Fast lane for Shopify stores through novel Discount NFTs enables online shoppers to save with „Discount NFTs“ in Shopify stores

The online platform ““ has set itself the goal of creating a community of NFT lovers and collectors who support selected aid projects with a share of their NFT purchases. But the platform offers much more than that.

What’s new about is the ability for NFT owners to receive discounts at select Shopify partner stores. These partner stores offer special discounts for owners of the portal’s own NFTs, which is another incentive for collectors and enthusiasts to add „friendly NFTs“ to their collections. is using this technology in the e-commerce space for the first time with the talking and specially invented generic name „Discount NFTs“.

The idea behind this is that acts as a bridge between NFT owners and Shopify partner stores to provide benefits to both sides. In this way, the partner stores can target customers who are already interested in NFTs, while the NFT owners can benefit from discounts or exclusive products.

The technological basis for this novel marketing tool is so-called token gated commerce, or „NFT gating,“ as operated by

The integration of „token gated commerce“ is one of the hottest trends among Shopify merchants. That’s because the idea of only giving customers with a specific NFT access to certain discounts or products has proven to be extremely effective in building an engaged and loyal customer base.

But how easy is it to actually integrate token gated commerce into a Shopify store?

The good news is that it’s actually very easy, thanks to a number of tools and plugins. There are already various apps available for this in the Shopify app store.

In interaction with, for example, the free Shopify app “ AlphaSprouts“ has proven its worth.

The integration of token gated commerce in Shopify using AlphaSprouts starts with the installation of AlphaSprouts as an app in the respective Shopify store. AlphaSprouts uses the Shopify discount function as a basis. Then, store owners can use a form to define special discounts for products that are only available to customers who have certain NFTs in their wallet – for example, MetaMask.

As soon as a customer owns a certain NFT and wants to access a token-protected offer, he has to connect his wallet to the Shopify store – by confirming it in a dialog with the AlphaSprouts app. For example, as part of the payment process, the price reduction granted by the store is then automatically deducted from his purchase price.

Overall, integrating token gated commerce into Shopify is extremely simple and does not require extensive technical knowledge. With the right tools and plugins, like AlphaSprouts is one, Shopify store owners can create NFT-protected offers in no time and build an engaged and loyal customer base.

But for which NFTs should these special offers be set up? directs a portion of its proceeds from NFT sales to recognized charities as a donation. Therefore, these „friendly NFTs“ provide a positive foundation for Shopify stores to leverage Tokengating and initially launch without store-owned NFTs. names participating partner stores on its site and links their NFT-based special offer. New customers can thus be approached in a friendly manner via a remarkable and innovative approach.

So all in all, offers a unique opportunity for NFT lovers and collectors to leverage their passion for NFTs to get great deals while doing good. And partner stores benefit from new customer contacts without additional advertising costs thanks to discount NFTs from Because their participation is free of charge. Interested store operators are welcome to contact us by phone or e-mail.

Based on NFT Gating, combines special promotions with donations to charities, enabling friendly customer engagement with friendly NFTs.

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