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New customer Nuadda achieves time savings of 25 percent with Plunet

New customer Nuadda achieves time savings of 25 percent with Plunet

The team at Nuadda (Source: Nuadda)

The Spanish translation agency Nuadda uses Plunet BusinessManager to efficiently coordinate and control their translation management processes.

Nuadda provides translations from and into Spanish, as well as the regional languages Basque, Catalan and Galician. The Madrid-based company was founded in 2011 and focuses on translation in the fields of technology, engineering and healthcare. For Nuadda, being aware of cultural differences is a crucial part of the translation process.

Plunet is an internationally active company that develops the leading business and translation management software, Plunet BusinessManager. The services provided on the web-based platform include project planning, automation, and the management of complex processes, as well as the integration of individual workflows. Target customers are translation agencies, language departments, governmental organizations, and NGOs.

More efficiency required

Nuadda was initially satisfied with the translation management solution that they were using before Plunet. However, as the number of orders increased, so did the need for more efficiency. After an extensive comparison of the solutions on the market, Nuadda chose Plunet.

Arancha Caballero, founder and CEO of Nuadda, describes the decision-making process as follows: „I talked to our customers. They confirmed that we would be able to significantly reduce the amount of time required to organize data if we used Plunet. And the Plunet staff convinced me about everything else.“

Time savings of 25 percent

After a quick and smooth implementation phase, Nuadda started slowly: „With the huge variety of templates in Plunet, we can now automate even more processes than the ones that we have already been using in our everyday work. So far, we have been very careful. The team needs to feel comfortable with the new ways of working.“ Arancha Caballero prepared her team early for the new processes. Her staff can gradually stop using old methods and develop a new, suitable workflow.

Nuadda have already recognized many benefits of working with Plunet. Project managers no longer have to take care of repetitive tasks such as data maintenance, invoicing and logins. Furthermore, they can quickly access customer information in the system. As a result, Nuadda has been able to achieve time savings of 25 percent. This time can now be spent on other projects.

More languages in the future

Nuadda is now planning to increase the number of languages that are translated into Spanish:
„We mainly translate English, German and French texts into Spanish. But over the last years, we have seen an increasing demand for translations from other languages. With Plunet, we can easily filter languages and specific properties, and we will be using these options intensively in the future.“

With offices in Würzburg, Berlin and New York, Plunet GmbH develops and markets the business and translation management software Plunet BusinessManager, the leading management solution for the translation and localization industry. With Plunet BusinessManager you can manage your entire workflow in a single solution, from client requests to quote, order, job and invoice management to reporting. Extensions for interpretation and quality management as well as integrations with CAT and financial accounting tools will further improve efficiency and automation in your work. Within a configurable system, various functions and extensions of Plunet BusinessManager can be adapted to individual needs.

Plunet GmbH
Awazeh Khoshnam
Dresdner Straße 15
10999 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0)30 322971340

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Nobuyoshi Shimada becomes new managing director of the SCHEMA Group

As of May 2019, Nobuyoshi Shimada will become a managing director of the SCHEMA Group, alongside Marcus Kesseler

Nobuyoshi Shimada becomes new managing director of the SCHEMA Group

He will take over from the current managing director, Stefan Freisler, who will be moving to the advisory board of the SCHEMA Group. Nobuyoshi Shimada has been the commercial director of the SCHEMA Group since 2004, and he has also been the managing director of SCHEMA Systems since 2013. The rest of the management team, Dr Florian Irmert, Johannes Görz and Sebastian Göttel, will continue their work in their current positions.

Marcus Kesseler will now also be responsible for sales and marketing as well as development. The comprehensive partner activities will be integrated into the sales department. As well as remaining commercial director, Nobuyoshi Shimada will also be responsible for all of the services provided by the SCHEMA Group. Dividing up responsibilities in this way will enable the SCHEMA Group to grow into a leading solutions provider for content lifecycle management with comprehensive software solutions that allow SCHEMA customers to maximise quality and productivity thanks to specifically tailored services. Stefan Freisler will join representatives of the group“s new partner, IK Investment, on the advisory board and will use his market expertise to support this development.

„IK Investment is a strong partner and with their help the future looks bright for SCHEMA. I am looking forward to all the developments that the future holds and to having Nobuyoshi Shimada working alongside me as a second managing director. We have already been working together for several years and I have complete faith that he will be able to overcome any challenges he faces.“
– Marcus Kesseler, Managing Director of the SCHEMA Group

„A close relationship with our customers and solutions specifically tailored to their individual needs is and will remain the key to our success. In the future I will continue to work hard to make SCHEMA“s philosophy a reality. I would like to thank Stefan Freisler for almost 25 years of excellent work and the entire SCHEMA group for their confidence in me.“
– Nobuyoshi Shimada, Commercial Director and Managing Director of SCHEMA Systems GmbH

What is SCHEMA?

The SCHEMA Group was established in Nuremberg in 1995 and is a medium-sized software manufacturer with more than 130 employees. The SCHEMA Group produces component content management and content delivery solutions for authoring departments creating product-related content. SCHEMA software supports businesses in describing complex products and in publishing and distributing these descriptions via various media.

The SCHEMA ST4 component content management system is one of the most frequently used systems for the modularised creation of documentation, package inserts and marketing documentation. The system covers all areas of creation, versioning, variant control, translation, management and publication of product-related content – from authoring assistance during input to the finished layout for the printed catalogue.

The SCHEMA Content Delivery Server provides businesses with a standard solution to automatically share targeted and context-specific intelligent information created in component content management systems with end users. This means the right information automatically reaches mobile devices.

SCHEMA software solutions are implemented by more than 500 clients in sectors including mechanical and plant engineering, automotive, IT, electronics, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry. Clients such as ABB, Agilent, Andritz, Bentley, Bombardier, Bosch, Bundesanzeiger Federal Gazette, Carl Zeiss, Caterpillar, Daimler, Datev, Doppelmayr, General Electric, KSB, MAN, Miele, Austrian Federal Railways, Philips, Porsche, Roche, Schaeffler Group, SEW Eurodrive, Siemens, SMA, Toyota, TüV, Voith, Weleda, Wincor Nixdorf and many more depend on systems from SCHEMA.

SCHEMA. Complex documents made simple.

SCHEMA Consulting GmbH
Claudine Baumhauer
Hugo-Junkers-Strasse 15-17
90411 Nürnberg
Phone: +49 911-586861-29
Fax: +49 911-586861-70

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Faster results, better prices – mufin’s audio recognition for TV and radio content gets a major upgrade

Faster results, better prices - mufin

audio fingerprinting by mufin

The technology provider mufin sets new standards in audio recognition with the latest major upgrade of its technology. Now, the database search in mufin’s audioid toolbox is much faster. The improved performance allows all audioid products to be operated on smaller budgets.

To recognize content in TV and radio, a reference database must be created. audioid extracts an acoustic fingerprint of the audio from TV or radio and sends it to the reference database for comparison. Once the identical fingerprint has been found in the database, the TV or radio content is identified.

Lars Fabig, Director Business Development: „This database synchronization is a continuous process and requires a large amount of server instances for high-content projects. We have succeeded in optimizing this search process enormously. Faster database searching means fewer CPU resources and lower operational costs. So the improved core algorithm makes significant cost savings possible, regardless of whether our customers own the products themselves or simply host the products.“

In order to give each customer project an optimal balance between speed, error tolerance, and operating costs, the new upgrade comes in two configurations. One configuration is geared towards broadcast monitoring projects, while the other configuration is optimized for mobile use cases where a higher level of robustness against acoustic interference is important.

In addition to the improved algorithm, the major upgrade offers the following product enhancements:
1.An even more flexible modular audioid toolbox
2.An all-in-one Mobile SDK that supports all audioid products
3.Improved reliability through redundancy of important system components
4.Automatic monitoring of input signals and alarm notifications in case of error
5.Improved system monitoring dashboard
6.More secure and simple licensing

Existing customers can upgrade their products free of charge. New customers now benefit from the new generation of audio recognition.

mufin has been developing solutions and services for automatic content recognition and music recommendation since 2011. Based on audio fingerprinting, mufin’s modular toolbox detects audioid content on TV and radio. The software is licensed as a white label solution for B2B customers and enables the following use cases:
-Broadcast monitoring of advertising, music, and other media content
-Audience measurement
-Real-time advertising recognition
-Real-time channel detection in TV and radio
-Real-time synchronization between second screen app and TV/radio

Target groups are, among others, market research companies, media monitoring agencies and TV and radio broadcasters.
mufin GmbH is a subsidiary of Bellevue Investments GmbH & Co. KGaA and has its headquarters in Berlin.

mufin GmbH
Eleonore Dauenhauer
Quedlinburger Straße 1
10589 Berlin
Phone: +49 (0) 30 / 27 0041 800

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New revenue streams for airlines and airport businesses: Travel tech start-up relaunches mobile app PassWallet

Dynamic boarding passes enable offerings of ancillary services to one million users

New revenue streams for airlines and airport businesses: Travel tech start-up relaunches mobile app PassWallet

After the relaunch,’s PassWallet app now enables service providers to offer ancillaries.

Following the recent acquisition of the mobile wallet app PassWallet, Software-as-a-Service company relaunched the app today. The Munich-based start-up hereby takes an important step towards opening up a new channel of distribution for ancillary air travel services, lifting the existing wallet technology to a new stage with dynamic wallet items. Airlines for example now are not only able to update tickets and boarding passes as needed, but also to offer upgrades, meals and other services to their passengers directly from within the app.

Today, virtual wallets are mostly used to statically store tickets and itinerary information. Building on the widely accepted industry protocol for virtual wallet items developed by Apple, now enhanced the existing PassWallet app with its capabilities regarding ancillary services sales in air travel. The company which supplies airplane data to partners like Kayak, and others thus enables airlines and other service providers in and around airports like hotels, shops, restaurants or parking to offer their services dynamically to one million already existing users.

Bettina Schneider,“s Vice President of Business Development and travel veteran, is convinced by the idea: „The new PassWallet will dramatically enlarge the timeframe that airlines and service providers have to present their fantastic offers to future buyers. The value of their offers to the customer is insured by geo-location, smart timing algorithms and AR/VR representation that increase passengers“ engagement and satisfaction as well as ancillary revenue for our partners. With our technology, we not only open new revenue streams for airlines and other service providers, but also create the integrated, paperless experience travelers expect today.“ is a Munich-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, specialized in the supply of reliable data about airline extra services in the travel industry. The company implements technologies from the fields of big data, augmented reality, virtual reality and connected mobility and provides an API that enables“s customers to flexibly obtain information for example on seating, WiFi, catering, luggage or priority boarding and present this information to end customers in a user-friendly form via numerous platforms. was founded in 2012 by the former Microsoft manager Djois Franklin as well as Fred Finn, who holds the Guinness World Record for the most covered air miles. Employees of their international team have gained work experience for example at Travelport, Intel, IDEO, Mercedes-Benz, Facebook.

Bettina Schneider
Leopoldstraße 244
80807 München
Phone: –

Claasen Communication GmbH
Ralph Steffen
Hindenburgstraße 2
64665 Alsbach
Phone: +49(0)6257 68781

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Digital Archiving: Secure, Cross-Platform, Legally Compliant and Great Value for Money

The ecoDMS electronic document archive ensures long-term, secure, legally compliant data storage in a central archive.

Digital Archiving: Secure, Cross-Platform, Legally Compliant and Great Value for Money

Modern Web Client

The ecoDMS software has been renowned for many years as the electronic document archive for long-term, legally compliant storage of all files and data. At the low-cost license price of 89 Euro incl. 19% VAT per simultaneous connection at full performance, the manufacturer offers a professional archiving system for everyone. ecoDMS is quick to install, can be used on any platform, and is easy to operate and flexible to configure. Archiving, managing and retrieving the stored data is childsplay with ecoDMS.

The software accommodates all documents that accumulate in a company or private household. Whether it is an invoice, a delivery note, a contract, a cover letter, a reminder, a drawing, a piece of music, a video or an image, ecoDMS has space for all files. The intelligent template designer enables automatic recognition and document assignment. If a file is archived and recognised by the system, ecoDMS automatically classifies it with the associated filing and access information. Therefore: Simply move the documents into the DMS and you“re done.

All users gain access through their desktop and web client. The archiving system“s modern design allows access from all end devices. Next to computer and laptop, these also include smart phone and tablet. The document search is simple and particularly user-friendly, as ecoDMS is like an internal search engine. Simply type in the search terms, confirm, and ecoDMS displays the matching results. For displayable file formats there is also a document preview.

With each archived document users can store classification information. This information helps structure documents and supports the user when searching for documents. In addition to the fully automated full-text recognition, users can also include the classification information in the search.

ecoDMS can be configured to suit individual requirements. The system can model company folder structures, document types, statuses and much more. In contrast to the conventional storage in a file system or even in a physical folder, archiving in ecoDMS is much more transparent and easier. Thanks to numerous filters, ecoDMS requires only few details in order to quickly retrieve a document. Therefore, folder structures in this software are very compact.

The ecoDMS archiving system has many useful features. Among those are version management, a document history, a notepad, various exporting functions, an inbox for scanned paper documents, a PDF editor, a clipboard, mail functions for sending files, a resubmission system, an elaborate backup and restore programme and much more.

ecoDMS is a state-of-the-art client-server system. Developed according to the latest technological standards. It is an efficient archiving system that easily fits into every system environment. Server, however, does not indicate a piece of hardware or an external storage system. It represents the main component of the entire system. It is directly installed on the customer“s PC, server or web server.

The server component is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, Synology NAS and QNAP NAS via Docker. The desktop runs under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian and MacOS. Moreover, the web client can be used on any end device with a current web browser.

Apart from the traditional archiving functions, the full version also has MS Office, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Thunderbird and Outlook interfaces. A PDF/A printer also forms an integral part of the archiving solution. All components are included in the one-time license fee of 89 Euro.
A licence is valid for the respective ecoDMS version and is permanent. Moreover, the licence has no restrictions on data volume. The licence fees are due only once. There are also no monthly or annual license fees. ecoDMS is said to be the cheapest system of all times worldwide.

For this and more information, visit The software can be downloaded for free trial from the website. With a few clicks licenses of the full version can be purchased from the online shop.

ecoDMS GmbH, based in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany), offers archiving software for private users, SMEs and large corporations. With a unique development and pricing model, ecoDMS GmbH stands out among the numerous competitors. The environmentally friendly use of a modern sales channel without requiring data carriers and postal delivery and no third-party licences enables sensationally fair prices. The price for the archiving system including full-text recognition and all plugins is unique.

The creation of ecoDMS began in 2004 with planning and implementing a software for digitally processing incoming emails for a large customer of applord GmbH. Based on the many years of experience in the field of document archiving and workflow, applord GmbH successfully implemented this project and developed the ecoDMS Server. This ecoDMS Server today forms the foundation of the ecoDMS archiving software.

The large interest in the software and a steadily growing customer base led to the foundation of ecoDMS GmbH. On 1 October 2014, managing directors Michael Schmitz and Helge Lühmann founded ecoDMS GmbH in Aachen as a new pillar of applord Holding Europe. All distribution rights of the „ecoDMS Archive“ software package were transferred from applord GmbH to ecoDMS GmbH. Already, the IT company has thousands of satisfied users all over Europe. More than half of those are business clients spanning all kinds of industries and company sizes.

Together with applord, appecon and applord Information Technologies, ecoDMS forms the strong service partnership of applord Holding Europe GmbH. The company locations in Germany and Austria operate across Europe. The applord group stands for state-of-the-art, sophisticated IT. applord group combines a broad product and services spectrum from the development of custom software solutions to standardised software applications and managing large IT projects.

ecoDMS sells its products through the internet. With just a few mouse-clicks, customers can purchase licences and support in the online shop. The software is immediately dispatched environmentally friendly via e-mail. Prior to purchasing, prospective users can always refer to the manufacturer’s website for detailed information. All sales, price and product information are downloadable. The manuals describe in detail the installation steps, settings and functions of the products. Moreover, there are free videos and a demo version.

ecoDMS GmbH
Ralf Schmitz
Salierallee 18a
52066 Aachen
Phone: 0049 241 47572 01

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Plesk joins the DigitalOcean Marketplace as a Strategic Launch Partner

Plesk is now available as a 1-Click App on DigitalOcean’s new Marketplace

Plesk joins the DigitalOcean Marketplace as a Strategic Launch Partner

Plesk is now available as a 1-Click App on DigitalOcean’s new Marketplace

Zurich, Switzerland – March 5, 2019 – Plesk, the leading secure WordPress and website management platform, is now available as a 1-Click app on the DigitalOcean Marketplace, a new platform that connects developers with easy-to-use partner-built solutions to easier app development, deployment and scaling.

By listing as a 1-Click App on Marketplace, Plesk taps into the DigitalOcean’s community of 3.5 million developers to provide them with a highly secure, performant and scalable platform necessary for modern website and WordPress management. The new DigitalOcean Marketplace, launched today, features a focused ecosystem of partner-built 1-Click apps – pre-configured software and infrastructure stacks.

„With one in four DigitalOcean customers leveraging a 1-Click App, and more than 1M WordPress instances already powered by our WordPress Toolkit, we are thrilled to bring Plesk to the DigitalOcean Marketplace,“ said Nils Hueneke, CEO of Plesk. „By combining our secure website and WordPress management with DigitalOcean’s trademark of simplicity and scale, developers can achieve robust and automated management included but not limited to web hosting capabilities.“

„As developers and small- and mid-sized businesses turn to modern apps to power their latest projects, we want to help simplify website and app creation from start to finish,“ said Shiven Ramji, SVP Product of DigitalOcean. „By building upon DigitalOcean’s Developer Cloud to simplify infrastructure, Plesk provides developers and teams with a faster and easier way to deploy and secure WordPress and any other websites and applications.“

The 1-Click version of Plesk on DigitalOcean is free and comes with basic website management and the basic WordPress Toolkit – suitable for small websites. In addition, it enables a single click upgrade path to any premium Plesk version that also includes the complete version of its WordPress Toolkit. Currently powering more than 1M WordPress instances, the Toolkit includes staging and cloning, as well as the complete web hosting features, more performance optimizations and several premium security options.

An introductory video tutorial for using Plesk on Digital Ocean is available here:
1-Click App page of Plesk on Digital Ocean Marketplace here:

About Plesk
Plesk is the leading website management platform and server control panel to build, secure and run applications, websites and hosting businesses. Founded in 2000, Plesk is running on more than 382,000 servers, automating over 11 million websites and 19 million mailboxes, with all of the top 100 service providers worldwide as partners. The platform is available in more than 32 languages across 140 countries. Find out everything about Plesk on

More info on Plesk can be found at

Plesk International GmbH
Joerg Strotmann
Vordergasse 59
8200 Schaffhausen
Phone: ++49 160 226 77 13

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SIMPLE MOBILITY baut neue, vernetzte Mobilitätslösung

Das Startup kooperiert dabei mit T-Labs

SIMPLE MOBILITY baut neue, vernetzte Mobilitätslösung

Das Berliner Elektroroller Startup SIMPLE MOBILITY gibt seine erste vernetzte Mobilitätslösung SIMPLE ONE bekannt. Gleichzeitig wird eine strategische Partnerschaft mit dem Blockchain Team von Telekom Innovation Laboratories,T-Labs, der research and innovation unit der Deutschen Telekom bekannt gegeben. Zusammen mit T-Labs Blockchain Team entwickelt SIMPLE MOBILITY einen neuen, innovativen Mobilitätsservice basierend auf Blockchain Technologie. Den ersten Blick auf die zukünftige Technologie dürfen Besucher des World Mobile Congress in Barcelona werfen (25.-28. Februar 2019). Die Konferenz fokussiert sich auf Themen wie Konnektivität, KI, Industrie 4.0 und zukünftige Trends im Allgemeinen. Weitere Details zu dem gemeinsamen Projekt werden später dieses Jahr bekannt gegeben.

2018 von Marvin Metzke gegründet, verspricht SIMPLE MOBILITY hohe Qualität zu einem unschlagbaren Preis und macht urbane Mobilität daher für jeden zugänglich. Die junge Firma hat letztes Jahr das Model eSCOOTER1 herausgebracht welches in sechs Farben im Onlinestore verfügbar ist. Die hohe Qualität wird durch einen Motor von Bosch und LG Batterien gewährleistet. Die Firma hat 2018 angefangen an Privatkunden zu verkaufen und ist seitdem rapide gewachsen. Mittlerweile gehören auch Lieferservices und Hotels, welche die Roller leihen oder leasen, zu den Kunden. „In Zukunft möchten wir uns nicht auf unserem ausgezeichneten Preis-Leistungsverhältnis ausruhen sondern auf das Gesamtkonzept der urbanen Mobilität. Hier sehen wir die Zukunft in ganzheitlichen Mobilitätslösungen“, sagt Metzke. Die neue Mobilitätslösung SIMPLE ONE wird im Laufe diesen Jahres ganzheitlich vorgestellt.


2018 von Marvin Metzke gegründet, verspricht SIMPLE MOBILITY hohe Qualität zu einem unschlagbaren Preis und macht urbane Mobilität daher für jeden zugänglich. Die junge Firma hat letztes Jahr das Model eSCOOTER1 herausgebracht welches in sechs Farben im Onlinestore verfügbar ist. Die hohe Qualität wird durch einen Motor von Bosch und LG Batterien gewährleistet. Die Firma hat 2018 angefangen an Privatkunden zu verkaufen und ist seitdem rapide gewachsen. Mittlerweile gehören auch Lieferservices und Hotels, welche die Roller leihen oder leasen, zu den Kunden.

Simple Mobility GmbH
Lena Bödeker
Chausseestraße 52
10115 Berlin
Phone: 015732034184

Simple Mobility GmbH
Marvin Metzke
Chausseestraße 52
10115 Berlin
Phone: 015753597980

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QCT Presents Next Generation Central Office Solutions in Barcelona

QCT Presents Next Generation Central Office Solutions in Barcelona

QCT Team at the Mobile World Congress 2018 (Source: © QCT)

Cloud Enabler Extends its Footprint to Telco for Innovative 5G Infrastructure

Barcelona, Spain – February 15, 2019 – Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global data center solution provider, will showcase its innovative Next Generation Central Office (NGCO) solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the world“s largest gathering for the mobile industry, in Barcelona (Hall 5, Booth 5B11). From February 25th until February 28th, 2019 the global provider of cloud computing hardware, software, and services will reveal cutting-edge open infrastructure and optimized network function virtualization infrastructure (NFVI) platforms that enable the network transformation. This augmentation of central offices at both the core networks and the edge will pave the way for 5G. This NGCO solution was previously launched at the QCT Solution Center in San Jose, US in January.

QCT will showcase how innovative NGCO technology can improve the operations of carriers that are typical of day 0, day 1, and day 2 scenarios. For the day 0 scenario, QCT will showcase the deployment of their edge computing and central office infrastructure platform, inclusive of Optimized NFVI based on OpenStack. Workload onboarding and validation with automated acceleration, fixed-line and mobile network convergence, and security for the day 1 scenario. And with the addition of open-source telemetry and closed-loop network automation, the day 2 scenario covers the orchestration and management of the NGCO. This day 0, day 1, and day 2 scenario will be featured at the QCT booth (Hall 5, Booth 5B11). In order to showcase the engineering collaboration results between QCT and Intel, there will be a live demo of a distributed content delivery network (CDN) in a physical NGCO rack at the Intel booth (Hall 3, Stand 3E31), which follows an open disaggregated architecture with a virtualized fixed and mobile solution.

Telco operators have long been looking for these types of innovative performance-optimized infrastructures and platforms built with open technologies at a lower TCO to enable 5G applications and services. These are the key principles of QCT“s Next-Generation Central Office (NGCO) vision and it is fully-aligned with Intel“s technology direction. Industry-leading NGCO“s built with QCT technology will deliver more immersive experiences at lower latencies, with more bandwidth, and with larger storage capacities. By leveraging their cloud computing expertise and experience, QCT is extending its industry footprint from Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to Telcos by creating an ecosystem that provides end-to-end solutions to expedite network transformation in central offices.

At MWC, QCT strengthens its role as a 5G ecosystem enabler. The company works with industry leading partners to drive fundamental changes in the way Telcos plan, deploy, and manage their infrastructure. QCT is spearheading the integration efforts with Intel by leveraging their best of breed edge to cloud technologies and bringing innovative NFVI and virtual network function (VNF) technologies, products, and solutions to realize a truly software centric network infrastructure for next generation central offices, converging fixed-line and mobile networks in a unified platform.

Alongside their NGCO solution, QCT will display the following latest additions in Barcelona:

– QuantaGrid SD2H-1U – a front access revolutionary design for edge computing with different flexible modules to fulfill different applications in a 1U form factor. With options for 2x FPGA or 2x high bandwidth NIC cards, this server is able to improve capabilities and performance on workloads such as CDN with the Intel Xeon processor D product family. Alternatively, with 2x GPUs, the system is perfect for inference workloads such as media analytics or immersive media experiences. Moreover, the server provides a -48VDC PSU option for flexible power support.

– QuantaGrid SD2HQ-2U – a front access server equipped with the Intel Xeon processor D product family. This server supports hot-swappable hybrid drives within a 2U chassis, providing up to 64TB SATA drives for optimized local storage. With flexible switch options, this server can improve availability for fronthaul or backhaul networks, while also providing a -48VDC PSU option for flexible power support.

„QCT is proud to have developed 5G solutions with our ecosystem partners to transform a traditional central office to an open, and virtualized infrastructure,“ said Mike Yang, President of QCT. „For the upcoming 5G era, QCT aims to expand our solution portfolio to Telco segments based on our strong footprint in the CSP space with proven server, storage, switch, and rack systems. With these NGCO solutions, Telco operators can enjoy innovations for their 5G applications with a faster time-to-market and lower TCO.“

QCT NGCO solutions are based on the following Intel products and technologies:

– DPDK with DDP (dynamic device personalization) profile in XXV710 NIC for offloading LTE GTP, PPPoE and QinQ packet classification to network controller.
– Intel® QuickAssist Technology (Intel® QAT) for improving VPN decryption and encryption performance by hardware acceleration technology.

„Intel sees NGCO as a strategic opportunity to transform the central offices into mini data centers. These mini data centers are capable of hosting both fixed and mobile networking and have the ability to run all sorts of new and enhanced 5G and edge services that require low latency, high bandwidth and greater levels of privacy.“ said Dan Rodriguez, Vice President of the Data Center Group and General Manager of the Network Compute Division at Intel. „With 5G and Edge emerging while network transformation continues to ramp, Intel is collaborating with QCT to shift to the edge of the network and to enable the modernization of central offices with innovative Intel products and technologies.“

To learn more about QCT“s activities at the MWC please visit

About Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)
Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) is a global data center solution provider. We combine the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software from a diversity of industry leaders to solve next-generation data center design and operation challenges. QCT serves cloud service providers, telecoms and enterprises running public, hybrid and private clouds.

Product lines include hyperconverged and software-defined data center solutions as well as servers, storage, switches and integrated racks with a diverse ecosystem of hardware component and software partners. QCT designs, manufactures, integrates and services cutting-edge offerings via its own global network. The parent of QCT is Quanta Computer, Inc., a Fortune Global 500 corporation.
For more information, visit the QCT website at

QCT (Quanta Cloud Technologies)
Anna Maria Strerath
Hamborner Straße 55
40472 Düsseldorf
Phone: 02405-4083-1161

GlobalCom PR-Network GmbH
Martin Uffmann
Münchener Straße 14
85748 Garching
Phone: 089-360363-41

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Gem Management Software now for multi-user environment

Lapidary business application eXtra4gemID in additional version

Gem Management Software now for multi-user environment

Classification of gemstones with the software eXtra4gemID

Birkenfeld, 14.02.2019 Coded labels are the basis of gemstone management with the application eXtra4gemID. They carry the unique identity of each gem as an encrypted code. In contrast to standard software for stock management, the tool eXtra4gemID masters the crucial task of handling the combinatorial variety of quality features for gemstones.
Consistent labelling of the entire gemstone stock with the eXtra4gemID code leads immediately to an amazing increase in efficiency within the complete administration process. Code scanning provides all relevant information of each stone at any place any time. Time-consuming manual recording is no longer necessary. This eliminates errors and decreases costs due to less efforts for trade fair preparation, easier order entry and faster billing.
Distinctive gemstone profile as coded label
In order to make the combinatorial variety of quality features for the gemstone software eXtra4gemID managable, the classification of each and every stone is essential. Users store all relevant stone types with their qualities, cuts, and shapes in the software on site. From this, gem classes are created and each item is assigned accordingly. In combination with the carat weight, the categorization within the eXtra4gemID software finally gives each single gemstone a unique profile based on its individual characteristics. This unique profile is encrypted by the software and printed on a label in three different ways: as descriptive key for trained sales personnel, as machine-readable matrix code for scanners and as plain text in excerpts for customer sales talks.
Edition „Business“ with Client/Server Database
For the management of all stone profiles in their classes the gemstone software eXtra4gemID uses a database. The existing single-user solution operates as edition „Basic“ with a database integrated on a local workstation computer. In contrast the new software edition „Business“ uses the multi-user client/server database PostgreSQL. This allows direct database access from any number of workstations.
Developed in cooperation with lapidary business insiders
In 2016 Ferdinand Eisele presented under his brand „eXtra4“ for the first time identification technology for gemstones to professionals. Today the software is provided by eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH, the company’s IT subsidiary. The software eXtra4gemID is based on decades of experience with labelling and identification for the jewellery and watch sector. Cooperation with manufacturers and dealers from the German gemstone centre Idar-Oberstein transposes this expertise into the lapidary business. An efficient software tool for classification, identification and streamlining of gemstones has been created. A further software edition for the use of RFID is already in development. A first impression of this innovative type of gemstone management can interested parties also get during Baselworld 2019 in Hall 4.1 at Stand G11.

Die eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH ist eine 100%ige Tochter des Etikettenherstellers und Identtechnik-Spezialisten Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. Tätigkeitsfeld ist die Entwicklung von Software zur Kennzeichnung von Produkten und Organisation von Prozessen über Etikettendruck-Systeme.
Zum Portfolio zählt sowohl Standard-Software für die Schmuck- und Uhren-Branche sowie die Edelstein-Branche inklusive RFID-Anwendungen, als auch branchenunabhängige Individual-Software, maßgeschneidert für bestimmte Identifikations-Lösungen.
Gegründet 2016, hat das Unternehmen, wie die Muttergesellschaft, seinen Sitz in Birkenfeld bei Pforzheim. Es betreut weltweit mehrere tausend Lizenznehmer von Programmen der Marke eXtra4 Labelling Systems. Dazu zählen auch Softwareanbieter, die eXtra-Programme als OEM-Komponente in eigene Produkte integrieren.
Support zählt als Dienstleistung zum Portfolio der eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH. Persönlicher Kontakt und Austausch mit Usern ist zentrales Element der Anwenderbetreuung. Die eXtra4-Hotline unterstützt weltweit via Internet-Telefonie und remote mit entsprechenden Support-Tools. Ein professionelles Ticketing-System hält Leistung und Kosten transparent.

eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of the label manufacturer and identification technology specialist Ferdinand Eisele GmbH. Its field of activity is the development of software for marking products and organizing processes using label printing systems.
The portfolio includes both standard software for the jewellery and watch industry and the lapidary business including RFID applications, as well as cross-industry individual software tailor-made for specific identification solutions.
Founded in 2016, the enterprise, like its parent company, is located in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim. It attends to several thousand licensees of applications of the brand eXtra4 Labelling Systems worldwide. This also includes software providers who integrate eXtra software into their own products as OEM components.
Support belongs as a service to the portfolio of eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH. Personal contact and exchange with users is a central element of user assistance. The eXtra4 hotline supports worldwide via Internet telephony and remotely with corresponding support tools. A professional ticketing system keeps services and costs transparent.

eXtra4 Software + Service GmbH
Susanne Schickel
Carl-Benz-Str. 17
75217 Birkenfeld
Phone: 07231/94790
Fax: 07231/949990

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Nutanix recognises Erik Sterck GmbH as „TOP Specialist“

IT system vendor receives partner award from the global market leader for hyper-converged infrastructures

Nutanix recognises Erik Sterck GmbH as "TOP Specialist"

Erik Sterck GmbH is „TOP Nutanix Specialist“

Leonberg, 14.02.2019 – Award for Erik Sterck GmbH: The IT system vendor was recognised as „TOP Specialist“ during the 1st Nutanix Partner Summit in Germany. Thus the US provider Nutanix – the global market leader in the field of hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) – highlights the special performance of Erik Sterck GmbH. In particular, Nutanix underscores its close partnership with the system vendor by presenting the award and confirms the Leonberg-based specialist“s high level of technical solution expertise.

„Things we expect from our channel partners in the future are already being realised by Erik Sterck GmbH today,“ says Alfred Meßing, Senior Manager Channel Partner & Service Provider at Nutanix, about the award presented during the Partner Summit in Darmstadt.

Erik Sterck GmbH has specialised in modern infrastructures in the data centre environment and holds the highest certification (Master Partner) issued by Nutanix. Since the start of the partnership with the US provider in 2014, the system vendor has placed great emphasis on providing its customers with technology innovations from the HCI market leader. The founding of the additional DevOps business area in 2018 permits the specialists at Erik Sterck to also provide consulting services for new technologies and platforms in the operations automation segment.

Oliver Dombai as an employee from the outset accepted the award on behalf of Erik Sterck GmbH and summarised the collaboration as follows: „Erik Sterck GmbH is celebrating its five-year anniversary in February of 2019. The topic of hyper-converged infrastructures helped us open doors and reach customers with a new topic, especially at the outset. Meanwhile the Nutanix solutions form a key component of our consultancy. Many large and renowned companies in Baden-Württemberg and beyond count on the proven team of Nutanix and Erik Sterck.“

For further information about Erik Sterck GmbH, please visit

Erik Sterck GmbH based in Leonberg is an IT system supplier founded in 2014 by Erik Sterck and Oliver Batz. The two founders look back on more than four decades of professional and industry experience in various management and sales positions with renowned manufacturers and system suppliers such as EMC and NetApp. Erik Sterck GmbH as an experienced and personally managed system supplier enjoys an outstanding reputation. It offers highly professional, individual and cooperative consultancy in Germany, both for the entire data centre environment and for cloud computing services. Customers benefit from unique competitive advantages that set the system supplier apart from its competitors: analysis, consultancy, planning and the implementation of IT projects for customers are absolutely independent of manufacturers. This enables the system supplier to pursue an uncompromisingly goal-oriented, fair and objective approach with a maximum customer focus. Cooperation with world-leading manufacturers does not tie Erik Sterck GmbH to a limited product portfolio. A wide variety of different possibilities is therefore available in order to validate the optimum, specific customer solution based on technical and business management aspects.

For further information about Erik Sterck GmbH, please visit

Erik Sterck GmbH
Erik Sterck
Böblinger Straße 29
71229 Leonberg
Phone: +49 7152 901300

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