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Fit for the software-defined data centre: Erik Sterck GmbH offers DevOps starter workshop for companies

Can maximum value creation through digitalisation be achieved with the existing IT environment?

Fit for the software-defined data centre: Erik Sterck GmbH offers DevOps starter workshop for companies

Erik Sterck, managing partner of Erik Sterck GmbH

Leonberg, 17.07.2018 – The digitalisation and automation of processes are key aspects of the IT strategy for many companies today. With a new workshop offering for customers and interested parties, the system supplier Erik Sterck GmbH ( is showing how the in-house concept can be optimally aligned with the goal of a software-defined data centre (SDDC). The data centre specialist“s DevOps business area conducts a substantiated analysis of the existing IT processes and strategies in the course of the starter workshop.

„Many of our customers are currently asking themselves how they can improve their processes and thereby further increase the degree of automation in IT,“ explains Erik Sterck, managing partner of Erik Sterck GmbH. „A wide variety of requirements, scenarios and use cases are discussed in this context. The need for improvement and optimisation is very different and highly individual. However, the objective of simplifying processes and making IT production more flexible is always the common denominator.“

The starter workshop is therefore intended on the one hand for interested parties asking the fundamental questions of how to take the increasing demands of digitalisation processes into account. It is however also aimed at the target group of those who have already examined the topic and now want to tackle the concrete implementation.

„Many customers have already taken a look at new digitalisation technologies and platforms,“ is how Sascha Zimmer, head of the DevOps business area at Erik Sterck GmbH, describes the situation. „We add value by showing how the pieces of the puzzle can be put together. Creating blueprints and developing ready-made, comprehensive solutions for customers that can then be implemented in the existing environment with reasonable effort is the goal.“

Possible expectations of company management in regards to IT are also discussed in addition to analysing the IT processes and strategies. A GAP analysis is then prepared and ultimately leads to the result of the workshop offering: preparing and presenting a basis for decision-making with proposed solutions for individual digitalisation is the goal.

Interested parties can obtain all further details regarding the starter workshop directly from Erik Sterck GmbH.

Erik Sterck GmbH based in Leonberg is an IT system supplier founded in 2014 by Erik Sterck and Oliver Batz. The two founders look back on more than four decades of professional and industry experience in various management and sales positions with renowned manufacturers and system suppliers such as EMC and NetApp. Erik Sterck GmbH as an experienced and personally managed system supplier enjoys an outstanding reputation. It offers highly professional, individual and cooperative consultancy in Germany, both for the entire data centre environment and for cloud computing services. Customers benefit from unique competitive advantages that set the system supplier apart from its competitors: analysis, consultancy, planning and the implementation of IT projects for customers are absolutely independent of manufacturers. This enables the system supplier to pursue an uncompromisingly goal-oriented, fair and objective approach with a maximum customer focus. Cooperation with world-leading manufacturers does not tie Erik Sterck GmbH to a limited product portfolio. A wide variety of different possibilities is therefore available in order to validate the optimum, specific customer solution based on technical and business management aspects.

For further information about Erik Sterck GmbH, please visit

Erik Sterck GmbH
Erik Sterck
Böblinger Straße 29
71229 Leonberg
Phone: +49 7152 901300

FX Kommunikation / Felix Hansel PR-Beratung
Felix Hansel
Stuhlbergerstr. 3
80999 München
Phone: 089-6230-3490

Computer Information Telecommunications

New Photo Editing Software for Windows 10, 7 and 8

Brand new photo editing software for Windows 10, 7 and 8 – easy to handle for beginners and advanced users. Includes many new features and photo effects.

New Photo Editing Software for Windows 10, 7 and 8

Screenshot of the Photo Editing Software

Fotoworks XL is a new easy-to-use photo editing software for Windows PC
The complete photo editing package is free to download and easy to install. Anyone who takes photos digitally whether for business or pleasure will need photo editing software. Most people unless they’re graphic designers want an easy photo editing software that doesn’t take forever to learn. Fotoworks XL photo editing software for Windows 10 provides that solution, without compromising on features. Any Photo can be brought to life with this easy to use photo editing software.
Landscapes, still life, portraits, or any other subject can be instantly turned into works of art. Grass can be made into a lush green meadow, and a dull grey sky can be transformed into a sky that’s blue.

Professional Quality Photo Editing Software Anyone Can Understand
Many photo editing software programs are complicated, requiring hours of study before being able to use.
Fotoworks XL is simple to use, yet has many powerful features only seen in professional quality photo editing software. A complete beginner would have no problems using Fotoworks XL as it’s easy photo editing software. The tools are simple to understand with no need to keep going back and reading instructions. Clearly marked buttons laid out in a logical fashion make it a pleasure to use. Many professional photo editing software programs can be hard to get used to. When purchasing photo editing software, it makes sense to decide for the exact purpose and to consider which photo editing software functions you need exactly. With this new photo software, it is easy for beginners, but also professionals to beautify your great photos. Are you concerned with the quickest way to hide red-eye in a snapshot and then print your pictures? With professional photo software a complete retouching is easy to accomplish.

Photo Correction and Enhancement with the Photo Editing Software for Windows 10
Innovative photo editing software for Windows 10 for the perfect enhancement of photos and images.
A good photo editing software for Windows 10 enables you to turn a badly taken photo and transform it. Fotoworks XL allows you to do just that. Poor lighting or over exposure can easily be corrected using sharpening or blurring tools. Red eyes are also easily fixed with this Fotoworks XL photo editing software. Using professional photo software makes intuitive image enhancement extremely easy! On top of that, there are a lot of great photo editing effects included in the tool, such as insert clipart, fun effects, insert photo text, and photo blur. Simply explain the image processing: The term image processing refers to the perfecting of photographs or photos. Typically PC-based photo editing is used to eliminate the flaws in a photo that can often occur when taking photos. Of real importance is the clear menu of the photo editing software.

Good Photo Editing Software for Windows 7
Top photo editing software for Windows 7 suitable for all kind of users. Even for totally beginners this is an easy to handle tool.
Fotoworks XL photo editing software for Windows 7 has exactly the same features and is just as quick and easy to install. This software will also work on Windows 8. The recommended photo software has the function photos for the actual purpose to change; this can be, for example, the correction of the size, color, brightness, format, photo montage or photo collage. There is a gigantic amount of such applications to edit easy and fast your photos.

Easy to Use Photo Editing Software Free Download
This new photo editing software free download is extremely easy to use for everybody.
Fotoworks XL easy to use photo editing software free download lets users get started right away. Installation is easy, and once the registration key is entered, they’re good to go. Photo editing refers to the computer-aided editing of images or photos. In many cases, computer assisted photo editing is used to remove any photo errors that occur while taking pictures, even to the best photographer.

Photo editing software – Artistic effects
Stunning effects can be created with Fotoworks XL powerful artistic tools. Users don’t have to possess the skills of Monet or Degas to create a beautiful impressionist painting. The texture effects tool can turn a plain background into a whole range of different textures creating a 3d effect. There really is no limit to what you can do with this powerful photo editing software for Windows 10. Lighting can turn a flat 2d image into a spectacular 4d version. The light reflection effects tool is a powerful feature that can make images pop out of the page.
Creating a line drawing from a photo couldn’t be easier. Users have the power at their fingertips to turn any image into a cleverly drawn sketch. Pastel crayons can create soft, delicate edges to a drawing. Any mistakes with paint or pencil can be quickly removed with the eraser tool. Morphing images into different shapes is a fun and creative thing to do. Turning normal everyday objects into the extraordinary is a breeze with Fotoworks XL photo editing software.

Photo editing software to masking images
So many different effects can be created with masking, from cutting out shapes to making borders. Add different color backgrounds, or experiment with a variety of textures. Enhance areas of color making them more vivid and sharper. Change colors completely, making skies green, or grass yellow. The only limit is imagination with this powerful software. Removing parts of a photo for example, a figure is rarely seen in easy to use photo editing software. You’re more likely to see this function in high end professional programs.
This feature enables users to change the composition. Cutting and replacing parts of a photo can create beautiful and very personal images.

Photo editing software – Blurring and sharpening
Blurring and sharpening are really useful tools in the photo editing software. They allow users to make part of an image out of focus, allowing a particular object to stand out. Objects can be defined even further by using the color splash tool. Making an image black and white, and then adding color to a particular area will make it pop out. This is great for enhancing still life or pet photos when you want to make the central feature stand out. Further definition can be added by using the sharpening tool.

Photo editing software for adding text
A good photo editing software will have creative text tools. Turning favorite family photos into a calendar, or creating handmade greetings cards is a breeze with Fotoworks XL. Photos can even be made into comic book images by using the speech bubble tool. This simple tool can allow users to create viral images for social media, or even funny birthday cards. An added watermark function gives peace of mind. Uploading images online always poses the threat they may be stolen. Adding a watermark reduces that threat as they’re hard to remove without ruining the photo.


The company is a specialized company for photo editing software since 2001 has been offering in the core business the development and distribution of software products. The company is the manufacturer of photo editing software.

A. Ilg
Gruentenstrasse 12
87527 Sonthofen
Phone: 0 8321 7209941

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CEBIT’18: Visitors at ecoDMS Booth Thrilled by Automated Document Processes

ecoDMS GmbH inspires CEBIT visitors with new, affordable archive, email and workflow systems.


ecoDMS GmbH takes stock of the exhibition week at CEBIT 2018 in Hanover.

Aachen, June 2018. ecoDMS GmbH takes stock of the exhibition week at CEBIT 2018 in Hanover. Even though the number of visitors to the exhibition was lower compared with previous years, booth no D58 in hall 5 enjoyed a big crowd and many interesting conversations. This was due to the great popularity of document archiving, automated workflow and email management. Together with blue:solution Software GmbH, Brunner Systemhaus GmbH, Intellekta GmbH, aconitas GmbH, Grothe IT Service GmbH and Brother International GmbH, the company from Aachen appealed to the zeitgeist of visitors. Software at fair prices with full functionality, qualified service and cross-platform operability convinced visitors all along the line.

The 90 sqm booth truly inspired both visitors and exhibitors. The booth was built and designed by „MeRaum“ (, a company also located in the Aachen region. With a well thought-out design the booth builder succeeded in creating a unique booth that was well worth seeing.

And there was a lot to see: For the first time, ecoDMS fans had the opportunity to gain an insight into the new Major release of the successful archiving solution „ecoDMS“. The brand-new web client with full functionality and adjustable interface for computer, laptops, smart phones and tablets brought a big smile to the faces of testers at the booth. Scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving all files and documents turns into childsplay for everyone – and from the next version onwards it will be entirely „mobile“. Already users are looking forward to the release of the new ecoDMS version at the end of the year.

In addition, ecoDMS GmbH announced ecoSAM at the event, a great software for automating processes within the document archive in the optimum way. ecoSAM extends the ecoDMS document management system from the next version onwards with a very practical automation function.

The brand-new workflow engine was also well-received. With ecoWORKFLOW, the company from Aachen will be offering increased automation potential in the near future. The open workflow system allows the automation of any number of processes within and outside of the ecoDMS archive. This will offer companies total flexibility when creating their automated workflow processes. ecoWORKFLOW saves valuable time and provides businesses with a modern, low-price tool for optimizing and simplifying internal processes. Using concrete examples, visitors were able to admire the first workflows live.

Another highlight on the booth was the legally compliant archiving of emails. With ecoMAILZ, the IT company presented a low-cost, easy to operate and comprehensive archiving software for all types of emails. Automatic saving of emails is simple and quick with ecoMAILZ.

The co-exhibitors on the booth also excited visitors and held some highly interesting conversations. All partners convinced visitors with their individual solutions. Grothe IT Service GmbH focuses on workflow implementations for ecoDMS, which the company successfully demonstrated at CEBIT. Brunner Systemhaus GmbH has created an interface for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This can be used to connect sales and purchasing processes, a solution that was very popular with visitors. A DATEV connection with ecoDMS has been implemented by Intellekta GmbH. At the booth, visitors were able to admire the new interface live. „blue:solution software GmbH“ offers a comprehensive GoBD-compliant financial software solution to construction-related companies due to the close connection to ecoDMS. The company was able to score with visitors at the booth with this solution. Scanner services provider „Brother International GmbH“ was also at the booth offering matching scanner solutions.

All in all, CEBIT 2018 was a successful exhibition for ecoDMS GmbH and its partners. The products and innovations were very well accepted by visitors. The exhibition proved that the „Digitalization and Archiving“ topic is becoming increasingly important in business. ecoDMS GmbH and its partners absolutely fulfilled the expectations of visitors to their booth with unique concepts, fair prices and professional software.

ecoDMS GmbH, based in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), offers archiving software for private users, SMEs and large corporations. With a unique development and pricing model, ecoDMS GmbH stands out among the numerous competitors. The environmentally friendly use of a modern sales channel without requiring data carriers and postal delivery and no third-party licences enables sensationally fair prices. The price for the archiving system including full-text recognition and all plugins is unique.

The creation of ecoDMS began in 2004 with planning and implementing a software for digitally processing incoming emails for a large customer of applord GmbH. Based on the many years of experience in the field of document archiving and workflow, applord GmbH successfully implemented this project and developed the ecoDMS Server. This ecoDMS Server today forms the foundation of the ecoDMS archiving software.

The large interest in the software and a steadily growing customer base led to the foundation of ecoDMS GmbH. On 1 October 2014, managing directors Michael Schmitz and Helge Lühmann founded ecoDMS GmbH in Aachen as a new pillar of applord Holding Europe. All distribution rights of the „ecoDMS Archive“ software package were transferred from applord GmbH to ecoDMS GmbH. Already, the IT company has thousands of satisfied users all over Europe. More than half of those are business clients spanning all kinds of industries and company sizes.

Together with applord, appecon and applord Information Technologies, ecoDMS forms the strong service partnership of applord Holding Europe GmbH. The company locations in Germany and Austria operate across Europe. The applord group stands for state-of-the-art, sophisticated IT. applord group combines a broad product and services spectrum from the development of custom software solutions to standardised software applications and managing large IT projects.

ecoDMS sells its products through the internet. With just a few mouse-clicks, customers can purchase licences and support in the online shop. The software is immediately dispatched environmentally friendly via e-mail. Prior to purchasing, prospective users can always refer to the manufacturer’s website for detailed information. All sales, price and product information are downloadable. The manuals describe in detail the installation steps, settings and functions of the products. Moreover, there are free videos and a demo version.

ecoDMS GmbH
Andrea Warmuth
Salierallee 18a
52066 Aachen
Phone: 0049 241 47572 01

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Taking technical documentation further! – The SCHEMA Conference 2018

Taking technical documentation further! - The SCHEMA Conference 2018


SCHEMA Group, the Nuremberg-based manufacturer of high-performance component content management solutions, hosted its annual conference – SCHEMA Conference 2018 – at Nuremberg’s NCC Mitte convention centre on 19th and 20th June. Another two fascinating days were in store for visitors to the annual highlight of the technical writing and documentation industry, which was attended by new and long-standing customers, interested parties and partners of SCHEMA as well as lecturers. The SCHEMA Conference 2018 generated a great deal of interest: more than 500 participants from a total of 13 countries were there to find out about the latest developments in the field of technical writing and documentation.

Presented across a variety of events, the key themes this year were undoubtedly automation and workflows in technical writing, support for iiRDS, the new tekom industry standard for information transfer, as well as augmented reality in conjunction with SCHEMA ST4, SCHEMA CDS and RE´FLEKT. However, the event as a whole focused first and foremost on SCHEMA products: SCHEMA ST4, the component content management system solution used to create all types of product information and SCHEMA CDS, short for Content Delivery Server, which is another solution developed by SCHEMA for the seamless transfer of intelligent information to other systems.

In addition to the large opening event including reports on the current state of development of SCHEMA ST4 and SCHEMA CDS, visitors had the opportunity to find out much more about product innovations at the conference workshops. In his workshop „More fun with Workflow Designer“, Maximilian Herrmann, a trainer at SCHEMA, showed ways to use the key innovation in the recently published 2018 version of SCHEMA ST4 in practice. Pierre Hain, who works for SCHEMA Solutions, expanded on this theme in his workshop „Back to the future – Workflows in the year 2018“ in humorous fashion and, by reproducing the children’s game „Connect Four“ using workflow scripts, demonstrated just how powerful the innovations in SCHEMA ST4 2018 really are. Heide Ebert, also a trainer at SCHEMA, ran a workshop on how SCHEMA ST4 supports the new iiRDS industry standard. All these workshops equipped customers with the tools and the necessary know-how to face the future of technical writing and documentation with confidence.

Presentations from customers also showed visitors some of the different ways SCHEMA products can be used. In their presentation entitled „Three success factors when using SCHEMA ST4“, Jürgen Wüllrich and Robert Hachula of Pilz GmbH & Co. KG showed what is involved in introducing and refining component content management systems like SCHEMA ST4. Their company has been using the software solution for the past 13 years, and so had a wealth of experience to bring. Saskia Miller and Christina Steidle of B/S/H/ Hausgeräte GmbH, part of the Bosch Group, demonstrated how SCHEMA ST4 can be used to create instruction manuals in their talk on „Our road to interactive manuals – SCHEMA ST4 at B/S/H/ Hausgeräte GmbH“. Basing their presentation on an example, they showed what interactive instruction manuals look like when they are created using SCHEMA products. Uwe Podlasly, technical writer and SCHEMA ST4 administrator at Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA, gave a presentation on „ST4 Workflows at Ottobock – Current use and potential future applications“, showing how his company currently uses SCHEMA and the potential for future applications. As part of the medical industry, the use of workflows in SCHEMA ST4 helps Ottobock save time and the traceability features also provide legal protection.

Automation and workflows in the plenary session

There was a podium discussion once again this year. This year too SCHEMA employee Klaus Kurre took the role of moderator and guided the discussion on „Does workflow support for technical writing make processes more efficient?“. Questions from the audience on process support by SCHEMA ST4 were put by Dr Markus Nickl (doctima GmbH), Ralf Robers (Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH), Arno Schmidt (Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA), Adrian Schröder (Miele & Cie. KG), Managing Director Stefan Freisler, Matthias Hofmann and Dieter Pichl (all from the SCHEMA Group).
Eighteen SCHEMA partners, including service providers, translation service providers and consultants, were also available during breaks in the conference to answer any questions. This year’s guests included A2, Across, Carstens + Partner, Congree, Doctima, Dokuwerk, Dr. Rieland, eDok, ep Technische Dokumentation, Imprimatur, Kaleidoscope, neo communication, nlg, Schmeling + Consultants, SDL Trados, T3, text&form and Transline Deutschland.

Evening programme and closing speech

The first day’s events once again concluded at the „Bratwurst Röslein“ in Nuremberg“s Old Town. The relaxed atmosphere gave participants the opportunity to make new contacts, as well as greet old friends from last year. In what almost felt like a family gathering, participants were able to relax and unwind over a delicious meal.

The second day of the conference was brought to a close by internationally renowned geneticist and best-selling author Professor Markus Hengstschläger with a keynote speech on talent management.

Save the date: The next SCHEMA Conference will be held on 14th and 15th May 2019 in Nuremberg’s Mitte Convention Center at MesseNürnberg.

Company Description SCHEMA Group

The SCHEMA Group develops and markets high-performance solutions for information logistics. Founded in 1995, the company employs over 130 people at its headquarters and development site in Nuremberg, Germany.

Relied upon by over 500 customers, the SCHEMA ST4 Component Content Management System (CCMS) and the SCHEMA CDS Content Delivery Server number among the most widely used systems for a modular approach to technical writing and documentation. The SCHEMA ST4 Component Content Management System and the SCHEMA CDS Content Delivery Server cater to all functions relating to the creation, versioning, variant control, translation, quality assurance, publication and distribution of product information – from service information on a mobile device to the final layout for a print catalogue. SCHEMA ST4 is a flexible system that can be scaled to suit the needs of small authoring teams up to entire companies. It is also available as a standard version or as a client-specific solution. SCHEMA CDS distributes information while providing its immediate availability.

The SCHEMA Group’s solutions are suitable for a broad range of applications. They are deployed in a wide variety of sectors including mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, IT, electronics, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry. Clients such as ABB, Agilent, Andritz, Bentley, Bombardier, Bosch, Bundesanzeiger Federal Gazette, Carl Zeiss, Caterpillar, Daimler, Datev, Doppelmayr, General Electric, KSB, MAN, Miele, Austrian Federal Railways, Philips, Porsche, Roche, Schaeffler Group, SEW Eurodrive, Siemens, SMA, Toyota, TüV, Voith, Weleda, Wincor Nixdorf and many more rely on systems from SCHEMA.

SCHEMA. Complex documents made easy.

SCHEMA Consulting GmbH
Claudine Baumhauer
Hugo-Junkers-Strasse 15-17
90411 Nürnberg
Phone: +49 911-586861-29
Fax: +49 911-586861-70

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Boosting Customer Quality of Experience through Optical Connectivity

KDPOF Delivers Plastic Optical Fibers to Home Networks – Cost-efficient, Easy to Install, Robust

Boosting Customer Quality of Experience through Optical Connectivity

KDPOF speeds up home networking with POF backbone for higher Quality of Experience

KDPOF – leading supplier for gigabit transceivers over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) – introduces a Plastic Optical Fiber backbone inside the home: in combination with Wi-Fi access points, POF provides end users with maximum performance for both wireless and wired connectivity throughout the house. POF reuses any existing conduits in the home, making these cables invisible. „ISPs and Telecom operators are offering higher and higher access speeds while users at home are locally connecting more and more devices to the internet,“ explained Carlos Pardo, CEO and Co-Founder of KDPOF. „The paradox is that while access speeds have increased, customer satisfaction rates drop if home networks cannot keep up.“

POF Enhances Quality of Experience

This is particularly worrisome because Quality of Experience has become a very important differentiator for broadband service providers. Customers expect to experience the speeds they are paying for. If these speeds are lower than expected, they will be disappointed and the Quality of Experience will be affected. KDPOF has been working closely with Telefonica in a trial to test the benefits of POF. KDPOF“s technology helps to provide subscribers with very high connectivity speeds all around the home, allowing users to enjoy high-quality video streaming such as 4K IPTV, and supporting services such as online gaming with the lowest latency. According to the results of the trial, Quality of Experience can increase dramatically, leading to a surge in customer loyalty. Sara Martin-Sanz Albendea, Project Manager with Telefonica and responsible for the project known within Telefonica as ‚Plastic Optical Fiber in the House‘: „KDPOF offers a great solution for improving customer satisfaction. Quality of Experience is a key success factor for Telefonica.“

Reliable High-speed Connectivity for Homes

ISPs and Telecom Operators have been investigating various potential solutions. No-New-Wires technologies such as Wireless Mesh or Powerline do not offer a clear alternative. These solutions have performance problems in houses with brick and mortar walls, or they are degraded since they depend too much on the existing and often old, low-quality cabling. New-cable solutions such as Ethernet Cabling require new ducts to be created, which is difficult for customers to accept. Plastic Optical Fiber, on the other hand, is cost-efficient, easy to install, and robust. By working with KDPOF, operators can offer their clients low latency, fast download speeds, and reliable connectivity for video.


Fabless semiconductor supplier KDPOF provides innovative gigabit and long-reach communications over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). Making gigabit communication over POF a reality, KDPOF technology supplies 1 Gbps POF links for automotive, industrial, and home networks. Founded in 2010 in Madrid, Spain, KDPOF offer their technology as either ASSP or IP (Intellectual Property) to be integrated in SoCs (System-on-Chips). The adaptive and efficient system works with a wide range of optoelectronics and low-cost large core optical fibers, thus delivering carmakers low risks, costs and short time-to-market.

Óscar Ciordia
Ronda de Poniente 14 2ºA
28760 Tres Cantos
Phone: +34 91 8043387

ahlendorf communication
Mandy Ahlendorf
Schiffbauerweg 5F
82319 Starnberg
Phone: +4981519739098

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ProCall 6 Enterprise: Service Release 1 now available

The unified communications & CTI software suite by estos receives new features

ProCall 6 Enterprise: Service Release 1 now available

Starnberg, 28/6/2018
The Starnberg software manufacturer estos officially releases Service Release 1 for ProCall 6 Enterprise. Further softphone features and telephone systems as well as app improvements for iOS and Android and a native macOS client – these are the major new innovations. ProCall Enterprise is a unified communications & CTI software suite. Communication and collaboration are improved both internally and across company borders with partners, suppliers and customers.
Consultation, hold, call waiting and toggling, transfer from consultation, conference call and call forwarding without consultation – these functions can be used by users of ProCall Enterprise softphones with the Windows Desktop Client. With the previous version, functions such as calling, closing, rejecting, holding, forwarding and DTMF dialing were already possible. In addition, ProCall 6 Enterprise supports additional PBX telephone systems that can be used with the softphone features: Alcatel-Lucent OXO Connect and OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE), Auerswald COMpact and COMmander, Avaya IP Office, Unify OpenScape 4000 and innovaphone. To date, Mitel MiVoice Office 400, Mitel MX-ONE, Panasonic KX-NS Series, Panasonic KX-NSX Series and Unify OpenScape Business phones are already in use.
estos has also redesigned the latest apps for iOS and Android. These now have a higher stability and usability (iOS CallKit and Android FullScreen Activity). For example, it is now possible to accept an incoming call with a locked smartphone directly without having to input the PIN number again. For macOS users, a new native client for the use of CTI functions is also available.
„Any wishes and suggestions received from our customers and the market always inspires us to improve our products,“ explains Joachim Frenzel, Product Manager at estos. „With Service Release 1 for ProCall 6 Enterprise, we have once again been able to offer users of our software a bit more comfort and provide an important component for the workplace of the future.“
Availability and further information
With immediate effect, Service Release 1 for ProCall 6 Enterprise is available free of charge from the download section of the estos website. This requires an existing ProCall 6 Enterprise license. Further information about ProCall 6 Enterprise can be found at

estos – enables easy communication
estos GmbH is an independent manufacturer of innovative building blocks for unified communications. Since 1997, estos has been developing professional standards software for small and medium-sized companies, thereby improving their business processes in communication-intensive areas. As a technology leader, estos has demonstrated its expertise in the area of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging Software (UMS), SIP, XMPP, LDAP and WebRTC-based applications that enable uncomplicated audio/video communication. estos has constantly invested in research and development helping to create innovation and ensuring their products are at the forefront of genuine trend-setting technology. The core markets of the company are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Italy. estos GmbH is headquartered in Starnberg, close to Munich, and operates a Knowledge Center Messaging in Olching, a development office in Leonberg, an office in Berlin and branches in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem, in the Netherlands.

estos GmbH
Susanna Heine
Petersbrunner Str. 3a
82319 Starnberg
Phone: +49 8151 36856-122

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First pre-seed to Me@, start-up to revolutionize the web

Start-up set to revolutionize personal control over online identity and privacy secures first funding from Magmatic Ventures.

First pre-seed to Me@, start-up to revolutionize the web

Shay Rapaport, Founder and CEO of Me@

Tel Aviv, Israel – Me@ (, the digital identity and personal authentication company in stealth mode, today announced it has received a pre-seed, grass roots financing from Magmatic Ventures, Germany. The pre-launch financing is an endorsement for CEO Shay Rapaport’s brainchild. The patent-pending technology of Me@ will empower users to manage their identity, persona and authentication across the web and thereby revolutionize the way users are able to interact peer-to-peer and across websites.

Key features and benefits of Me@

– allow individuals to import and own their online profiles and use them in multiple contexts
– empower users to determine their online identities in any interaction and to control their digital footprints
– smooth and safe identification and authentication in peer-to-platform and peer-to-peer communication
– easier, smarter and more efficient online sharing and access control

„Me@ is in business to reinvent digital identity from the ground up. In web technology people too often assume that digital identity is about keys and locks, but this is fundamentally wrong. The identity is your house. I believe that it is because of this misconception that we“re just scratching the surface of how powerful identity tools can be when combined correctly with the massive scale of the global web ecosystem,“
said Me@ Chief Executive Officer Shay Rapaport. „Having the grass roots financial support started by Magmatic Ventures will help us execute our vision even more rapidly and broadly – and build on the experience and perspective of an international entrepreneurial network.“

„Privacy on the internet and freedom from „Big Brothers“ such as Facebook or Google is becoming highly relevant to users. We are proud to be Me@“s first investor and support accomplished serial entrepreneur Shay Rapaport and his team in executing a bold vision to change identity on the web. Me@ is about empowering the user and handing control over private data back to the user. We are looking forward to building a strong partnership with the „magmatic“ company and support in every way possible.“ said Magmatic Ventures Co-Founder and CEO Clemens Henle. Co-founded with his fellow Harvard Business School-grad partner Axel Pretzsch, Magmatic Ventures invests in early stage technology startups with „magmatic“ or highly disruptive yet strongly enduring business models.

Me@ Team

Shay Rapaport, CEO, is a serial entrepreneur. He previously co-founded Fireblade, a cybersecurity company that introduced the first behavioral web application firewall. Rapaport sold the company for several million US$ in 2016 to Dallas-based cybersecurity company Stackpath, a secure edge services platform provider. Prior to that, Shay co-founded and managed Smartmove, a CMS solutions company. Shay holds a Master of Law degree cum laude and two patent grants related to malicious bot detection. Deeply rooted in Silicon Wadi, Shay started writing his first code at age 9 years and has experience in journalism.

Dvir Lehrer, CTO, was co-founder and CEO of Cognilyze, which produced a recommendation system based on user behavioral analysis, backed by machine learning and psychological theories (currently finalizing acquisition by a market leader). Solid 16+ experience in programming and software architecture. Dvir holds a BA degree in philosophy and an Master of Sciences degree in math from Tel Aviv University. He is now completing his PhD in Neurosciences.

Contact Me@:
Smart Move Limited
Press Relations
1 Shankar St
Herzliya, 4672501 Israel

Magmatic Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early-stage high technology start-ups. The managing partners offer founders in the pre-seed and seed stages support with their start-up in all areas, from human resources, building a proof of concept, first sales to strategy analysis. A strong international network is part of the ecosystem. The VC is located in Düsseldorf and Munich, Germany.

Magmatic Ventures
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A look back at Plunet Summit 2018

Plunet presented a varied program about TMS technologies and growth strategies in the translation industry at Plunet Summit 2018

A look back at Plunet Summit 2018

Plunet Summit 2018

Plunet Summit took place in Berlin on May 24-25, 2018. More than 190 Plunet customers, technology partners, and Plunet employees met under blue skies in the exquisite event location Spreespeicher for an intensive exchange of experiences.
The focus was on the challenges and working methods of translation agencies and language services in conjunction with Plunet BusinessManager, the world’s leading business and translation management software.

Best practice presentations by Plunet users, progress reports on the product by Plunet employees and partners, and lively panel discussions ensured two informative and entertaining days. In addition to many technical aspects, this year’s focus was on how Plunet will meet the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The more than 20 sessions were complemented by technology partners roundtables, which were already booked out in advance, Plunet user workshops, and numerous networking opportunities.

This year’s fundraising campaign supported Skateistan, a Berlin-based NGO that is committed to improving the education and future prospects of young people in Afghanistan, Cambodia, and South Africa. With the help of many enthusiastic participants and over 200 photo booth images Plunet
collected 1,111 euros for Skateistan during the Summit.

With a lot of commitment, creativity, and resourcefulness, the Plunet team, sponsors, partners, and above all the participants from 35 countries created an event that gives you an appetite for more. And as they say: After Plunet Summit is before Plunet Summit! Here“s to 2019!

A selection of voices from Plunet Summit 2018:

„Fantastic insights, great attendees, amazing Plunet team! Don’t miss this conference!“
Elizabeth Butters, XTM International

„What an amazing event that brings together like-minded individuals that not only shared a common interest in language but one of technology.“
Roland Lessard, Morningside Translations

„Being a part of a community makes you feel stronger once you are back at your own desk.“
Agata Woniak, Prezes

„It is a great thing to spend time with the Plunet crew and other users from all over the world. It“s a good way to get valuable know-how and inspiration in order to make progress with the tool.“
Thomas Rösch, Comactiva Translations AB

„Any CEO or CTO in a translation company should consider attending Plunet Summit. Not only does it provide hands-on workshops and help, but it“s also about sharing our vision on project management and beyond.“
Gaetan Chretiennot, Six Continents

Plunet GmbH develops and distributes the leading management software for the language industry. With BusinessManager the entire workflow can be managed in a single solution, from client requests to quote, order, job and invoice management to reporting. Extensions for interpretation and quality management as well as integrations with CAT and financial accounting tools will further improve efficiency and automation of work processes.

Plunet GmbH
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10999 Berlin
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German Innovation Award 2018 for ProCall Enterprise Software from estos

The Starnberg communications software manufacturer estos has been honored by the German Design Council for the innovative presence management system contained in ProCall 6 Enterprise

German Innovation Award 2018 for ProCall Enterprise Software from estos

Jana Etter, Designer at estos, Christohp Lösch, General Manager at estos GmbH

Starnberg, 14/6/2018

The Starnberg company estos has been awarded the German Innovation Award 2018 by the German Design Council: The presence management system from the ProCall Enterprise software wins the coveted innovation award in the „Information Technologies“ category. The prize, which was awarded for the first time this year, pays tribute to products and solutions across all sectors which are distinguished for being user-focused and adding value compared to previous solutions. The presence management system from estos offers users unprecedented transparency regarding the accessibility of their colleagues: Through a software interface on the PC screen, the current presence of a person is displayed: present, busy, in an appointment or in a telephone conversation. At the click of a mouse, the user can contact the respective person either by phone, chat or e-mail. „A typical scenario for the meaningful use of a presence management system, for example, looks like this: ProCall Enterprise uses Calendar View to display that a particular person is occupied by a two-hour appointment. This makes it clear when they available to be contacted again. At the same time, the communication channels of chat or e-mail will still be available, which can also be accessed from the meeting,“ explains Christoph Lösch, Managing Director at estos. „Unnecessary attempts to contact someone are a thing of the past.“

The German Innovation Award can only be won by companies nominated by a committee of experts and scouts from the German Design Council. The German Design Council is an independent and internationally active institution to encourage companies“ competitiveness. Since 1953, its competitions have been honoring design, brand and innovation achievements of international standing. The award is sponsored by German industry. The organization currently has more than 300 domestic and foreign companies as foundation members – employing more than three million people. A jury consisting of independent, interdisciplinary experts from industry, science, different institutions and the financial sector, assesses the submissions according to the criteria of innovation, user benefit and cost-effectiveness.

„The award ceremony in the German Museum of Technology in Berlin was something special for us, because all of the other companies“ innovations were really outstanding,“ continues Christoph Lösch. „To find ourselves in this prestigious circle makes us extremely proud.“ In total, more than 250 invited guests from business, politics and the media took part in the ceremonial gala.

More information about estos“s presence management system can be found at, more information on the German Design Council can be found at

estos – enables easy communication
estos GmbH is an independent manufacturer of innovative building blocks for unified communications. Since 1997, estos has been developing professional standards software for small and medium-sized companies, thereby improving their business processes in communication-intensive areas. As a technology leader, estos has demonstrated its expertise in the area of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging Software (UMS), SIP, XMPP, LDAP and WebRTC-based applications that enable uncomplicated audio/video communication. estos has constantly invested in research and development helping to create innovation and ensuring their products are the forefront of genuine trend-setting technology. The core markets of the company are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Italy. estos GmbH is headquartered in Starnberg, close to Munich, and operates a Knowledge Center Messaging in Olching, a development office in Leonberg, an office in Berlin and branches in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem, in the Netherlands.

estos GmbH
Susanna Heine
Petersbrunner Str. 3a
82319 Starnberg
Phone: +49 8151 36856-122

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Ursalink Industrial Router Certified by Microsoft Azure

Ursalink Industrial Router Certified by Microsoft Azure

Ursalink UR71 Industrial Cellular Router

XIAMEN, CHINA, November 30, 2017 – Ursalink (, a customer-centric hardware manufacturer that serves easily remote access connectivity and management for IoT/M2M communications, is proud to announce that it has met all the Microsoft Azure certification requirements and got certified for UR71, UR72, and UR75 industrial wireless router.

The versatile UR71, UR72 and UR75, featuring Gigabit Ethernet, failover, Python SDK, firewall, VPN and more, is poised to satisfy customers with its top-notch performance that offers swift, stable and secure M2M communications.

Integrated with Microsoft Azure, the certified UR71, UR72 and UR75 industrial wireless router favors the ability to transmit remote field data from sensors, PLC and beyond to the Azure IoT Cloud in near-real time and empowers customers to perform further analysis, turn insights into action and take measures accordingly prior to any malfunction or permanent damage may occur.

As an intelligent IoT-based strategy, the convergence of the UR7X Series and the Azure IoT Cloud comes with exciting promises that drive custom-tailored IoT solution, operation efficiency enhancement and downtime expenses reduction.

The UR7X Series is now listed on Azure IoT Device Catalog:




About Microsoft Azure:

Microsoft Azure (formerly Windows Azure) is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. It provides software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service and infrastructure as a service and supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems.

About Ursalink:

Ursalink is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class industrial-grade M2M/IoT hardware and solutions with superior performance, relentless reliability and unquestioned security for the global market. With a deep, rich suite of IoT and M2M network services, Ursalink offers true global connectivity, with high-quality integration solutions for customers from all industries. For more information, please visit

Ursalink is a professional high-tech enterprise specializing in the design and manufacture of best-in-class industrial-grade M2M/IoT hardware and solutions with superior performance, relentless reliability and unquestioned security for the global market.

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