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10Gbps to 100Gbps Evolution

10Gbps to 100Gbps Evolution

Cube Optics – Evolution from 10Gbps to 100Gbps

Bandwidth demand grows every second. Explore Cube Optics different 100Gbps technologies and network solutions, which will easily coexist with current 10Gbps services, supporting seamless evolution to 100Gbps.

Cube Optics has developed a line of DWDM solutions permitting 100Gbps upgrades. They are fully interoperable with existing and future equipment and deployable within the space and power constraints of existing infrastructure. Get the white paper at .
Characterized through state-of-the-art multiplexers, transceivers and line gear, Cubo“s solutions enable metro networks to evolve via a technologically seamless roadmap. This roadmap guarantees economic viability without sacrificing future options or flexibility.
The pervasive and relentless thirst for network bandwidth continues to drive transmission speeds. The majority of network operators are either presently implementing or plan to upgrade from 10Gbps data rates to 100Gbps.
Severe pressure to minimize capital investments while curtailing the growth of OPEX is convincing network operators to increase metro speeds beyond 40Gbps all the way to data rates of 100Gbps.
Evolving network architectures needs careful planning. They must be future-ready while preserving backward compatibility. Cube Optics“ application experts boast years of experience with designing and deploying telecom, datacom, wireless, enterprise and campus network solutions.
With expertise encompassing legacy migrations to the latest emerging technologies – Cube Optics can tailor your network solutions for profitable business results. So ask us if this is the right time for your network to evolve.

Cube Optics AG (Cubo) has a decade long track record of excellence and market leadership in CWDM/DWDM passive optical transport systems and optical components, based on its patented „Color Cube“ technology that breaks the size limitation and flexible barriers faced by other wave division multiplexing technologies. Headquartered in Mainz Germany, with remote sales locations covering the globe, Cube Optics has over 40,000 successful network nodes in operation worldwide. Using its stacking cube approach to add features when required, Cube Optics customers have the advantage of cost effectiveness combined with high quality, precision and reliability. Over the last several years, Cube Optics has extended its leadership in optical components with market leading 100Gbps core technology that is being integrated by major transceiver and equipment suppliers. For further info write us at or browse our website

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