Neutrinovoltaic Technology and the energy crisis

The worldwide situation has already escalated to the point that the world is now in a global struggle, and there is legitimate anxiety that we are all on the edge of large-scale conflicts.

However, there is a detrimental tendency in the modern world in which non-professionals with insufficient education, experience, and training are assuming positions of authority. Politicians‘ lack of professionalism, lack of experience in public administration, and ability to build relationships with neighbors and the surrounding world drives the world to the brink of self-destruction. Democracy should be more than simply the ability to say whatever you want on any street corner without being held accountable for anything; it also requires education, professionalism, and a high level of responsibility to back up your words and deeds.

We spoke with Holger Thorsten Schubart, CEO of the German company Neutrino Deutschland GmbH and President of the international holding company Neutrino Energy Group, about the alarming international situation and what business development opportunities we see in the difficult economic and political environment.

– Mr. Schubart, how could political development have gotten to the point where we are talking about the likelihood of hostilities breaking out?

Schubart: The current generation of politicians have not witnessed the Second World War, have not seen the devastation, death and hardship, and have not learned its lessons, so the prevailing view seems to be that everything that is happening is somewhere far away and will not affect us in any way. This is a grave error; even the possibility of an armed conflict has a major impact on the growth of the global economy: supply chains in corporate structures break down, enterprises close down, and people find themselves on the street, with little hope of a decent social existence.
Politics has a direct impact on the economy. Consider the gas situation: at the start of trade, the gas exchange price in Europe ranged from $1,900 to $2,200 per 1,000 cubic meters. And because the cost of energy is included into the cost of all things, inflation in Europe is surging at an alarming rate.

– If we’re talking about energy, it should be comfortable for your company, on the contrary, when the price of energy goes up.

Shubart: It is not in our firm’s business ethics to build our company and our own wealth on calamities and at the price of stomping on people’s interests. On the one hand, the higher the price of energy and heating, the greater the demand for our product and the quicker the consumer of our Neutrinovoltaic power sources recoups their investment. But we do not live in a utopia; we and our staff go to the grocery shop and pay our utility bills. It is far more comfortable to live in a predictable and calm atmosphere than to wait for problems that might complicate and even destroy life just because politicians have decided to compete to see who is more powerful and who will bring the most harm to the other side.

– How can we get out of the current political situation?

Schubart: Only through negotiation and peaceful compromise. The situation is alarming, and there are no easy solutions; both sides of the confrontation must first of all moderate their political ambitions and retreat from the threshold of military action through mutual concessions and compromises. Humanity has more important things to do than wage war.
Look at the same energy topic: fossil fuel reserves are limited, very soon there will simply be nothing left to burn, Solar and Wind Energy are critically dependent on weather conditions and do not belong to the sources of guaranteed power supply, so they cannot carry the main load of the power generation system. What to do in such a situation? Politicians can promise anything, but power supply is a technical task that requires technological and applied engineering solutions.

– Your company has developed Neutrinovoltaic technology for creating power generation sources that convert the energy of radiation fields into electricity. Do you see the prospects for this development?

Schubart: If we didn’t see the prospect, we wouldn’t be doing this project. Much more important is that investors and specialists and, of course, future users of our services and products also see this perspective, and we have achieved this.
Moreover, today we are choosing partners for further development who are ready to establish production of Neutrinovoltaic power sources in their countries, rather than financial investors who are only interested in our company’s shares.
It is time for the fundamentals of a global energy system to be rethought in a comprehensive and contemporary manner. For a variety of causes, the era of fossil fuels will come to an end very soon, necessitating immediate action. The current technique of converting the energy of radiation fields utilizing Neutrinovoltaic technology, as opposed to the prior conversion of visible spectrum energy based on photons (sunlight), opens up entirely new avenues in energy policy. Today, it is feasible to offer energy generation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on the same principle as a solar cell, but now even in full darkness, creating the ideal conditions for a new and efficient decentralized energy supply system. Exploiting the limitless potential of invisible spectrum particles is a critical foundation for climate stability, economic sustainability, and industrial progress, while also minimizing geopolitical tensions over the division of current fossil reserves. Humanity is on the verge of a worldwide energy shift.

– The very idea that it is possible to generate electricity from radiation fields speaks to the unconventional thinking of the developers of the technology. One can easily imagine what you had to hear from „old-school“ scientists.

Schubart: Not only to listen, but also to read various comments, although today there is a positive progressive trend of recognition of our technology, and we are receiving offers from many of the world’s leading scientists to jointly participate in our project.
The possibilities of science are expanding every year. We managed to create a new field of alternative energy, objectively speaking and without false modesty. This was made possible by the creation of a multilayered nano-material, applied to one side of a metal foil, capable of converting different types of radiation to generate electricity. The nano-material consists of alternating layers of graphene and silicon with the addition of alloying elements. The oscillations of graphene atoms under the influence of Brownian motion are amplified by the external influence of the surrounding radiation fields, which causes the resonance of atomic vibrations of graphene atoms, which is removed in the form of a direct electric current. Atomic oscillations in resonance allow for enhanced electron recoil in contact with doped silicon. Graphene, referring to the 2D materials, shows the properties of a 3D Material. It is the material that converts the energy of radiation fields, including neutrino flux, into electric current.

– When can we expect to see commercially available industrial products on the market?

Shubart: Within 1-2 years, the first products should hopefully appear on the market. The construction of production facilities based on Neutrinovoltaic technology is starting simultaneously in several countries. As for Russia, Russian business structures have shown serious interest in deploying such production facilities in Russia. We have now registered a subsidiary in Russia and are in the process of registering a joint venture with our Russian partner, the Saint Tikhon Charitable Foundation. Factory construction, testing, and certification will take some time, so finished current sources will appear in the near future as part of mass production. To give you a correct assessment of the importance of our work, I will note that the installation of our power source will completely eliminate the need for not only the centralized power supply, but its power will be enough to provide hot water and heating, imagine the savings and convenience for the consumer.
Such prospects for the development of the energy sector and the introduction of innovative technologies, which demonstrate the development of scientific and technological progress despite the extremely heated political situation, show new ways to solve political and economic conflicts, above all – reliable opportunities to meet the growing needs of humanity for energy, to ensure a peaceful, comfortable and environmentally friendly life for all mankind.

The Neutrino Energy Group cooperates with a worldwide team of scientists and various international research centers, which deal with application research, the conversion of invisible radiation spectra of the sun, among other things, such as neutrinos (high-energy particles, which ceaselessly reach the earth) in electric power.

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