Labforward is releasing an app to support laboratories working in regulated environments: The Signature Workflows app for labfolder

Berlin, 07/23/2019: Working compliantly is incredibly important in the laboratory, but getting the necessary signatures can slow down progress and productivity. Introducing their new feature, “Signature Workflows”, Labforward has developed a solution that streamlines reviewing and signing entries within collaborative projects so that the workflow isn’t slowed down unnecessarily by the validation process.

When it comes to projects in the lab that require complex validation for content, a simple validation system is not sufficient. Feedback from scientists working in regulated environments showed that it became complicated when many signatures had to be acquired to validate laboratory results and reports. When multiple people were involved and the process wasn’t clear this could significantly slow down the workflow.

To address this issue, Labforward has created an optional feature in addition to their current “Sign & Witness” feature in the labfolder ELN. The aim of the new “Signature Workflows App” is to take the functions of “Sign & Witness” a step further. By giving more freedom to customise and have more control over who signs and witnesses, the validation process does not interfere with the entire workflow of the project.
The new functions found in the “Signature Workflow” include:

Creating workflows with several reviewing steps, each containing multiple reviewers.
Assigning workflows to specific projects.
Moving entries to different projects after workflow completion.
Status of approval or rejection for an entry.
Associating different tags & comments to each action.

“With this app, we’re allowing laboratories in regulated environments to speed up their workflows and do the work they usually would need a separate document management solution for,” says Florian Hauer, CPO and co-founder of Labforward.
Labforwards first paid extension option, “Signature Workflows” is available to everyone on their labfolder ELN advanced plan and can be purchased as an add-on.
Standard prices start at around 11EUR per user per month additional to the advanced plan prices.
To find out more about the new labfolder “Signature Workflows” app click here for more information.

Press kit
Link to photos, videos, and screenshots: 19-07-23 Press kit

Labforward provides digital tools for the laboratory. Amongst its products are the well-designed electronic lab notebook (ELN) labfolder, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) platform cubuslab.
Labforward was formed by the merger of labfolder GmbH and cubuslab GmbH in May 2019. labfolder was founded by Simon Bungers (CEO) and biophysicist Florian Hauer (CPO), who were later joined by Yannick Skop (CCO) and Mario Russo (CTO). Dominic Lutjohann and Julian Lubke, who founded cubuslab GmbH in 2015 joined the Labforward team as co-founders and as leaders of the cubuslab product.
The labfolder ELN is used by more than 30,000 international scientists and supports laboratory teams to record, share, retrieve and validate data as a team. To learn more about electronic lab notebooks, please visit:

The cubuslab platform can remotely control and monitor laboratory devices and equipment as well as execute structured and automated workflows. Data is stored centrally and is always available for data management platforms such as labfolder or other ELN or LIMS systems.

The increasing demand of digital solutions in the regulated laboratory environment has resulted in the continuous growth of Labforward, which is supported by investors such as Peppermint Ventures, the IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Vogel Ventures and a consortium of other expert business angels.

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