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Digital Archiving: Secure, Cross-Platform, Legally Compliant and Great Value for Money

The ecoDMS electronic document archive ensures long-term, secure, legally compliant data storage in a central archive.

Digital Archiving: Secure, Cross-Platform, Legally Compliant and Great Value for Money

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The ecoDMS software has been renowned for many years as the electronic document archive for long-term, legally compliant storage of all files and data. At the low-cost license price of 89 Euro incl. 19% VAT per simultaneous connection at full performance, the manufacturer offers a professional archiving system for everyone. ecoDMS is quick to install, can be used on any platform, and is easy to operate and flexible to configure. Archiving, managing and retrieving the stored data is childsplay with ecoDMS.

The software accommodates all documents that accumulate in a company or private household. Whether it is an invoice, a delivery note, a contract, a cover letter, a reminder, a drawing, a piece of music, a video or an image, ecoDMS has space for all files. The intelligent template designer enables automatic recognition and document assignment. If a file is archived and recognised by the system, ecoDMS automatically classifies it with the associated filing and access information. Therefore: Simply move the documents into the DMS and you“re done.

All users gain access through their desktop and web client. The archiving system“s modern design allows access from all end devices. Next to computer and laptop, these also include smart phone and tablet. The document search is simple and particularly user-friendly, as ecoDMS is like an internal search engine. Simply type in the search terms, confirm, and ecoDMS displays the matching results. For displayable file formats there is also a document preview.

With each archived document users can store classification information. This information helps structure documents and supports the user when searching for documents. In addition to the fully automated full-text recognition, users can also include the classification information in the search.

ecoDMS can be configured to suit individual requirements. The system can model company folder structures, document types, statuses and much more. In contrast to the conventional storage in a file system or even in a physical folder, archiving in ecoDMS is much more transparent and easier. Thanks to numerous filters, ecoDMS requires only few details in order to quickly retrieve a document. Therefore, folder structures in this software are very compact.

The ecoDMS archiving system has many useful features. Among those are version management, a document history, a notepad, various exporting functions, an inbox for scanned paper documents, a PDF editor, a clipboard, mail functions for sending files, a resubmission system, an elaborate backup and restore programme and much more.

ecoDMS is a state-of-the-art client-server system. Developed according to the latest technological standards. It is an efficient archiving system that easily fits into every system environment. Server, however, does not indicate a piece of hardware or an external storage system. It represents the main component of the entire system. It is directly installed on the customer“s PC, server or web server.

The server component is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, Synology NAS and QNAP NAS via Docker. The desktop runs under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and MacOS. Moreover, the web client can be used on any end device with a current web browser.

Apart from the traditional archiving functions, the full version also has MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Thunderbird and Outlook interfaces. A PDF/A printer also forms an integral part of the archiving solution. All components are included in the one-time license fee of 89 Euro.
A licence is valid for the respective ecoDMS version and is permanent. Moreover, the licence has no restrictions on data volume. The licence fees are due only once. There are also no monthly or annual license fees. ecoDMS is said to be the cheapest system of all times worldwide.

For this and more information, visit The software can be downloaded for free trial from the website. With a few clicks licenses of the full version can be purchased from the online shop.

ecoDMS GmbH, based in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), offers archiving software for private users, SMEs and large corporations. With a unique development and pricing model, ecoDMS GmbH stands out among the numerous competitors. The environmentally friendly use of a modern sales channel without requiring data carriers and postal delivery and no third-party licences enables sensationally fair prices. The price for the archiving system including full-text recognition and all plugins is unique.

The creation of ecoDMS began in 2004 with planning and implementing a software for digitally processing incoming emails for a large customer of applord GmbH. Based on the many years of experience in the field of document archiving and workflow, applord GmbH successfully implemented this project and developed the ecoDMS Server. This ecoDMS Server today forms the foundation of the ecoDMS archiving software.

The large interest in the software and a steadily growing customer base led to the foundation of ecoDMS GmbH. On 1 October 2014, managing directors Michael Schmitz and Helge Lühmann founded ecoDMS GmbH in Aachen as a new pillar of applord Holding Europe. All distribution rights of the „ecoDMS Archive“ software package were transferred from applord GmbH to ecoDMS GmbH. Already, the IT company has thousands of satisfied users all over Europe. More than half of those are business clients spanning all kinds of industries and company sizes.

Together with applord, appecon and applord Information Technologies, ecoDMS forms the strong service partnership of applord Holding Europe GmbH. The company locations in Germany and Austria operate across Europe. The applord group stands for state-of-the-art, sophisticated IT. applord group combines a broad product and services spectrum from the development of custom software solutions to standardised software applications and managing large IT projects.

ecoDMS sells its products through the internet. With just a few mouse-clicks, customers can purchase licences and support in the online shop. The software is immediately dispatched environmentally friendly via e-mail. Prior to purchasing, prospective users can always refer to the manufacturer’s website for detailed information. All sales, price and product information are downloadable. The manuals describe in detail the installation steps, settings and functions of the products. Moreover, there are free videos and a demo version.

ecoDMS GmbH
Ralf Schmitz
Salierallee 18a
52066 Aachen
Phone: 0049 241 47572 01

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