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Stibo System”s Technology Will Enable TESSCO to Better Define, Manage, and Present Products and Configure End-to-End Solutions ATLANTA, GA, May 29, 2012 – Stibo Systems, the Strategic Information Management Technology and Solutions Company?, today announced that TESSCO Technologies Incorporated (NASDAQ:TESS), a leading provider of the product and value chain solutions required to build, maintain and [...]

onion.net, the award-winning CMS, comes to Internet World in London

Having been crowned one of the 20 most innovative e-commerce solutions by the Initiative Mittelstand (SME Initiative, supported by the German Federal Government and IBM as patrons), it’s now next stop London for onion.net. The high-profile web content management system (CMS) from Dortmund is being introduced to an international audience at Internet World in London. [...]

Key-Systems to operate Registry System for TLD .dm

The DotDM Corporation, the official administrator for the top-level domain (TLD) of the Eastern Caribbean’s Commonwealth of Dominica .dm has partnered with German domain expert Key-Systems to provide a state-of-the-art registry platform. Using KSregistry, Key-Systems’ registration and management platform for registries, the new .dm registry platform will launch in the first quarter of 2012. Registrars [...]

Expense Reduction Analysts continues to grow in summer 2011

The leading consultancy for cost, purchase and supplier management is a sustainable and succesful business model for almost 20 years In the summer of 2011, Expense Reduction Analysts once again demonstrated the sustainability of its business model. The third quarter of 2011 represented another increase in the number of projects that were successfully implemented out [...]

Back to the roots: Marie-Therese Kron kehrt zu Laub & Partner zurück

Hamburg. Die Hamburger Kommunikationsagentur freut sich über eine Rückkehr: Marie-Therese Kron (34) meldet sich als PR-Beraterin zurück an Bord. Zusammen mit Junior-Beraterin Beata Klarewicz (39) betreut Kron ab sofort den langjährigen Agentur-Kunden Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. Die studierte Journalistin und Marketingökonomin war bereits bis 2006 als Junior-Beraterin bei Laub & Partner tätig, danach arbeitete [...]

Barkeeper-App “how to mix with absinth …” auf ProWein

TABU ABSINTH präsentierte Fachleuten 138 Absinth-Cocktailrezepte im App-Store TABU ABSINTH präsentierte auf der internationalen Fachmesse ProWein in Düsseldorf eine neue iPhone-, iTouch- und iPad-Anwendung für Absinthgenießer. Die Idee der Barkeeper-App (Applikation) “how to mix with absinth …” entstand aus einem Buchprojekt, dessen Herstellung vom deutschen Marktführer TABU ABSINTH koordiniert wurde. 51 namhafte Bartender aus der [...]

SUTTER®: Spring Discounts on all of its stands – Reduced up to 50%!

Today, the online shop SUTTER, specialized in hunting and shooting, launched to the beginning of spring a massive discount promotion on all its stands and raised hides. The stands and raised hides have been reduced up to 130EUR, as SUTTER announced. Two highlights of the discount promotion are undoubtedly the two aluminium stands, that have [...]

TABU ABSINTH präsentiert Barmixer-App “how to mix with absinth …” auf der ProWein 2011

138 Absinth-Cocktailrezepte – von Barkeepern für Barkeeper TABU ABSINTH präsentiert auf der internationalen Fachmesse ProWein in Düsseldorfer vom 27. bis 29. März 2011 eine neue iPhone-, iTouch- und iPad-Anwendung für Absinthfreunde. Die Idee der sogenannten Barmixer-App (Applikation) “how to mix with absinth …” entstand aus einem Buchprojekt, dessen Herstellung vom führenden deutschen Absinthhersteller TABU ABSINTH [...]