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UNO 24 – a watch that is logical through and through

An entire day at a glance

UNO 24 - a watch that is logical through and through

UNO 24 PLUS black-blue

(Königstein im Taunus, 02.06.2017) While modern life becomes increasingly complex every day, the designer Klaus Botta strips his watches down to the bare essentials – the UNO 24 being one good example. It presents the entire day at a glance, using just one hand in conjunction with a 24-hour scale. Botta one-hand watches take a little getting used to, but anyone who chooses the UNO 24 will be the proud owner of an impressively logical and consistent timepiece.

Logical and philosophical graphic watches

In his unusual one-hand watches, Botta takes an entirely different approach to the concept of time as compared with conventional watches featuring two hands. A one-hand watch works like an analogue measuring instrument that uses a single hand to precisely indicate a reading on an accurate scale. This allows the wearer to tell the time to within roughly five minutes – which in our experience is completely sufficient in most situations.

„Our one-hand watches not only display the time; they are also an expression of the wearer“s personality. We designed them for people who cultivate a more relaxed approach to time and have a penchant for design,“ says Klaus Botta, the developer of the one-hand watch and the owner of Botta-Design.

24-hour one-hand principle corresponds to the natural course of the day

Although the UNO 24 looks unconventional, its 24-hour display is entirely logical and unambiguous. The position of the hour hand corresponds to the position of the sun. Every 24 hours, the hand completes one full rotation on the specially developed scale. Each time of day has its own exact position; the upper half of the dial corresponds to the twelve hours of the day, while the lower half corresponds to the night-time hours. A line runs through the date, marking the point of transition to the next day.

What may appear unfamiliar at first is in fact logical and can be grasped intuitively. Watches with more than one hand require a certain ability to abstract, whereas the UNO-24 from Botta presents an exact graphic representation of the day, making the wearer more conscious of the passing of time. In this sense the one-hand principle makes it easier to display and tell the time.

Hand-crafted Botta watches from Germany – timeless quality

Botta-Design is one of the few watch manufacturers to undertake the entire design, development and manufacturing process in Germany, using only first-class components.

The glass that covers the UNO 24 and the other Botta watches is made of synthetic sapphire. „Sapphire glass is actually a colourless and transparent ceramic, as hard as a ruby and thus the ideal material for watch glass.“ In addition, the sapphire glass used in all Botta watches has an anti-reflective coating on both sides. This improves transparency and additionally lends it a refined blueish shimmer. The Swiss precision movements are manufactured by Ronda and ETA; the vegetable-tanned leather wristbands are likewise made in Germany.

„Anyone who is willing to embrace the UNO 24 concept will attain an entirely new perception of time in future. And will definitely be a talking point, as a one-hand watch is always noticed.“ The UNO 24 has just been awarded Focus Gold in the international „Focus Open“ design competition in recognition of its convincing logic and perfect technical and design realization.

Further information about the UNO 24 can be found at

BOTTA-Design. A Pioneer in Single-Hand Watch Design

Klaus Botta’s design philosophy has had a considerable influence in the watchmaking industry. Introduced in 1986, his UNO watch was actually the very first single-hand watch worldwide. Chronographs by BOTTA-Design have long since become classics and are on display in the world’s most renowned museums. More than 50 international awards are proof to the exceptional level of expertise in design. The entire collection including more mechanical and quartz-controlled wristwatches has been developed and designed at the company’s headquarters in Königstein. All watches are produced in specialized factories in Germany to ensure highest quality and longevity.
Designed in Germany, handmade in Germany

Klaus Botta
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61462 Königstein im Taunus
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