TV TecStyle Visions 2012: „As always, we were very pleased with the trade show“

TV TecStyle Visions 2012: "As always, we were very pleased with the trade show"

View of Gunold?s booth at TV TecStyle Visions 2012, Stuttgart Picture: Roller-Assfalg

Packed house at the booth of GUNOLD, GmbH on all three days of the show! On all three days of the TV TecStyle Visions 2012 tradeshow, the booth of GUNOLD, GmbH Stockstadt, was extremely crowded. Leaving all four sides open, the booth C74 in hall 4, appeared to be very inviting and encouraged customers to visit.

Especially the three demo areas- one for embroidery threads, one for embroidery backings and foils and one for digitizing (demonstrated by Constitch) as well as the embroidery workshop, appealed to a lot of tradeshow visitors. „It has become apparent, that the TecStyle Visions tradeshow is the most important show for our sales areas Germany, Austria and Switzerland“, explains Stephan Gunold, responsible for marketing at GUNOLD. Almost all of the current customers visited the booth and the company was able to win new customers as well. „As always, we were very pleased with this trade show“
As expected, particular attention was paid to the new products such as the premium embroidery thread POLY 60, made of 100% polyester. It is now available in 27 new additional colours, offering a choice of 54 different colours altogether. This thread is ideal for monograms, small scripts and small intricate details. A lot of interest sparked the self-adhesive embroidery backing now just being called FILMOPLAST which is available in black and in white as well as THERMOFIX, innovative adhesive fibres for permanent bonding. With this new material, the ironing-on of emblems and patches is a breeze. New coreless pre-wound bobbin thread BOBBY FIL 120L attracted a lot of attention as well. This pre-wound bobbin has no sides and no core.
Customer feedback on all the new products has been very positive. In addition, trade show visitors trusted to find answers from GUNOLD to various technical questions concerning the realization of embroidery designs. „Word gets around, that we pride ourselves on being experienced problem solvers for everything concerning embroidery“, Stephan Gunold is happy to explain. “ If the use or application of a product is not self-explanatory, our expert advice and expertise is especially welcome. Once more this turned out to be true at the trade show in Stuttgart.“ Accordingly live demonstrations at the embroidery machine and at the ironing press were well received. Here you could find out how to embroider patches and ribbons (Velcro straps, lanyards) and how to permanently bond patches using Thermofix.
The video training series with topics like „Embroidering of Patches“ and „Embroidering of Ribbons“ attracted great interest as well. One trade show visitor spontaneously remarked: Now I can watch the process again in case I forget all the different steps. That is exactly what GUNOLD intended: all videos are available at (Button Video Training Series) or on YouTube. In addition, if customers want to learn more about embroidery techniques and know-how the new seminar and workshop program 2012 offers top notch embroidery training. Currently in its 10th year, once again a new program is scheduled with topics like „Solutions for Your Embroidery Problems“, „Embroidery Supplies-The Basics“, „Digitizing-The Basics“ and „Digitizing In Practice“.


GUNOLD GmbH holds a key role in the embroidery industry, offering a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs and continuously expanding its state-of-the-art range of upper threads, bobbin threads, stabilisers, needles, as well as effect fabrics, foils and temporary adhesive sprays. GUNOLD and its two subsidiaries in Canada and the USA, with more than 30 distributors and over 100 employees is a well-known and trusted partner for every embroiderer worldwide. The renowned company, based in Stockstadt, Germany offers solely innovative, premium high quality products mainly produced in Europe. The in-house production in Germany and Switzerland of SULKY (viscose embroidery thread) POLY (polyester thread) and BOBBY (bobbin thread) meets highest requirements to protect the environment. Since 2003 GUNOLD has been dedicated to inspiring people of the embroidery industry through specialist education and training. A great number of embroiderers, digitizers and key players of the fashion industry have already attended the annually changing seminar program in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, GUNOLD offers an online shop for registered customers and stays in contact with customers on Facebook. The maxim has always been to increase productivity and to inspire creativity in the embroidery industry.

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