TIPP OIL produces World’s first deposit system for plastic container

TIPP OIL produces World’s first deposit system for plastic container

TIPP OIL: Sustainable rebottle system
Bergkamen company TIPP OIL produces high-quality lubricating oil. World’s first deposit system for plastic containers introduced.

In Germany, more than five million tons of plastic waste are generated every year. There are more than 400 million tons worldwide. So that this gigantic mountain does not get any bigger, the Bergkamen-based company TIPP OIL Manufacturer Ltd. launched the first deposit system for the plastic containers of its high-quality lubricating oil on the international market. „Right from the start it was clear to us that we had to make an active contribution against the environmental pollution caused by plastic waste that is rampant worldwide,“ explains Managing Director Sebastian Maier, who founded his company in 2018 as an independent raw materials trader. With „Rebottle“, the manufacturer of high-quality lubricants has created an innovative deposit system that can be implemented directly for customers and dealers without a great additional burden. „When shopping, our customers only pay a deposit of 25 cents for containers with a capacity of one to five liters and one euro for 20-liter canisters,“ continues the TIPP-OIL boss. „The value will be credited upon return. Our dealers note this on a return slip, which is then sent back to us together with the empty containers. It’s that simple.“ After being returned, the empty bottles and canisters are thoroughly cleaned and then refilled. This circulatory system reduces the production of plastic waste and conserves valuable resources. Sebastian Maier: „We take great care to ensure that no residues of the used oil remain in the containers. Damaged containers are sorted out and fed into the recycling process. For technical reasons, only the lids and caps have to be re-manufactured in this process.“ This is the only way to ensure safe transport and a shelf life of at least three years. This method of avoiding plastic waste, which is as simple as it is effective, has already convinced a number of retailers abroad.

Extensive portfolio

The TIPP OIL product range includes quality lubricating oils for cars, trucks, motorcycles as well as construction and agricultural machinery. The extensive portfolio is supplemented by two- and four-stroke oils, marine oils, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, compressor oils and special oils. „For us, the term ‚made in Germany‘ is not just a marketing phrase, but a claim and a calling at the same time,“ continues the 37-year-old company founder. „We only process the best raw materials, which, like our lubricating oils, are constantly checked and examined in special laboratories. This is the only way we can maintain the very high quality standards in the interests of our customers.“ In addition to the production facility and the bottling plant in Düsseldorf, Maier is planning another bottling plant in Lünen for the coming year. The annual production amounts to a total of 800,000 containers with a capacity of between one and twenty liters and 209-liter barrels. In order to make the range even more interesting for customers, TIPP OIL now also offers antifreeze as concentrates and ready-mixes. So every customer can find the right product. In addition, Sebastian Maier and his team also support the end user with relevant product and application information. „This happens, for example, on our YouTube channel. There is not only information about our products, but also simple explanatory videos.“ TIPP OIL has worked out very interesting conditions for its B2B customers. Individually compiled orders are delivered from a CP3 pallet. In addition, international delivery takes place in overseas containers in order to guarantee a safer arrival in the destination country. The in-house graphics department also provides individually tailored labels. These extensive services are part of the attractive all-round package from TIPP OIL. TIPP OIL Manufacturer Ltd. Co. KG is also ISO 9001 certified by TÜV Nord.

Manufacturer of the brand Tipp Oil Made in Germany PKW-. Truck engine oils, universal oils for agriculture and construction machinery, two-wheeler engine oils, two-stroke engine oils, gear oils, etc. Our company Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd. is active in the manufacture and trading of lubricants and raw materials. TIPP Oil is an independent brand with extensive know-how and an assortment that offers the optimal oil especially for every area of application. Our products are „Made in Germany“ and are manufactured by qualified and experienced employees in compliance with recognized and regularly checked quality standards. We have an extensive range of high-performance lubricants and related products of the latest generation. We offer an optimally tailored product for your needs. Tipp Oil Manufacturer Ltd. your partner for quality and service. Tipp Oil serves national and international trading partners and users from various industry segments with its wide range of lubricants. When it comes to lubricants, your expectations should always be high. Tipp Oil is the independent brand in the German lubricant trade. Our various lubricant products guarantee precision and reliability. And that for automotive and industrial uses. Trust is the basis of every business relationship. If you choose Tipp Oil, you are guaranteed to have the right partner at your side.

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