World’s First Intelligent Bluetooth Batteries

Ansmann AG presents Intelligent Rechargeable Battery System to communicate with Mobile Devices


Ansmann Batteries communicate with mobile devices via Bluetooth (Source: @ Ansmann AG)

Ansmann Industry Solutions – the German experts for rechargeable battery pack system solutions for various devices and eMobility, have developed an intelligent standard battery solution that integrates Bluetooth interface for wireless data transmission in batteries. Prototype and app for the world innovation of those standardized „intelligent batteries“ have firstly been presented in November at Electronica show.
Manufacturers of eBikes, lawnmowers or other rechargeable battery applications now can easily transmit data on the displays of users‘ mobile devices or smartphones. Be it battery charge level, battery temperature, manufacture date, serial number, charge and discharge cycles, charging current, status warnings or remaining actual range: Values and data can be displayed in the form of an oscillograph without any measurement set-up. Graphs for the load pattern of the battery, for example, can be traced via bluetooth in LIVE mode as standard. Optionally, the reverse data transmission direction can be used to control the end application via Bluetooth and data bus with the Smartphone.
A small additional standard add-on board is sufficient. The main advantages for the device manufacturers of Ansmann intelligent bluetooth battery are:
– simpler read-out of battery service data
– wireless read-out of battery and terminal data by the end user on mobile phones and mobile devices
– extension of terminal applications to new functions such as GPS
– simple control via Smartphone, tablet and mobile device
– customer-specific apps are possible — but not mandatory

Alongside the manufacturing of battery packs (including NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Po, lead acid), Ansmann Industry Solutions develops combined power supply and charge solutions as well as individual integrated charger and power supply units complete solutions for device producers, including licensing in accordance with international standards. Communication integration can be done via CANBUS, SMBUS, PMBUS, I2C etc.

More Details

As a system supplier and based on more than 20 years of experience, Ansmann is expert in producing rechargeable batteries, battery packs, primary batteries, chargers and power supplies.
ANSMANN develops all components for hardware and software as well as mechanical data according to customer requirements. In addition, ANSMANN certifies the systems used (UN-Transport-Test). Amongst others, ANSMANN works for equipment manufacturers in the area of drive systems, medical technologies and gardening tools.The production of complete solutions takes place at locations in Germany and Asia.

Ansmann Industry Solutions
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Ansmann Industry Solutions
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