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Prototype Technology Must Stay Up To Date

Becker and Mueller Schaltungsdruck GmbH: 6-digit investments in state-of-the-art technology in PCB production

Prototype Technology Must Stay Up To Date

Invisible from the outside at first glance, processes are running at the state of the art

Product developers know that they need to engage in a close exchange with the producers at all times for prototypes of their PCBs to ensure that they are producible as planned. Exotic or highly innovative requirements quickly reach the limits of feasibility, since the production lines are not designed for certain prototypes or demands. Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH from Kinzigtal in the Black Forest know this, of course. Prototype production is one of the focuses in this company. Therefore, an amazing 6-digit total has been put into modernisation of the production lines in the recent past there, in order to offer the latest technology at all times.

Becker & Müller were busy during the production-free time between Christmas and Epiphany. They focused on modernising their plants. Of course, it had all been planned with the corresponding lead time. The calmer time around the change of the year had been reserved for implementation.

Changing and new requirements from the clients that kept growing more and more demanding had made this step necessary. Anything that is doable at some point, in some manner, will be done by someone – and production must be ready for it. However, these investments are often impossible to calculate in advance from a business management point of view. It is impossible to tell if the technologies currently demanded will prevail on the market in the long run as well. Investments in the right direction can only be made with a confident sense of which developments will continue. It has paid off to look ahead of developments and to offer the production options before they are actually needed. An open eye and a certain sense of the market are a good insurance for proper investments.

For example, Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck have now invested in development and modernisation of the wet process with a vacuum etching module by PILL. The industry has already had some good experiences with the vacuum etching technology. Standard PCBs starting at a thickness of 50 μm and reaching up to 5 mm can be processed in reliable quality on one and the same plant. The technical update now permits implementation of even finer structures in higher qualities than before. The detailed plans for the improvement were able to mostly avoid interruptions of the ongoing process. A team of technicians from PILL was on site and able to support the work immensely well.

Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH broadened its footprint on the market by its acquisition of Häfele. The organically developed customer base with its individual and new demands provides a good overview of what will determine the future framework for requirements in the industry. The previous base material storage had grown too small, requiring an investment of 26,000 Euro in order to bring operation of the warehouse to the newly required skills and the necessary size. The customers taken over from Häfele had some different requirements from the previous customer base where base materials were concerned. This led to some further options to choose from among HF materials.

The base material storage was enlarged and the computer-supported warehouse management was updated and improved. For example, the system will easily find its way between FR4 or PTFE materials in the great material diversity in the paternoster warehouse, quickly and reliably retrieving the right material for any customer’s order.

Analysis also showed that use of HotAir is still widespread in tinning of PCBs. Modernisation of the surface area is therefore another investment with a good outlook. At the same time, the pre- and post-cleaning steps in the process were changed. HAL surfaces are more cost-efficient than chemical SN or chemical Ni/Au and therefore, of course, in high demand among the customers. Since plant builders also continue to develop new features, the investment in this area also meant investing in improved quality, reducing maintenance intervals by separate pre-cleaning and increasing employee productivity with a buffer.

Environmental aspects and quality increase are important aspects in decision-making at Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH. Detailed test series with thorough analyses showed that surfaces are becoming more even in the newer process, as proven by their microsections. This production area alone had an investment volume of approx. 80,000 Euro.

It’s impossible to do without computer-based processes in modern productions anymore today. Data protection is one central item. Therefore, it was clear that this area also needed to be part of the service provider’s investment strategy. In order to minimise external influences and risks, locally separate EDP systems, RAID systems and further backup strategies were developed. It was an investment in safety and future capability. This also meant moving towards the new EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR (2016). European data protection law has been updated. After a transfer period until May 2018, specified companies must have adjusted their processes, procedures and hardware to prevent damage for other companies and persons.
The galvanisation machine received a „software facelift“ as well, and program input for the individual panels through a data matrix code reader was automated. It was already possible to foresightedly anticipate further developments in operability, the latest safety requirements and upcoming reinforcements in the overall IT strategy. This is another investment with a good perspective.

Further investments are put on the technology roadmap at Becker & Müller. No matter if they are made for another measuring machine in the test area or a new system for drill management: The bidirectional exchange between the development department of the product manufacturers and the DFM department of the PCB producers has proven to fertilise healthy developments.

More Information: www.becker-mueller.de

Unsere Firma befindet sich im schönen Kinzigtal im mittleren Schwarzwald, in der Nähe von Offenburg. Lohnenswerte Attraktionen in der Umgebung sind das Freilichtmuseum Gutach und der Europapark Rust. Wir arbeiten da, wo andere Urlaub machen!

Wir sind ein Dienstleistungsunternehmen, das sich auf Leiterplatten in Muster und Kleinserie spezialisiert hat.

Das Produktspektrum reicht von einseitigen Leiterplatten bis zu 20-lagigen Multilayern. Sie können bei uns auch Starrflex und spezielle HF-Substrate erhalten.

Ihre Aufträge schnell und pünktlich abzuwickeln, ist eine große Stärke unseres Teams. Bei der Abwicklung Ihres Auftrags legen wir großen Wert auf Qualität und Präzision.

Zu unserem Kundenstamm zählen vor allem Ingenieurbüros und Entwicklungsabteilungen der unterschiedlichsten Branchen. Seit Jahrzehnten schenken uns langjährige Kunden ihr Vertrauen. Daraus konnte sich eine 25-jährige Erfolgsgeschichte entwickeln.

Becker & Müller Schaltungsdruck GmbH
Xaver Müller
Bildstöckle 11
77790 Steinach
Phone: 07832-9180-0
E-Mail: info@APROS-Consulting.com
Url: http://www.becker-mueller.de

APROS Int. Consulting & Services
Volker Feyerabend
Rennengaessle 9
72800 Eningen
Phone: 07121-9809911
E-Mail: info@APROS-Consulting.com
Url: http://www.apros-consulting.com

English Press Releases

Premiere at WIRE: AMBA: Bolt blanks with two heads speed up production

New all-in-one machine produces 24,000 bolt blanks per hour.

Premiere at WIRE:  AMBA: Bolt blanks with two heads speed up production

The new AMBA all-in-one machine produces 24,000 bolt blanks per hour.

At WIRE 2018, Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH (AMBA) is going to introduce its new all-in-one machines for the production of up to 200-mm-long bolts at unsurpassed rates. In these machines, several upsetting operations take place simultaneously. Compared to conventional machines, this achieves an increase in throughput many times over – also with bolt heads of complex shapes.

Bolts in lengths between 160 and 180 mm are typically produced at a rate of 60 pieces per minute.

In contrast, the new all-in-one machine offered by AMBA produces upset bolt blanks of 60 to 200 mm length at a much higher rate. The first machine of this new all-in-one design can produce up to 400 bolts per minute, or 24,000 pieces per hour.

The new AMBA machines achieve this dramatic increase in throughput by first upsetting one end of the rod, then rotating the rod and upsetting the opposite end – in an integrated secondary upsetting station the machine. The thus produced bolt blanks have a head at both ends. At the end of the process, they will be cut in half. This means that at a production rate of 180 to 200 pieces per minute the machine actually delivers 360 to 400 bolts.

Manfred Houben, one of the two Managing Directors of AMBA, sees great potential also for the production of bolts with complex head shapes: „To produce heads of complex shapes, we can arrange several upsetting stations in a row to perform several, let“s say, three or four, blows at one end of the bolt blank. This is extremely helpful in order to cater to, for example, the growing demand for increasingly bigger flat heads. As all the upsetting operations take place simultaneously, we can also produce sophisticated head shapes at the same high rates.“

The machines can handle bolts with diameters between 4 and 10 mm, in lengths ranging between 60 and 400 mm, depending on the rod diameter.

The new machines are built according to the all-in-one principle which AMBA also uses in many other machines designs. What makes the machines so special is the fact that all process steps take place within one single machine – everything from the synchronized decoiler of the wire, upsetting of the bolt heads and thread rolling down to placing the finished products in an automated process in transport boxes. As all process steps are mechanically coupled, highest process reliability is guaranteed.

Thanks to the modular design of the machines, additional functions such as pinching of the tip, machining or milling of grooves or turning and deburring of tube ends can be easily integrated.

Düsseldorf, Germany, 16 – 20 April 2018
Hall 15 / C36

About AMBA

Aachener Maschinenbau GmbH – generally referred to as „AMBA“ – was founded in 1908, at a time when Aachen was worldwide famous for its high-quality needle production. The company has evolved into an internationally renowned builder of machines used to make cold-formed metal components.

Today AMBA specializes in machines for the production of long parts with varying cross-sections, for example, bolts between 60 and 2,500 mm long, tubes and spokes.

With its all-in-one design, AMBA is worldwide the only manufacturer of machines capable of producing such long and complex parts within one single machine. All process steps, from the input stock – wire or tube blanks – all the way down to the finished, packaged product, are handled by one machine, which is unique in the industry.

At its current headquarters in Alsdorf near Aachen, AMBA employs 49 people in its development and design departments, in the workshops and in after-sales service.

AMBA Aachener Maschinenbau GmH
Manfred Houben
Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 17-19
52477 Alsdorf / Germany
Phone: +49.2404.551289-0
Fax: +49.2404.551289-10
E-Mail: houben@amba.de
Url: http://www.amba.de

VIP Kommunikation
Regina Reinhardt
Dennewartstraße 25-27
52068 Aachen / Germany
Phone: +49.241.89468-24
Fax: +49.241.89468-44
E-Mail: reinhardt@vip-kommunikation.de
Url: http://www.vip-kommunikation.de

English Press Releases

Logivations Announces Major Customer Win

Pfeifer & Langen counts on Logivations W2MO for Strategic Network Planning

Logivations Announces Major Customer Win

Mapping of product flows and area polygons

Munich, 14 September 2016 – Pfeifer & Langen ranks among the most successful sugar producers in Europe. It offers a broad range of high-quality products within its brands Diamant Zucker and Kölner Zucker. Pfeifer & Langen counts on Logivations“ ( www.logivations.com (http://www.logivations.com)) cloud-based strategic/tactical planning tool W2MO for the integrated holistic supply chain optimization from raw sugar production to final delivery to the customers.

All solutions available on the market were first examined in an extensive evaluation process. „The combination of the user-friendly, Google Maps based tool W2MO together with the competence of Logivations were crucial factors in our selection process“, comments Olaf Sackmann, Head of Supply Chain Planning at Pfeifer & Langen. Furthermore Patricia Rachinger, Head of Product Management at Logivations explains: „The integration of warehouse and network planning in W2MO enables our customers to easily get transparency and calculate in detail the impact of quantitative changes in one location to the level of single machines. This significantly approves the quality of logistics network planning.“

Logivations is the worldwide exclusive provider of such a mature and established solution which can be used either from the cloud or by local installation. Furthermore, W2MO uses an in-memory database which can manage huge amounts of data more efficient than traditional tools. A two-way data exchange of key business information is possible due to direct integration to SAP. Logivations is a SAP Application Development Partner.
Currently the solution is being implemented and integrated with SAP and should be available for daily operations from September.

(Copy or link requested if published)

Logivations GmbH is an international consulting and software solution provider with headquarters in Munich. The company develops innovative solutions based on advanced web technologies for holistic
design and optimization of all logistics aspects. The software solution W2MO is the leading Internet platform for logistics design, 3D-simulation, optimization, performance evaluation and operational
management of logistics processes. W2MO has a user-friendly interface and can be easily integrated.
More than 30.000 professional users worldwide use W2MO directly from the cloud. W2MO has been nominated several times, including for the „Best Product“ at LogiMAT 2011. Gartner Inc., the US research and advisory corporation, highlighted Logivations in their 2013 report on „Cool Vendors in Supply Chain Management Applications“.

Pfeifer & Langen GmbH & Co. KG is a German sugar producer with headquarters in Cologne. The company distributes sugar products for household and industrial purposes with the brand names Kölner Zucker and Diamant Zucker. Pfeifer & Langen is the third largest German sugar producer. The company Pfeifer & Langen has been family-owned since its foundation in 1870.

Logivations GmbH
Daniela Glemnitz
Oppelner Str. 5
82194 Gröbenzell
+49 89 2190975-0

Electric Electronics

Ingenious Engineering: KNX building automation from TAPKO

Today“s digital buildings are perfectly controlled using innovative KNX technology

Ingenious Engineering: KNX building automation from TAPKO

Example: Tapkos KAIstack with many options

Research and technology are evolving fast and constantly changing. Today, developers are driven to find synergies across a broad range of factors, and especially energy efficiency and sustainability. The South German company, TAPKO Technologies, has been at the forefront of building automation innovation for over 17 years. Even before this, the founders had already spent ten years helping to pioneer the fields of building and control electronics (EIB, European Installation Bus) before establishing their company in Regensburg. Today it is a full member of the KNX Association and ISO 9001-certified. TAPKO has a European – if not international – character, despite being a modest, medium-sized KNX specialist in Germany. This is typified by the company“s close collaboration with a strategic partner in France, production facilities in Croatia, and an impressive new website in 14 languages. TAPKO develops visionary KNX technology (http://www.tapko.com) and delivers a comprehensive range of services. Renowned KNX brand manufacturers come to TAPKO for its expertise and sophisticated components.
TAPKO accepts no compromise in the development of KNX devices, instead aiming to make its vision a reality. Petar Tomić, Managing Director at TAPKO, is guided by the motto: „Whoever thinks ahead, stays ahead.“ Taking this approach, the innovative hardware and software company developed the modular KAIstack and many other integrated services. TAPKO offers consulting and third-party development, all the way up to finished components. Alternatively, you can order the company“s own products as an OEM or non-label, such as: line or media coupler, USB interfaces, multi-I / O. Additionally available are: universal TAPKO modules, technology solutions and platforms, and EVAL boards for individual product lines. With its European production, TAPKO is both a high-quality and reliable supplier for small and large production volumes. In a separate KNX testing laboratory (TestLab), KNX products can be certified. Here KNX products are tested in accordance with interoperability specifications, or offered development-related product inspections. Get an initial overview on the mobile-enabled and multilingual website, TAPKO.COM (http://www.tapko.com). From there, prospects are forwarded to greater detail available in German and English. You can also call the Marketing and Sales Department direct. International inquiries are welcome.

TAPKO Technologies GmbH was founded in October 1999 by Klaus Adler and Petar Tomić. The two managing directors, Dipl. Klaus Adler and Dipl.-Ing. Petar Tomić, have were a driving force in the EIB/KNX market for ten years before the establishment of TAPKO GmbH. Company headquarters are located in Regensburg, South Germany. TAPKO is a full member of the KNX Association and is certified according to ISO 9001/2008.
TAPKO“s growth from a German KNX specialist to a brand of European and international repute is based on its strong technology innovation and successful collaboration with partner companies.
This cooperation with partner companies was instrumental in building TAPKO into a company able to offer – from development to production – all process steps of KNX components from a single source. The portfolio covers the entire service for product ideas, product development and manufacturing. TAPKO can provide to customers all the necessary components and services for this purpose, including our own TestLab.

Tapko Technologies GmbH
Petar Tomic
Im Gewerbpark A15
93059 Regensburg
(+49) 941 30747-0

MARKTWERT Marketing Consulting
Matthias Fischer
An der Scheuerbreite 12
93073 Neutraubling
+49 9401912691

Automotive Traffic

Record attendance at London automotiveIT Congress

Record attendance at London automotiveIT Congress

More than 260 executives attended the automotiveIT International Congress

Connected mobility event defines next stage of cooperation for automotive and IT industries!

LONDON – More than 260 industry executives from 20 countries came to London for the first automotiveIT International Congress. The two-day event, which was held July 1 – 2 at the futuristic Siemens Crystal in the London Docklands, featured a full day of presentations and discussions on the role of IT in redefining the traditional car industry.

Participants in the Congress, whose theme was „Connected Mobility 3.0: IT Moves the Auto Industry,“ heard from executives from a broad range of automakers, suppliers and IT service providers. Companies represented on the podium included Audi, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Nissan, Qoros, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo.

The conference started July 1 with a VIP tour of Audi“s virtual dealership, Audi City. The following day, Norbert Braendli, an Audi IT executive, expanded on the concept of the digital dealership in an address to the plenary session of the Congress. A panel discussion on connected retail added further depth to this part of the program.

Other highlights of the conference included an address by Mike Bell, head of connected services at British premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover; a review of Volvo’s new driver interface by the brand’s head of electrical and electronic development, Thomas Mueller; and insights into the connected-car plans of new China-based car brand Qoros by Director of Connected Services Maurits Aalberse.

A panel discussion on big data, which featured experts from automakers Ford, Toyota and Nissan, showed how the industry is planning to use new data analysis to improve processes across the value chain.

Cooperation was one of the central themes in the Congress sessions. Without cooperation between car companies and the IT community, several executives said, new mobility would be long in the making. An example of successful collaboration was provided by Genivi President Philippe Gicquel. Genivi brings together 170 companies to jointly build an open-source platform for in-vehicle infotainment. Gicquel said the alliance will help the auto industry stay in the driver’s seat when it comes to in-car infotainment.
The automotiveIT International Congress provided an opportunity to discuss in detail how to accelerate the car industry’s transformation and to define which business models are likely to work going forward. Senior executives from many of the world’s biggest automakers, IT specialists, telecommunications companies and other stakeholders joined the discussion. Said Nina Sauer, managing director of automotiveIT International: „With about 40 percent of participants representing car brands, we trust we’ve provided a useful forum to discuss the next steps in the automotive IT revolution.“

Next year, the automotiveIT Group will host its second international congress in Paris on July 2. On September 30, 2014, the German-language carIT Congress will take place during the IAA truck fair in Hanover.

More information on the automotiveIT International Congress is available at www.automotiveIT.com/congress Bildquelle:kein externes Copyright

The English-language automotiveIT Executive Report expands Media-Manufaktur“s successful German-language product range, which includes the automotiveIT and carIT magazines, the Websites www.automotiveIT.eu, www.car-IT.com and the annual automotive IT Congress, the premier automotive IT congress in Europe.

Media-Manufaktur International GmbH
Nina Sauer
Schmiedgasse 11
82335 Berg
+49 89 381 517 400

Arjen Bongard
Liebigstr. 2
30982 Pattensen
Tel: 49 89 41610 7850

Automotive Traffic

20 top speakers and more than 200 industry executives come to London to discuss the hottest topics in the automotive industry

The program for the first annual automotiveIT International Congress is now complete with confirmed presentations by senior Ford and McLaren executives. The conference, which will be held in London July 1 and 2, will provide a unique opportunity to discuss how the auto industry increasingly uses big data and new information technologies to adapt to rapidly changing personal mobility trends.

The Congress theme is „Connected Mobility 3.0: IT Moves the Auto Industry“ and close to 20 senior industry executives will provide insights on topics ranging from connected retail to autonomous driving to the newest data strategies. More than 200 delegates are expected to attend the two-day conference, which starts on July 1 with a VIP tour of Audi’s virtual dealership, Audi City. On the main conference day – July 2 – speakers include Jaguar Land Rover engineering boss Wolfgang Ziebart, Volvo Cars head of electrical and electronics Thomas Mueller and Genivi president and senior Peugeot executive Philippe Gicquel.

The program also features executive presentations by Audi, Continental, Qoros, Renault, Volkswagen and several other automotive and IT companies. One of the final additions to the speaker lineup is Peter van Manen, vice president at McLaren Applied Technologies. Van Manen is responsible for supplying the control and data systems used by all Formula 1 competitors and, in a standalone address near the end of the conference, will discuss how new IT systems are changing Formula 1. Another late addition to the program is Roopak Verma, director IT at Ford of Europe. Verma will participate in a panel discussion on big data.

Dominik Ortlepp, automotiveIT group president and publisher, said the London Congress will bring together auto-industry professionals and IT executives eager to exchange views on how consumer electronics, fast connectivity and new data-based technologies are changing the car industry. „There’s a data and connectivity revolution taking place in the car industry,“ said Ortlepp. „That’s what we’ll focus on in London.“

More information on the automotiveIT Congress, including how to register is available at www.automotiveIT.com/congress

About the automotiveIT group:
The automotiveIT Group publishes business magazines and web sites in German and English. Like its publications, the group’s conferences, which have been held in Germany for several years, focus on the big IT issues in the car industry and the new technologies that are reshaping the car itself. The London event is the first international congress automotiveIT is hosting. Bildquelle: 

The new English-language automotiveIT Executive Newsletter expands Media-Manufaktur’s successful German-language product range, which includes the automotiveIT and carIT magazines, the Websites www.automotiveIT.eu, www.car-IT.com and the annual automotive IT Congress, the premier automotive IT congress in Europe.

Media-Manufaktur GmbH
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Arjen Bongard
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Tel: 49 89 41610 7850

Automotive Traffic

Audi, JLR, Qoros, Genivi executives to speak at automotiveIT International Congress

The automotiveIT International Congress, which takes place July 1 and 2 in London, has as its theme „Connected Mobility 3.0 – IT Moves the Auto Industry.“ With the speaker lineup almost complete, the automotiveIT International Congress is set to cover topics ranging from connected retail and the role of big data analysis to open-source infotainment and other key trends in 21st century mobility.

The program includes Maurits Aalberse, director of connected services at China-based carmaker Qoros, and Philippe Gicquel, president of open-standards infotainment association Genivi. The speakers are joining executives from Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo Cars, Audi, Continental, Toyota, Volvo, BT, Renault and Volkswagen, who will all be addressing some of the most crucial IT issues on the agenda of the global auto industry today.

The conference program kicks off – on July 1 – with a visit to Audi City, the virtual showroom that contains many of the elements that will play a major role in increasingly connected car retailing. The full conference day – July 2 – will feature presentations by Jaguar Land Rover Group Engineering Director Wolfgang Ziebart on the latest trends in connected infotainment; Volvo Cars Vice President Thomas Mueller on new driver-assistance systems; and European Commission Vice-President Neelie Kroes, who will address the congress by video link from Brussels.

Two panel discussions will be among the highlights of the main conference day. A session on Connected Retail will hear from Renault Chief Digital Officer Patrick Hoffstetter how the French carmaker is adopting new technologies in its sales and marketing, and from VW’s head of UK sales, Ian Plummer, who will give the perspective from Europe“s largest car group. Chris Harris, marketing director at UK dealer group H.R. Owen and Magma“s chairman, Martin Leach, will also join the group. Another panel discussion will look at the benefits to come from big data. Dave Bentley, general manager information systems at Toyota Motor Europe, Tate Cantrell, CTO of Verne Global, Michael Natusch, director EMEA at Pivotal are amongst the participants in this session.

The automotiveIT International Congress, which is supported by major automotive associations like UK’s SMMT, Germany’s VDA, South Africa’s NAAMSA, Netherland’s RAI, Russia’s OAR, Belgium’s FEBIAC as well as GENIVI, ENX, AIC, WORLD DMB and CVTA, is the first conference hosted by the automotiveIT Group outside Germany. The business publishing company, which distributes award-winning print magazines and other news products in German and English, has for more than five years held successful industry events during the annual CeBIT high-tech fair in Hanover and at the Frankfurt and Hanover auto and truck shows.

More information on the London Congress can be found at: congress.automotiveIT.com

The new English-language automotiveIT Executive Newsletter expands Media-Manufaktur’s successful German-language product range, which includes the automotiveIT and carIT magazines, the Websites www.automotiveIT.eu, www.car-IT.com and the annual automotiveDay conference, the premier automotive IT congress in Europe.

Media-Manufaktur GmbH
Dominik Ortlepp
Liebigstr. 2
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Arjen Bongard
Liebigstr. 2
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Tel: 49 89 41610 7850

English Press Releases

Turbocharger for plate processing

Turbocharger for plate processing

With its new laser system, Solvaro has nearly halved the processing cycle for server rack doors.

Solvaro GmbH, the manufacturer of metal components based in Kirchheim / Germany, has invested 1 Million Euro in a new fibre laser system. By rigging the system individually, Solvaro can use it to achieve ultra-short production cycles.

Quick, clean, safe – and expensive?
Commercial fibre laser devices in the watt range were first available around 1990. They were based on erbium-doped fibre amplifiers with an upstream laser oscillator. Back then, nobody thought that these lasers would be an integral part of modern production processes years later. The latest fibre lasers are quick, clean and safe. However, procuring them means a major investment for small and medium-sized companies. Once in operation, fibre laser systems are genuine energy miracles and can reduce costs significantly. Unlike punching, lasers do not incur tool production costs, which means that small quantities can be produced inexpensively. During the warm-up phase, the fibre laser consumes practically no energy, and in standby mode, its energy consumption is minimal. This not only makes it the quickest production process, but it is also environmentally friendly and reduces energy costs. Solvaro – the manufacturer of metal components based in Kirchheim – recently decided to invest in a new fibre laser system. „We have invested EUR 1 million in our new laser system. You don“t rely on intuition when making a purchasing decision like this,“ said CEO Gerhard Bullinger. „For us, the advantages and opportunities outweighed any negative aspects. We needed to expand our capacity. With two laser systems, we can now offer very short production cycles. This is worthwhile for us and our customers.“ Solvaro decided to purchase a system from the Italian manufacturer Salvagnini. The transport fibre and focusing head of the type L5 system generates a beam that achieves an impressive cutting speed of over 60 m/min. At Solvaro, they cut out server rack doors, engine covers and cooling grilles from steel sheets with thicknesses of up to 3.0 mm and sizes up to approximately 1.5 m by 3.0 m. „With the new system, we have reduced the cycle time for processing server rack doors from 120 seconds to 67 seconds,“ Bullinger explained enthusiastically. Put plainly, this means that on a day with three shifts, they can cut out 1,300 server rack doors instead of only 720.

Increasing automation
Loading the laser system, removing the components and disposing of the waste material are the major elements of a system. To fully exploit the laser“s speed, an automatic workpiece exchange function is required. But a laser not only needs to be fed quickly: in the exchange phase, it is also important to prevent cut pieces from falling onto the plate that is being processed. Ever cleverer rotary table systems do this job. ADL (aerodynamic logistics) and ASL (aerostatic logistics) links take over the automation of the loading and unloading processes. In conjunction with a safety fence, the systems have become major islands in the production halls. For example, the system that was designed to meet Solvaro“s requirements perfectly takes up an area of 154 sq. m. Since perforated plates are typically cut to specification at Solvaro, the manufacturer integrated a special feature. The components are positioned to perfectly maintain the required distance between the hole pattern and the cut edge. When asked about the disadvantages of the new fibre laser system, Bullinger smiled and replied: „We will have to add helpers to the staff plan to ensure that enough pieces are always on hand.“
Bildquelle:kein externes Copyright

SOLVARO – maßgeschneiderte Lösungen aus Metall.
SOLVARO bietet Engineering- und Entwicklungsleistungen sowie die Produktion von Lochblech oder nicht-perforierten Metall-Komponenten für die Industrie. SOLVARO bedient mit individuellen Lösungen unterschiedlichste Branchen, wie unter anderen Agrar- und Baumaschinenhersteller.

Brigitte Hartmann
Turmstraße 3
73230 Kirchheim unter Teck
0049(0)7021 8048-0

SOLVARO Presse Service, c/o Beaufort 8
Nicole Landeck
Kriegsbergstraße 34
70174 Stuttgart
0049 (0)711 25773 20

English Press Releases

Competence in automation

Competence in automation


The technology specialist KUKA Systems will be exhibiting its spectrum of expertise at this year“s SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade fair from 16 to 21 September in Essen. At Booth A110 in Hall 12 the company is presenting its entire range of joining know-how – KUKA Systems showcases the world of automation.

The technology specialist KUKA Systems will be exhibiting its spectrum of expertise at this year“s SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN trade fair from 16 to 21 September in Essen. At Booth A110 in Hall 12 the company is presenting its entire range of joining know-how – from process validation and contract welding through to complete turnkey cells and systems with diverse processes, such as friction welding, Magnetarc welding, arc or laser welding. The system integrator will, however, also be showcasing new ideas for „tomorrow“s production solutions“.

At this year“s SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, KUKA Systems is demonstrating the diversity of its automation expertise. As a thoroughbred automation specialist, the Augsburg-based company will be displaying innovative joining processes for a wide range of materials and material combinations, as well as its expertise in the field of engineering and automated production solutions for sustainable industrial manufacturing. A number of interesting exhibits will provide insights into the system integrator“s extensive portfolio in connection with joining and welding processes.

Friction welder as an eyecatcher
The friction welding machine on show is one of the smallest available from KUKA Systems. It generates a contact pressure amounting to a tonne; with this show application, the joining specialist is demonstrating the absolute quality that can be achieved with the latest material combinations. The loading and unloading option on display is also a real head-turner. An LBR iiwa is in action to demonstrate what the flexible production solutions of tomorrow might look like.
The friction welding process is suitable for producing unusual welds such as the aluminum/copper joints required in the e-mobility sector for example. KUKA Systems thus offers a spectrum of possible joining processes for lightweight construction. Customers from diverse industries already place their trust in this joining technique for manufacturing safety-relevant components.
As a manufacturer of flexible production cells for various processes, the technological leader provides support with the development and production of components and assemblies – not only for the customer“s manufacturing operations but also as a welding subcontractor for batch sizes of „1“ upwards.

KUKA flexibleCUBE on the market
Also on display at the KUKA Systems booth is the compact welding cell KUKA flexibleCUBE. After just a short launch phase on the European market, the interest and satisfaction of customers using the KUKA flexibleCUBE in their production facilities is already becoming apparent. The first production expansions are already being discussed. Acceptance is high both with existing customers and with newcomers to automation. The straightforward operation of the compact welding cell means that production programs can be loaded quickly, thus enabling production to be started very soon after the simple installation of the KUKA flexibleCUBE.
Customers who used to perform their joining tasks manually are now welding with consistently high quality and are also able to increase capacities. Furthermore, they can deploy their trained personnel efficiently for special tasks.
This year, the trade fair is presenting itself as an innovation showcase. An ideal opportunity to exhibit innovations in the area of virtual commissioning and offline programming. „These are perspectives that we will be able to implement for the automatic cells of our customers in the near future. The cells can be configured to allow them to be programmed and production started from the KUKA head office,“ explains Frank Klingemann, CEO of KUKA Systems GmbH, with a note of pride.

Technological diversity
The system builder and joining specialist KUKA Systems will be showcasing not only its product highlights, however, but also its process expertise. From spot, friction, Magnetarc and laser welding to robotic hemming, the company“s technologies will be represented at the Essen trade fair. The convincing exhibits on display from the world of joining speak for themselves.

KUKA embraces the exhibition center
KUKA Roboter GmbH is located in Hall 1, Booth D129 at this year“s fair and is thus setting a framework for the exhibition center together with KUKA Systems GmbH. „The visitors start with KUKA and finish their tour of the fair with KUKA,“ says Frank Klingemann.
At SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN, KUKA Roboter GmbH will be furnishing proof of its competence in meeting widely varying customer requirements in the welding sector. Besides live demonstrations in hot welding, the company will be showcasing two simulation cells to illustrate weld seam location and tracking. The robot manufacturer will also be presenting state-of-the-art technologies for aluminum spot welding and the joining of special materials, such as copper, magnesium and their alloys.

About KUKA Systems
KUKA Systems is an international supplier of flexible automation systems for the Automotive, Aerospace, Energy, Logistics and Technology Solutions segments. Some 3,900 employees worldwide work on ideas, concepts and solutions for automated production and the provision of products and services for virtually all tasks in the industrial processing of metallic and non-metallic materials.
The range is presented and marketed internationally via the subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, America and Asia. KUKA Systems recorded an order volume of around 1,115.1 million euro for the 2012 business year.

KUKA Systems GmbH
Josephin Schmidt
Blücherstrasse 144
86165 Augsburg
+49 821 797-3507

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QuinLogic: Proactive production supervision improves operating result

QuinLogic: Proactive production supervision improves operating result

PPS displays the complete production chain in various sectors.

Quality assurance along complete process chains in operations of the steel and aluminium industries: so far untapped data speed up decision-making

In the event of deviations from the specified quality, the new PPS Proactive Production Supervision system from QuinLogic makes it possible to instantly – during running production – take quality decisions and intervene in the production process by appropriate corrective action. In several steelmaking plants, first experience has proved that PPS leads to a significant quality improvement of the final product.

Processes in the steel industry have become so complex that it is no longer possible to permanently observe every single measured value – neither within individual process steps nor along the complete production chain from continuous casting through to the finished coil.

The new PPS (Proactive Production Supervision) system solves this problem by monitoring production along the complete process route based on rules defined for the various products. It triggers an alarm as soon as one or several rules are not complied with, for example, when during galvanizing or annealing the temperature curve is not as specified or when unexpected incidents have a negative impact on the production. In doing so, the system uses data which in the past have only been latently present in the process control data bases and which due to the immense quantities of measured data have been largely unnoticed.

Friedrich Lücking, Managing Director Technology of QuinLogic, explains the new approach: „The system intervenes in the production process at a very early stage. This is why we call it „proactive“. For example, if a process is about to go off course due to an accidently falsely set valve, it can be immediately corrected by PPS. This prevents the successive production of several out-of spec coils, having an immediate positive effect on the operating result.“

Transparency across several process stages
PPS maps the entire production chain by subdividing it into several sectors that are relevant for the assessment of the quality. In case of a hot-dip galvanizing line, there are typically five sectors from the pay-off reel through to the recoiler. Rules are defined for each sector, for example, the maximum allowable deviations from speed curves, temperature profiles or a specified number of surface defects per unit of area.

The rules can be modified at any time. This requires no special IT knowledge. The procedure is highly user-friendly. For example, the limits between „OK“ and „blocked“ are set by means of virtual sliding buttons.

For each strip in production, PPS captures the measured strip data that are already present in the process control system and analyzes these data according to the rules. For combining these data, QuinLogic uses its „MOM“ Material Object Model, which has already proved highly useful for „QES“ Quality Execution Systems in many works.

New form of communication between production and quality assurance
The quality assurance personnel no longer check individual measured values but see a clearly structured graphical display showing all coils in the various sectors in the colours green, yellow or red according to their quality condition. They will only intervene when a rule is violated, for example, by discussing the issue with their colleagues from production who will then eliminate the cause of the problem. Through this approach, PPS provides the basis for a new form of close collaboration between production and quality assurance.

First users of PPS have confirmed that the software leads to a marked improvement in the quality of how the two departments cooperate. This is because all persons involved see the same data and because the quality decisions are underpinned by facts.

PPS also analyzes historical data and brings to the surface relationships between various process steps which in the past were not easily visible.

Bildrechte: Screen display by courtesy of Salzgitter Flachstah

About QuinLogic
Since 2008, QuinLogic has specialized in the development of easy-to-use software modules that support industrial quality assurance departments in managing their highly complex tasks. For a quality management approach that takes into account all stages and processes of the production route, it is necessary to exploit large quantities of measured data of most different kinds in order to enable significant efficiency increases in production. The team of QuinLogic engineers can build on many years of experience in the fields of software development, data acquisition, surface quality and yield optimization in the steel and aluminium industries.

In the development of new product solutions for the steel industry, the company has successfully cooperated with VDEh-Betriebsforschungsinstitut in Düsseldorf, Germany. QuinLogic is also one of the seven members of the „Quality Alliance“ which have set themselves the objective of providing the metals industry with premium and innovative efficiency-increasing products.  

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