„CRY“-Top Innovation of the Year

Prestigious Award for Gunold“s Innovative Thread CRY

"CRY"-Top Innovation of the Year

Gunold’s Innovative Thread CRY – the ideal thread for sparkling and glittering effects! (Source: Gunold)

According to the high-level jury of the ISPO TEXTRENDS, Munich, the fall/winter season of 2018/19 will be a season of sparkle and glitter and the jury selected the innovative thread CRY from GUNOLD as one of the top innovations for this year“s presentation at the ISPO show, which takes place from 5-8 February 2017. The special feature of this thread innovation is retro-reflection caused by thousands of microscopically small glass beads

Glass beads and thread? Until recently this combination seemed technically unthinkable and indeed the realization is truly a masterpiece! Marketing Manager Stephan Gunold is particularly enthusiastic about the latest product of the company’s extensive range of threads: „We are absolutely convinced of CRY. It is extremely innovative and allows for completely new optics on textiles, offering exactly what companies are currently looking for most: a novelty to attract and impress their customers.“

Magic Word Reflection
CRY has a polyamide core that is covered with a polymer coating to bind the reflective glass microbeads to the thread and that is the snag: The microscopically small glass beads need to be set in such a way that the appearance is as homogeneous as possible and that they do not fall off during regular wear and tear. And of course it goes without saying that the thread must be perfectly suited for embroidering and sewing.
Not an easy thing to achieve, therefore innumerable embroidery, and sewing tests needed to be passed before Gunold greenlighted CRY. „We offer a range of high-quality threads and must be sure that these keep what they promise“, Stephan Gunold assures.
For CRY the promise to keep is high quality combined with retro-reflection.“ Retro-reflection occurs when a reflective material returns the impinging radiation to the direction of
the radiation source, largely independent of the direction of the reflector. This is particularly recognizable in the dark. CRY is visible from a distance when used in appliques, decorative seams or large-scale embroideries. It not only provides protection to the wearer, but also creates fascinating sparkling effects in the dark.

CRY is made of 100 % polyamide and is available in silver and two different strengths which correspond to a size 12 (250 micron) and size 30 (200 micron). GUNOLD recommends the thicker thread (250 micron) for sewing and weaving and the somewhat thinner thread (200 micron) for embroidering. CRY is certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is suitable for use with high-visibility clothing (DIN EN 471) according to ISO 20471 2013 but certification is only possible on the basis of finished goods.
CRY is available on mini-king cones of 500m, 10 cones to a box.

Whether embroidery motifs, scripts, logos, labels on knitwear, the use of CRY ensures safety and puts fashionable accents on socks and caps, on sports- and workwear.
The ideal thread for sparkling and glittering effects! There are no limits to your creativity.

ISPO Textrends – Cry will be a part of it!
To see for yourself, visit the presentation of CRY from 5-8 February 2017 in Hall C3 at the ISPO TEXTRENDS / ISPO Munich or at the PVA from the 7- 9 February, 2017 in Paris at the Gunold booth, Hall 4 B26.
Experience the extraordinary features of CRY! Appliques, decorative seams or embroidery designs created with CRY result in fascinating sparkling effects and trade show visitors will be truly amazed! For more information visit www.gunold.de


GUNOLD GmbH holds a key role in the embroidery industry, offering a wide range of products for all your embroidery needs and continuously expanding its state-of-the-art range of upper threads, bobbin threads, stabilisers, needles, as well as effect fabrics, foils and temporary adhesive sprays. GUNOLD and its two subsidiaries in Canada and the USA, with more than 30 distributors and over 100 employees is a well-known and trusted partner for every embroiderer worldwide. The renowned company, based in Stockstadt, Germany offers solely innovative, premium high quality products mainly produced in Europe. The in-house production in Germany and Switzerland of SULKY (viscose embroidery thread) POLY (polyester thread) and BOBBY (bobbin thread) meets highest requirements to protect the environment. Since 2003 GUNOLD has been dedicated to inspiring people of the embroidery industry through specialist education and training. A great number of embroiderers, digitizers and key players of the fashion industry have already attended the annually changing seminar program in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition, GUNOLD offers an online shop for registered customers and stays in contact with customers on Facebook. The maxim has always been to increase productivity and to inspire creativity in the embroidery industry. www.gunold.de

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