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Photorealistic sandblasting without high pressure

Sounds impossible, but it works!

Photorealistic sandblasting without high pressure

Photorealistic sandblasting

It is operated with negative instead of high pressure. This by patent law protected principle is a combined unit of a powerful suction unit, a jet hood and blast media absorption. For blasting only a power supply of 230V is required.

The blast equipment is build up in a few minutes and ready to work. Because it is works without high pressure, water and chemicals in a closed cycle, the costly disposal of polluted detergents doesn´t apply. Debris and granules are absorbed again directly from the blast equipment.

The sandblast foil is glued on the granite surface. Then the jet hood is place on the surface to be machined and the unit is started. Due to the reached negative pressure the jet hood adheres to the subsoil. The blasting agent is sucked through a jet lance on the surface with approximately 400 km/h.

The suction absorbs the blast media directly. Blast media and debris are separated by cyclone principle. That way no dust develops during blasting. The work is environmentally friendly and afterwards the blast media doesn´t have to be collected and swept up. The vacuum blast method is operating in a permanent cycle. The same granulate can be re-used up to 100 times.

That way writing, graphics and photos can be applied directly on the cemetery or workshop.
Even the finest details on photos, graphics and QR-codes can be blasted on the material with astonishing depth. If motifs are blasted with the high-resolution foil of Strahlfolien.de, you can relocate the jet cap easily without damaging or moving the pixels of the sandblast foil. That way, Also bigger motifs can be created good and safe – even on site of the cemetery.

Lately the demand of QR codes on tombstones has significantly increased. Many customers would like to put QR codes on the tombstone subsequently. No problem for vacuum blast machine Tornado ACS. For a photo of the size 20 x 20 cm it takes about 30 minutes on site.

The jet hood is equipped with a soft and smooth sponge rubber layer, so that also uneven and strained surfaces can be blasted. That way it is possible to remove pollutes and graffiti from facades and rough cast.

Unfortunately you find them everywhere, graffiti of all sizes on facades, monument, bridges and other buildings. Especially very nice objects are used as undercoat. There are many different methods for the removal of graffiti depending on surface and size. Definitely the graffiti has to disappear quickly. A rule applies: the earlier graffiti is removed, the easier it is.
Here as well the vacuum blast machine can be used mobile and without polluting the environment. Cleaning can be done during public business. Special safety measures are not required. Find out more about photorealistic sandblasting at http://www.sys-teco.com

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General Manager

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