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Customer acquisition and customer loyalty

Customer acquisition is an important part of a company’s everyday work

Marketing is an important aspect of any business, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG in Zug, which is often asked by their customers for helpful tips.

One reason why we have marketing is to get more customers, another one is to keep them. In our highly competitve global world, customer loyalty gets harder and harder. So it is crucial to care about the relationship to the customers. When it comes to customer acquisition, online marketing is an important keyword, says Rieta de Soet. Nowadays, many people are searching the Internet and social networks when they are looking for specific service providers or products.

In addition to customer acquisition via the Internet, a company should also address a targeted customer group, e.g. contact specific companies and send catalogues. Most companies already have a supplier or partner, but this can often change quickly and then it is useful if the potential customer knows who to call instead.

Once you’ve built a customer base, it’s up to you to keep these customers, says Rieta de Soet. To do this, you must always keep the customer information up to date, look after customers individually and interact with them on a regular basis. It is also useful for customer loyalty to integrate its customers into business processes.

In general, it is important to be on the same level with your customers. Customers should feel appreciated, concludes Rieta de Soet, head of Global Management Consultants AG.


GMC AG mit Hauptsitz in Zug/Schweiz, ist mit zahlreichen Business Centern international in Amerika, Australien, Asien und Europa vertreten. In seinen Business Centern stehen Betriebswirte, Steuerberater, Marketing- und Unternehmensberater den Kunden zur Verfügung, die seit über 20 Jahren in den Bereichen Business Center, Firmengründung und Managementberatung tätig sind.

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