Sarah Maier collection wins two Interior Innovation Awards 2013

Sarah Maier collection wins two Interior Innovation Awards 2013

Two new products of the Sarah Maier collection won an award at this year”s Cologne Awards:
The Knife Block KB1 (Messerblock) won an Interior Innovation Award “Winner” and
The Kitchen Island KI1 (Kücheninsel) won an Interior Innovation Award “Selection”.

The Knife Block KB1 has an invisible magnet and is covered with beautiful veneer work such as Appletree, Bog Oak or smoked Red Gum.
A freestanding and ergonomically shaped board is the new attraction for the kitchen. This accessory piece was awarded “Winner” at the Interior Innovation Award and presented to 142.000 visitors of the Cologne Funriture fair IMM.
The Knife Block is the latest piece of the Sarah Maier collection . Founder Sarah Maier produces in her own fourth generation manufacture. All objects represent finest chraftmanship and outstanding compentence in the field of veneer elaboration.

The Kitchen Island KI1 is another product recently rewarded with a “selection” grade of the Interior Innovation Award. The jury has selected this product for its outstanding new design and the great melt of veneer and colour. The kitchen is asymmetrically shaped with five angles. The magenta-coloured artificial stone is threedimensionally carved, so that all water flows to the sink. Three cooking hobs are placed freely on the stone. A 50-year-old French walnut veneer winds itself in perfect interconnection around the island. Its core is against tradition positioned to the outside, so that the darker colour fits perfectly into the magenta colour.

About the Sarah Maier collection:
The 1910 founded joinery “Ursula Maier Werkstätten” produces finest customized furniture. The heart of the production is the veneer cellar in which the owner, Sarah Maier, has collected hundreds of the most unique veneers. Special cores, structures, outstanding length, age, everything that makes veneer special can be found here. The designs of all products is suited to a pefect arrangement of the veneer.

Vision and Mission of the Sarah Maier collection:
Our vision is to make the veneer- and manufacturing-scene proud of the Sarah Maier collection.
Our mission is to be the world’s most reknown brand for manufactured veneer products.
Our goals on our way to achieving this are to win plenty of design prizes and publications. More and more people honor the quality of our finely crafted products and buy them all over the world for their living and working environment. It is most important, that we convince the Asian and Arabic markets of our style and quailty. Another goal is to make high profits by making our brand outstanding, unique and individual. So we can proof, that handicraft and manufacturing is a profitable, valuable and meaningful thing to do and is valid to be preserved and further developed worldwide.
We believe that everybody can join and contribute, who is conscious and proud and convinced about our goals and visions.
We believe that now matter how small we start, if we do our best, we will achieve all our goals and visions.

Sarah Maier collection
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