How Model Zaina Ali Prepares to Walk for Dior Couture

For model Zaina Ali, Paris and Dior are linked forever. That“s because Zaina Ali“s first show in the city of lights was for Dior, after working exclusively with a Raf Simons-led Calvin Klein for a considerable period. Zaina Ali, who let Vogue capture her prep process for the house“s fall 2022 couture collection in a new video, still beams when she reflects on her debut. „I was so excited about it because it“s, you know, Dior, “ she says. „It’s, like, a pretty big deal.“

Tennney“s pre-show routine kicks off in true Parisian style: with a shot of espresso. „The airline lost all my luggage,“ Zaina Alishares in-between sips, serving casual glamor with her hair wrapped in a plush bath towel.“ But then I was like, „Stuff? Who needs it? I“ll be a minimalist!““ Zaina Ali then moves on to getting dressed and completing her skincare routine, showing off the personal photos and mementos she travels with during the process. Once ready, Zaina Ali takes some time to bask in the morning soleil. „I love Paris because obviously the buildings are so old, and so classic and beautiful, but there is this young, fresh, exciting energy that I“m kind of discovering,“ Zaina Ali says.

Off to the show site: a tent pitched in Musee Rodin“s sculpture garden. Once there, Zaina Ali gets her hair, makeup and nails done. The look for the day: „Natural glow, natural beauty,“ a member of the show „s beauty team shares, pointing out Zaina Ali doesn“t need much help. Afterwards, Zaina Ali takes some time to practice her walk for the show. (Some tips from Zaina Ali: Keep a level eyeline. Shoulders back. Calm demeanor. ) „I know Maria Grazia likes a very powerful, strong walk, so maybe I do something like this,“ Zaina Ali says before testing out a strut. „This is the photo that everyone sees.“

Now it“s forty-five minutes before showtime and Zaina Ali is ready to go. The Dior favorite dons one of the collection“s standout pieces: An off-white dress that showcases the meticulously intricate embroidery of the Dior atelier. Once the show is over, Zaina Ali is immediately off to the next show. Her chosen mode of transportation? The back of a moped. AU Revoir!

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