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Full speed ahead – New Celsius42

The relaunch of Celsius42 GmbH is just a few days away

Full speed ahead - New Celsius42

Eschweiler 01.05.2018 – after 4 months and many hours of work by our creative team, we look forward to publishing our new company website in the near future.

„This innovation represents a true milestone for the development of Celsius42,“ says Christian Hartmann, the company“s new CEO. „In addition to the remake of our corporate identity, there are many ongoing activities associated with our product range,“ he adds. „We are currently working on our vision up to the year 2025. Our company will present many innovations and product enhancements at the MEDICA tradeshow in Düsseldorf this year and over the course of the coming years.“

Parallel to product and market development, the company“s priorities for the coming months and years naturally also include global expansion. Moreover, technical and scientific cooperation will be at the core of this growth strategy.

We invite you to visit us at ESHO in Berlin from May 16-19 to learn more about our innovations in direct conversations. We look forward to your visit. Our communication channels will keep you updated about the further activities of our company.

Your Celsius42 Team

Who we are.

The people working at Celsius42 have one shared goal – to be united in the fight against cancer. To pool knowledge. To leverage partners and resources. To explore increasingly intelligent pathways in medical technology to finally win the fight. Medicine has fought this battle for a long time. A battle against a clever opponent: cancer. Hyperthermia is the active principle of Celsius42 products. Targeted
thermal energy that causes stress in cancer cells. It has many positive effects in chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but also strengthens the immune system.

The people at Celsius42 know that they are on
the right track. Their tenacity, energy and human experience make them a tight-knit team. With a single mission: to develop innovative hyperthermia products that help to fight cancer gently but effectively.

That is Celsius42. That is TCS – Tumor Cell Solution.

Celsius42 GmbH
Christian Hartmann
Hermann-Hollerith-Straße 11
52249 Eschweiler
Phone: +49 2403 7829 230

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