VinFast enters Strategic Global Partnership with INFORM to implement Vehicle Logistics Software Solution

VinFast, Vietnam“s first global electric vehicle manufacturer, and INFORM – a leading provider of AI-based optimization software that facilitates enterprise solutions, announced a strategic global partnership on electric vehicle logistics management for VinFast. This new partnership will help VinFast closely monitor the delivery status of the vehicles from production to delivery, optimizing the process and enabling quick and accurate decisions.

Under the partnership, INFORM will provide advanced vehicle logistics management software solutions to VinFast, including Transport Management Software (TMS) and a vehicle Yard Management System (YMS). These software solutions will deliver end-to-end transparency along with optimized processes from ordering the vehicle to its delivery to customers, making the delivery process faster, more efficient and sustainable. VinFast can monitor its EV logistics, optimizing processes from vehicle ordering andvehicle delivery, to vehicle recalls.

Major ports in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Vietnam will benefit from INFORM“s solutions through optimized yard management, workshop scheduling activities, workforce management, and logistics service provider routing activities.

In the first phase of this partnership, INFORM“s software will be implemented in the United States, Canada, and Vietnam, with Europe following closely behind, effectively supporting the transportation of VinFast electric vehicles to customers. The entire INFORM solution is projected to be in place across VinFast“s entire ecosystem within 18-24 months.

Mdm. Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairwoman of Vingroup & Vice Chairwoman of VinFast, shared about the partnership: „VinFast is currently in the process of mass production and delivery to global customers. INFORM“s expertise is the key to VinFast“s logistics, offering end-to-end solutions from when the vehicles are exported from Vietnam to when they are delivered to the customers. INFORM“s technologies will help VinFast achieve faster, more efficient, and sustainable vehicle deliveries.“

According to INFORM Software Corporation“s Chief Operating Officer Justin Newell: „INFORM is extremely pleased to announce our strategic partnership with VinFast as they are a new premier EV manufacturer that is striving for a more sustainable future, which aligns with both INFORM“s corporate and sustainability goals. INFORM“s ability to deliver solutions across the entire vehicle supply chain from the factory out gate to customer handover is a key deliverable for our VinFast project.“

INFORM“s software solutions can also easily integrate with VinFast“s other enterprise management software such as SAP – Enterprise Resource Planning solution, and Salesforce CRM – customer relation management program. These technologies will fully support VinFast“s high standards for customer service, sustainability, and supply chain resilience.

INFORM develops software for optimizing business processes using Digital Decision Making based on Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. While standard data management software only provides information, INFORM systems can analyze large amounts of data in a matter of seconds, calculate numerous decision variants, and suggest the best possible solution. Currently, INFORM has been working with over 1,000 customers worldwide, including manufacturing, commerce, airport, port, logistics, banking, telecommunications, and insurance businesses.

INFORM entwickelt Software zur Optimierung von Geschäftsprozessen mittels Digital Decision Making auf Basis von Künstlicher Intelligenz und Operations Research. Sie ergänzt die klassischen IT-Systeme und steigert die Wirtschaftlichkeit und Resilienz vieler Unternehmen. Während datenverwaltende Software nur Informationen bereitstellt, können INFORM-Systeme in Sekundenschnelle große Datenmengen analysieren, zahlreiche Entscheidungsvarianten durchkalkulieren und dem Anwender die bestmögliche Lösung zur Umsetzung vorschlagen. Mehr als 900 Softwareingenieure, Datenanalysten und Berater betreuen heute mehr als 1.000 Kunden weltweit in Industrie, Handel, an Flughäfen, in Häfen, Logistik, Banken und Versicherungen. Optimiert werden Absatzplanung, Produktionsplanung, Personaleinsatz, Logistik und Transport, Lagerbestände und Supply Chain Management sowie die Betrugsabwehr bei Versicherungen, in der Telekommunikation und im Zahlungsverkehr.

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