TTRPG publisher Ulisses becomes unidice partner

Ulisses Spiele integrates the digital die into their TTRPG system „The Dark Eye“

Ulisses Spiele, publisher of the popular TTRPG „The Dark Eye“ have become official partners with unidice, the company behind the digital die. „The Dark Eye“ is the oldest German roleplaying games system and has been around for almost 40 years, spawning hundreds of books, games, audiobooks and over a dozen video games as well as more than 40 VTT publications. Ulisses Spiele is also the primary distributor of the German editions of the renowned Pathfinder and Warhammer TTRPG among other well-known franchises such as Alien and Fallout.

The collaboration will include the development of a Pen&Paper app specifically for The Dark Eye. The unidice gaming system will implement the TTRPG rules into dice rolls and matching graphics, creating an immersive user-first experience and bringing the world of Aventuria to life.
For The Dark Eye gameplay this means that players can just pick the skill check they need and the unidice will update its displays and the player can start rolling. After a success the unidice immediately proceeds to the required next roll. Similar to Virtual Tabletop systems, the unidice draws the data from the character sheet and the formulas which will be provided by the system.

In addition, the unidice will also be able to provide matching graphics for The Dark Eye dice, so players can have a dice set to use matching their character“s theme.

Shaped like a traditional D6, each unidice display is able to turn into its own die be that a d20, d100 or any other type and with 6 different side players can use up to 6 different in one roll all to roll to generate results such as damage, skill tests or other rolls
Aside from The Dark Eye integration, Ulisses and unidice will have a lot more digital dice projects in store for the TTRPG community.

Thanks to this collaboration the unidice kickstarter launching in March 2023 will include additional rewards themed for the Dark Eye.

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