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biolitec®: Risk patients benefit from laser channel technology for BPH

Laser channel technology with biolitec® lasers successfully applied to treat in high-risk patients in Japan – Gentle, safe, fast, few side effects – Excellent hemostasis with fast, residue-free ablation

biolitec®: Risk patients benefit from laser channel technology for BPH

Prostate treatment with biolitec® fiber TWISTER (Source: biolitec biomedical technology GmbH)

Jena, July 11th, 2018 – The minimally invasive laser treatment LIFE (Laser Induced Flow Enhancement) by medical laser pioneer biolitec biomedical technology GmbH with its channel technology is particularly well suited for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia in high-risk patients. This is due to the optimal wavelength of the biolitec® laser (980 nm and 1470 nm) and to the special properties of the TWISTER and XCAVATOR® laser fibers, also specially developed by biolitec®. These are currently one of the gentlest, safest and fastest laser treatments with the fewest side effects and are therefore particularly suitable for high-risk patients. The channel technology offers the possibility of removing the tissue of the urinary tract of the prostate from the inside in a targeted manner without leaving any residue.

The biolitec® laser was one of the first lasers on the market with a wavelength of 980 nm and 1470 nm. This wavelength offers the highest absorption in water and hemoglobin and consequently enables excellent hemostasis. Less bleeding during the procedure improves visibility in the surgical area.
The TWISTER and XCAVATOR® laser fibers stand out due to their enlarged contact area and a special coating on the fiber tip, which enables faster ablation and more precise fiber guidance. The biolitec® fibers also work in contact mode. This significantly reduces the coagulation zone (smaller than 1 mm) and the bladder and surrounding tissue are protected, incontinence and sexual dysfunction are usually avoided.

The LIFE method has proven itself among other things in the treatment of high-risk patients. Urologists at Harasanshin Hospital Fukuoka in Japan have helped to develop this special channel technique and have operated on 26 patients who either suffer from diabetes and/or need to take anticoagulants. In addition, all patients had large prostates (on average over 100 to 200 g).

Doctors at Harasanshin Hospital Fukuoka were able to operate much faster than with conventional procedures – one hour on average – and to reach a large cavity without having to remove the tissue completely. The side effects, such as swelling, dysuria or retention, which are particularly common in large glands, did not occur. In addition, the treating physicians were enthusiastic about the good manageability and quality of the biolitec® laser system.

Further information on biolitec® lasers and special fibers as well as the possibilities of participating in workshops for doctors can be found on the website www.biolitec.com. Interested patients can find out more about doctors who use the LIFE method at www.info-prostate.com.

About biolitec
biolitec® is one of the world“s leading medical technology companies in the field of laser applications and the only provider which possesses all the relevant core competences in the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT) – photosensitizers, lasers and fibre optic cables. Besides laser-supported treatment of cancers with the drug Foscan®, biolitec® researches and markets above all minimally invasive, gentle laser procedures.
ELVeS® Radial® (Endo Laser Vein System) is the world“s most-used laser system to treat venous insufficiency. The LEONARDO® diode laser from biolitec® is the first universally applicable medical laser which has a combination of two wavelengths, 980nm and 1470nm, and which can be used across disciplines. The innovative contact fibre XCAVATOR® in conjunction with the LEONARDO® DUAL 200 Watt laser allows in urology a gentle treatment of e.g. benign prostate enlargement (BPH). The light-weight LEONARDO® Mini laser weighing only 900 g was developed especially for mobile application on site. Gentle laser applications in the fields of proctology, ENT, gynecology, thorax surgery and pneumology are also part of biolitec®“s field of business. More information available at www.biolitec.com

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b.e.imaging GmbH to Invest in SPL Medical BV

Nijmegen, the Netherlands, June 1, 2016 – The venture BE Imaging GmbH, part of the Bender Gruppe GmbH, located in Baden-Baden, Germany, and SPL Medical B.V., located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, have signed today an exclusive License and Distribution Agreement for the marketing of Combidex® (Ferumoxtran-10), a contrast-agent for the detection of cancer metastasis in the lymph nodes using MR imaging, in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In addition BE Imaging will invest in SPL Medical and will become a shareholder of the Dutch company, alongside the Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc).

SPL Medical, which has been incorporated in August 2015 as a spin-off of the Radboudumc in Nijmegen, is devoted to increase the accuracy of cancer diagnostics. Its product, Combidex®, together with MR imaging, can detect cancer metastases in the lymph nodes even of 2mm in size. This means that such cancer metastases can be detected much earlier and that the requisite therapy can be much more precise and increases patients“ quality of life significantly. This saves lives and reduces treatment costs. One of SPL Medical“s milestones is to start the registration process of Combidex® in Europe and other key regions at the beginning of 2017.

„We are very excited and fortunate to have such a promising collaboration with b.e. imaging. b.e. imaging has many years of experience in the distribution and marketing of special products for the Radiology and Urology market in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Their knowledge of the contrast-media market and their strong commercial capabilities will strength SPL Medical and will further support its efforts to bring Combidex® to patients as soon as possible“, says Mr. Ari Aminetzah, CEO of SPL Medical.

„We at the Bender Group are convinced that we have found with SPL an ideal partner to complete successfully the developing process of Ferumoxtran-10. This substance will help to improve oncological MRI-diagnostics. As a manufacturer of generic but also highly innovative contrast media, we will continuously broaden our portfolio with products and solutions dedicated to fulfill our customers“ needs to improve efficiency and patient care. Just with our first proprietary innovation product, LumiVision® – Der LiquidKontrast (the only commercially available oral MR product for MRCP and abdominal imaging), we are eager to bring innovation and improved care to our clients with Ferumoxtran-10″, says Dr. Jürgen Feuerstein, Managing Director of b.e. imaging.

„The collaboration between b.e. imaging and SPL Medical is a great example for the efforts that the Radboudumc is deploying to bring its innovative technology to patients through spin-off ventures that, in turn, interact and collaborate with other corporations and research institutes worldwide. The aim of the Radboudumc is to have a significant impact on health care. We do it in many ways. SPL Medical is a great example of how a diagnostic solution with a high value for cancer patients can find its way to the global market“, says Dr. Dirkjan Masman, Chairman of the Board of SPL Medical and the Director of the Valorization department at the Radboudumc.

Contact information:

Ari Aminetzah
SPL Medical B.V.

Dr. Jürgen Feuerstein
b.e. imaging GmbH
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b.e.imaging GmbH is a manufacturer and marketeer in the radiology field with Special Focus on contrast media and Medical devices. Located in Baden-Baden, Germany, b.e.imaging GmbH is part of the privately owned bendergruppe.

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With 25 years of experience in store, Egyptian urologist treats largest reported prostate with biolitec®“s modern Ceralas®HPD DUAL-laser

Extremely large benign prostatic hyperplasia treated successfully with biolitec®´s prostate-laser system LIFE™ – 70-year-old man with 10cm large prostate treated with success in Cairo, Egypt with Ceralas® HPD Dual-laser using TWISTER™-fibre – innovative biolitec® laser is the first urologic laser worldwide with two parallel wavelengths – more information on www.biolitec.de and www.infoprostata.de

Jena, Germany, 19. November 2012 – Half of all men suffer from a benign enlargement of the prostate, the benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in the second half of their lives. Symptoms of such a prostate disease are amongst others a weakened urine stream or an extended time for emptying the bladder. This leads to limitations in daily life, and the night“s sleep is disturbed.

In September 2012, Prof. Hassan Shaker from Cairo treated the largest prostate in his career with biolitec®´s LIFE™-laser system. The patient, a 70-year-old man, suffered from heavy discomfort of his prostate. The ultrasonic of the pelvis and stomach showed that the prostate had the size of 458ml (larger than an orange), and the transrectal ultrasound measured 402ml. „The medial lope protruded into the bladder and covered nearly half of the rear wall. I haven´t been able to visualize the ureter until the whole treatment was over“, said Prof. Shaker. The intervention took two hours and Prof. Shaker treated solely at 400 Watt. The whole procedure was completed with nearly no bleeding. The postoperative phase also proceeded smoothly and the patient was sent home the following day. Also, the catheter was removed after 48 hours. Now the patient can empty his bladder without any pain or other problems.

By European standards, such an enlargement of the prostate is rather unusual. Normally, a man“s prostate has the size of a chestnut or walnut, so that the patient is usually treated much quicker in case of a benign enlargement of the prostate.

During the treatment with biolitec®“s laser system, Selective Light Vaporization (SLV) is applied to gently remove the excessive tissue. The Ceralas® HPD Dual is the first urologic laser worldwide with two parallel wavelengths of 1470nm and 980nm. In combination with the new, patented TWISTER™-fibre, the LIFE™-laser system guarantees only minimal or no intra- or postoperative bleedings as well as protection of the surrounding tissue in favour of a fast convalescence. The laser achieves high ablation rates of 3 gramm/minute while keeping a low but effective coagulation zone to minimize the risk of possible side effects. Besides, it is possible to work in the contact mode.

Due to its high absorption in water, the LIFE™-laser systems avoid accidently firing into the bladder and other unintentional areas. The therapy can be applied on an outpatient basis and provides gentle healing. Furthermore, an ideal care of risk patients is possible. In comparison to conventional surgeries, the laser treatment of a benign prostatic hyperplasia is a less traumatising, almost painless and convenient alternative.

biolitec® AG is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of medical laser treatments und the only provider that possesses all relevant core competencies – photosensitizers, laser devices and optical fibres – in the field of photodynamic therapy (PDT). Besides the laser treatment of cancer with Foscan®, biolitec® primarily researches on minimally-invasive and gentle laser treatments and markets them. ELVeS Radial™ (Endo Laser Vein System) the laser system is most often used worldwide for the treatment of varicose veins. Ceralas® HPD laser therapy enables a gentle treatment of e.g. benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in urology. Gentle laser treatments in the fields of proctology, ENT, orthopaedics, gynaecology as well as ophtalmology also belong to the business field of biolitec®. biolitec® is listed in the Prime Standard (ISIN DE0005213409). Further information at www.biolitec.com.

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