Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus – one-hand 24-hour watch

The entire day at a glance

Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus - one-hand 24-hour watch

Botta-Design UNO 24 Plus watch – The entire day at a glance.

Königstein im Taunus, 20 December 2016: Eight years after the first one-hand 24-hour watch was developed, Botta-Design is now bringing out a new, larger model.
Botta-Design watches are always characterized by unconventional display principles and strikingly clean design lines. For three decades, this design-oriented watch brand from the south of Germany has been enriching the watch industry with innovative concepts of the very highest quality.

A conventional watch has a dial with a twelve-hour scale and at least two hands – that”s what most people would say, at least.
Botta-Design, a watch brand based in Königstein, follows a more global philosophy.
When Klaus Botta brought out his first one-hand concept back in 1986, this was impressive proof that a single hour hand could also display the time with sufficient precision, so long as the dial and hand are designed to work harmoniously together.
The first one-hand watch of the modern era, the UNO introduced a new and amazingly simple approach to displaying the time.

Botta is convinced that the time on a one-hand watch can be told much more easily and intuitively than on a multi-hand watch. It is simply that we have become used to the time being displayed in a more complicated fashion.

24 hours – but only one hand
A day is divided into 24 hours, not twelve. Accordingly, a 24-hour display is in principle more consistent and logical than a twelve-hour one in which the hour hand has to complete two rotations each day.
The most intuitive and analogue form of presenting the time would thus involve combining the one-hand principle with a 24-hour display.
Botta-Design has already been producing a watch that does just this for eight years. The UNO 24.

Now the Königstein-based watch designer is presenting a second, larger version of this watch with a diameter of 45 mm – the UNO 24 PLUS.

The dial on this unconventional watch presents the day in a graphical analogue form. The fact that the dial is split into a light upper day half and a dark lower night half immediately catches the eye.
The single hour hand charts the movement of the sun from the earth”s perspective: at 12:00 pm it points to the dial”s zenith, at 6:00 am it is to be found at the left-hand edge of the dial and at 6:00 pm at the right-hand edge. At night it points downwards. When it crosses the date line, the date also moves forward by one day.
Thanks to the 24-hour display, each and every time of the day is completely clear. At 4:00 am the hand is to be found in the bottom left-hand corner, and in the top right-hand corner at 4 pm.
On a twelve-hour dial, by contrast, the hand would be in exactly the same position in both cases.

Architecture for the wrist
From every angle, the design features of this watch are obvious. The slightly conical watch container with its domed sapphire glass is held in place by an arched substructure with spherical surfaces. A flush baseplate rounds off the bottom part of the watch. The two-tone upper and lower sections highlight the distinction between the upper display part and the lower supporting structure.
The UNO 24 PLUS models are available with a light or dark dial, with case colours selected to match.
The watch features a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement.

Botta-Design offers a choice of leather, rubber or metal straps.
The watches are shipped in the purpose-designed Botta aluminium cylinder.
The UNO 45 PLUS with leather strap is priced at EUR498.00.

BOTTAdesign – the pioneer of the one-hand watch
Designed in Germany, hand-made in Germany
Klaus Botta has had a major influence on the watch industry with his philosophical approach to design. Launched in 1986, his UNO one-hand watch was the world”s first wristwatch to use the one-hand principle. BOTTAdesign timekeepers have long become classics, and are exhibited in the collections of renowned museums around the world. Around 60 international awards are testimony to the high level of design proficiency. The entire collection, which also includes other mechanical watches and quartz models, is developed and designed at the company”s headquarters in Königstein. The watches are manufactured and hand-assembled exclusively in specialist workshops in south Germany. The fact that the watches are produced and serviced in Germany is your guarantee of their very high quality and durability.

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