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Hanover Fair 2018: ENTRADE AG presents high-performance compact power plant fueled by biogenic waste

High plant flexibility: modular power plants with an energy output from 25 kW to 5 MW

Hanover Fair 2018: ENTRADE AG presents high-performance compact power plant fueled by biogenic waste

CEO Julien Uhlig explains the power plant

At this year“s Hanover Fair ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG is presenting a further model of the biogenic-waste fueled power plant it has developed in-house. Currently two versions are available, with a respective electrical output of 25 kW (E3) or 50 kW (E4). These can be combined on the modular principle to form larger units, resulting in power plants of up to 5 MW.

The E3 and the new, more powerful E4 compact power plant – which are protected by numerous patents – are based on years of research and development. In a high-temperature reactor they use previously unused biogenic waste to produce a high-quality synthesis gas, which in turn drives an internal combustion engine and supplies electricity as well as heat or, if required, cooling.

Power plant can start operation within two days

It is the world’s first modular, series-produced, patented, fully automatic biomass power plant for grid-connected and off-grid power generation. Each individual small power plant (E4) has a generator output of 50 kWel and a nominal heat output of 120 kWth, and can be put into operation on a turnkey basis within 48 hours. This capacity can supply around 50 households with electricity and heat.

With a length of 186 cm, a width of 156 cm and a height of only two metres, the individual system modules are particularly compact and can be shipped worldwide, even by air freight. Even without renewable energy subsidies the electric power they generate is competitive compared to other conventional or renewable power sources, and can be used locally in the stand-alone operation or fed into the public grid. The waste heat is used for heating purposes or can be transformed into cooling. The special feature: the individual small power plants can be connected to form larger units, resulting in power plants of up to 5 MW. In the last 18 months more than 150 of these power plants have been planned or commissioned in nine different countries worldwide.

Another focus at ENTRADE AG is to combine various renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind power and biogas into a hybrid grid, thus forming a single power plant unit. Here the advantages of the respective technologies are optimally used in order to exploit the resulting synergies.

Many advantages over conventional power plants

Compared to conventional power plants, the E3 and E4 have a range of advantages.

– Flexible system sizes in electrical output steps of 25 kW.
– Biogenic waste serves as fuel, which makes power generation particularly sustainable.
– Even in the lower output range the modules have a very high efficiency level of over 85 percent.
– The compact power plants can be set up wherever the energy is needed or the waste is available.
– They do not require long approval procedures and can therefore be connected to the grid within 48 hours.
– Due to their modular design they are highly protected from breakdown and require little maintenance.
– It can be combined with other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy to form a hybrid grid, with the biomass power plant providing the base load and compensating for any fluctuation on the part of other energy sources.
– In terms of price the compact power plants are below usual costs for power plant construction.

CEO Julien Uhlig and ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG staff will be available at the Hanover Fair from 23 to 27 April 2018 at the joint stand of the state of NRW in Hall 27/ Stand F73. Further information is available at www.entrade.de

Worldwide ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG develops, builds, operates and distributes innovative powersystems for the generation of electricity, heating and cooling from biomass and waste materials.

ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG
Shelby Leigh Bradley
Berliner Allee 42
40212 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (0)211 24 79 23 50
E-Mail: info@entrade-e3.co.uk
Url: http://www.entrade.co

Dr. Schulz Public Relations GmbH
Dr. Volker Schulz
Berrenrather Str. 190
50937 Köln
Phone: +49 (0)221 425812
Fax: +49 (0) 221 4249880
E-Mail: info@dr-schulz-pr.de
Url: http://www.dr-schulz-pr.de

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meteocontrol and Ingetrace awarded the contract for the „Public Solar Rooftop Program“ in Chile

Chilean Ministry of Energy relies on meteocontrol’s monitoring capabilities

meteocontrol and Ingetrace awarded the contract for the "Public Solar Rooftop Program" in Chile

(Source: meteocontrol GmbH)

Augsburg, February 16, 2017 – The Chilean government continues to pursue its planned energy transition with the installation of 300 PV systems on top of public buildings. In collaboration with Ingetrace SPA, meteocontrol has won the call for tenders for monitoring the first 103 rooftop systems as part of the „Programa de Techos Solares Publicos (PTSP)“. The Augsburg-based PV service provider already supplied the cooperation partner in Santiago de Chile with 119 data loggers as well as sensors in December 2016. Therefore, meteocontrol has been able to bolster its presence in one of South America’s most important PV markets.

The goal is to equip all 300 PV systems under the Public Solar Rooftop Program in Chile with a monitoring system and to monitor them centrally via an online platform by 2018. Together with its cooperation partner Ingetrace, meteocontrol has been awarded the contract for monitoring 103 PV systems on top of public buildings in North and Central Chile, which have a total capacity of approximately 3.3 MWp.

„From the beginning on, we have worked extremely well together“, explains Ingetrace Managing Director, Fernando de la Rosa. „We’re thrilled to have such an experienced and well-established company as meteocontrol on our side. Everyone involved in the project is benefiting from the collaboration, and the implementation process is running extremely smoothly, thanks in no small part to meteocontrol’s technical support.“ meteocontrol is supplying the monitoring hardware and providing the portal as well as expertise. Ingetrace advises the ministry on the installation process and receives support from meteocontrol regarding the set up of the monitoring platform. The monitoring system enables the monitoring of all PV systems via the central platform and can therefore be assessed in direct comparison to one another, regardless of their built-in components. The system displays yield losses and immediately reports any malfunctions, and reporting is carried out automatically.

Thanks to its high level of solar irradiance, particularly in northern regions, Chile provides ideal conditions for solar power generation and is therefore one of the world’s top ten most attractive markets for renewable energy. With the quota law, the Chilean government laid the foundation for integrating renewable energy sources into the market in 2008. In 2015, the Ministry of Energy further specified the ambitious development targets: by 2035, the proportion of power generated from clean sources of energy should be 60%, and by 2050 it should even be 70%. „The Public Solar Rooftop Program represents a significant milestone for our company in terms of our market presence in Chile. With our product solutions, we intend to further promote the power generation transition taking place and improve supply reliability, while ensuring competitive costs“, says meteocontrol Managing Director, Martin Schneider. Solar power growth rates in Chile are already impressive: in 2015, solar power accounted for 2% of power generation with 741 MWp, and in 2017 it is expected to account for 8%.

About Ingetrace
Ingetrace is a Chilean engineering company, founded in 2015, whose main focus is to develop and implement innovative technological solutions applicable to the critical business processes of different industries. With its own equipment and software platforms, Ingetrace provides online visibility to its customers of operational variables whose behavior within controlled ranges avoids significant economic losses and direct impact on the final customer. Through the association with important international companies Ingetrace has expanded its portfolio of products and services with solutions to the area of photovoltaic energy production.

meteocontrol, EU headquarter based in Augsburg, Germany and APMEA headquarter based in Shanghai (China), with offices and branches in Chicago (U.S.A.), Lyon (France), Madrid (Spain) and Milan (Italy) offers energy and weather data management, yield reports, quality audits and technical due diligence as well as monitoring of PV systems of all sizes. meteocontrol has more than 40 years of expertise in renewable energy systems and has so far been involved in projects with a total investment volume of more than 13 billion Euros. In addition, meteocontrol is the market leader for professional remote monitoring of PV systems. meteocontrol monitors around 41,000 PV systems around the globe with a total power of over 11 GWp. meteocontrol is a member of SFCE Shunfeng International Clean Energy Limited.
Further information: www.meteocontrol.com

meteocontrol GmbH
Barbara Koreis
Spicherer Str. 48
86157 Augsburg
+49 821 34 666-40
+49 821 34 666-11

epr-elsaesser public relations
Andrea Schneider
Maximilianstraße 50
86150 Augsburg
+49 821 450879-18
+49 821 450879-20

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At Mining Sites Renewable Energy Systems Are up to 70 Percent Less Expensive than Diesel Power

At Mining Sites Renewable Energy Systems Are up to 70 Percent Less Expensive than Diesel Power

Logo of platform

THEnergy Launches Online Platform for Wind and Solar Applications in the Mining Industry

Munich, Germany, October 15, 2014 – Mining companies were not traditionally considered a good fit for renewable energy. A closer look shows that this is not true anymore. Numerous renewable energy systems already power mines today, and experts from both worlds – mining and renewables – agree that a boom in this field is ahead.
Mining companies have been facing price pressure for the last few years. Many high-yield mining locations are already exhausted, the material that is extracted today is more difficult to access and it also requires more energy in reduction and purification processes afterwards. The amount of energy per unit is increasing, and so are electricity and diesel prices, whereas the prices for renewable energy, wind and solar, have been falling considerably during the last few years. This is why mining companies are paying more and more attention to renewable energy topics. There is a big demand for information on both sides.
„The objective of THEnergy is to accelerate the application of renewable energy in the mining sector by providing missing information,“ points out Dr. Thomas Hillig, founder of THEnergy. One of the key elements of the platform „Renewables & Mining“ (www.th-energy/mining) is a plant database for renewable energy systems near mines. It contains wind, PV, CPV, CSP and solar thermal plants. „Successful examples in the same industry are very often the catalyst that lays the basis for a breakthrough. They eliminate existing doubts to a large extent,“ explains Hillig. By using the platform mining companies also get to know which renewable energy players are already experienced in this field. For renewable energy companies the platform is a good source to discover who the progressive first movers are in the mining industry.
The platform also collects background information such as technical overviews and business models. On a monthly basis, reports and white papers will be published. Finally, a blog allows for discussions among experts and players that are new to the field.
The best business case can be observed for hybrid power plants. In mining, these are solar or wind power systems that are combined with or integrated into existing diesel power plants. Wind and solar energy are often more than 70 percent less expensive than electricity from diesel, especially in remote areas where transportation makes up a large share of the total diesel cost.
For more information visit www.th-energy.net
About Dr. Thomas Hillig Energy Consulting (THEnergy)
THEnergy assists companies in dealing with energy related challenges. Renewable energy companies are offered strategy, marketing and sales consulting services. For industrial companies THEnergy develops energy concepts and shows how they can become more sustainable. THEnergy combines experience from conventional and renewable energy with industry knowledge in consulting. In addition to business consulting, THEnergy is active in marketing intelligence and as an information provider in select fields such as renewables and mining.
For images visit: http://www.th-energy.net/english/media-press

THEnergy assists companies in dealing with energy related challenges. Renewable energy companies are offered strategy, marketing and sales consulting services. For industrial companies THEnergy develops energy concepts and shows how they can become more sustainable. THEnergy combines experience from conventional and renewable energy with industry knowledge in consulting. In addition to business consulting, THEnergy is active in marketing intelligence and as an information provider in select fields such as renewables and mining.

Thomas Hillig
Pestalozzistr. 40b
80469 Muenchen

Thomas Hillig
Thomas Hillig
Pestalozzistr. 40b
80469 Muenchen

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The age of renewable energy: grid and market integration

The age of renewable energy: grid and market integration

8th European Conference on Green Power Markets – Europe“s Forum for Renewable Energies

Kreuzlingen, August 2013 – It is no longer just simply a question of how green power can be successfully promoted and marketed; now, we need to consider how renewable energies can be sustainably integrated into the market and grid. Market players and decision makers in Europe“s renewable energy industry will address these issues on October 10 and 11, 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Ambitious targets, political pressure and market liberalisation are responsible for the fact that renewables are now a fixed feature in the supply of power. In its twelfth year the European Conference on Green Power Markets focuses on the growing significance of renewable energies and their integration into the grid and market.

Along with our partners AIB (Association of Issuing Bodies), Eurelectric, SFOE (Swiss Federal Office of Energy) and VSE (Swiss Electricity Industry Association), Vereon AG welcomes top-class market players of the European energy industry to the Hotel InterContinental in Geneva on October 10 and 11, 2013.

International experts of the energy sector will discuss the roles which the state, industry and the energy and finance sectors will play in realising the investments necessary towards a sustainable energy industry. Among the key issues to be addressed at this year“s conference are the following topics:

– Policies and market deployment initiatives – the stakeholder view
– Trends in international green power markets – future market design
– Grid integration and storage of renewables
– Green power supply and demand – hands-on experience

In addition to presentations, discussions and parallel forums, the European Conference on Green Power Markets offers an ideal forum for cross-border exchange of views and experiences.

For further information, please visit:

Die Vereon AG veranstaltet hochkarätige Tagungen, Konferenzen und Workshops zu aktuellen Themen aus Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft. Ausgewiesene Experten aus Forschung, Wissenschaft, Praxis und Politik präsentieren regelmässig pragmatische Lösungsansätze und wegweisende Trends. Führungs- und Fachkräfte aller Branchen schätzen diese Informationsplattformen zum Wissensausbau, Erfahrungsaustausch und zur Gewinnung wertvoller neuer Kontakte.

Vereon AG
Stephan Mayer
Hauptstrasse 54
8280 Kreuzlingen
0041 71 677 8703

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Russia and Siberia – Investments in the billions to the energy industry

Russia and Siberia - Investments in the billions to the energy industry

elcom Logo

2nd elcom Rossija from 17 to 19 September 2013 with focus on the future“s energy mix

From 17 to 19 September 2013 the Novosibirsk Expocentre will open its doors for the 2nd edition of elcom Rossija. The International Trade Fair on Renewable and Conventional Energy, Energy Efficiency, Electrical Engineering, Lighting and Automation will be held against the backdrop of investments in the billions to the energy industry of Russia and Siberia. Once again the exhibition again will be accompanied by a vast conference program with dedicated thematic focus on energy efficiency and intelligent solutions for the future“s energy mix. Siberia“s leading platform for the energy and electrical industry is jointly organised by Siberia Expo of Novosibirsk, the German trade show specialist fairtrade from Heidelberg and Euroindex of Kiev, Ukraine.

The Russian Ministry of Energy estimates the required investment volume for modernisation and construction of power plants in Russia at more than 100 billion Euros until 2020. According to GTAI – Germany Trade and Invest of 19 March 2013 the major projects will be realized in Siberia and the Far East. The main problems in Russia are ageing plants and equipment, with poor efficiency. This is evidenced by the fact that more than half of all heating plants are running since 32 and 50 years, further 22 per cent are even older than 50 years, reports the Energy Ministry. From this push for modernization Russian and foreign producers and suppliers in the energy industry will benefit. (Source: www.gtai.de )

According to Martin März, Managing Director with fairtrade, elcom Rossija is a business to business event with a clear focus on quality attendees. März further: „Accompanied by a top level conference program, this is the only specialized event behind the Ural dealing with the major questions in the energy sector. The importance of this event is underlined by the full institutional backing of representatives from the Russian Government and from the Government of the Novosibirsk Region.“ During the three days of the exhibition and the forum international and Russian experts will share their professional experience in the development of the energy efficient systems.

The organisers expect a further increase in the quality of the professional trade show visitors. In 2012, 88 per cent of the exhibitors declared themselves satisfied with the quality of the visitors. 75 per cent would recommend this trade show.


fairtrade Messe und Ausstellungs GmbH & Co KG
Seit ihrer Gründung 1991 zählt die fairtrade Messegesellschaft zu den führenden Veranstaltern internationaler Fachmessen in den aufstrebenden Märkten Osteuropas, des Nahen und Mittleren Ostens und Nordafrikas. Als inhaber-geführtes Unternehmen mit Sitz in Heidelberg verfügt fairtrade über ein weltweites Netz von Partnern und Repräsentanten. fairtrade ist ISO 9001:2008 zertifiziert. Als UFI-Mitglied organisiert fairtrade Messen nach den UFI Qualitätsnormen.

About fairtrade:
fairtrade ranks among the leading organizers of professional international trade fairs in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa ever since its foundation in 1991. Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, fairtrade maintains a powerful network of agencies and partnerships throughout the world while focusing on achieving an ever higher degree of customer satisfaction, providing excellent service and generating valuable business contacts for exhibitors and trade visitors alike. ISO 9001:2008 certified and as a member of UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, fairtrade organizes events according to the UFI quality norms.

fairtrade Presse
Dominik Rzepka
Kurfuersten Anlage 36
69115 Heidelberg
+49 6221 456522

fairtrade Messe
Dominik Rzepka
Kurfürsten Anlage 36
69115 Heidelberg
+49 6221 456522

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mp-tec Consolidates Position in Project Development Business

mp-tec Consolidates Position in Project Development Business

German-based solar system integrator reports increasing demand for international services

(Eberswalde, 8 March 2013) Despite an unfavourable climate for the German solar industry, solar system integrator mp-tec GmbH & Co.KG, with headquarters based near Berlin, succeeded in consolidating its position in project development business in 2012. mp-tec was involved in the construction of power plants with a total output of 64 MWp. The company, which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, performed large-scale international project services for the first time. For the current year, almost 35 MWp of additional power is already in the installation phase, including four ground mounted systems in England with project sizes of between 6.2 and 9.8 MWp.

In addition to solar farms in Germany, mp-tec managed or contributed to major projects in the UK, Macedonia, Lithuania and Austria in 2012. The first small-scale systems in the growing Polish market were also completed. The installations were all generally constructed on the basis of the in-house Quick-Line mounting system, including three farms in the south of the UK with a total output of 15 MWp. The one-base system proved successful on these projects, enabling time-saving and secure assembly of ground mounted installations. In addition to ground mounted projects, the company was also involved in planning and supplying large-scale solar roof systems such as the 3.6 MWp installation on the Hamburg-Wittenburg hotel and Alpine centre, one of Europe“s largest indoor skiing arenas.

„Our broad set-up as a wholesaler, manufacturer and project engineering company, together with a healthy dose of flexibility, enabled us to perform well in a difficult market environment and actually grow in business areas such as project development in 2012. Our team was thus in a position to respond in good time to developments in the market,“ says Managing Director Michael Preißel.


As a manufacturer, supplier and project contractor, the solar installation company mp-tec is a partner for authorised dealers, tradespeople, planners and investors in Germany and on numerous international markets. The company founded in 2002 by Managing Director Michael Preißel specialises in the development and manufacture of solar power and assembly systems. A further business segment focuses on the implementation of turnkey solar farms. With a national network of around 4,000 trade partners, mp-tec is one of the largest solar installation companies in Germany and employs approximately 65 people.

mp-tec GmbH & Co. KG
Anja Kroll
W.-C. Röntgen-Str. 10-12
16225 Eberswalde, Germany
+49 3334 594489

>basicPR – Dr. Fischer PR-Dienstleistungen
Nana Amoah
Hanauer Landstr. 521
60386 Frankfurt am Main
+49 69 4089 6874

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Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy – 11 Questions and Answers

Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy -   11 Questions and Answers
Max Haberstroh, International Tourism Consultant

Follow-up to Interview with Mr. Agha Iqrar Haroon, President of The Regional Tourism Initiative TRI, http://theregionaltourism.org/news/htm, on the occasion of the Tashkent Conference on TRI Partners, Nov. 22 to 23, 2011 (Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

1. A. I. Haroon (AIH): Renewable Energy has been on the rise in tourism during the past years. Why do you think Sustainable tourism and Renewable Energy should be „cross-promoted“?

M. Haberstroh (MH): You are right, Renewable Energy is on the rise. In fact, Renewable Energy should be promoted – and branded! – as the perfect energizer of Sustainable Tourism. Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy are complementary to each other. And they share a local „focus“, which points to decentralization. Renewable Energy and Sustainable Tourism position themselves as the world’s leading peace industries, which includes a highly ethical claim. The message is that the only sustainable energy is Renewable Energy, and Sustainable Tourism is Responsible Tourism. This message not only needs to be promoted, but cross-promoted, in order to enhance its effectiveness.

2. AIH: How did you come to the idea of cross-promoting Sustainable Tourism and Renewable Energy?

MH: The basic idea is that although Renewable Energy has already been an environmental issue for long, widely discussed and used in a scattered „pockets“, decisive government steps to systematically introducing Renewable Energy and cross-promoting it with Sustainable Tourism have been missing. Actually, uncoordinated activism has largely substituted sustainable strategies from the very beginning until today, as more and more countries, panic-stricken by „Fukushima“, are embarking on Renewable Energy.

Having always been part of a long list of requirements, even before „Fukushima“, Renewable Energy has increased momentum, for sure, but has never been treated as really elementary to Sustainable Tourism – not even today. Due to the impact of energy on life, however, Renewable Energy is key to sustainability and therefore poised to a close partnership with Sustainable Tourism. And this approach should become a core issue of master plans accordingly, rather than leaving alone Renewable Energy pioneers in their dispersed „pockets“.

Look at the facts: Everybody expects that hotel heating, cooling, or illumination are constantly available. But nobody likes being exposed to the sound of diesel-propelled power engines, as I experienced in holiday lodges in Amazonia and Madagascar, or at camps in Central Asia“s Celestial Mountains. And: Attending trade fairs, I wonder whether anybody would frown at being offered electric mobility from airport to hotel, or electric shuttle services on exhibition grounds. The promotional challenge is to transmit high-tech into high-emotion. In doing so, hardly another emotion-loaded industry but Travel & Tourism might be an appropriate partner for Renewable Energy.

3. AIH: So, the question was triggered off during holidays and vacation?

MH: Yes, but from the supplier’s angle, and the staging was development. Imagine people in landlocked regions: In many developing countries, access to both electrical power and electronic communication is insufficient or non-existent. Wood and charcoal are often the only energy sources in rural areas. People are out of reach for any existing power-grid. Solar Energy devices and mobile phones provide a solution.

4. AIH: You said the word „sustainability“ has been overused and abused. Do you think that sustainability is the right word to mobilize people?

MH: Though already an overused and abused word, sustainability is what all of us are disparately seeking in our volatile and hasty times. Actually, nothing is really „sustainable“, if you allude to nothing less than eternity. Back to earth, tourism can only be sustainable, if stakeholders, including politicians, investors, suppliers and consumers are aware of their joint socio-ecological responsibility for future travel, particularly from and inside emerging countries like China and India.

Indeed, people with an ecological consciousness still feel very much attached to sustainability rules – but let me tell you: Many years ago, Greenpeace succeeded in arousing people’s minds and hearts by simply telling them that „Man can save whales“. Nowadays, experts teach people about the assets of environmental responsibility, decentralization, sustainability, and they write a lot of papers about it. Instead of rehashing the technical advantages of system updates in coded messages, why not tell people that „everyone can be an unlimited clean energy producer“?

5. AIH: Do you think that „everyone can be an unlimited clean energy producer“ will touch minds and hearts the way „Man can save whales“ does?

M.H.: I think I know what you mean. The message „Man can save whales“ both appeals to our empathy and flatters our heroic aspirations. The other message that „everyone can be an unlimited clean energy producer“ does apply to „energy autonomy“ (Hermann Scheer) and the common cause targeted to spread Renewable Energy. What’s missing? Either something like Steve Jobs‘ „sexy“ message of „a personal computer for everyone“ or the heartbeat of a truly altruistic message like … „Save the whales“; a „higher purpose“ that goes well with both Tourism and Renewable Energy. I don’t have a solution, yet I am sure a brainstorming with the right people could provide it.

6. AIH: The issue on greenhouse gas emissions is still being discussed controversially. After all, climate changes have occurred ever since the earth has existed. The last global warming occurred in the Middle Ages, at a time, when there was no man-made industrial impact. Do you really believe in a human impact on climate change?

MH: Well, usually each interest group will show up with their own statistics and arguments. As far as I understand, however, there is a sizeable majority of scientists who believe that man-made impact on climate change is essential – and proven. But we also know that mere majorities are a weak argument for truth. And we realize people’s efforts to fight climate change: Although many of these efforts look little impressive only, the question remains: Would fatality be the right answer? Doing nothing?

I am not a climate specialist. However, it’s not all about CO2: People’s health is at stake, when smog is in the air, and environmentalists, crying for biodiversity salvation, point to diminishing rain forests, fossil energy calamities and an almost pandemic spread of civilization garbage. Ecology and climate are interconnected. There is no controversial awareness of an ecological „ticking clock“.

7. AIH: Do you think that pampered modern lifestyle-people would renounce of parts of their comfort to satisfy environmental needs and meet climate challenges?

MH: It is time to reflect on our own indifference towards the collateral damage caused by a civilization whose negative impact on many has become disproportionate to the increasing wealth of a few. Using and boosting Renewable Energy instead of fossil fuels would not demand ceding one slice from our usual comfort, as Hermann Scheer says, the late President and CEO of the World Council for Renewable Energy (www.wcre.org). On the contrary, Renewable Energy would improve living conditions.

However, using Renewable Energy is less dependent on a generally acknowledged rationale, but rather on an amalgam of consumer, company, and governmental long-heeded habits, combined with the well woven networks of conventional energy suppliers and traditional financial players to keep wielding their overwhelming lobbying power with political decision makers. It is there the source of the problem, rather than a negative connotation of „ecology“ with „ascetics“.

8. AIH: So, „lifestyle“ will be the buzzword to provide a breakthrough for Renewable Energy in tourism development and business?

MH: Definitely. Energy means power, and tourism is a symbol of freedom. These are higher values added to mere functional attributes like providing „electric power“ and offering „transport, accommodation and recreation“. It is up to us to extrapolate „Renewable Energy“ and „Sustainable/Responsible Tourism“ to a congenial „lifestyle“, keeping in balance the very sense of social development, economic progress and ecological sustainability.

You see, fossil energy has started to show its limitations, whereas Renewable Energy is practically unlimited. Biological systems are energy systems, after all, and invisible energetic conditions create and form visible and tangible conditions, as evolutionary research tells us. Hence, like fresh air, sunshine, and spring water, energy is originally a gift – renewable and due to be accessible for everyone. Today, the heart of the matter is no longer technology, it is up to the political acumen, will, and charisma to turn the magic of „tapping the sun“ into reality.

9. AIH: That means, our lifestyle as a whole will have to get much more adapted to natural patterns?

MH: If we want to control nature, we will have to adapt ourselves to its rules. We cannot „protect“ nature as a whole, for nature is too strong for us and could do without Man. But Man cannot do without nature. Hence, to a certain degree, we need to shape nature, in order to survive. And, therefore, we should know and stick to „nature’s way of life.“

10. AIH: Do you mean „natural management“?

MH: Less survival nature itself has no purpose, no goal, nor will. Attaining biological maturity, the „natural system“ follows natural fits which complement and supplement one another. Being „organic“ rather than organizational, the natural system points to the deficiencies of Man’s „cocooning“ efforts, which follow sharply defined functions and hierarchical structures, logically broken down and meticulously categorized. Looking at the rich biodiversity which we ourselves are part of, we may conclude that natural organism is far more apt than man-made organization, to manage complexity and even to „economize by creating abundance“.

11. AIH: We have been talking about „Renewable Energy“ and „Sustainable Tourism“. At the beginning you even mentioned the word „brand“. What are you thinking about?

MH: Yes, I said, „Renewable Energy should be branded as the perfect energizer of Sustainable Tourism“. An indispensable ingredient to wonderful holidays, the sun has become the „face of tourism“ on catalogues and advertisements. Providing the basic impulse for any kind of movement and life, the sun is the „face of energy“, a symbol of freedom, happiness, wealth, success, beauty, restart or unification. Why not catch the spirit, making The Sun, shown in so many national flags and coats of arms, the new symbol of an emerging Solar Age, the interface – the „brand“ – of Renewable Energy and clean global Travel and Tourism“?

Sharing the spirit of the natural system in times of global complexity, Renewable Energy and Sustainable/Responsible tourism are nothing less than natural allies: „El sol“ and „solar“ may also stand for „sol-idarity“! Renewable Energy will make the world more beautiful, and Travel and Tourism will become a prime winner. However, the way to sustainability goes via change.

At last, it is up to us doing everything to make tourism generally „sustainable and responsible“ and „Renewable Energy“ self-evident on a global scale. We will decide what should prevail – the Authentic, the Beautiful, the Good – or mere mediocrity, hypocrisy, fallacy. The fossil-energy consumer or the renewable-energy user, the indifferent tourist or the responsible traveller, paradise lost, or Planet Earth – regained.

Max Haberstroh, International Consultant on Sustainable Tourism: Consultancies to Destination Management Organizations in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Latin America, Africa and Middle East; extensive travels in Southeast Asia. Until 2008 he served as the resident advisor on sustainable tourism for Continental Amazonia in Brazil. He is the designated Chairman of the World Tourism Foundation’s Destination Board, (www.worldtourismfoundation.org; www.maxhaberstroh.de).

Freier Berater
Max Haberstroh
Triberger Str. 48
78136 Schonach

English Press Releases

Renewable Energy — the ‚DNA‘ of Sustainable Tourism

Renewable Energy -- the
Max Haberstroh, International Consultant on Sustainable Tourism

Presentation at the 2011 World Travel Market (WTM, London), as part of the IIPT Panel (International Institute for Peace through Tourism, www.iipt.org) on „Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change“

Natural disasters have become a constant challenge to modern civilization. However, is it all about CO2 and green house gas emissions? People“s health is at stake, when smog is in the air. Diminishing rain forests give way to desertification, fossil energy calamities have become rampant, and nuclear energy has lost its ambiguous innocence since Chernobyl and Fukushima, at the latest. Add to that an almost pandemic spread of garbage, and you“ll have a threatened civilization, whose dangerous energy sources are running short and whose lifestyle should do what our climate indicates: change.

Max Haberstroh (international consultant to Destination Management Organizations in Eastern Europe, Southeast and Central Asia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East) until some time ago served as the resident advisor on sustainable tourism for Continental Amazonia in Brazil. Mr. Haberstroh wants to rapidly create mass awareness that „The world’s Peace Industry (Tourism) may become the flagship of a new lifestyle shaped by Renewable Energy.“


Freier Berater
Max Haberstroh
Triberger Str. 48
78136 Schonach