How to market your shopping mall with Web 2.0 in Germany

How to market your shopping mall with Web 2.0 in Germany

the death of mall

A solution created by an insider: Smart integration of the internet in the business of letting / merchandising Malls

With the triumphal procession of the Internet, the market for real estate is changing dramatically.
In our European neighborhood the decreasing sales figures lead to falling rental revenues. Sure, although Germany isn’t spared by this trend, our retails compare favorably with other Europeans, so the GfK.

New wind for shopping tours through the mall

Nonetheless there is no time for sigh with relief. It’s rather a question of developing new concepts in the stationary retail, about enhance their profile and find synergy effects with the e-commerce.”
In fact, the boom for online shopping doesn’t mean the end of window-shopping in the shopping Centre. Visitors demand entertainment – online and offline. While yearly Investments of advertising companies in live-communication increase steadily by 100 million Euros per year between 2010 and 2014, the sales figures for letting / merchandising malls in German shopping centers carve out a shabby existence. Although stakeholders exclaim for alternative sources of revenue and the pressure on the Management for taking action is increasing.

Good News: Your mall, resource of your revenue, is waiting for being awakened by a kiss!

Reservation in offering these specific spaces to external advertising companies and – reverse – the demand, are results of a high administrative effort in this business unit and a lack of resources for a proactive distribution of center management. Further there are no standards within the shopping center branch, which makes the entrance to media for advertisers difficult.
In addition to the centers qualified desire, getting concepts for consumer events from the agencies, a fast communication, a good accessibility to the market partner and an in complex contract announcement are important factors for success. To satisfy these expectations is impossible for a center on his own. The manufactures desire of national market coverage cannot be managed by an isolated operating company. Consequently the professional mall activation for the purpose of all market partners gets a centrally meaning.

A solution created by an insider: Smart integration of the internet in the business of letting / merchandising Malls

Markus Levens, CEO of Expertisale Deutschland GmbH, understood the problem, end developed 2010 together with his team their booking portal, which makes letting and merchandising malls to a snap. Their mission, reference person number 1 for merchandising specific spares in real estates with best quality, highest speed and best service ever seen.

In July the company implements their experience of the last years in their first relaunch. Customers will benefit from an optimized handling and extended offer of products and service:

– Up to now center manager can chose spares in other estates, too
– Offer sampling in the main entrance of your shopping center
– Letting for long terms will be possible online, too
– Get profits from the new STAR-Eventformat “MAGIC STAR BRANDING” for your promotion in shopping centers feat. Stars2Meet
– An extended Network of services for creating events delivers solutions for your specific spare
– Short and fast ways of communication on the telephone or in the live-chat
– Unique: An optimized tool enables us creating roadshows for up to 12 centers within 10 minutes
– Center manager get a complete booking request, including calculated rental, checked availability and presented concepts for events.

Who buys a pig in a poke? Center manager will be able to register their center for free with the basic on the booking portal and assure themselves of the profits. You will be focused by decision makers on the advertiser”s side.
Different prices for request of little companies, retailers and big brands are consequently aligned to the performance and the mediate tenure of the target audience paying the budget. With an upgrade to a premium account you increase the entertainment factor for your virtuel visitors: Your potential customer can have a tour through your center in 3D-Panoram. You can have an upgrade everytime.

Prospects – Germany target market no. 1

For investors Germany is target market No. 1 for shopping centers. Due to its stable business environment, solid consumer spending and a low unemployment, Germany could assert itself on the top of the Savills-Ranking, so you read in Deal Magazine in November 2013.

To hold his leading position, it”s important to solve the structure problems in shopping center branch. Standing revitalization, challenge by e-commerce and developing new sources of revenue are central issues. Professional letting of mall is a big chance for more revenue.

Our vision is until 2030 to create a networked online-agor of real estates in cities with more then 100.000 inhabitants, on which temporary specific spares can be booked by advertisers from all over the world on

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EXPERTiSALE Deutschland GmbH

Virtueller Point-of-Sale für Sonderflächen in Handelsimmobilien

Menschen lieben Kommunikation. Am liebsten Live an einem Ort. Das wissen auch Werbetreibende und investieren Zeit und Geld in die Live-Kommunikation auf Sonderflächen in Handelsimmobilien. Das sollte möglichst schnell und unbürokratisch ablaufen. Für Werbetreibende und Betreiber der Handelsimmobilien gleichermaßen.

EXPERTiSALE ist die One-Stop-Lösung für Handelsimmobilienvermieter und Werbetreibende, die Consumer Events schnell, einfach und preiswert organisiert.

Mit dem Online-Buchungsportal investieren Werbetreibende nur 3 Klicks, 5 Minuten, um die ideale Sonderfläche zu finden und zu mieten. Und in maximal 2 Werktagen erhalten Sie eine Antwort. Vermieter erzielen mit geringem Aufwand mehr Anfragen und marktgerechtere Mieten.

Ihr idealer Partner

Sie wollen

– echte Erfolgsverantwortung statt bloßer Informationsvermittlung?
– eine qualitative Bespielung Ihrer Sonderflächen?
– sowie das über Jahre aufgebaute Vertrauen bei den relevanten Marktpartnern,

Dann sind wir Ihr idealer Outsourcing-Partner mit dem entscheidenden Mehr an Wert.

Unsere Mitarbeiter versprechen:

“Mit jedem Gedanken, mit jedem Wort, mit jeder Tat entscheide ich mich täglich neu dafür, Handelsimmobilienbetreibern & Werbetreibenden weltweit die Möglichkeit zu geben, mit möglichst geringem administrativen Aufwand temporäre Aktionsflächen schnell, einfach und freundlich zu (ver)mieten, in dem wir alle relevanten Buchungsinformationen 365 Tage im Jahr/ 7 Tage die Woche / 24 Std am Tag online zur Verfügung stellen, die Aktionsflächen als interaktives Erlebnismedium bekannt machen und pro aktiv vermarkten.”
Vor vier Jahren entwickelte Markus Levens, Geschäftsführer der EXPERTiSALE Deutschland GmbH, mit seinem Team das Online-Buchungsportal

Im März 2011 ging das Portal online und macht die Vermietung und Vermarktung von Mall-Flächen in Deutschland seither “zum Kinderspiel”.

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