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Hallwang Clinic Private Oncology

The Hallwang Clinic is one of the leading establishments in integrated cancer therapy.

Hallwang Clinic Private Oncology

Hallwang Clinic

Working with state-of-the-art technology, the Hallwang Clinic is able to identify early signs of disease, and deliver targeted treatment. In addition, it has a broad range of experience in hematology, oncology, internal medicine and preventive medicine.

Once the clinic has established a person´s individual genetic profile, it can proceed to a targeted treatment. Based on various tests, an individual treatment strategy is designed including targeted antibodies, vaccination-strategies, chemotherapy and natural substances.

The Hallwang Clinic thinks that a relationship based on trust between doctor and patient is essential. It is created by personal discussion and careful clarification of Information.

The Hallwang Clinic offers 16 spacious single and twin bed rooms, with modern furnishings, some with balcony and a wonderful view of the enchanting natural surroundings. There is a generously dimensioned suite available on the top floor. All rooms and the suite are pleasantly light and airy, and all have large bathrooms. Each room has flat-screen tv, telephone and wi-fi connection. Patients are welcome to use the fitness room and physiotherapy department at any time at the Hallwang Clinic.

In order to achieve the best possible outcomes, the Hallwang Clinic stands to devise and implement an individual therapy plan for the patients. Treatment is carried out by a multidisciplinary team in cooperation with highly specialized doctors in human genetics, with immunologists, oncologists, radiologists, and dieticians/nutritionists. This treatment plan is supplemented by psychotherapeutic support and in-house physiotherapy.

Hallwang Clinic professional team
At the Hallwang Clinic, a professional team of nurses looks after its patients throughout the treatment. They act as a contact for any need, and create an atmosphere where every guest feels completely comfortable, and totally confident to be in good hands. All the staff is dedicated to making a stay at the Hallwang Clinic as pleasant as possible.

The Hallwang Clinic attaches great importance to a lovingly care in pleasant surroundings. A healthy lifestyle is very important. It takes pride in fresh and healthy food. To the greatest possible extent, it uses products that are sourced locally, which is lovingly prepared in a modern kitchen, always giving maximum consideration to nutritional values. And do not forget that we eat with our eyes, too. Meals are served in pleasant surroundings.

The Hallwang Clinic is a place of wellbeing. All year round, there is always something new to experience and discover.

Hallwang Clinic GmbH

Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic is situated in the lovely Black Forest of Southern Germany, and offers a range of personalised treatment strategies tailored to meet the patient´s individual needs as part of a comprehensive and holistic treatment program.

Our mission is to design a personalized treatment plan for every patient.

Hallwang Clinic GmbH
Maike Luz
Silberwaldstr. 34
72280 Dornstetten
Phone: + 49 7443 964 240
E-Mail: info@hallwang-clinic.com
Url: https://twitter.com/HallwangClinic

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Tumor stem cells far more resistant to anticancer drugs

Tumor stem cells far more resistant to anticancer drugs

Comparism of cytotoxic effect on micro metastasis and circulating tumor cells

Bayreuth, Germany – For the first time, it was possible to show a significantly higher resistance of tumor stem cells to anticancer drugs compared to the total circulating tumor cells.

Tumor stem cells have the ability to metastasize, i.e. to divide.

Researchers of the Transfusion Medicine Center Bayreuth in Germany have been able to use this characteristic of tumor stem cells and to culture them outside the body in spheroids, so-called „micrometastases“, from circulating tumor cells.

The examination of circulating epithelial tumor cells (CETCs) and tumor spheroids from
patients with solid tumors regarding the cytotoxic effect of drugs was performed using the maintrac® method. The result was presented at the San Francisco Breast Cancer Symposium 2014 and even so at DGHO (German Society of Hematology and Oncology) and it reveals that the effect of the tested drugs on these „micrometastases“ is much lower than on the total of the circulating tumor cells.

However, surprisingly, there are nevertheless drugs showing this effect.

Salinomycin, a polyether ionophore antibiotic isolated from streptomyces albus, effectively destroyed the spheroids cultivated from the CETC despite their significantly higher resistance to other drugs. Prof. Katharina Pachmann is enthusiastic: „The evidence that salinomycin may destroy spheroids improves its promising role as an anticancer drug. These examinations may be interesting for pharmaceutical companies in the scope of their drug development.“

All examinations have been performed on the maintrac® platform. This is a procedure enabling the monitoring of the course of the tumor activity within the blood already during the therapy by means of blood samples in order to reduce the risk of a hematogenic metastatic spread, and thereby to optimize the further course of the disease.

maintrac® differs from other systems as it is able to detect circulating tumor cells from the blood almost without losses. At the same time, morphology is an important diagnostic tool to detect potential tumor cells.

maintrac circulating tumor cells (http://www.maintrac.de)

The research and development society SIMFO offers professional study management, method development in connection with the highest know-how in oncology, hemostaseology, and transfusion medicine. Constant training, structured knowledge transfer, and a successful innovation culture are the basis for SIMFO to develop the most modern top-class procedures.
The interest in the services of the Transfusionsmedizinischen Zentrum Bayreuth has been increasingly developing beyond European borders for a few years now. Clinics, physicians, and laboratories from Germany and Europe, Switzerland, USA, Canada, and Australia regularly send their probes. An increased interest in maintrac® can, furthermore, be seen in Asia, Russia, and in the Middle East.

SIMFO Spezielle Immunologie Forschung + Entwicklung GmbH
Peter Pachmann
Kurpromenade 2
95448 Bayreuth

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Effective cancer therapy Patients benefit from monitoring circulating tumour cells

Effective cancer therapy  Patients benefit from monitoring circulating tumour cells

maintrac cancer therapy algorithm

Considering the rising number of cancer cases it becomes increasingly important to offer to the patients concerned reliable monitoring and control of the success of the applied therapy. To improve the chances of cure, imminent development of metastases must be detected as early as possible. The determination of the circulating tumour cells by the maintrac® approach has turned out as an ideal tool for this purpose. Cells can disseminate from every solid tumour (breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer etc.), as soon as the tumour is connected to the blood circulation.

Maintrac® is the only method that allows a quantitative analysis of the circulating epithelial tumour cells. A decision can be made on the basis of repeated measurements of circulating tumour cells: If the cell number rises during the therapy, it can be assumed that the tumour is still active. This can result in the formation of metastases or regrowth of the primary tumour. However, a decrease in the cell number is a sign for successful therapy.

More than 500 patients have been analyzed in the frame of clinical studies using this approach. In addition, in Bayreuth, routine analyses using the maintrac® platform have been performed for more than 8000 cancer patients. Molecular studies have been published and are on-going to extend the potential of the circulating tumour cells.

It requires a simple blood test to determine the circulating tumour cells using the maintrac® approach. The prerequisite for application of the maintrac ® approach is that the tumour a carcinoma. Carcinomas account for approximately 80 % of all malignant tumours.

For more information, see www.maintrac.com

About maintrac®:

Based in Bayreuth SIMFO Special Immunology Research + Development GmbH is a medically and biologically oriented research institution with high expertise for personalized diagnostics and therapy monitoring. Particular focus lies on the development of innovative analytical methods for assessing cytostatic drugs in tumour therapy and success control. SIMFO is responsible for the international distribution of maintrac®.

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SIMFO Spezielle Immunologie Forschung + Entwicklung GmbH, Circulating Tumor Cells, Oncology

SIMFO Spezielle Immunologie Forschung + Entwicklung GmbH
Peter Pachmann
Kurpromenade 2
95448 Bayreuth

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Visit aycan at ECR 2014 in Vienna

Visit aycan at ECR 2014 in Vienna

Professional medical imaging with aycan OsiriX PRO Oncology Workstation.

From 6th to 10th March 2014 the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), organized by the European Society of Radiology (ESR), will be held again in Vienna. Visitors are travelling from all around the world to visit Europe’s biggest medical imaging meeting with its accompanying exhibition, numerous lectures and seminars.

aycan will present its latest products such as the iPad App aycan mobile, the vendor-neutral DICOM PACS archive aycan store or the aycan OsiriX PRO workstation.

Also visitors can participate on-site in aycan“s competition and win an aycan OsiriX PRO software license (full version), incl. ayMobile plug-in & a free 1 year aycan mobile user account as first prize.

The turnkey workstation with FDA 510(k) approval, CE marking and full integration-service and customer support offers conventional, multi-slice and other image reading support. While aycan is providing its 64-bit DICOM PACS workstation in different package versions, users get to use a specially optimized workstation for specific areas, such as Oncology or Vascular Surgery. Each package version is characterized by certain plug-ins, which are precisely matched to the appropriate area.

Thus, with the aycan OsiriX PRO Vessel Analysis Workstation, aycan provides segmentation of arteries in CTA datasets as well as centerlines for vessel assessment. The aycan OsiriX PRO Oncology Workstation helps the user in doing evaluation according RECIST 1.1 guideline.

In addition to the booth, aycan will also participate in the Multimedia Classroom, which is offered for the first time at ECR. During the Multimedia Classroom the participants will learn to interpret cases of CT coronary angiography, CT colonography, as well as oncologic and emergency CT imaging on 30 to 50 workstations from different vendors.

Visit aycan at ECR 2014 in Vienna and experience PACS solutions from Würzburg live. To learn more about products from aycan visit www.aycan.com/welcome/ecr.html . Bildquelle:kein externes Copyright

Über aycan

aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH aus Würzburg ist ein PACS-Hersteller und Systemhaus in der Medizintechnikbranche. Die Mission von aycan ist es, den Benutzern durch einfache und zuverlässige Lösungen deren Arbeitsalltag zu erleichtern. Die Kernkompetenzen sind medizinisches Bilddatenmanagement, PACS-Integration, DICOM-Workflow, Postprocessing und Teleradiologie. Der Kunde steht bei aycan im Vordergrund.

Mehr als 2.000 Radiologen und Ärzte anderer Fachrichtungen in Kliniken und Praxen weltweit nutzen Produkte und Dienstleistungen des Unternehmens. Dazu zählen u.a. aycan print, das originale Normalpapier-Drucksystem, aycan store, das skalierbare, herstellerunabhängige PACS-Archiv sowie aycan OsiriX PRO, die Befundungs- und Postprocessing-Workstation mit CE-Label und FDA 510(k) Clearance. aycan mobile bietet von überall aus einen einfachen, schnellen und sicheren Zugang zu DICOM-Bilddaten. Die iPad App besitzt ebenfalls ein CE-Label und FDA 510(k) Clearance.

aycan pflegt weltweite, enge Partnerschaften unter anderem als Xerox Authorised Reseller sowie als Unterstützer des OsiriX-Projektes. Das Unternehmen zeichnet sich durch sein Qualitätsmanagementsystem mit dem Zertifikat DIN EN ISO 13485 sowie dem Produktzertifikat nach Anhang II RL 93/42/EWG für Medizinprodukte aus, was dem Kunden Sicherheit beim Produkt und beim Service bietet.

aycan Digitalsysteme GmbH
Stephan Popp
Innere Aumühlstr. 5
97076 Würzburg