Filling the Knowledge Gap in British Nigerian History

The history of the British occupation of Southern Nigeria is a significant chapter in the broader narrative of global imperialism and colonialism. Even though it is a relatively widespread fact that there were casualties both on the Nigerian and on the British side, due to a lack of comprehensive historical records there is a significant gap when it comes to the exact numbers, victims and circumstances. In his book „Britain’s Killing Fields. Southern Nigeria 1900 – 1930“, which was published in June 2023 by GRIN Publishing, John Igbino addresses this lack of research and sets off to fill in the missing pieces.

The use of force by the British military in campaigns, expeditions, and in quelling resistance often resulted in significant loss of life. Our author’s goal is to offer an untold insight into British history by focusing on the British military’s involvement in and occupation of Southern Nigeria, from 1900 to 1930. „Britain“s Killing Fields“ discusses the divergence between the British casualties, which were meticulously recorded at the time, and the consciously undocumented number of deaths among African Native peoples inflicted by the British military.

Unpublished Archival Documents Bring Possible Answers

Due to the lack of official British documentation of the Nigerian casualties, the full extent of the number of people killed in Southern Nigeria between 1900 and 1930- the most intense and bloodied period of British military campaigns in Southern Nigeria-may never be known. However, in his book, our author John Igbino analyzes and summarizes an extensive number of archival documents and puts them into the corresponding historical context. In the process, he offers his readers possible answers to questions such as who were the people who died? Were there women and children among the dead and under which circumstances were they killed?

John Igbino conducts his analysis in a very thorough and easily comprehensible way, which makes for an intriguing, if also shocking, read. Therefore, „Britain“s Killing Fields. Southern Nigeria 1900 – 1930“ is both a perfect fit for readers working and studying in the field of history and those with a general interest in the history of colonialism, imperialism and racism alike.

About the Author

John Igbino is a retired teacher. He obtained a MA from the Open University and a PhD from the University of London. He is the author of „Spidermen: Nigerian Chindits and Wingate’s Operation Thursday: Burma 1943 – 1944, The Meanings of Inclusion in Cross-Cultural Contexts,“ and „OFSTED: A Case in the Mismanagement of the Standards of Education in England.“ He has also authored numerous scholarly articles about topics such as ethics, intercultural dialogue and the politics of colonialism.

The book was published in June 2023 by GRIN (ISBN: 978-3-346-88291-2).

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