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New version of TimeStatement: Create invoices in any language quickly & easily

With the new update, TimeStatement has responded to the needs of freelancers and SMEs that want to offer professional invoicing in different languages to their customers.

New version of TimeStatement: Create invoices in any language quickly & easily


TimeStatement has now been developed so that each TimeStatement user can add any number of languages to the system and select them accordingly during invoicing. Existing customers automatically benefit from this update.

The time tracking solution TimeStatement offers:

NEW: Issue invoices in any language
Project, customer and team management
Simple and fast performance and work hours tracking
Professional invoicing from recorded services
Integrated expense tracking
Cloud-based and no installation needed
Available anytime, anywhere via the internet
Best Excel alternative / extension
Excel and PDF export for reports from users, projects and customers
Supports multilingualism and international currencies

TimeStatement is free and time unlimited for one user with two projects.
Start today at

TimeStatement enables its users to manage their respective projects and customers and to create tailor-made invoices from the services provided by their employees easily. In addition, the working times of your own personnel can be conveniently recorded and evaluated online using this solution. The daily list and evaluation of all work processes, including all information and details on the hours worked out and their accounting, can be viewed and created at any time with the push of a button and via the cloud.

We, as well as our specialists, are at your disposal for any questions.
We look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Your TimeStatement Team

TimeStatement AG
Bahnhofstrasse 9
6340 Baar – Switzerland
Phone: +41 41 500 77 90

You can use this press release – also in modified or shortened form – with a source link to our homepage on your website free of charge.

TimeStatement AG
David Griesser
Bahnhofstrasse 9
6340 Baar
Phone: 041 500 77 90

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Now available: ixi-UMS Enterprise version 6.60

estos software offers new features and improvements for the unified messaging server

Now available: ixi-UMS Enterprise version 6.60

Starnberg, 8/5/2018

The Starnberg software manufacturer estos releases the new Enterprise Version 6.60 of the ixi-UMS unified messaging software. Redesigned voice mailbox configuration, sending SMS text messages via the SMS service provider, UMS messages without using the e-mail server, faxes in TIF or PDF or PDF/A, as well as a new design for client tools and add-ins – these are the highlights.

The completely redesigned voice mailbox configuration is now even more user-friendly. The menus and settings have been made clearer for the user. The welcome e-mail that each voice mailbox user receives now includes content customized to user preferences, informing them of their access level and eliminating unnecessary information.
In addition, estos has expanded the possibilities of sending SMSs: Users can now use a text message service provider to send text messages quickly, cost-effectively, and conveniently. The options to use SMS via a GSM adapter, VPN or in the fixed network will be retained.
Receiving UMS messages without using the e-mail server allows you to transfer faxes, SMS and voice messages from the mailbox. These are archived locally on the ixi-UMS server. The ixi-UMS web journal allows users to access messages.
Whether a fax is added in TIF and/or PDF format can be adjusted for the individual user in the new version. Previously, the administrator could only select the respective format on a company-wide basis. A requirement is the use of an ixi-UMS SMTP connector. The ability to receive faxes in PDF/A format now extends the electronic archiving capabilities.
estos has also redesigned the ixi-UMS client tools and add-ins. On the one hand, these now appear in the familiar estos design to ensure the products have a uniform look and feel for users. On the other hand, users can now select the desired fax option directly, without a drop-down menu. Basically, they can use the client tools and add-in functions such as AutoFax and can address faxes directly to their contacts.

The ixi-UMS Enterprise unified messaging server combines fax, voice and SMS services under one interface. The user can send and receive all types of messages – e-mails, faxes, voice and short messages – in the usual e-mail client, for example Microsoft Outlook or IBM Notes. They can also access their inbox via smartphone, tablet or PC while on the move and listen to, retrieve, and manage their messages. The ability to receive messages without using the e-mail server adds flexibility: e-mails and UMS messages can be managed separately, if required.

„With the new features and improvements in version 6.60 of ixi-UMS Enterprise, we wanted to offer our customers a little more comfort,“ sums up Bernd Kattner, product manager at estos. „I think we succeeded very well.“

Availability, updates and more information
ixi-UMS 6.60 Enterprise is now available from estos, qualified specialist dealers and trained system integrators. The update to ixi-UMS 6.60 Enterprise is free for companies with a Software Assurance (SA) contract. A fee is charged for the update without an SA contract. An in-place update to Release 6.60 is possible with ixi-UMS Enterprise Version 6.00 and higher. More information about ixi-UMS Enterprise is available at

estos – enables easy communication
estos GmbH is an independent manufacturer of innovative building blocks for unified communications. Since 1997, estos has been developing professional standards software for small and medium-sized companies, thereby improving their business processes in communication-intensive areas. As a technology leader, estos has demonstrated its expertise in the area of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging Software (UMS), SIP, XMPP, LDAP and WebRTC-based applications that enable uncomplicated audio/video communication. estos has constantly invested in research and development helping to create innovation and ensuring their products are the forefront of genuine trend-setting technology. The core markets of the company are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Italy. estos GmbH is headquartered in Starnberg, close to Munich, and operates a Knowledge Center Messaging in Olching, a development office in Leonberg, an office in Berlin and branches in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem, in the Netherlands.

estos GmbH
Susanna Heine
Petersbrunner Str. 3a
82319 Starnberg
Phone: +49 8151 36856-122

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Plunet Release – Version 7.3 is available now

Plunet BusinessManager, the leading business and translation management system, is now available in version 7.3.

Plunet Release - Version 7.3 is available now

Plunet Release 7.3 – translation management systems

Whether language services, translation agencies, governmental organizations or NGOs – for most customers, the most crucial aspect of translation management is a software that saves time and resources through highly automated and centralized processes. The basis of this is a quick and powerful system performance and a secure way of handling customer data. The new version 7.3 of Plunet BusinessManager includes many new features and improvements. The optimizations span six key areas: Performance, Data Protection, Security, Usability, Flexibility and Interoperability.

Stronger performance for even more efficient translation management
One of the key aspects of the current release is the improvement of the performance of Plunet BusinessManager across all system levels. With impressively short loading and response times when multiple users access the database, the system is more efficient than ever before. Plunet 7.3 is the quickest version of the translation management software Plunet BusinessManager so far.

EU GDPR – Adjustments for enhanced data protection and higher security
The changes related to data protection and security are based on the new EU General Data Protection Regulation. The new regulation, which comes into effect on May 25, 2018, after a two-year transition period, affects all persons within the European Union as well as companies that do business with EU citizens. The protection of personal data has been enhanced through the development of information obligation, data minimization and deletion.
We have implemented convenience functions that will reduce the amount of manual input for users, including:
– When new contacts are created in the system, the data subjects must be informed. This is done with a new e-mail template that is automatically sent as soon as a new contact is created in Plunet BusinessManager. The place where contact was made can also be specified. In this way, the opt-in is tracked.
– Users have the right to request the deletion of their data at any time. Plunet checks whether or not there are retention periods for the relevant translation projects. If there are pending projects within the retention period, the visibility of the contact in the system will be automatically restricted. Once the retention period expires, the contact can be deleted.
With regard to security, the following changes have been made for users:
– The optional two-factor authentication ensures a higher level of security at login for internal resources, external resources and customers.
– The password protection has been improved. If a user forgets their password, they have to enter a Captcha in order to request a new password.
– Regular penetration tests by external specialists ensure that the security of user data remains guaranteed.

Improved usability for a better overview and more efficient work
Thanks to a clearer structure and overview with the most important information at a glance, working with the system is now even easier. Here are just some of the optimizations made in version 7.3:
– Project managers can see the status of jobs directly on the Dashboard, in the detailed view of the orders, rather than having to open each order individually to see the jobs. In this way, projects can be prioritized and processed more quickly.
– With a new overlay, absences can be entered in resource profiles and in the resource portal even more quickly. At the same time, project managers gain a better overview of their resources‘ absences.
– Language combinations in projects can now be sorted either alphabetically or based on the order in which they were added to projects.

More options for more flexibility – and more control for users
With the new version 7.3, it is possible to create more detailed complaints and extensive reports. On the one hand, it is possible to select multiple complaint reasons and measures in order and job complaints, while an unlimited number of feedback criteria, text modules and properties can be selected for reports. As a result, project managers have more control over their reports and complaints.
More flexibility also comes from the extensive development of the Plunet API:
– There are now even more options for controlling and checking data. As a result, project-related data can be stored and retrieved in an easier and more flexible way.
– The interface integrations have also been further simplified: With Action Links, users can directly access different areas of Plunet BusinessManager from external applications.
An additional optimization relates to ISO 17100 compliance, which is an important part of many translation projects. A new option in the resource search enables project managers to select only the resources that are qualified according to ISO 17100.

Standardized integrations for playful interoperability
Comprehensive technical improvements in the CAT interfaces have resulted in improved usability and standardization across the individual integrations. The following changes are particularly significant:
– Extensive developments have been made to the integrations to memoQ, Memsource, XTM Cloud, Across Language Server and SDL Trados Studio.
– The Memsource evaluations and XTM analyses of individual source files have been extended and adjusted to match the other integrations.
– For multilingual projects in CAT tools, all of the important information and analyses can be viewed in a single file, instead of being split up into different files according to language. Furthermore, analysis files no longer have to be stored in different folders, but are now stored in one place.
– The number of characters in each text can be converted into pages, rows or hours, which facilitates the price calculation.

The future begins now: With Plunet BusinessManager 7.3
Version 7.3 of Plunet BusinessManager includes dozens of optimizations and further developments that take into account all important aspects of a successful translation management software. Aside from the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, the requirements and requests of Plunet customers were decisive for many of the new features.
Ultimately, the newest version of Plunet BusinessManager stands for outstanding convenience and sustainable security in translation management.

With offices in Würzburg, Berlin and New York, Plunet GmbH develops and markets the business and translation management software „Plunet BusinessManager“, one of the leading management solutions for the translation and localization industry.
Plunet BusinessManager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for professional language service providers and translation departments. Using a web-based platform, Plunet integrates translation software, financial accounting and quality management systems. Within a configurable system, various functions and extensions of Plunet BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs.
Basic functions include quote, order and invoice management, comprehensive financial reports, flexible job and translation workflow management as well as deadline, document and customer relationship management. Please ask for a detailed list of the extensive capabilities.

Plunet GmbH
Daniel Rejtoe
Dresdener Straße 15
10999 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 322 9713 40
Fax: +49 (0)30 322 9713 59

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Apr 26, 2018

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, April 26, 2018/ – shokoCAST, a global social music innovation platform, launches its social music platform that is set to be the most disruptive and innovative social music platform globally despite it having an African focus and especially in areas that have the most basic of technology infrastructure.
The platform will seek to revolutionise the music, telecommunications and advertising value chains whilst benefiting musicians and music lovers everywhere.

shokoCAST is a social music platform that brings about the rebirth of sound and evolution of music by converging the entire music value chain whilst bringing the artist directly to the fans. It“s a place where musicians build careers, fans find inspiration and managers discover talent! shokoCAST is a global decentralized free social music network built using Technology Innovations that are based on Multiple Interdependent Disruptions to the music industry on a hybrid quadruple layered blockchain called SHOkolah. The platform will enable the creation of music by artists and beatmakers and DJs, collaboration amongst users and sharing including the creation of ‚communities with similar tastes‘, publishing and royalty administration; digital distribution; and consumption and monetization avenues that include downloads and streams and many new forms of revenue creation.
„We are very proud to be creating such an innovative solution that is second to none and which puts shokoCAST on track to be a global player. We have undertaken a crowdfunding campaign that is open to everyone and brings tremendous benefits to the musical industry, artists in particular, and also to those who invest in convertible notes and digital assets. We invite everyone from across the continent to join us as we build a social music platform that is relevant not just to Africa, but the world,“ says Therry Martins, CEO and Founder of shokoCAST.

In emerging economies, higher are the hurdles you would need to jump to even consider releasing a track worse a career. Trying to invest time promoting your solo career is even more daunting as you would need to keep sync of all the different social platforms and conversations whilst keeping relevant. This is assuming you have the resources to create and publish music. Digital and online distribution has added to the evolution of the industry to a point where streaming accounts for over 60% of revenue.
Blockchain technologies and the use of cryptocurrencies holds great prospects for Africa especially when considering their construct with benefits that include decentralisation, consensus and cryptography and the fact that it simply provides trust within a system of unknown users [1]. It is worth noting that even the World Economic Forum is cognizant of its potential in the banking industry with its report on the future of the financial infrastructure [2]. The SWIFT Institute also expects „substantial reductions in both cost and risk“ within certain business areas of financial services [3]. Blockchain has the potential of economic evolution based on its impact to baseline industries, for example, blockchain could affect, among other business models, clearinghouses, exchanges, brokers, or remittances in capital markets, real-time money transfer, cryptocurrencies, and settlement markets, insurance also holds potential for blockchain technology applications. Blockchain capabilities are also instrumental in improving business processes like easier fraud detention and reduced administration costs through the use of smart contracts [4].

„To create an effective social music ecosystem centred on innovation, shokoCAST is the best platform that offers an integrated solution that converges the value chains whilst encouraging changing digital lifestyles and music needs through the use of disruptive technologies that promote industry convergence, all for the benefit of society,“ says Therry Martins, CEO and Founder of shokoCAST. „We are committed to completing our crowdfunding campaign and launching our platform as soon as possible.“

More about shokoCAST
shokoCAST will offer a simple UI/UX for users that include 3 key user groups: music makers (artist, songwriters, vocalists, beatmakers, and DJs), music movers (fans, distributors, producers, our dRadio, other streaming platforms, everything digital) and music managers (record labels, collection societies, governmental departments in some countries, advertising companies, support service providers e.g. photography and recording studios). Key features include:
1) shokoCAST the platform that enables the user creation of music, collaboration amongst users and sharing including the creation of ‚communities with similar tastes‘; publishing and royalty administration; digital distribution; and consumption and monetization avenues that include downloads and streams and many new forms of revenue creation;
2) suPERFORMER for monetization in addition to shokoCAST through live video, 360 video and augmented reality streaming, live concerts and events, ticketing, etc.;
3) Audio curated music playlists on digital radio or dRadio for those would prefer to listen to great sounds during their busy day;
4) A fully fledged transactional wallet called shokollet that hard-wires the solution to the blockchain providing full transactional capabilities on the network and with other cryptocurrencies and services;
5) Socialing that unites users and groups; and
6) The secure and anonymous messenger called SHUSH! that is also the backbone to an uncensored news feed and user engagement.
7) All on a quadruple layered hybrid blockchain called SHOkolah.

All actions and activities by users is rewarded by SHK tokens which is exciting as it“s the fuel by which music is built, traded and even promoted. Aspiring artists now have the means of exploiting these social incentives to build their careers! All this is possible thanks to the many technology innovations developed by the shokoCAST specialists and ties to the decentralized super-network. Having adopted a differential niche strategy that is very attractive to emerging economies as we will be building on partnerships in these countries.

For more information visit or contact

[1] Deloitte, Blockchain: Democratized trust – Distributed ledgers and the future of value, Tech Trends 2016: Innovation in the digital era, Deloitte University Press, 2016.
[2] WEF, The future of financial infrastructure, World Economic Forum, 2016.
[3] M. Mainelli and A. Milne, The Impact and Potential of Blockchain on the Securities Transaction Lifecycle, SWIFT Institute Working Paper, SWIFT Institute, 2016
[4] McKinsey, Blockchain in insurance – opportunity or threat?, Insurance, McKinsey, 2016.

shokoCAST is a social music platform that brings about the rebirth of sound and evolution of music by converging the entire music value chain whilst bringing the artist directly to the fans. It“s a place where musicians build careers, fans find inspiration and managers discover talent!

Therry Martins
Mirage Drive 20
1724 Johannesburg
Phone: +27789038605

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PDS Life Sciences Selects Vicente Nogues as new CEO

PDS Life Sciences Selects Vicente Nogues as new CEO
Pratteln, Switzerland; April 13, 2018 – PDS Life Sciences, a global provider of software and solutions dedicated to Preclinical Research and Development, has announced the appointment of Vicente Nogues, PhD, as the new CEO effective April 10, 2018. Dr. Nogues will be based in Basel, Switzerland.

Vince will be instrumental in providing scientific and operational leadership to PDS. His guidance will be especially important as preclinical research becomes more data-driven. Authorities and the industry is increasingly demanding new ways to streamline data management and visualize data to make better go/no-go decisions in drug compound development. His nomination reflects the philosophical DNA of PDS, which is to first identify challenges in Preclinical Research and Development and to then use technology to solve those challenges.“ Even more important, Vince is a great fit with each of PDS“ current Executive Managers. PDS is delighted that Vince accepted the position.

PDS“ chairman Dr. Kuno Sommer, on behalf of the PDS board, stated „We are excited to have Vince join us as CEO. Vince brings widely acknowledged leadership reputation and a lifelong passion for Preclinical Research and Development – all of which are critical ingredients in the continued evolution of our company. We are absolutely confident that Vince is the right leader for PDS who can create value and build a platform for an exceptional team of loyal and creative employees. We are especially pleased to welcome Vince as our CEO as we embark on our next chapter with business critical services for study sponsors in the space of regulatory submission services and CDISC SEND.“

„I’m honored, and I’m grateful to the board for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization of creative, dedicated and talented professionals. Becoming PDS“ new CEO is an exciting next step in my career. I“m looking forward to leveraging my past experience in drug development and human resource management to shape PDS“ future growth“, said Vicente Nogues.

Prior to joining PDS, Nogues held several research leadership positions at Novartis including head of preclinical operations, head of toxicology and head of scientific documentation following his career as a Toxicological Pathologist at Ciba-Geigy. Before his nomination as CEO of PDS, Vince managed PDS“ product development as Vice President. Nogues earned a degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Zurich and a doctorate in veterinary pathology from the University of Berne.
To learn more about PDS Life Sciences“ software and preclinical research specializations, visit

About PDS
For almost 40 years, PDS has provided intuitive software and solutions for life sciences research and development programs worldwide. Most of the world“s top 10 pharma companies rely on PDS software, as do industry-leading CROs, chemical companies, universities and regulatory agencies. The PDS software lineup is centered on Ascentos™, an integrated preclinical software data management system, which supports toxicology, clinical pathology, reproductive toxicology and anatomic pathology. PDS also offers TranSEND™, a complete FDA SEND submission management solution, and SEND Express™, a dedicated outsourced service for FDA SEND compliant submissions. Learn more at

PDS is a privately owned, Swiss-born provider of software and solutions for life sciences research and development. For more than 30 years, we“ve developed software by scientists, for scientists – a hallmark that is unrivaled in our field. For that reason, eight of the world“s top 10 pharma companies have relied on PDS software, as do industry-leading CROs, chemical companies, universities and regulatory agencies. With offices on three continents and clients spanning North and South America, Europe and Japan, we are a truly global company.

PDS Pathology Data Systems AG
Reto Aerni
Duerrenhuebelstrasse 9
4133 Pratteln, Switzerland
Phone: +41613778777

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Software manufacturer estos and the internet communication standard WebRTC

Starnberg company convinced from the beginning of this emerging technology

Software manufacturer estos and the internet communication standard WebRTC

Starnberg, 19/4/2018

Since mid-November, WebRTC has been officially named „Candidate Recommendation“: The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) confirms that the planned features are included in the current version. WebRTC defines a collection of communication protocols and programming interfaces for real-time communication and collaboration on the internet. The abbreviation RTC stands for Real Time Communication. estos has been using this internet technology since the advent of WebRTC in 2012. In 2014, the software manufacturer presented Germany’s first practicable integration of audio/video chat via WebRTC, already integrated into the Unified Communications & CTI Software Suite ProCall Enterprise.

„Companies that use their website today to inform employees, prospective customers and clients will use these websites tomorrow to communicate with them, that’s our vision,“ says Christoph Lösch, Managing Director – Innovations and Technology – at estos. „WebRTC is the foundation upon which we realize this vision.“

With features such as the multimedia business card or the contact portal, estos has taken the first steps: the contact portal makes employees visible on company websites so that visitors to the website can see who is available and by which means. You can get in touch easily and directly with the most suitable contact. The multimedia business card is sent as a link in an e-mail. The recipient opens it in the browser and can then chat with the sender via text, audio or audio/video. With LiveChat 2 in 2018, estos launches another WebRTC-based application. Via a so-called „widget, a suitable contact person and the contact options on the company website can be shown.

In addition to its own developments, estos also opted for cooperation with other WebRTC pioneers at the very beginning: For example, at CeBIT 2013, the software manufacturer demonstrated its initial steps in WebRTC-based audio/video communication together with Plantronics. The innovator for audio technology provided the appropriate headsets for the software.

„We are proud to have been actively involved in the completion of the internet standard as a German software manufacturer,“ summarizes Christoph Lösch. „For example, we were part of the elite circle of ‚Top Ten Bug Chasers‘, as Google informed us in an official letter.“ In the latest version 6 of the Unified Communications & CTI Suite ProCall, WebRTC is consistently part of the software.

More information at

estos – enables easy communication
estos GmbH is an independent manufacturer of innovative building blocks for unified communications. Since 1997, estos has been developing professional standards software for small and medium-sized companies, thereby improving their business processes in communication-intensive areas. As a technology leader, estos has demonstrated its expertise in the area of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Unified Messaging Software (UMS), SIP, XMPP, LDAP and WebRTC-based applications that enable uncomplicated audio/video communication. estos has constantly invested in research and development helping to create innovation and ensuring their products are the forefront of genuine trend-setting technology. The core markets of the company are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux and Italy. estos GmbH is headquartered in Starnberg, close to Munich, and operates a Knowledge Center Messaging in Olching, a development office in Leonberg, an office in Berlin and branches in Udine, Italy and Doetinchem, in the Netherlands.

estos GmbH
Susanna Heine
Petersbrunner Str. 3a
82319 Starnberg
Phone: +49 8151 36856-122

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Datavard and +RASMUSSEN Start A Joint Venture To Facilitate Digital Transformation

Datavard and +RASMUSSEN Start A Joint Venture To Facilitate Digital Transformation

Munich, April 19th 2018 – The software and consulting company Datavard teamed up with the consulting firm +RASMUSSEN to establish Innovard GmbH, a joint venture focused on digital transformation. Innovard provides business transformation consultation and combines technological know-how and leadership skills to facilitate the digitization process. The consulting portfolio is offered to executives of international corporations and includes digital skillset workshops and trainings, as well as support in the development of concrete use cases and project implementation.

„Companies are currently facing the challenge of adapting their business models to the digital age. Executives need new competencies and skills to fully recognize and seize the opportunities brought by digitization“, explains Niels Rasmussen, CEO +RASMUSSEN. „Innovard accompanies management on the path to digital transformation. We want to drive real change through creating digital value, and not just visualizing future projects.“

„Innovard merges the experiences and networks of its founding partners, Datavard and +RASMUSSEN, into an innovative consulting concept that brings together technological know-how and leadership skills,“ said Gregor Stoeckler, Datavard CEO. „We enable company leaders to understand technologies such as advanced analytics, Industry 4.0, blockchain, machine learning and artificial intelligence. We provide strategies to manage pending changes, recognize potential and develop a value compass.“

Innovard“s portfolio is tailored for executives of large enterprises. Services are not limited to traditional consulting and trainings, they also focus on developing and enabling digitization projects. Innovard offers a Digital Readiness Check for identifying strengths, opportunities, obstacles, and risks faced by any company undergoing digitization. Existing projects are monitored in the Co-Innovation Lab, supported by Innovard consultants and external partners such as Innovaptive, HR Factors, or Cloudera. Two renowned German universities are also involved in the Co-Innovation Lab.

About Innovard
Munich based consulting firm Innovard is a joint venture of software and consulting company Datavard and management consulting firm +RASMUSSEN. The portfolio includes consulting services, training, and support in the development of use cases and implementation of digital transformation projects. Innovard targets DAX 30 and large multi-national enterprises. The objective is to accompany management on the path to digital transformation by initiating digitization and transformation projects whilst building senior leadership competencies.

+RASMUSSEN has been accompanying and supporting DAX and Fortune 500 transformations since it was founded in 2014. Management and quality of leadership are strengthened through a three-step process consisting of organization analysis, board and leadership training, and coaching. +RASMUSSEN tools, STAR®-Model and SBOT®-Analysis, are utilized to achieve these objectives.

Datavard is an international provider of SAP solutions in the areas of analytics, data management and system operation. International businesses, including Fortune 500 companies like Allianz, BASF and Nestle as well as SMEs, choose Datavard as a reliable and innovative partner for optimizing business intelligence analytics, data management, system management and operations, test automation, system landscape optimization (SLO) and SAP HANA implementations.

The privately held company was founded in 1998 and is one of the fastest-growing technology companies. Datavard is based in Heidelberg, Germany with subsidiaries across EMEA, the USA and APJ. Further information can be found at or on social media at Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and our Expert Blog.

Datavard AG
Petra Pirron
Römerstr. 9
69115 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6221-87331-0
Fax: +49 6221-87331-10

Donner & Doria Public Relations GmbH
Simone Schmickl
Gaisbergstr. 16
69115 Heidelberg
Phone: +49 6074 7283822
Fax: +49 6221-58787-39

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TPCAST Introduces First Multi-User Wireless VR Solution

Delivers HD Video Quality at Sub 2ms Latency

TPCAST Introduces First Multi-User Wireless VR Solution

New TPCAST Wireless Adapter Business Edition for various industry applications

Amsterdam, Netherlands – April 16th, 2018 – TPCAST, the leader in wireless Virtual Reality (VR) and the first-to-market with a wireless VR solution for Head-Mounted Display (HMD), today announces the launch of its Business Edition (BE) Wireless VR Adapter for the EMEA market. The first version will be supporting the HTC Vive HMD and support for additional HMDs will be released during Q3 2018. The TPCAST BE Wireless Adapter starts from one user and allows a multi-user experience simultaneously from two up to four users in one zone, and 5+ users in connected zones, while preserving the HTC Vive“s 2K high video quality and maintaining the latency under 2 milliseconds. The BE adapter is targeted to support multi-user VR activities across a variety of verticals including medical, automotive, real estate, training and other multi-user VR applications. The solution will be sold by TPCAST directly and will also be available through TPCAST“s certified channel partners in Q2 2018 including consulting service, customized engineering, products and installation service according to enterprise user“s requirements and application scenarios.

The TPCAST Consumer Edition (CE) Wireless Adapter is the only PC VR Wireless Solution available in the market today and has been shipping in EMEA since October 2017. TPCAST technology is a breakthrough in the VR field, creating a wireless connection between the PC and the VR headset, providing VR users a unique, truly immersive experience. The TPCAST adapter attaches to the HTC Vive headset, replacing the need for the Vive’s cumbersome cord. The TPCAST adapter has enhanced the VR user experience, providing consumers and enterprise users the freedom to walk, jump and spin without worrying about the cable.

The TPCAST Wireless BE Adapter expands the support to multi-user and establishes a wireless connection between the HMD and the PC without changing the original HTC Vive product. The adapter kit consists of four parts: The PC transmitter module (TX), the helmet receiver module (RX), battery power box and a business class router.

„We“re excited to introduce the wireless TPCAST Business Edition to the EMEA market. Especially in commercial settings where processes can be incredibly complex and expensive, wireless VR can be a powerful technology to experience true team collaboration in the virtual world and to reduce cost for example by VR design verification. The TPCAST Business Edition is a scalable solution to satisfy the high demand for true immersive, multi-user VR applications and to make backpack laptops redundant,“ said Reiner Pes, General Manager EMEA, TPCAST B.V. „TPCAST is committed to the VR market and has been showing its commitment by enhancing the VR experience and continuously delivering new wireless solutions.“

Pricing & Availability
The TPCAST BE kit for HTC Vive HMD is available end of April to EMEA customers. For pricing, please contact the sales team at

For more information visit

Creator of the first commercial wireless virtual reality solution, TPCAST“s vision is to unleash the VR world by removing cables to all VR/AR/MR HMDs. The company“s patent-pending technologies enable highly efficient bi-directional communications between the PC and the VR HMD with near zero latency. The company owns intellectual property rights in the fields of wireless communications and virtual reality. Its mission is to work with all parties in the VR industry including HMD manufacturers, game developers, content providers, GPU makers, and key VR technology providers to deliver the best wireless VR experience to consumers and enterprise users.

Nicole Stark
Phone: TBD

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IT Trends in 2018

Enterprises are aligning their operational technology and IT infrastructure to spearhead their innovations in digital business in the years to come. Keep, an eye out on these IT Trends in 2018.

IT Trends in 2018 | The Project Management Blog

Enterprises are aligning their operational technology and IT infrastructure to spearhead their innovations in digital business in the years to come. For this to happen, operations and infrastructure professionals, in general, need to keep an eye out on these IT Trends in 2018.

Data Centre Development in 2018

The latest development within the Data Centre space that is going to grow in 2018 is Data Center as a Service (DCaaS). DCaaS is whereby an offsite physical data centre is rented by clients to utilise the networking, servers, computing resources, and storage owned by the DCaaS provider.

More computational power is going to be sold by Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Most big companies will still have an on-site setup, but they are going to focus on how to leverage the power of off-premise, on-premise, non-cloud and cloud architectures.

The on-premise interconnection fabric is going to change into a dynamic, distributed and software-defined fabric. This will open new possibilities through the ability to manage, monitor and distribute workloads as the need arises, or provision WAN and LAN services using an API.

Cloud Computing Development in 2018

The Cisco survey indicated that cloud storage would increase in data centres that are available online, a record total of 370 EB. It is expected that the global storage capacity will shift to 600 EB and increase to 1.1ZB. When this happens, you should expect improved internet connectivity in speed and quality. Players in the internet connectivity space are expected to provide 5G networks to meet this need in 2018.

Virtualisation Development in 2018

There has been a growing adoption of virtualisation in the mainstream space to the point that it is a mature technology. This is characterised by the shift from VDI to DaaS which eventually resulted in ITaaS. In 2018, there is going to be widespread adoption of HCI referred to as Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, that will be used to scale the deployments of cloud technology. We are also going to see the development of VDI to make performance management of dynamic workloads much simpler. The cost of virtualisation will also decrease in 2018 allowing for commoditisation of hardware.

AI Development in 2018

There is going to be a continued adoption in 2018 of AI in inventory management, pricing, advertising, warehouses and delivery. Businesses will invest heavily in processes, tools, and skills to exploit the techniques and systems that are enhanced by AI. We are going to see apps, services, and applications incorporating some level of AI. Developments in businesses like self-driving cars, Face ID technology, Google/Siri/Alexa assistant and Watson an IBM development have shown us how progressive AI is becoming. We are also going to see more events in IP Law and Narrow Artifical Intelligence.

Internet of Things (IoT) Development in 2018

Close to 5 trillion pounds will be spent on IoT solutions in the next 5 years. This has been fueled by the adoption of tablets, smart-phones, and gadgets that are connected to the internet. One of the most significant impacts that IoT will have is in retail. Companies are going to use IoT in innovative ways to manage theft, track inventory and get in front of customers.

Enterprise Software Development in 2018

Research reported that the size of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) market in the mobile enterprise market would get to a massive 52.8 billion by 2021. There is an ongoing trend in Enterprise Mobility Management that is becoming common. This has led to growth in the number of business apps that are being imported into mobile devices. Further development of business apps is set to grow, just like in consumer apps; business apps will be developed more in the years to come to accommodate business processes in our enterprise environments. Employees are using different devices to get work done. Therefore, there will be an increase in enterprise apps that support different operating systems and platforms to streamline productivity.

In short

Businesses need to factor in these technological trends in their business decisions and innovation strategies, or they risk losing business to competitors who actualise these trends. The future is bright in technology, and complex processes are becoming more straightforward as we go by.

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IT Security most important technology trend 2018 in Germany

Bitkom survey among ITC companies shows top technology and market trends of the year. Cloud Computing and Internet of Things take positions two and three. Germany remains exciting and developing market to invest in.

IT Security most important technology trend 2018 in Germany

Top 10 High Tech Trends 2018

Villingen-Schwenningen (D), March 30th 2018 – For digital companies, IT security remains the most relevant topic of the German ITC market in 2018. That is the result of a current survey by the German high-tech association Bitkom. Two thirds of the companies questioned (67 percent) name IT security as the most important trend.

„More and more devices are digitally connected, that makes them interesting targets for cyber criminals“, states Achim Berg, president of Bitkom. „That“s why IT security is gaining significantly in importance, especially in areas such as energy, traffic or medicine.“
„Another engine for the lasting importance of IT security is the implementation of the EU-GDPR that concerns basically all companies in Germany“, adds Bernd Hoeck, expert for IT security with a profound knowledge of the German ITC market.

The second position of Bitkom“s list occupies the topic Cloud Computing. 61 percent of the companies questioned think that this is another important trend that will have a definitive impact on the German ITC market in 2018. „The cloud has more than arrived here in Germany“, comments Hoeck. „This development shows that the investments of providers in datacenter in Germany and the EU pay off.“

The buzz words Internet of things (48 percent) and Industry 4.0 (47 percent) follow on positions four and five. No surprise since those topics have their home turf in the highly-automated industry. If it“s not working here in Germany, then where?

The positioning of Big Data (43 percent) and Cognitive Computing (26 percent) or Artificial Intelligence in the ranking strengthen the profile of AI in Germany. In the year before, only every fifth company named AI as a relevant trend for the market. In 2018 it is already every fourth company. „Artificial Intelligence is a key technology with the potential to improve our everyday life and change our economy“, confirms Bitkom president Berg. To round off the top ten, the other trends and topics of importance for the German ITC market are Digital Platforms (mentioned by 33 percent), Blockchain (26 percent) – which made it to the list for the first time, Enterprise Content Management (25 percent) and Mobile Apps and Mobile Websites (24 percent).

„The results are based on a survey among ITC companies. The priorities might differ a bit among customers, but in general the tendency corresponds with our experiences“, concludes market expert Hoeck. „Especially IT security is a topic no company can close its eyes to. With the GDPR entering in force in May, companies must invest in IT security if they don“t want to break the law. Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence are other fields of interest of the rapidly developing German market that is open for innovations and exciting offers.“

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