Smart Metering: GreenPocket presents new energy management system for enterprises, municipalities and housing industry

Smart Metering:  GreenPocket presents new energy management system for enterprises, municipalities and housing industry


Cologne, 14.10.2013 – Cologne-based software specialist GreenPocket will present its new energy management system at the European Utility Week, which takes place in Amsterdam from 15th to 17th October 2013. The system enables enterprises, municipalities and the housing industry to improve their energy efficiency permanently and thus cut costs significantly – joined with easy handling and clearly presented data.

Energy management systems become more and more important for businesses, as costs for energy increase steadily. For this reason, GreenPocket has turned its energy portal for business customers into an energy management system which enables companies as well as municipalities and the housing industry to increase their energy efficiency permanently. Special characteristics of the GreenPocket-Software are its easy handling, extensive customizing possibilities and a clear presentation of data.

Via a hierarchically structured dashboard, energy managers can quickly and easily determine the company”s total energy consumption, compare individual branch offices or locations as well as execute effective energy saving schemes to reach energy saving goals.

“As a company, a municipality or the housing industry it makes sense to act energy efficiently as on top of cost-cutting, they are able to contribute long-term towards climate protection and improve external communications”, GreenPocket”s CEO Dr. Thomas Goette states. “In order to identify power guzzlers and create saving plans, it is however crucial to have a clear picture of the total energy production and consumption. Otherwise, saving potentials are idly wasted – this can be prevented with our new energy management system.”

GreenPocket”s new energy management system includes new features and extensive enhancements

Integration of renewable energies

With increasing electricity costs, self-production of electricity, for instance by the use of photovoltaic systems, is becoming a profitable investment. This is because by own consumption and compensation for feeding electricity into the power grid, general energy expenses decrease significantly. In order for enterprises to keep their energy management system in check and allow for energy efficient controlling amidst complex production and feed-in processes, both consumption, CO2 emissions and – in addition – own electricity production, feed-in and utilization are clearly presented and analysed.
The presentation of the energy data is flexible, depending on which electric meters are available in the business. If said business uses the two-meters-system, then the power drawn and feed-in will be displayed in a detailed and clear way. If in addition a production meter is being used, e.g. on a photovoltaic system, the energy management system can also analyse how much of the self-produced energy has been used inside the company.

Mobile energy management via tablet and smart phone

Thanks to HTML-5 GreenPocket”s energy management system can not only be used fully on a desktop, but also by tablet and smartphone. Due to this improvement business customers can control the energy consumption of their company – wherever they are.

Integration of the energy management system into corporate websites

With the growing importance of climate protection, more and more citizens become interested in which way their cities and hometowns contribute to saving the environment. Furthermore, energy efficient businesses benefit from an improvement of their corporate image by providing their customers and other interested people with full transparency about their energy consumption. The easiest way to do so is by integrating one”s energy consumption analyses and CO2 emission into the corporate website via the GreenPocket widget function. By doing so the business shows transparency and demonstrates an environmental conscious behavior.

Attractive design for more clarity

The new energy management system uses bright colors as part of its new and refreshed look, therefore making the presentation of the data even more clear. As an example: thanks to new colors and technology, comparing the energy consumption of different months is easier than ever. Colorful charts illustrate the portion of renewable energies that have been integrated into the energy management system, visualizing the complex production and consumption data.

The new energy management system will be one of the highlights presented at the GreenPocket stand at European Utility week from 15th-17th October 2013 in Amsterdam. GreenPocket’s stand number is 1.D28.

About GreenPocket

GreenPocket ( is a specialist for smart home and smart meter software that empowers people to use energy in the most comfortable and responsible way. Based on a flexible, modular and scalable high performance platform, GreenPocket”s software applications transform complex energy data into a wide range of consumer-oriented benefits for energy control and home automation. With more than 75 successful projects for over 40 national and international utilities and service providers, GreenPocket is one of the leading software companies in the global smart energy market. Founded in 2009, GreenPocket is a privately held company headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

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