Calistair and Brookhaven signs distribution contract

Brookhaven Instruments AB appointed as exclusive Calistair Distributor in Scandinavia

05 March 2020

Brookhaven Instruments AB is proud to announce its appointment as exclusive distributor of Calistair mobile air decontamination units in Scandinavia

“The exclusive appointment of Brookhaven to promote and sell our mobile solutions in the Nordic markets shows our strong commitment to create an international network of highly qualified and recognized experts with deep experience in the sector of contamination control and environmental monitoring systems” says Alain Hachet, Managing Director of Calistair SAS. “Calistair and Brookhaven modus operandi for the hospital, laboratory and clean room markets bring perfect synergies – for not only products are provided but also counselling and services in the field of particle monitoring and room qualifications that offer genuine benefits to customers” adds Tomas Frick, Managing Director of Brookhaven.

This announcement takes place at a time when the growing Coronavirus epidemic is bringing new challenges to hospitals and their partners. Both companies have agreed to devote their entire strengths and capabilities to support the fight against the virus outbreak by putting in place a system that can insure the fast delivery and installation of Calistair decontamination units within impacted healthcare structures. “The Calistair R4000 mobile unit has a capacity up to 4 000 m3/h and can thus be used to recycle and treat large size rooms and corridors. The unit can also be fitted with a kit to create negative pressure that will prevent the spreading of virus infections. It is a simple but powerful plug-and-play solution that will do a great job to win the fight against the Coronavirus” underlines Patrik Bengtsson, Sales Manager at Brookhaven. “We are thrilled to partner with Calistair and have been impressed with their professionalism, technical capability and their experience in the hospital and healthcare world. Their product technology is great and they have a wonderful panel of references in the French market” adds Patrik.

Calistair”s mobile decontamination units are based around a cutting edge technology invented by its CEO and R&D Director, Dr. Jerome Taranto – the Non-Thermal Catalysis – that is capable of destroying microcontaminants like viruses, bacteria and fungi as well as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). This technology is present in any Calistair R4000 mobile and completed by pre-filters, HEPA filters and active coal filters or adsorption cartridges to treat specific VOC or gas pollutions.

With its offices in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Brookhaven disposes of a strong base to serve all Scandinavian countries. “Brookhaven has the reputation, the reach and the commitment to deliver and serve Calistair products across the Nordics region. Their technical competency and the enthusiasm of their team as well as their speed of action convinced us to tie our strengths” says Alain Hachet. “This is a great time to take both brands to the next level, and an excellent partnership to make it happen.”

About Brookhaven Instruments AB

Founded in 1992, Brookhaven Instruments supplies Facility Monitoring Systems, Portable Particle Counters, Filter Test Solutions, Sterilization Equipment, Microbial Air Samplers, Validation & Measurement Services. Our main areas for these products are within the Life Science, Hospital, Tissue Bank, Electronics & Food Industry. The company has served the Nordic and Baltic countries with this kind of instruments and systems since 1993. Its main goal is to be a turnkey supplier with design, installation, validation, training and maintenance services.

About Calistair SAS

Created in 2014, Calistair develops innovative solutions based on its cutting edge technology of the Non-Thermal Catalysis that improve air quality.
Calistair”s technology not only filters but also destroys micro-biological and chemical particulate pollutions. The elimination rate can reach up to 99,99% depending upon the type of contaminants.

The company is engaged in developing innovative and performing catalyst technology designed to purify air and eliminate particles, biological contaminants, bacteria, viruses, chemical contaminants, benzene, formaldehyde among others, enabling healthcare centers, agrifood and pharmaceutical industries to destroy the contaminants present in the air.


For further information, or images please contact:

Brookhaven Instruments AB:
Tomas Frick, Managing Director, Tel: +46 768 58 1002,

Calistair SAS:
Alain Hachet, Managing Director, Tel: +33 6 45 48 81 35,

Calistair : ein Start-up mit internationalen Ambitionen

Calistair ist aus einer Fusion von Kompetenzen auf dem Gebiet der Luftaufbereitung hervorgegangen und beschäftigt ein Team von Spezialisten und Forschern, die Experten für Luftverschmutzungsprobleme sind.

Mit jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung hat Calistair eine Reihe von modularen und kompakten Lösungen auf der Grundlage der nicht-thermischen Katalyse entwickelt, einer innovativen von Calistair selbst erfundenen Technologie, die perfekt darauf abgestimmt ist, die Luftklassen in den Risikobereichen 2, 3 und 4 entsprechend den Anforderungen der Norm NF S 90-351 und der Behandlung chemischer gasförmiger Schadstoffe zu verbessern.

Unterstützt von Partnern widmet Calistair einen wesentlichen Teil seiner Bemühungen und seines Budgets den F&E-Aktivitäten (Forschung und Entwicklung).

Unsere in Frankreich hergestellten Lösungen werden systematisch von anerkannten Instituten validiert.

Bis heute sind wir stolz darauf, mehr als 70 renommierte Gesundheitseinrichtungen und Labors zu unseren Kunden zu zählen.

Calistair SAS
Alain Hachet
1 rue Montchavant 1
Phone: 0645488135

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