The mammoth task of digitalization: DENSO offers support for the healthcare sector

In order to further develop the healthcare system successfully, the implementation of digitalization is key. DENSO helps hospitals and other facilities along the way.

Düsseldorf. The German Federal Ministry of Health has made a statement that they created the necessary framework and advanced the digital transformation step by step. However, healthcare institutions and their employees have to take on a mammoth task in order to survive economically: implementing digitalization in all fields. Even though the implementation is done gradually, the challenges for the healthcare employees are immense.

In a Deloitte survey among selected European countries, 47 per cent of the physicians and nurses who were surveyed in Germany said, they and their organization were reasonably well prepared for the introduction of digital technologies. Another 19 per cent stated, they were very well prepared. That is not enough. DENSO WAVE EUROPE, member of the Toyota Group, can help ensure that these assessments are optimized. To do so, DENSO helps employees in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to manage the structural change and to digitalize processes. The magic word: mobile data collection. The SC1-QB scanner from DENSO offers advantages for improving existing processes in healthcare and making them more efficient. The patent-pending scanner was recently launched on the European market.

Mobile data collection in hospitals

Mobile data collection can be used in numerous areas in hospitals, e. g. for patient admission or when working with the Electronic Patient Record (ePR). With mobile data collection and networked patient care, healthcare workers can see all relevant information without having to spend much time searching.

In order to collect mobile data, DENSO’s SC1-QB comes into play. While the innovative scanner can also be used in offices, restaurants, retail, and other multifunctional spaces, its special features offer major benefits especially in healthcare, setting it apart from other mobile data collection devices.

The SC1-QB revolutionizes healthcare

The smooth surface of the patent-pending SC1-QB scanner ensures that no microbes or pathogens can hide. Openings such as crevices, cracks or screw holes simply do not exist. As a result, the SC1-QB scanner is easy to clean and suitable for daily contact with chemical disinfectants for antibacterial cleaning, which are important features especially in healthcare environments, primarily hospitals. This video shows the design of the SC1-QB from DENSO and highlights how the scanner can help employees when it is used in hospitals and other institutions.

In a nutshell, the SC1-QB works in a simple way: information about a patient is automatically collected by the scanner when the user scans a QR Code or barcode. This QR Code or barcode was previously created by the responsible hospital or facility, and it accompanies the patient on his or her way in the respective institution. For instance, hospital staff can scan a patient’s wristband during medical ward rounds. This way, they have easy access to the relevant patient data, such as laboratory results, previous treatments, and the patient’s medical history. The term for this new system is mobile ward round.

The SC1-QB from DENSO is also a good helper in other areas: the scanner can be used in central sterile services as well. Thanks to its special surface, the scanner is the ideal companion in this sensitive operating area, where hygiene is key. Furthermore, the SC1-QB can ensure that processes are optimized with mobile data collection. Another advantage: the scanner only weighs 130 grams and is the lightest in its class (as of August 2022). The SC1-QB is equipped with Bluetooth 5 (BLE) and thus offers additional wireless functionality.

Unfortunately, the scanner cannot avoid rushes – but it can master them

It is well-known that things can get hectic rather quickly in the healthcare sector. It Is very helpful then, that the SC1-QB can be fully charged within three minutes. Thanks to the scanner’s internal capacitator, unnecessary downtime can be avoided. Even when the battery is low, the SC1-QB manages dozens of scans after just 60 seconds of charging. Unlike conventional rechargeable batteries, the scanner’s internal capacitor never needs to be replaced.

Unfortunately, the SC1-QB cannot avert the typical hospital rushes, but it can withstand them. In fact, the scanner was designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, meaning that users do not have to worry about it not being useable after hectic falls of up to two meters. Additionally, the scanner is dust-resistant and waterproof.

Mobile data collection is essential in healthcare

Mobile data collection must always go hand in hand with digitalization in healthcare. With the help of scanners and mobile computers, it ensures continuous improvement of treatment processes, logging, and administration. Moreover, mobile data collection helps healthcare professionals to manage better patient safety.

The SC1-QB from DENSO makes it possible to use mobile data collection in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It also offers support for employees in their ongoing mammoth task of digitalization. More information about DENSO’s mobile computers, Auto-ID solutions, RFID, innovative QR Code models, and success stories, is available here.

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