Cheap Keyton massage chair offers on Facebook

Cheap Keyton massage chair offers on Facebook

massage chair Welcon Space by Keyton

Who wants to be informed about new massage chairs on sale, should become a Facebook fan of Welcon

The Facebook fan page of the company Welcon continues to gain popularity. Every day new fans who want to be informed about news from the company as well as about massage chairs on sale join the fan page.

“Anyone interested in a massage chair from the european manufacturer Keyton at a reasonable price should look on our Facebook page. Here are offered massage chairs, which are back in stock from short term rentals. Who is a fan gets the deals directly on his Facebook page “; reported Welcon founder and CEO Stefan Iburg.

The Facebook page of the company Welcon had just after a few weeks more than 1,000 fans who are constantly informed about new offers, new models or technical progress.

Link to the Facebook page of Welcon massage chairs and recliners:

Alternatively, there are also always some news about the messaging service Twitter on

Of course, Keyton massage chairs and recliners can be purchased even without social media services. Very classic in the showroom, in which constantly over 30 Keyton massage chairs can be tested, or via a telephone advice service +49 (0) 5121 / 779132.

Welcon Europe verkauft innovative Wellness-Produkte seit 1995. Massagesessel und Relaxsessel können im firmeneigenen Showroom ausgiebig getestet werden. Für die gesamte Produktpalette werden attraktive Leasing- und Finanzierungskonditionen angeboten.

Welcon Europe Ltd. & Co. KG
Stefan Iburg
Hannoversche Str. 54
31180 Giesen