NVIDIA completes 3D Vision Pro support!

The alternative of Schneider Digital is called 3D PluraView

In April of 2019 NVIDIA discontinued driver support for 3D Vision Pro technology with NVIDIA GPUs, which delivered the NVIDIA 3D Vision Kit with active shutter glasses, and 3D Vision-ready monitors for stereoscopic images for gamers, film fans and photographers. However, the 3D Vision Pro and Quadro graphics solutions are also supported by a variety of professional applications, e.g. Siemens NX, Adobe Software, Autodesk CAx, Dassault Systems, Agi, DA / TEM, Intergraph, Erdas and Landmark. Now, NVIDIA has signaled that the support for 3D Vision will be completed soon.

With the termination of NVIDIA 3D Vision Pro, there is an increasing demand for high-quality visualization solutions in the ever-growing professional 3D / VR market. Schneider Digital meets this with its innovative, passive stereo monitor series 3D PluraView.

The flicker-free reference: the stereo monitor 3D PluraView

The 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital is the passive 3D stereo system with the highest user satisfaction and user acceptance of all 3D systems currently on the market. Launched in 2016, the monitor has quickly established itself as a 3D stereo reference in the 4K 10Bit version with a 28 “screen diagonal.

With its eye-friendly stereo appearance, the 3D PluraView is designed for the highest-end 3D stereo professional. Since 2005, with its proven beam splitter technology, it offers the highest quality for stereoscopic display on desktop monitors and ensures a perfect 3d stereo experience with high-resolution visualization in daily continuous use, even in daylight.
Since the PluraView 3D has two screens, there is a separate display for each eye of the user and thus a separate image in full resolution and brilliant brightness. The image separation is done by a passive polarizer glasses. Unlike active systems such as the NVIDIA 3D Vision, the flicker-free monitor is suitable for regular, permanent work, even in 3-shift operation.

3D PluraView – For all professional 3D applications

The PluraView 3D stereo monitor is ideal for all stereo software applications in a wide range of industries: GIS, mapping, photogrammetry, oil & gas prospecting, molecular research and design, CGI / 3D video editing, CAD / mechanical engineering, crystallography / Biochemistry, laser scanning / industrial measuring, simulation & VR training, 3D city model visualization archeology, computed tomography and surgical planning.

Any software that supports NVIDIA 3D Vision can also be used with the 3D PluraView stereo monitor. This makes the transition to this proven visualization solution risk-free.
As a low-cost entry-level model, we recommend the 3D PluraView Compact 22 “Full HD for 2,980.00 EUR. For more information about the 3D PluraView monitor, compatibility, and uses, visit www.pluraview.com.

Professional advice, solutions and support for all NVIDIA 3D Vision and Quadro users

Wichtige Information für Nutzer von NIVDIA Quadro-Grafiklösungen: NVIDIA zufolge soll der letzte Treiber im April 2019 mit der 418.XX-Kennung die 3D Vision Pro Lösung unterstützen. Alle danach folgenden Versionen liefern keine Treiberunterstützung für die dritte Dimension.
Important Information for users of NIVDIA Quadro Graphics Solutions: According to NVIDIA, the latest driver to support the 3D Vision Pro solution in April 2019 got the identifier 418.XX. All subsequent versions do not provide driver support for the third dimension.
This means that any problems that arise with Windows updates could still be resolved by April. From now on, users of 3D-Vision depend on the available driver versions. As an authorized NIVIDIA partner, we are happy to advise you on the optimal graphics solution, especially for 3D / VR use in your software application. Simply contact us by phone at +49 (8025) 9930-0 or write an e-mail to info@schneider-digital.com.

Schneider Digital ist ein weltweit tätiger Full-Service Lösungsanbieter für professionelle 3D-Stereo, 4K- und VR/AR-Hardware. Auf Basis einer über 20-jährigen Branchen- und Produkterfahrung sowie hervorragender Beziehungen zu führenden Herstellern bietet Schneider Digital Produkte und Lösungen für den professionellen Einsatz an. Qualifizierte Beratung, innovative, ausgereifte Profi-Hardware-Produkte, maßgeschneiderte Komplettlösungen und engagierter After-Sales-Service sind unser Anspruch.

Das Schneider Digital Produktportfolio umfasst die richtige professionelle Hardware-Lösung für die jeweilige Anforderung in den Produktbereichen: High Resolution 4K-Monitore (UHD), 3D-Stereo und Touch-Monitore bis 4K-Auflösung und Größen von 27″ bis 98″, VR/AR-Lösungen, von Desktop-System bis hin zur Powerwalls und Multi-Display-Walls, Profi-Grafikkarten von AMD FirePro/Radeon Pro und NVIDIA Quadro, Performance-Workstations sowie innovative Hardware-Peripherie (Tracking, Eingabegeräte u.v.a.). Schneider Digital ist Hersteller einer eigenen Powerwall-Lösung (smart VR-Wall) sowie des passiven 3D-Stereo-Monitors 3D PluraView.

Produkte von Schneider Digital finden ihren Einsatzbereich vor allem in grafikintensiven Computeranwendungen wie CAD/CAM/CAE, FEM, CFD, GIS Geo-Informationssystemen, Architektur, Forschung, Medizin, Animation, Film, TV und Digital Imaging. Durch ausgezeichnete Kontakte zu führenden Herstellern verfügt Schneider Digital über ausgeprägtes Know-how und Detailwissen für die Konzeption individueller Lösungen unterschiedlichster Anforderungen. Ein umfangreiches, lagerndes Produktportfolio garantiert eine schnelle Lieferfähigkeit und Projektrealisierung. Schneider Digital ist autorisierter Service-Distributor von AMD FirePro und Radeon Pro, PNY/NVIDIA Quadro, 3Dconnexion, Stealth int., Planar und EIZO.

Weitere Informationen unter www.schneider-digital.com, www.vrwall.com und www.PluraView.com

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