Fire safety tips for Christmas: foam fire extinguisher at hand?

Fire safety tips for Christmas: foam fire extinguisher at hand?

Foam extinguisher 6 litres, extinguishing performance 34A 183B

The Christmas season is the peak season for house fires! It is crucial to use a suitable fire extinguisher at home. Foam fire extinguisher with high extinguishing performance help in the home fire peak season.

Christmas holiday season is the peak season for house fires. Unattended Christmas arrangements are one of the common causes for fires at the Christmas season. Therefore fire extinguishers make also sense for home use. Important is to use the right fire extinguisher at home. Nowadays foam fire extinguishers achieve a high extinguishing performance and are therefore the recommended choice for offices and homes.

“For non-professionals fire extinguishers look all the same,” says Christian Hansen, sales manager of the fire protection shop GmbH. “People should know that there are crucial differences in fire extinguishers. A released dry powder extinguisher could ruin a home. The fine dust of dry chemical powder gets into the smalles gaps. Many of our customers are already aware of this and are well informed. These customers ask specifically for foam fire extinguishers. Detailed information regarding foam fire extinguisher and Co2 fire extinguishers are provided at the fire protection blog”

To be able to extinguish a fire with a portabel foam fire extinguisher, fire needs to be detected quickly. In the worst case a room could be in blaze after only three minutes! Imagine how long it takes to cook a cup of tea or to end a telephone call? Smoke detectors help to identify the fire quickly. As smoke detectors are mandatory in many states, it will help to safe more people in the future.

“Helpful is also fire blanket,” says Christian Hansen of “A packed fire blanket with dimension 1.60 x 1.80 m is not much larger than a sheet of A4 paper. Therefore a packed fire blanket fits in every drawer and is always at hand. A fire blanket could be enough to extinguish a burning Christmas arrangement. For a burning Christmas tree a good foam fire extinguisher is required.”


– approved smoke detectors,
– a safe fire blanket and
– a good foam fire extinguisher with high extinguishing performance

you are well prepared for home fire peak season, the Christmas holiday season.

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