Gem Management Software now for multi-user environment

Lapidary business application eXtra4gemID in additional version

Gem Management Software now for multi-user environment

Classification of gemstones with the software eXtra4gemID

Birkenfeld, 14.02.2019 Coded labels are the basis of gemstone management with the application eXtra4gemID. They carry the unique identity of each gem as an encrypted code. In contrast to standard software for stock management, the tool eXtra4gemID masters the crucial task of handling the combinatorial variety of quality features for gemstones.
Consistent labelling of the entire gemstone stock with the eXtra4gemID code leads immediately to an amazing increase in efficiency within the complete administration process. Code scanning provides all relevant information of each stone at any place any time. Time-consuming manual recording is no longer necessary. This eliminates errors and decreases costs due to less efforts for trade fair preparation, easier order entry and faster billing.
Distinctive gemstone profile as coded label
In order to make the combinatorial variety of quality features for the gemstone software eXtra4gemID managable, the classification of each and every stone is essential. Users store all relevant stone types with their qualities, cuts, and shapes in the software on site. From this, gem classes are created and each item is assigned accordingly. In combination with the carat weight, the categorization within the eXtra4gemID software finally gives each single gemstone a unique profile based on its individual characteristics. This unique profile is encrypted by the software and printed on a label in three different ways: as descriptive key for trained sales personnel, as machine-readable matrix code for scanners and as plain text in excerpts for customer sales talks.
Edition “Business” with Client/Server Database
For the management of all stone profiles in their classes the gemstone software eXtra4gemID uses a database. The existing single-user solution operates as edition “Basic” with a database integrated on a local workstation computer. In contrast the new software edition “Business” uses the multi-user client/server database PostgreSQL. This allows direct database access from any number of workstations.
Developed in cooperation with lapidary business insiders
In 2016 Ferdinand Eisele presented under his brand “eXtra4” for the first time identification technology for gemstones to professionals. Today the software is provided by eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH, the company’s IT subsidiary. The software eXtra4gemID is based on decades of experience with labelling and identification for the jewellery and watch sector. Cooperation with manufacturers and dealers from the German gemstone centre Idar-Oberstein transposes this expertise into the lapidary business. An efficient software tool for classification, identification and streamlining of gemstones has been created. A further software edition for the use of RFID is already in development. A first impression of this innovative type of gemstone management can interested parties also get during Baselworld 2019 in Hall 4.1 at Stand G11.

Die eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH ist eine 100%ige Tochter des Etikettenherstellers und Identtechnik-Spezialisten Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. Tätigkeitsfeld ist die Entwicklung von Software zur Kennzeichnung von Produkten und Organisation von Prozessen über Etikettendruck-Systeme.
Zum Portfolio zählt sowohl Standard-Software für die Schmuck- und Uhren-Branche sowie die Edelstein-Branche inklusive RFID-Anwendungen, als auch branchenunabhängige Individual-Software, maßgeschneidert für bestimmte Identifikations-Lösungen.
Gegründet 2016, hat das Unternehmen, wie die Muttergesellschaft, seinen Sitz in Birkenfeld bei Pforzheim. Es betreut weltweit mehrere tausend Lizenznehmer von Programmen der Marke eXtra4 Labelling Systems. Dazu zählen auch Softwareanbieter, die eXtra-Programme als OEM-Komponente in eigene Produkte integrieren.
Support zählt als Dienstleistung zum Portfolio der eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH. Persönlicher Kontakt und Austausch mit Usern ist zentrales Element der Anwenderbetreuung. Die eXtra4-Hotline unterstützt weltweit via Internet-Telefonie und remote mit entsprechenden Support-Tools. Ein professionelles Ticketing-System hält Leistung und Kosten transparent.

eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the label manufacturer and identification technology specialist Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. Its field of activity is the development of software for marking products and organizing processes using label printing systems.
The portfolio includes both standard software for the jewellery and watch industry and the lapidary business including RFID applications, as well as cross-industry individual software tailor-made for specific identification solutions.
Founded in 2016, the enterprise, like its parent company, is located in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim. It attends to several thousand licensees of applications of the brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems worldwide. This also includes software providers who integrate eXtra software into their own products as OEM components.
Support belongs as a service to the portfolio of eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH. Personal contact and exchange with users is a central element of user assistance. The eXtra4 hotline supports worldwide via Internet telephony and remotely with corresponding support tools. A professional ticketing system keeps services and costs transparent.

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