The Love Awakens – Fundraising

T-shirt fundraising campaign wants to plant a flag against terror.

The Love Awakens - Fundraising

THE LOVE AWAKENS is a T-shirt fundraising campaign for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris on 11/13/2015, which were an attack on the very heart of our culture.

Two months have passed since during a concert by the US band „Eagles of Death Metal“ at the Club Bataclan in Paris, 89 people were murdered in cold blood.
A total of 130 people died that night in Paris, as well as countless being injured, and some very seriously.
It was an attack on us all, an attack aimed at the heart of our culture, an attack on our lives, one that showed that this can happen to anyone.

The situation requires our involvement.
Violence isn’t something that we can just sit out and hope will soon be over. We must join together now and make a statement against violence, and for humanity, understanding, and tolerance, in the hopes of growing as a community.
It is our hope to achieve solidarity, and a sense of humanity in the face of the fear and despair the assassination chaos wanted to to sow.
If we can sow love, then the terror has failed. „The Love Awakens“ campaign wants to plant a flag against terror.
Each of us can help and acquire a personal statement about love, freedom, and tolerance, and still serve a good purpose.

All profits are made available to the Parisian victims‘ families, thanks to Joshua Homme’s Sweet-Stuff-Foundation.

With the contributions of friendly designers, some original creations are already in the works with various motifs.

NOW, all creatives are invited to contribute by sending designs to make their own personal statement printable!

The campaign will collect orders bi-weekly, and once finished will produce and ship T-shirts within 10 days.

We believe in Love, Peace, Freedom, and Rock’n’Roll. We abhor terrorism and violence.
It is important to stand together against all kinds of violence, to protect our freedom, values, and ideals.

We are calling all ARTISTS, CULTURAL WORKERS, and MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES, to assist. You are important multipliers. Power your own designs, bring together the right people, and spread the word among all.

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