From the big bang to the perpetual motion „machine“ *

THE keynote speech: From the big bang to the perpetual motion machine. A marathon & hurdle race, decoding the hitherto unknown 95% of energies.

From the big bang to the perpetual motion machine * THE new Model of Universe

This lecture is an astronomical breakthrough of the century. Not since Albert Einstein has there been a breakthrough to a new model of the universe. There has not been. Now there is one!

The lecture begins with a (previously distributed) red thread overview of the upcoming thought models/stages – and with the anecdote about the Christopher Columbus egg. Columbus „only“ came back from America with a breakthrough – the proof: the earth is round – which he manifested with his symbolic „egg“ vertical placement as his(!) realisation – to his rivals: „You could have done it too. I did it!“. As a multidimensional thinker, Albert Bright places 12 „Columbus eggs“ from his universe „excursion“ in this 30-minute lecture alone.

It is a fascinating lecture that gives a first impression of how diverse, multi-dimensional and fulfilling „thinking“ as such can be.

Everything becomes even more fascinating when the speaker known as the „quantum leap paradigm changer“, Albert Bright, demonstrates in his lecture how effective, creative, productive and fruitful this different way of thinking can be. And how retarding and destructive thought blocks and thought blockers are.

The marathon of thoughts and mental hurdles to inventing the formulas of TIME and SPACE are as captivating as a thriller.

The subsequent „switching“ from 3-D space-time speed to its energetic 4-D counterparts is ingeniously surprising.

And the formulation of hypotheses and the subsequent presentation of evidence is astonishingly plausible, breaking through any notion of the current status quo.

In his argumentation, Bright deciphers almost all of the current „black“ and „dark“ conceptual embarrassments in the otherwise factually, mathematically and physically focussed discipline of astronomy. He decodes the 95% of „mysterious“, „dark“ and „black“ forces that Albert Einstein left behind (Einstein „only“ found 5% of the universe’s forces).

You could finally freak out if after the mathematically comprehensible „automatic“ expansion of the conceived universe construct – suddenly a mathematically comprehensible „automatic“ implosion occurs.

And you have to jump for joy when you see that this implosion automatically leads to a new explosion, a new big bang.

Exhausted, hands in front of eyes because of the dazzling „enlightenment“, mouth open in amazement, almost dizzy in the seat, a little dazed, the realisation is then presented that the universe is a „perpetuum mobile“, which is completed with a final formula on the screen.

A fascinating lecture that can hardly be surpassed in terms of ingenuity – and what sounds complex is comprehensible in the lecture:

The formulae for 1) time, 2) space and the 3) 4-dimensionalisation of the four 3-D original components – including the 4) thesis of the 4th dynamic energy; the traceability/evidence of the 5) change of forces in space since the Big Bang, as well as the decoding of 6.) dark matter, 7.) dark energy, 8.) black holes, 9.) black VOIDs; with subsequent 10.) implosion of the expansion, as well as the 11.) explosion through the implosion … up to the 12th) perpetuum mobile formula … add up to 12 individual steps to a new universe model.

All 12 findings are each labelled with a Columbus egg. Yes, others could have come up with it. „They „could have“, I did“, as Christopher Columbus said to his opponents in 1493 after his voyage of discovery.

In the 60-minute version, the „annoying“ gravity is also replaced by the aforementioned „dynamic energy“ – and Einstein’s „curved space“ is also straightened out with the same – with many plausible examples.

In the 90-minute lecture, instruments (e.g. telescope and pump – with organiser logos …) will also be distributed/given as gifts for testing and internalisation in order to ensure that all recommendations from the lecture are remembered and taken to heart.

This lecture is only one of the building blocks for a better world – or rather saving the world(!) – but a very central one.

The vision is a world based on the extremely successful constellations and formulae of the universe:

The universe has existed for 13.8 billion years, it is 90 billion light years in size, it is still „growing“, it is „growing“ faster and faster, it is „growing“ with %-tually fewer major „crashes“ (compared to human crises) – and it is sustainable, because the total energy remains constant and (re)usable / recyclable. In contrast, humans irreversibly destroy a lot of material, energy and humanity even in „normal“ times – but especially in each of the many crises**

*Presentation at Didacta 2024, stage
** How astronomy knowledge can be transferred to economic challenges is the subject of another lecture.

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