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Nerdys Pizza could be the future of workplace automation

Nerdys Pizza could be the future of workplace automation

Crusty, hot, and fresh – that is what Pizza is meant to be, even if you order it for home delivery. Nerdys Pizza“s automated mobile bakery brings stone-baked Pizza directly to the door, freshly baked. This ingenious oven system allows pizzas to be baked during the journey to the customer, and lets you follow the cooking process using an app.

The oven, installed in the vehicle, can bake crisp pizzas in a matter of minutes. It is also possible to prepare finger-food at the same time. And specially designed pizza boxes make the process completely hygienic.

Nerdys Pizza Trucks are fitted with the most modern power generation systems, enabling to save up to 50% of energy costs as compared to a conventional delivery service. „Empty“ runs can be avoided altogether.

Marius Matthiessen CEO of Nerdys Pizza says: „My revolution began in 2016 when a lukewarm pizza delivery unleashed a wave of technology and innovation. I set myself to no smaller a task than to deliver the best pizza in the world directly to your door.“

Nerdys is one of a number of automated startups popping up in the World trying to fuse cooking with technology. But Matthiessen is confident that Nerdys can lay the groundwork for the future of high-quality, tech-infused food delivery.

Crusty, hot, and fresh-that is what Pizza 4.0 is meant to be, even if you order it for home delivery. We have taken no chances here and have designed the delivery vehicle of the future. Trackable by GPS, automated and controlled by robot, our vehicles deliver you hot pizzas, cold drinks, and fresh salads. We are the high-tech delivery startup with the fastest, most modern fleet on the planet – that is Nerdys Pizza Company.

Nerdys Pizza DACH
Marius Matthiessen
Stehrweg 11a
48155 Münster
Phone: 02515908325

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