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The new UNO 24 titan one-hand watch from BOTTA design

The further development of the one-hand classic

The new UNO 24 titan one-hand watch from BOTTA design

UNO 24 titan one-hand watch from BOTTA design

Königstein i. Ts., November 19th 2018:
Presenting the 24 hours of the day with a single rotation of the watch hand was the basic idea behind the UNO 24.
Klaus Botta, known as the pioneer of one-hand watches, developed the first UNO 24 model exactly ten years ago. The dial on his full-day watch showed 24 hours rather than the usual twelve.

The single watch hand, the hour hand, therefore moves only half as quickly around the dial as the hour hand on a conventional twelve-hour watch does.
The day on this watch is presented in analogue graphic form, with each time of the day corresponding to a specific position on the specially designed dial.

The division of the dial into a day half (top) and a night half (bottom) increases clarity and reflects the position of the sun in the sky.
This principle has been used in all UNO 24 models since 2008.
Exactly ten years after the first model was launched, BOTTA design is now offering a new version of its design classic, the UNO 24 titan.

It goes without saying that the 24-hour one-hand principle is also retained in the new model. However, the dial is now somewhat less cluttered, which increases clarity for the wearer. The fact that the ten-minute scale has been moved right to the outside makes it considerably easier to tell the time on this watch.

The differences in the watch case are even more striking. While the case of the previous UNO 24 was made of stainless steel, the new version has a specially-designed titanium case. Weighing a mere 32 grams, it is now roughly 20 % lighter than its predecessor.

Focusing on form and function
Good design is not limited only to the visual appearance of the watch. At BOTTA design, function is very much the focus. Which is why considerable attention was paid when reinterpreting the UNO 24 to the functional design of the underside of the case.

The lugs are partly concealed beneath the case. As a result, the UNO 24 is also suitable for wearers with slim wrists, despite its diameter of 40mm. The sloped sides of the underside of the case allow the wearer maximum freedom of movement in the wrist, while at the same time enabling air to circulate freely.
Thanks to the clever design of the underside, the watch – which is already very slim at just 7.5 mm – appears even slimmer.

Further information on the UNO 24 titan can be found at
Designed in Germany, Handmade in Germany
© BOTTA design 2018

Klaus Botta has had a major influence on the watch industry with his philosophical approach to design. Launched in 1986, his UNO one-hand watch was the world’s first wristwatch to use the one-hand principle. Botta-Design timekeepers have long become classics, and are exhibited in the collections of renowned museums around the world. 61 international awards are testimony to the high level of design proficiency. The entire collection, which also includes other mechanical watches and quartz models, is developed and designed at the company’s headquarters in Königstein. Production in specialized workshops in Germany and the use of the highest-quality components is your guarantee of the very high quality and durability of the watches.
Designed in Germany, hand-made in Germany

BOTTA design
Klaus Botta
Klosterstrasse 15A
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Phone: +49 6174 961188
E-Mail: info@botta-design.de
Url: https://www.botta-design.de

BOTTA design
Mike Kerbage
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Phone: +49 6174 961188
E-Mail: mike.kerbage@botta-design.de
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BOTTA design Presents NOVA, a Minimal Mechanical Watch

A single-hand watch for forward-thinkers. Designed in Germany, hand-made in Germany

BOTTA design Presents NOVA, a Minimal Mechanical Watch

BOTTA design NOVA – a minimal mechanical watch

„It seems that perfection is attained, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.“ True to those words by famous French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Klaus Botta has introduced a puristic minimal watch that excels by its lean yet stylish design: the NOVA mechanical time-span watch. (http://www.botta-design.de/en/automatikuhren.html)

With the NOVA, Klaus Botta, the pioneering maker of single-hand wristwatches, has made a big step towards his notion of reduction.
While the classic UNO watch with its hour hand and its special 144-marking dial still allows for making out minutes, the NOVA Automatikc strives for an even more consistent approach.

Spans of Time, Not Points in Time

The watch face comprises two main elements: an hour hand and a 12-hour scale. There are no subscales.
While the hand slowly moves over the dial, it turns one of the 12 segments into a visual representation of the current hour. Just like an hourglass, the NOVA shows the course of a precisely defined time period-in this case, one hour-rather than the numerous little points in time that meanwhile pass by.

Back to the Natural Flow of Time

Of course, the NOVA does not allow for down-to-the-minute indication.
Wearers of the NOVA will, however, get into the flow more easily rather than run after minutes and seconds.

A Generous Wristwatch with a Clear-Cut Face

The NOVA’s puristic design (http://www.botta-design.de/en/automatikuhren.html) draws the beholder’s eye right to the essence: time.
Only the important edge area of the dial and the prominent green hand are visible while the central part of the dial is hidden behind an opaque circle applied to the back of the sapphire glass. The watchcase with a height of just 8.8 millimeters (which is ultra-flat for a mechanical watch) and a diameter of only 44 mm in total emphasizes this effect.

Form and Function in Focus

Great design is not just a question of appearance. This is why BOTTA design pursues a consistent „form meets function“ approach. Therefore, the case back was designed with greatest attention to functionality, too.
The lugs are hidden below the case back. Therefore, despite its diameter of 44 millimeters, the NOVA is perfectly suitable even for the slender wrist, giving it maximum room to move thanks to the beveled edges of the watch-case back. At the same time, this design ensures sufficient air circulation. Thanks to this extraordinary case-back design, the watch, being just 8.8 mm in height, looks even flatter.

NOVA Automatic Specifications

Case: 3-piece screwed case, optionally available with black PVD coating
Diameter: 44 mm
Height: 8.8 mm
Weight: 75 g

Movement: Swiss-made ETA 2824-2, manually adjusted for better accuracy
Case material: stainless steel, optionally available with black PVD coating
Glass: double-domed sapphire glass, scratch-proof antireflective coating on both sides. Case back with sapphire-glass window

3-atm waterproof
Strap: made of finest cow nappa leather, vegetable tanning, anti-allergenic; rubber strap optionally available

Country of origin: Germany
Warranty: 2 years (except for wearing parts or cases of improper handling)
Accuracy: +7/-7 sec. / day (after running-in period)

All new models available for order at reduced pre-sales prices at http://www.botta-design.de/en/ until shipment commences.

BOTTA design watches stand for exquisite design in the best tradition of German watchmaking. All watches are entirely designed and manufactured in Germany. BOTTA design uses only Swiss-made watch movements. BOTTA design watches are available through the official website and selected retailers in Germany and abroad.

Company Profile
Klaus Botta. A pioneer in single-hand watch design

Klaus Botta’s design philosophy has had a considerable influence in the watchmaking industry. Introduced in 1986, his UNO watch was actually the very first single-hand watch worldwide. Watches by BOTTA design have long since become classics and are on display in the world’s most renowned museums. More than 50 international awards are proof to the exceptional level of expertise in design. The entire collection including more mechanical and quartz-controlled wristwatches has been developed and designed at the company’s headquarters in Königstein. All watches are produced in specialized factories in Germany to ensure highest quality and longevity.
Designed in Germany, hand-made in Germany

Klaus Botta
Klosterstraße 15a
61462 Königstein im Taunus
+49 6174 961188