BLOCKER – Professionals Prefer Opacity

BLOCKER - Professionals Prefer Opacity
BLOCKER – ew line of finest papers from lakepaper, ends translucence once and for all!

The new generation of paper from lakepaper is 100% opaque
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BLOCKER, the totally new line of finest papers from lakepaper, ends translucence once and for all! This new generation of paper from lakepaper, the outstanding manufacturer, achieves 100% opacity at weights as low as 100 g/m2. BLOCKER thus creates new dimensions in opacity and lightness, so you can look forward to extraordinary and unprecedented printing results!

This flyweight among fine papers is guaranteed to let nothing shine through, thus making a previously unfulfilled wish come true: a successful three-way combination of low grammage, full opacity and pleasant feel. “Whether for high-quality brochures, mailings or books, BLOCKER enables our partners in agencies, publishing houses and print shops to access new fields of application for lightweight papers,” explains Florian Kohler, CEO of the Gmund paper mill. As its name explicitly states, BLOCKER achieves maximal opacity through the use of special “blockers,” which are added to the pulp during the production process. “Many years of development stand behind BLOCKER. We”re convinced that this product will very quickly establish itself as the “Gore-Tex” of the paper industry,” Kohler predicts. lakepaper has registered the unique production method for patent protection.

A New Standard in Opacity for Papers

BLOCKER”s special characteristics make it the perfect choice for professionals who demand the highest performance from their materials. Soraya Kühne of Designmanufaktur Paperlux confirms: “The results have always been genuinely astonishing in everything we”ve made with BLOCKER. Printed materials simply look nobler when nothing shines through from the other side of the page.”

Print shops likewise appreciate the advantages of BLOCKER. “Despite its low grammage, BLOCKER has an excellent feel and can be readily processed in every respect. Its low weight is a particular advantage for many of our customers, especially for mailings, because BLOCKER saves postage without sacrificing quality,” explains Andrea Denkmayr, CEO of Blueprint GmbH in Munich.

BLOCKER offers new potentials for publishing houses to create a lightweight “inner life” for comprehensive catalogues and lengthy books, where thin and lightweight paper is indispensable. Thanks to BLOCKER, a page that”s blank on one side remains truly blank – because text on the other side no longer shines through.

BLOCKER is also interesting as a material for covers. A layer of gray cardboard becomes totally invisible when it”s covered by a sheet of BLOCKER with a grammage as low as 80 g/m2. Thinner paper conforms more closely to the shape of the substrate and can be very simply processed, even for small and complicated coverings, for example, on cartons, books or boxes.

BLOCKER – The Collection

BLOCKER”s very attractive and slightly off-white color makes it very kind to readers” eyes. The tone is bright and modern; the surface is matte and delightfully soft thanks its slightly satiny finish.

BLOCKER is available as a very fine paper in three different weights (80, 100 and 135 g/m²) and as a material for soft covers in 270 g/m2. The BLOCKER spectrum also includes envelopes in the formats DL, C5 and C4 with and without windows, and in format C5/6 without windows for automatic enveloping machines. BLOCKER envelopes are absolutely opaque, thus eliminating the need for distracting colored printing on the interior.

Like all lakepaper papers, BLOCKER too has earned FSC certification and is manufactured from chlorine-free bleached pulp. This unprecedented paper is distinguished by its pH neutrality and is highly resistant to ageing.


lakepaper is the young and dynamic subsidiary of the Gmund paper mill and specializes in high-quality design papers for use in communication and image applications. lakepaper offers distinctive papers for classical contemporary business stationery, financial reports, brochures, books, packaging and many other purposes. Our extensive assortment of products includes the finest papers, paperboards and envelopes in DIN long, C5 and C4 formats, both with and without windows. Each set of papers is harmoniously self-consistent and mutually combinable. All paper collections from lakepaper provide the perfect basis for every corporate design.

As a 100% subsidiary of Gmund we take advantage of synergies. For example, we use Gmund”s know-how in logistics and production, and we manufacture our papers on modern paper machinery designed for the production of the fine papers.

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