The OPC Router from inray now also speaks Sparkplug!

The OPC Router from inray in combination with Sparkplug, it now features a new and explicit way of data transfer developed for the industry

Global networking creates unimagined opportunities and countless advantages in the industry. That makes it even more necessary to build a digital company. Controlling and optimizing processes, detecting and preventing production downtimes in advance are only a few of those advantages.

Data evaluation and processing begins at the field level, directly at the machine. That provides countless different data, each important in its own way for a company. One way to make machine data available across the company is Sparkplug. Sparkplug is a specification that provides lightweight, real-time data transfer – from OT to IT. The decisive advantage of Sparkplug is that the specification already brings the communication structures that are essential for the machines. Therefore, this type of communication can be quickly integrated into the system making it available anywhere in the world with the help of middleware.

Middleware is an elementary software for the connection of distributed systems. It accesses machine data and makes it available to other departments and areas of a company. It connects the OT with the IT and ensures combined communication by uniting different communication languages. The connection results in a real-time data flow and transparency between OT and IT. One such middleware is the OPC Router. It is a software solution that connects machines and systems. It collects data, brings it together and makes it available at the right time and place. Its Plug-ins can be used to connect numerous systems, such as SAP, cloud systems, databases, printers and controllers. With the OPC Router, individual system components are connected on a graphical interface using drag & drop without any programming knowledge. That makes the OPC Router a leading middleware solution for the industry.

inray is one of the leading specialists for software in Industry 4.0, IoT, connectivity, machine data and store floor data collection. The software products focus on capturing and merging data and providing information at the right time and place. The portfolio includes, among others, the OPC Router as a user-friendly data hub for Industry 4.0 projects. With over 25 years of experience, inray contributes know-how to the relevant areas.

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