AMNI shredding machines for recycling applications

AMNI shredding machines for recycling applications

Managing Director Dennis Kemmann (right) together with Udo Becker

Treatment of all kinds of materials: Shredding technology rounds off BHS-Sonthofen“s product range

BHS-Sonthofen has acquired all technical designs and documents, patent rights and trademark of the recycling technology division of AMNI Maschinenbau GmbH in Iserlohn (Germany) following its insolvency, effective from December 12, 2013. This has allowed BHS – a company known to date in the recycling sector for crushing by means of impact and shearing technology – to expand its product range into shredding technology using cutting tools. BHS thus now covers the full range of crushing and shredding technology for both brittle and elastic materials. At IFAT 2014, the company will unveil the rotor shears and granulators acquired from AMNI and upgraded by BHS.

AMNI manufactured rotor shears and granulators of various sizes for numerous customers for the treatment of electronic waste, tires, cables, refuse-derived fuels and other materials. They are robust and easy to maintain, and have a number of patented features as well.

For BHS-Sonthofen, this attractive acquisition rounds off its existing product range, as the company from Sonthofen has until now offered recycling machines exclusively based on impact and shearing technology. These machines crush the bulky input material and also achieve a selective disaggregation of composite materials. With rotor shears and granulators, BHS now also manufactures machines which are suitable for recycling elastic materials. These include domestic, industrial and commercial waste, cables, and car and truck tires – extending even to tires for construction machinery with a diameter of up to 3 m. The machines are also able to handle paper and cardboard, for example books or files, as well as wood and textile waste.

Since December 2013, Udo Becker, head of the former recycling technology division of AMNI, has been in charge of the further development and manufacture of the BHS shredding machines as Business Development Manager in Sonthofen. He is responsible for ensuring continuous support for operators of rotor shears and granulators. The maintenance and repair of existing plants and the supply of spare parts to former AMNI customers will be carried out by the BHS service team from now on.

Dennis Kemmann, Managing Director of BHS-Sonthofen, sees an important addition to the company“s range with this new product segment: „We can now offer all commercially available crushing and shredding processes in the field of recycling with our own machines. Each technology has specific advantages depending on the application. This is the ideal solution for many input materials, for example for mixtures of different materials. For the selective crushing of brittle-hard materials, we will continue to implement impact and shearing technology, and the rotor shears and granulators will shred the predominantly elastic materials. The advantage for our customers is clear: regardless of the material to be recycled, we offer the optimal solution from a single source.“

The proven VR rotor shears – now upgraded by BHS – are mostly used for pre-shredding at the beginning of each recycling process. They are equipped with two shear shafts which rotate at approx. 18 rpm. The machines are designed for a throughput rate of between 6 and 30 tons per hour.

The NG series granulators are used for granulating and separating composite materials as well as for the secondary shredding of difficult or large-volume materials – for example electronic waste and non-debeaded tires. Compared to the rotor shears, the shear shaft rotates significantly faster, at up to 420 rpm. With their high-torque drive and large inertia masses, the granulators develop very high shredding forces.

The technology in detail

Rotor shears
In addition to a good cutting performance, high availability was at the fore in the development of the machines: the housings consist of a one-piece, extremely robust and warp-resistant welded steel construction. The cutters are hard faced, allowing them to achieve a remarkably long service life. The scrapers can be replaced individually.

The two industrial gear units, which drive the rotor shafts in opposite directions, are torque-buffered. This relieves the load on the shear shafts and drive components if solid extraneous materials enter the machine. In case of overload, a current-based reversing control system protects the machine from damage.

The quick-change system for the shear shafts also contributes to short standstill times. Owing to the bearing shell bridging system, the shafts of the rotor shears can be exchanged within just four hours. This task now takes less than 20 percent of the time previously required.

The control system has a modem for remote maintenance. It can also be equipped with an electronic consumption optimizer, which balances the power, torque and current requirements. In this way, only the power that is actually required at any given time is developed – energy costs decrease and the plant functions much more economically.

The granulators shred pre-crushed or pre-treated input materials. The NG series machines are single-shaft granulators in which a rotor equipped with fly cutters shreds the materials on the counter-blades of the stator. The rotor is equipped with a belt flywheel and can be controlled within a speed range from 0 to 420 rpm.

Special design features ensure excellent cost-effectiveness and durability. These include the extremely robust, external rotor bearings, the modular stator with blade segments which can be individually adjusted, and wear compensation with linear advance of the stator blades. In addition, the hydraulically retractable sieve can be exchanged simply without the need to dismantle the discharge equipment.

BHS-Sonthofen at IFAT (May 5 to 9, 2014 in Munich):
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