Korea. Sorishop is one of the leading high-end audio distributors in Asia and has an excellent lineup of first-class HiFi brands. ULTRASONE is honored to be a part of this portfolio. Sorishop operates also the leading Head-Fi store in Korea under the brand “Scheherazade” ( www.schezade.co.kr/).

An exciting step for South Korean”s Head-Fi enthusiasts
“We are very impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of the Sorishop staff, and we are confident that they will be able to provide our customers in Korea with a very high level of service and support they deserve. These new ties will further strengthen our growth strategy in Asia.” comments Robert Winterhoff, COO ULTRASONE. Michael Willberg, CEO ULTRASONE adds: “We are delighted to have Sorishop Co. Ltd. as our partner for the Korean market. Indeed, we are fortunate to work with some of the best distributors in the business. Sorishop has a superb professional team in the fields of sales, marketing, customer service, YouTube and professional management. All of them have many years of experience with Head-Fi Audio.

Sorishop”s Sales Director, Dong-woon Kim, explains: “It is a big honor for Sorishop to work with ULTRASONE from Germany as the exclusive distributor in the Korean market. As the veteran of the HiFi audio, speaker system”s and Head-fi distribution for 20 years, we have the confidence to settle the ULTRASONE brand in our market and build up the brand power of ULTRASONE and form a long-lasting partnership with ULTRASONE. From the bottom of our 60 Sorishop members” hearts, we are delighted to be working with ULTRASONE! Thank you!”

ULTRASONE continues its growth strategy
With this exclusive partnership for the important market of South Korea, ULTRASONE underlines its role as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphone masterpieces. In addition, it is a major step for the company”s growth strategy throughout 2021, where the company will rollout major technology breakthroughs and exciting new products. ULTRASONE headphones for Head-Fi enthusiasts are hand-built in the Free State of Bavaria and enjoy great popularity worldwide, both in Europe – and especially in the growth markets of Asia and North America.

About Sorishop Co. Ltd.
Established in 1999 as a dealer in hi-fi audio products and Sorishop has developed into one of the most respected distributors of high-fidelity audio equipment and speaker systems in the South Korean market. Sorishop further operates under the name of “Scheherazade” online and offline stores since 2013 and is the major player in the “Head-Fi community”.

Details that make the difference. Founded in 1991, ULTRASONE AG is today a reference for audiophiles and music lovers. At ULTRASONE, we love handcrafting beautiful things for audio enthusiasts and professionals. Headphones that create an “out-of-the-world” music experience. There”s very little in the world that takes our breath away quite like a headphone that was lovingly crafted, built with care and passion, and presented with the sort of pride that befits a marvelously well-made item. At ULTRASONE, we aim to create a quality that earns us the highest possible recognition for Bavarian innovation and exceeds our customer expectations. We strive relentlessly for perfection in our work. From the simplest models to the most complicated, the details are what make the difference. Craftsmanship is the quality that comes from creating with passion, care, and attention to detail. It is a quality that has been honed, refined, and practiced over the last 30 years that we’ve been in business. Craftsmanship and ingenuity are what we aim to make the difference from a good design to great product designs. Customers recognize craftsmanship in our “reference standard headphone”s “durability. ULTRASONE hand-made and carefully built products will be an item you will be proud to pass along to the next generation that is our aim. They are built well and built to last.

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