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A completely new brand presence for the world“s largest magazine retailer search enginge: turns into

Via, Internet users can find out quickly and easily which retailer near by stocks their favourite newspaper or magazine

Cologne, 4 December 2014 – „Stern“, „Spiegel“ and „Focus“ can be found easily at any well-stocked magazine kiosk, but what if one looks for specialist titles such as „Kicker Champions League Extra“, the equestrian magazine „Cavallo“ or „MünzenRevue“? Until now one had to wander from retailer to retailer until the very one, who offers the wanted magazine, had been found. With the new retailer search engine there will be no wasted journeys from store to store:

Consumers simply enter their location or allow their coordinates to be determined, select the magazine or title of their choice and are shown a list of the nearest retail outlets with just one click. The matching retailers are clearly shown on a Google Map complete with their address and distance. The database also contains information about how much the magazine costs, the current issue available, the date of publication and how often it appears. is backed by the Federal Association of Press Wholesalers and in particular by the „Digital Markets“ project group led by Philip Salzmann. The magazine retailer search engine „“ went online across Germany back in 2012, however the old name no longer reflects the wide diversity of its services. Overall, the new brand presence, is now much more focused on consumers, with a much trendier website and App appealing in particular to a young and digitally aware target group.

Compared to other location-based services, the data retrieved via is not static – the product range is always kept up-to-date and takes account of the relevant changes in the availability of newspapers and magazines. To this end, the wholesalers provide the data of all orders placed by all retailers every day – or up to 5,000 magazines for more than 110,000 sales outlets – which is a service that is so far unique in terms of the range of titles and up-to-date nature of the data. offers publishers the option of integrating deep links or QR codes to the nearest sales outlets for their newspapers or magazines into their adverts. So someone standing at a bus stop, for example, who sees a poster ad for a new magazine, simply needs to scan the QR code on the add and will then know immediately the location of the nearest store that has the magazine in stock.

Retailers also benefit from this digital service, since specialist traders can in future market themselves much more effectively based on their magazine selection. The magazine title search function at allows them to not only cater for occasional customers, but also to attract readers with a focus on special interest magazines and keep them coming back. The retailer search is also due to be rolled out to the markets in Austria and Switzerland in future.

„In the digital age, customers are used to looking on the Internet for retailers. This applies as much to magazines as it does to electronic products. With, we are keen to offer magazine buyers the same service they are used to from other product ranges,“ says Philip Salzmann, Head of Digital Markets, explaining the strategy behind „For users of mobile devices especially, this service is now a crucial one – after all, it’s often not about the basic availability of the magazine they want, it’s about where to go to get it quickest. And we have precisely the right answer for this. Print does actually go digital!“

Background information:
The Presse-Grosso Marketing GmbH (PGM), the subsidiary of the Federal Association of Press Wholesalers, runs the platform. The Cologne-based agency Brandrelation is behind the development of the look and feel for the retailer website and mobile app. The technical development was carried out by Conceptnet in Regensburg. The further development of within the Federal Association of Press Wholesalers‘ overall strategy is the responsibility of the „Digital Markets“ division managers. This division will be headed up by Philip Salzmann. Members of the working group include André Jost, Fabian Gast and Martin Schiessl, as well as Elmar Matthews, who is PGM’s Managing Director.

The new location-based service for newspapers and magazines shows Internet users where they can find their favourite newspapers and magazines with just a few clicks. The online portal offers up-to-date information on the availability of 5,000 titles for more than 110,000 sales outlets in Germany. is backed by the Federal Association of Press Wholesalers, a group of German book, newspaper and magazine wholesalers that joined together in 1950 to represent their common interests.

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