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valantic and Thomson Reuters intensify their cooperation

Side-by-side integration of iQbonds and Eikon

valantic and Thomson Reuters intensify their cooperation

iQbonds meets Eikon – a side-by-side integration

Magdeburg, 16 April 2018: The internationally acting companies valantic Trading Solution AG and Thomson Reuters have announced to further intensify their long-standing and successful cooperation. The core of the current cooperation forms the transfer of know-how as well as connection of valantic“s trading solutions to the information and trading platforms of Thomson Reuters. Now, the focus lies on the integration of Eikon into iQbonds. The customers of both companies and especially the banks and traders trading financial products will benefit from this decision.

-Side-by-side integration of iQbonds and Eikon
-Increase of efficiency for the trading sector
-Seamless integration to traders and liquidity pools

The German software and IT service provider headquartered in Magdeburg and the media information and financial information provider Thomson Reuters have been cooperating successfully for several years. Now, the two companies have agreed to further intensify their cooperation and to link the respective software solutions for the banking and trading sector even closer. The first step is a side-by-side integration of iQbonds and Eikon. iQbonds is a comprehensive and uniform solution for the electronic trading of bonds and other interest rate products developed by valantic Trading Solutions AG which combines aspects such as pricing, market making and market connections. The powerful software does not only stand out with its great number of helpful features, but also with its capacity to meet current and future requirements and challenges of bond trading. Eikon is Thomson Reuters“ solution which provides interested parties with useful, highly relevant and reliable analyses, information and messages on desktops as well as compatible mobile devices. In addition, the software helps traders to connect with colleagues and liquidity pools.

Alexandre Hardouin, Head of Fixed Income Desktop, Trading, Financial & Risk at Thomson Reuters is optimistic about the collaboration: „The partnership with valantic is an important achievement for us because the delivered solutions create added value for the trader. Eikon and iQbonds together offer an integrated pre-trade, trade and post-trade workflow for fixed income traders.“ Dietmar Jakal, Head of the Board at valantic Trading Solutions AG has a similar view: „As one of the most important provider of financial information, Thomson Reuters represents a strong and important partner. Not only will our two companies benefit from the cooperation in general and specifically the technical integration of our software, but mainly the users and market participants.“ Due to the side-by-side integration, traders will have the opportunity to make fast and efficient price decisions. All relevant information on a selected bond such as market news and quotes will be displayed. Based on this broad information basis they are able to make even better decisions.

About Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters is the world“s leading source of news and information for professional markets. Our customers rely on us to deliver the intelligence, technology and expertise they need to find trusted answers. The business has operated in more than 100 countries for more than 100 years. Thomson Reuters shares are listed on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges.

About valantic Trading Solutions AG
valantic Trading Solutions AG is an innovative software and IT services provider headquartered in Magdeburg. For over 18 years, we have been developing future-oriented IT solutions for the national and international banking and finance sector. Our customers rely on a close and cooperative partnership as well as the professional know-how of our approx. 150 IT and financial specialists at locations in Magdeburg, Frankfurt/Main and Munich.
We belong to valantic, one of the fastest growing providers for trendsetting IT solutions, standard software and consulting services in Europe. With more than 600 employees at 15 locations, a unique and flexible organisation as well as operative excellence, we meet the central challenges of the digitisation.
In December 2014, the previous icubic AG became part of the DABERO Service Group and changed its name to valantic Trading Solutions AG in November 2017.

valantic Trading Solutions AG
René Lemme
Mittelstraße 10
39114 Magdeburg
Phone: 0391598090

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Networking across borders

Networking is a fundamental contributor to success

Contacts are very important nowadays. The right contacts are often the key to a successful business. Finding those useful contacts is called „networking“. With growing competition in all industries it is essential to build up contacts throughout different branches. The more contacts the better. Often people or companies like to work with other people who they have already met, rather than relying on strangers.

Contacts to all different types of branches can be useful, even though they may not seem like it in the beginning, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG in Zug, Switzerland.

Networking seems to become more popular, there are events just for the purpose of connecting with potential business partners and also websites with the same purpose. „Easy networking“ is designed for people and companies in certain branches, so that they connect with the right people, which is a win/win-situation for both sides.

Rieta de Soet speaks from experience. She has successfully managed GMC Business Centers for more than 25 years and met a lot of people and companies along the way. A lot of companies started at GMC AG and kept growing from there, but the contacts still remain after they expanded their company outside of the Business Center. This is also a good opportunity for companies that decide to work with Global Management Consultants AG, because GMC AG can easily connect it`s clients with their contacts, adds Rieta de Soet.


GMC AG mit Hauptsitz in Zug/Schweiz, ist mit zahlreichen Business Centern international in Amerika, Australien, Asien und Europa vertreten. In seinen Business Centern stehen Betriebswirte, Steuerberater, Marketing- und Unternehmensberater den Kunden zur Verfügung, die seit über 20 Jahren in den Bereichen Business Center, Firmengründung und Managementberatung tätig sind.

GMC Global Management Consultants AG
Rieta Vanessa
Gubelstrasse 12
6300 Zug
Phone: 0041 41 560 77 00

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redBUX – still available at BRIC INVEST until April 15 with a 35% Bonus PLUS welcome premium

redBUX is the hit ICO of the year – over 2.4 billion tokens have been sold to investors worldwide within the first week. Investors can still acquire tokens with a subscription bonus of 35% PLUS a welcome premium at BRIC INVEST until April 15, 2018

redBUX - still available at BRIC INVEST until April 15 with a 35% Bonus PLUS welcome premium

Berlin / Prague, April 9th, 2018 – On March 22, the official pre-sale of the redBUX token began, which was already considered by investors, investment advisers and the trade press as the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) of the year. Offered were tokens for the new crypto-currency redBUX, which is used by the global adult industry in the virtual reality environment vrXcity as an exclusive form of payment from leading international adult industry players such as iwantempire or WickedPictures and will soon be accepted in more than 6,000 adult media outlands globally. The pre-sale has been a great success so far – more than 2.4 billion of the 3.9 billion tokens that are available in the pre-sale phase have already been sold.

Investors who have not yet subscribed to redBUX now have a last chance until 15 April, to secure the last available contingents of redBUX tokens – at the Prague investment house BRIC INVEST investors can still sign redBUX with a subscription bonus of 35% plus an attractive welcome premium!

The potential of the redBUX is considered to be particularly promising by the trade press because th redBUX will be the sole means of payment in the virtual reality world of vrXcity, which has been embraced by the world’s leading erotic providers. Virtual Reality will revolutionize the global erotic industry because it allows direct interaction with photorealistic images of the industry“s stars – with Virtual Reality, fans can interact with three-dimensional avatars of their erotic stars just as they please.

The international porn industry relies on redBUX and vrXcity, because the virtual reality platform of the Berlin-based Memento GmbH sets the industry standard in artificial realities: „As an innovator in disruptive technology in recent years, many VR concepts have been proposed to me and vrXcity shows nothing but the next big thing. I’m both amazed and amazed by the quality of their technology and the experience it brings to consumers, and VRXcity will be a watershed moment for both consumers and artists. iwantempire is proud to cooperate with such a truly amazing technology and product, „says Jay Phillips, co-founder of industry giant iWantEmpire.

Because redBUX will be the only means of payment within the artificial worlds of the vrXcity platform, high demand and huge transaction volumes are preprogrammed with redBUX: the millions of consumers worldwide who use the virtual reality offerings of the industry giants will have to pay with redBUX. With regard to the billions in sales that these companies will make with virtual reality, redBUX will certainly become one of the most important means of payment in the gigantic billion dollar market „virtual porn“.

Investors can now secure their holdings of redBUX tokens at BRIC INVEST until April 15, 2018, and secure a subscription premium of 35% PLUS a welcome premium, before the redBUX trades normally after April 22.

Further information: www.BRIC-HOLDING.COM

BRIC INVEST offers interested parties conservative, profitable and speculative innovation scenarios with particular future potential. Special investment opportunities in the latest trends and technologies, offering unique growth potential, are our unique selling point.

From our global group activities in the financing and implementation of large-scale investments in the field of innovative technologies, renewable energies and alternative currencies, we regularly come upon highly attractive investments or investment models that in some cases we can make available for the public as well.

BRIC INVEST is specialized in identifying outstanding, unique investment opportunities for all interested parties and presents them with profitable, speculative innovation scenarios that have high future potential and offer investors direct access to the latest trends and technologies of the global markets.

BRIC INVEST is a subsidiary of BRIC HOLDING SE that holds strategic interests such as in the field of E-Health, energy and real estate.

Rastislav Koromhaz
Klimentska 52
11000 Prague
Phone: +420774773443

Miroslav Soukup
Klimentska 52
11000 Prague
Phone: +491739179905

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Asahi Kasei Europe presents alkaline-water electrolysis system at Hannover Messe 2018

Visit Asahi Kasei in Hall 27, booth C69

Asahi Kasei Europe presents alkaline-water electrolysis system at Hannover Messe 2018

Asahi Kasei electrolysis system (Source: @Asahi Kasei)

Düsseldorf, 9 April 2018 – From April 23 – 27, 2018, Asahi Kasei Europe will present its alkaline-water electrolysis system for the production of hydrogen at „Hydrogen + Fuel Cells + Batteries“ at Hannover Messe (Hall 27, Booth C69).

The Japanese technology company is a leading supplier of chlor-alkali electrolysis systems, which are used in 126 production sites in 26 countries worldwide. Based on this technology, the company developed an alkaline-water electrolysis system, which features and enables:

-High electricity-to-hydrogen conversion efficiency
-High adaptability to fluctuating power input from renewable energy sources
-Size-adaptability for large scale operations

Asahi Kasei presentations of its alkaline-water electrolysis system

On Tuesday, April 24, Dr. Mutsuhiro Maruyama, General Manager of the Clean Energy Project at Asahi Kasei Europe, will explain about Asahi Kasei“s electrolyser technology at the Public Forum, starting at 1:40pm (Hall 27).

On Wednesday, April 25, Dr. Masami Takenaka, Managing Director of the Clean Energy Project at Asahi Kasei Europe, will participate in the Elevator Pitch at the Technical Forum, beginning at 3pm (Hall 27).

About the Asahi Kasei Corporation
The Asahi Kasei Corporation is a globally active technology group that works in the three business areas of Material, Homes and Health Care. Material includes fibres & textiles, petrochemicals, high-performance polymers, high-performance plastics, consumer products, battery separators and electronics. Homes offers construction material to finished houses on the Japanese market. The area Health Care includes pharmaceuticals, medical technology, as well as devices and systems for acute and intensive medicine. With about 34,000 employees across the world, the Asahi Kasei Group supports customers in more than 100 countries.

„Creating for Tomorrow“. With this slogan, the Asahi Kasei Group refers to the common mission of all its companies, to help people across the world towards a better life and living with sustainable products and technologies. You can find further information at

The Asahi Kasei Group is a diversified group of companies led by Asahi Kasei Corp., with operations in the Material, Homes, and Health Care business sectors. Asahi Kasei distributes its innovative technologies and unique materials on markets worldwide.
With more than 30,000 employees around the world, the Asahi Kasei Group serves customers in more than 100 countries. Asahi Kasei is „Creating for Tomorrow“ with all operations sharing a common mission of contributing to life and living for people around the world.

Asahi Kasei Europe GmbH
Sebastian Schmidt
Am Seestern 4
40547 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (0)211 280 68 139

financial relations GmbH
Henning Küll
Louisenstraße 97
61348 Bad Homburg
Phone: +49 (0) 6172 27159 12

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Creating innovations – for 150 years

Analytica 2018 – Greiner Bio-One presents innovations for successful work in the laboratory

Creating innovations - for 150 years

The single-layer version of CELLdisc simplifies the monitoring and analysis of mass cell cultures. (Source: Greiner Bio-One)

Frickenhausen, April 3rd, 2018 – Greiner Bio-One GmbH, technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industry, is unveiling numerous product innovations at Analytica 2018, the leading international trade fair for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology, in Munich. This year’s exhibits include Sapphire pipettes for liquid handling, boasting impressive user-friendliness and precision, the 5 ml centrifuge tubes, which are an optimum addition to the portfolio of reaction vessels and tubes, and the new single-layer cell culture vessel from the proven CELLdisc range.

In the field of microscopy, Greiner Bio-One is also showcasing a wide variety of carefully designed CELLview cell culture products with a glass bottom in the form of slides, dishes and plates. The complete portfolio for 3D cell culture is also being exhibited at Analytica 2018. Cell culture vessels with a cell-repellent surface enable the cultivation of cells into three-dimensional structures and represent a perfect platform for magnetic 3D cell culture.

Visitors will also be able to find out more about all the high-tech products for biobanking. With its Cryo.s biobanking tubes, 8-channel decapper and rack scanner, Greiner Bio-One offers perfectly coordinated solutions for sample storage with high throughput and in automated storage systems.

Successful development
The BioScience division of Greiner Bio-One, headquartered in Frickenhausen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, specialises in the development, production and sale of high-quality plastic laboratory products. Greiner Bio-One is part of the Greiner Group, one of the leading companies in the plastics and foam industries, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

Greiner Bio-One International GmbH
Greiner Bio-One specialises in the development, production and distribution of high-quality plastic laboratory products. The company is a technology partner for hospitals, laboratories, universities, research institutes, and the diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Greiner Bio-One is split into three divisions – Preanalytics, BioScience and Sterilisation. IAs an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Greiner Bio-One provides individual solutions in the area of custom-made design developments and production processes for the life sciences and medical sectors. In 2016, Greiner Bio-One International GmbH generated a turnover of 452 million euros and had over 2,000 employees, 25 subsidiaries and numerous distribution partners in over 100 countries. Greiner Bio-One is part of Greiner Holding, which is based in Kremsmünster (Austria).

Greiner Bio-One BioScience Division
The BioScience division of Greiner Bio-One ranks among the leading providers of specialised products for the cultivation and analysis of cell and tissue cultures. Drawing on decades of experience with cryogenic sample storage, Greiner Bio-One also offers solutions for automated storage systems in biobanks. In addition, we continue to utilise our expertise in the development and production of microplates for high-throughput screening, thereby allowing extremely fast and efficient drug screening for both industrial and research applications. The entire development, manufacturing and sales operations are controlled from the German headquarters of the BioScience division in Frickenhausen.

Greiner Bio-One GmbH
Simone Schafstein & Sylvia Bauer
Maybachstraße 2
72636 Frickenhausen
Phone: 0049-7022-948 0
Fax: 0049-7022-948-514

Zeeb Kommunikation GmbH
Anja Pätzold
Hohenheimer Straße 58a
70184 Stuttgart
Phone: 0711-60 70 719

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Neuland supports SME management in Hong Kong

Neuland supports SME management in Hong Kong

(Source: © Neuland Ltd.)

Foreign owned SME in Hong Kong could ask NEULAND to do their complete Business Administration Management while they can focus on the money making activities!

NEULAND“s Advisory Panel also reviews and supports implementation of Strategic Changes for SME in Hong Kong, Singapore, and region.

Register a new limited company in Hong Kong? Looking for an first office or for first staff? Need to evaluate strategic scenarios for better decision making? Want a helping hand with complex budgeting processes? Longing for better cost control systems, standard costing, job costing, and cost management approaches? Interested in getting rid of administrative tasks to have more room for those jobs that really earn the money? Is that even possible without a CFO and without administrative staff? YES!

For more information please visit our webpage

Neuland was founded in mid 2002 in Hong Kong by Dr. Daniel Gruszynski, a former Executive Vice President and General Manager of a large German multi-national enterprise in charge of Business Administration in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwa and is dedicated to provide outstanding business administrative solutions that enable clients to concentrate on their core activities.

Neuland Business Solutions (H.K.) Limited
Dr. Daniel Gruszynski
Room 1501 (15th floor), 38 Plaza, 38 Shan Tung Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, 38
0000 Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2838 3693

Presse & PR-Service Leonhard Becker
Leonhard Wilhelm Josef Becker
Hasselkamp 20
40822 Mettmann
Phone: 021042144315

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Buchholz Relay MBP for transformers – Compact and Reliable

Compact and Reliable – Buchholz Relay MBP for transformers

Buchholz Relay MBP for transformers - Compact and Reliable

Buchholz Relay MBP for transformers – Compact and Reliable

Albert Maier GmbH introduces their completely improved Buchholz Relay MBP. The improved Buchholz Relay enlarges their product portfolio of protection devices for power and distribution transformers.
During the past several years of product development the focus was on the compact, cost-efficient design and the longtime reliability of the device. The switch elements have been constructed completely separated from the oil circuit. That prevents leakage and makes the device very easy to maintain in built-in condition without the need of lowering the oil level.
In addition, the MBP Buchholz Relays come with our well-established UV and corrosion resistant SOLIDLINE coating.
The Buchholz relay can be equipped with a gas sampling device to get probes from the ground.

Benefits at a glance

Reed switches for detection of gas formation and dropping oil level
Flap valve to protect in case of excessive oil flow rate
Switch elements separated from the oil circuit
UV-resistant C5-M coating SOLIDLINE
1/8″ sampling valve
Mechanical testing of contact switches (test button)
Pneumatic simulation (optional)
High quality materials from a leading manufacturer of Buchholz relay

The Buchholz Relay MBP is made in accordance with EN 50216-2 and is available in:

Nominal pipe diameter: DN 25 (1″); DN 50 (2″); DN 80 (3″)
Connection: Flange connection (DN 25 also with thread connection G 1 1/2″)
Switching element: Reed switches
Number of switching contacts:up to 2 x NO or 2 x SPDT contacts per function
Ambient temperature: -30 °C bis 55 °C
Degree of protection: IP65 (optional IP68)
Insulating liquid flow speed: 0,65 m/s; 1,00 m/s; 1,50 m/s; 2,00 m/s
Flap valve: Magnetically held
Gas volume for response: 200 cm³ – 300 cm³
All commonly used RAL colors for transformers

You want more details about assembling, special designs or more of Buchholz Relay MBP? Klick here or send an e-mail to:

Wir sind seit über 65 Jahren führender Hersteller von Armaturen und Zubehör für flüssigkeitsgefüllte Transformatoren. Unsere Produktpalette umfasst Drosselklappen, Schutzeinrichtungen, Luftentfeuchter, Ölstandsanzeiger Druckentlastungsventile und viele weitere Armaturen für den Kesselbau.

Albert Maier GmbH
Sebastian Müller
Industriestr. 19
71263 Weil der Stadt
Phone: 07033 3694104

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For more safety while rescuing

WELP Armouring presents the first armoured ambulance and Toyota Land Cruiser police vehicle at the Enforce Tac in Nuremberg

For more safety while rescuing

Together with the Wietmarscher Ambulanz und Sonderfahrzeug GmbH (WAS) and Senger Rent, WELP Armouring has developed and built an armoured Mercedes Benz Sprinter F-MSC ambulance for more safety when operating in crisis areas.

At the Enforce Tac, the international trade fair for safety and security management for government agencies in Nuremberg, the specialist for special protection vehicles presented the fully armoured Sprinter to trade visitors. In addition, the authorities were able to experience the protected police vehicle F2-TLC900 based on Toyota Land Cruiser 200 and armoured by WELP Armouring – with success!

„We are proud that we have developed two of the best-protected emergency vehicles in their class with the ambulance and the police vehicle,“ explains Ronald Gerschewski, Managing Director of the WELP GROUP based in Georgsmarienhütte. „Many good conversations and inquiries have confirmed that the two newly developed models complement our range of first-class protected vehicles exceptionally.“

With 242 exhibitors and over 3,500 visitors, Enforce Tac has once again demonstrated, in its seventh edition, that it“s one of the world’s premier international trade fairs for law enforcement and government agency equipment providers. „The Enforce Tac is therefore an ideal platform for us to present our new developments to an interested, professional audience and to discuss the latest technical developments, techniques and technologies concerning security with police and authorities, even at the highest technical level.“ reports Ronald Gerschewski.

Like all special-purpose WELP Armouring vehicles, the first armoured Mercedes-Benz Sprinter F-MSC ambulance cannot be distinguished from a normal Sprinter from the outside. But under the Mercedes Benz outer skin there is an armour according to VPAM VR6 / BRV2009, which protects the fully equipped F-MSC ambulance with the know-how of WAS in an unprecedented way. The armoured vehicle is protected in the patient room with a steel cage of protection class VR6. In the ceiling, floor and side walls are five-millimetre-thick steel plates incorporated, which withstand, for example, the bullet of an assault rifle (AK 47).

So far WELP Armouring has armoured its F-MSC for use as a passenger transporter, value transporter or troop carrier. The ambulance is now another available option. Additionally, the list of individual configuration options is unchanged long. Depending on the intended use, the vehicle can be set up to the highest protection class (VR9). The protection concept is based on WELP Armouring typical modular design and is completely executed as bolt-armour. Vehicles such as the F-MSC ambulance do not attract undue attention, as the protective armour is not visible under the normal outer skin. On the Enforce Tac, the transporter with these characteristics quickly became an eye-catcher.

Another was just a few meters away: The special-purpose protected police vehicle F2-TLC900 based on Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has passed all the bombardment and fire tests according to VPAM & STANAG 4569 in time for the fair. Due to the hot-formed wheel arch shell, the F2-TLC900 can withstand a six-kilogram landmine on the front wheel (level 2a), as well as hand grenades and a side impact. It fulfils all standards of protection class VR9. Governments, embassies, aid agencies and special task forces around the world already prefer the F2 TLC, which is available in the VR7 and VR9 protection classes. Again, the special-purpose protection vehicle is not to be distinguished from the production model, making the armoured Toyota Land Cruiser interesting as a police vehicle in vulnerable areas.

WELP Armouring develops and produces customized and armoured vehicles to meet the highest automotive productions
standards and cover the highest ballistic levels.
Our certified armouring portfolio entails SUVs, pick-ups, transporter vans and commercial vehicles for every conceivable mission throughout the world.
Customized one-of-a-kind vehicles or exclusive limited
editions from German vehicle manufacturers – whatever the requirements are, our armouring solutions are unfailingly
produced using certified, high-quality ballistic materials that
are monitored by an efficient quality management system.

Farmingtons Automotive GmbH
Ronald Gerschewski
Beekebreite 18-20
49124 Georgsmarienhütte
Phone: +49 (0) 54 01 / 490-0
Fax: +49 (0) 54 01 / 42705

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Global Grain Market – Industry Snapshots and Statistics 2018

IndexBox has just published a new report „World: Cereal Grains – Market Report. Analysis And Forecast To 2025“ ( ).

This report contains an in-depth analysis of the global grains market. Within it, you will find the latest data on market trends and opportunities by country, consumption, production and price developments, as well as the global trade (imports and exports). The forecast exhibits the market perspectives through 2025.

Countries coverage: Worldwide – the report contains statistical data for 200 countries and includes detailed profiles of the 50 largest consuming countries (United States, China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Brazil, Italy, Russian Federation, India, Canada, Australia, Republic of Korea, Spain, Mexico, Indonesia, Netherlands, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Sweden, Nigeria, Poland, Belgium, Argentina, Norway, Austria, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Denmark, South Africa, Malaysia, Israel, Singapore, Egypt, Philippines, Finland, Chile, Ireland, Pakistan, Greece, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Czech Republic, Qatar, Peru, Romania, Vietnam) + the largest producing countries.

Product coverage:

Data coverage:
– Grains market volume and value;
– Per Capita consumption;
– Forecast of the market dynamics in the medium term;
– Global grains production, split by region and country;
– Global grains trade (exports and imports);
– Producer, export and import prices for grains;
– Grains market trends, drivers and restraints;
– Key market players and their profiles.

Reasons to buy this report:
– Take advantage of the latest data;
– Find deeper insights into current market developments;
– Discover vital success factors affecting the market.


IndexBox is a leading AI-based market research publisher

Kirill Bezverhi
44 Main Street South
94020 Douglas
Phone: 84157998701

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Expert additions to the team

HR news – two biologists have been providing support for project management at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH since February

Expert additions to the team

Biologists Nina Zabel and Jana Fesseler (from left) provide support for BioRegio STERN (Source: private)

(Stuttgart) – Two more biologists – Jana Fesseler and Nina Zabel – are now providing support for project management at BioRegio STERN Management GmbH. The company, which promotes economic development in the life sciences industry, recently secured numerous new projects, which has resulted in it having to increase its workforce significantly. Among other things, BioRegio STERN Management GmbH has taken on the role of coordinator in the joint APRONA project and is the German lead partner for the Interreg project Codex4SMEs.

A „flexible robot-based platform for automated production of nanoparticles“ is to be developed within the next two and a half years. A transnational network is also being set up to drive forward the development of companion diagnostics along the entire value chain of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). However, APRONA and Codex4SMEs are just two of the projects that BioRegio STERN Management GmbH has recently procured. „To successfully implement both these and other national and international projects, it was urgently necessary to expand the workforce,“ explains Managing Director Dr. Klaus Eichenberg. „I’m delighted we’ve been able to expand our team so expertly with Jana Fesseler and Nina Zabel. But if things continue to develop in this way, we’ll probably have to allow for even more hires.“

Fesseler and Zabel, both biologists (M.Sc.), started their work in Stuttgart in February 2018.
Jana Fesseler (27) completed a degree in biosciences at the University of Kaiserslautern, which she rounded off with a bachelor thesis on bioprocess engineering and technology. For her subsequent master’s degree in biotechnology, she transferred to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), where she focused on the manufacture of bio-based products from renewable raw materials for the industrial biotechnology sector.
Nina Zabel (27) studied biology at the University of Hohenheim. During a practical semester at Greiner Bio-One GmbH, she gained an insight into the development process for products destined for specific applications in medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and wrote her thesis in Hohenheim at the Institute for Membrane Physiology in collaboration with Greiner Bio-One GmbH. During this, she characterised magnetic nanoparticles and investigated their influence on cellular parameters.

About BioRegio STERN Management GmbH:
BioRegio STERN Management GmbH promotes economic development in the life sciences industry, helping to strengthen the region as a business location by supporting innovations and start-up companies in the public interest. It is the main point of contact for company founders and entrepreneurs in the Stuttgart and Neckar-Alb regions, including the cities of Tübingen and Reutlingen.
The STERN BioRegion is one of the largest and most successful bioregions in Germany. Its unique selling points include a mix of biotech and medtech companies that is outstanding in Germany and regional clusters in the fields of automation technology and mechanical engineering.

BioRegio STERN Management GmbH
Klaus Eichenberg
Friedrichstrasse 10
70174 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 (0)711-870354-0

Zeeb Kommunikation GmbH
Anja Pätzold
Hohenheimer Strasse 58a
70184 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 (0)711-6070719