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30.10.2016 – 19.2.2017


THINK. THINK. THINK. American artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg have powerfully occupied the meaning of „POP ART“. But also the movement in Great Britain should not be ignored. An exhibition at Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg now closes this memory gap. Under the title „THIS IS TOMORROW“ the show presents not only the most important representatives of the BRITISH POP ART, it also describes how the idea came into the world.

„POP!“ In a puffy white cloud the word pops out of the barrel of a gun in 1947. Eduardo Paolozzi’s collage includes a cola bottle, a pin-up, cherry pie and a US bomber. A little later „POP“ becomes the signum of an entire era. Palozzi was co-founding member of ‚THE INDEPENDENT GROUP‘, a gathering of young painters, sculptors, architects, writers and critics, and the group discusses about pop culture elements such as mass advertising, movies, product design, comic strips, science fiction and technology. ‚THE INDEPENDENT GROUP‘ is regarded as the precursor to the BRITISH POP ART movement.

Beside Palozzi ‚THE INDEPENDENT GROUP‘ members included Richard Hamilton and architects Alison and Peter Smithson can be rediscovered at Stadtmuseum Wolfsburg. Exactly 60 years ago Richard Hamilton realized his trailblazing multimedia installation „FUN HOUSE“ for the exhibition ‚THIS IS TOMORROW‘ in London. The retrospective at Stadtmuseum Wolfsburg is showing a reconstruction of ‚FUN HOUSE‘ as a key work of the exhibition.
LOOK! FEEL! LISTEN! SMELL! Grid points form a face, on the forehead written „THINK. THINK. THINK“. Right along a collage of superheroes and Marilyn Monroe, Guinness bottle and Van Gogh flower image, accompanied by jukebox sound, a soft nap bottom, that diffuses strawberry smell.

‚THIS WAS TOMORROW‘, the title refers, of course, to Richard Hamilton’s early POP ART exhibition, is showing a comprehensive panorama of early POP ART in the UK: not only painting, sculpture, collage, architecture, drawing and installation, but also entertaining videos and audios, film, music and television. In the style of modern London artists‘ houses and squares Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg has created its 16-meter-high exhibition hall for the highly individual, and yet not seldom close stakeholders of the art and cultural scene of the „SWINGING SIXTIES“.

Key protagonists such as Peter Blake, David Hockney, R. B. Kitaj and Allen Jones, generally lesser-known but essential figures such as Derek Boshier, Peter Phillips, Richard Smith, Gerald Laing, Patrick Caulfield, Antony Donaldson, Colin Self and Joe Tilson, as well as the often neglected, decidedly feminine stances of Pauline Boty and Jann Haworth, can be experienced, along with larger groups of works.

Peter Blake portrays himself as a jeansjacket carrier with Elvis buttons, qotes from Manet, the „LIFE“ magazine or the Beatles as part of his collages. We find Gerald Laings Godard icon „Anna Karina“, a brightly colored version of a Delacroix painting by Patrick Caulfield’s, a sexually charged painting by Peter Philipps, Laings grid picture „Brigitte Bardot“. Boty offers her perspective on a female icon – „Color her Gone“ (1962), her tribute to Marilyn Monroe. On the other hand Allen Jones with the fetish female body as a „table“ or „chair“, the young Hockney dares his coming out with hearts and homosexual couples. Kitaj’s large formats, puzzles full of literary and private allusions. Jann Haworth is modeling body and muscles of her life-size „Surfer“ by using silk stockings.

Together with her husband Peter Blake, Haworth designed the legendary Beatles cover for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album. So the overview also shows works that belongs to the media world like film and pop music. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who for example, are appearing in form of art objects, a „sound bar and as protagonists of a BBC-Dokumentation, so the cross-over between art and music of the ‚SWINGING LONDON OF THE SIXTIES‘ will also be present in the exhibition.

‚THIS WAS TOMORROW‘ enables visitors to experience the artistic and cultural historical significance of BRITISH POP ART with all their senses and it seems to be more relevant than ever. The questioning of gender roles and sexual taboos, the reflexion on consumerism, the risks of power politics and nuclear policy, social hierarchies – the central themes of POP ART from Great Britain continue to concern us.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
30. Oktober 2016 bis 19. Februar 2017
Öffnungszeiten: Dienstag bis Sonntag 11 – 18 Uh

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PAKS Gallery präsentiert internationale Kunst und Künstler.

PAKS Gallery zeigt in wechselnden Ausstellungen international etablierte so wie aufstrebende Künstler in ihrer Galerie, internationale Events und Messen.

PAKS Gallery präsentiert internationale Kunst und Künstler.

PAKS Gallery – Gallery for modern art.

30. September

Autor Tanja Playner

Österreich ist ein Kunstreiches Land. Österreich bietet viele Möglichkeiten für einen perfekten Urlaub. Bekannt durch Gustav Klimt, Amadeus Mozart, Egon Schiele ladet Österreich Kulturinteressierte ein, zahlreiche Möglichkeiten in Wien, Salzburg, Innsbruck zu geniessen. Neben Kulturgenuss, haben Reisende eine perfekte Möglichkeit für Erholung in den Schigebieten, Wellnesshotels oder Golfclubs.

Salzburg bietet durch das ganze Jahr hindurch viele Kunst Veranstaltungen und Kunst Ausstellungen: Art & Antique, Osterfestspiele, Pfingstfestspiele, Art Salzburg und Salzburger Festspiele sammeln Kunst Interessenten aus der ganzen Welt. In den Museen und Galerien in Salzburg und nähe Salzburg findet man interessante Kunst Ausstellungen und Veranstaltungen.

Wien – einer der schönsten Städte in Europa. Klassisch und charmant lässt Wien jeden Besucher in die Welt der Klassik, Oper und Kultur eintauchen. Ein Wochenende zum Einkaufen auf der Ringstraße, Kärntnerstraße oder Mariahilfestraße sind immer schön. Man genießt ein gemütliches Frühstück im Hotel in Wien, geht schöne Kleidungsstücke einkaufen, trinkt eine Tasse Cafe mit einem Stück Apfelstrudel oder Sacher Torte in einem Wiener Cafe und genießt die Wiener Kultur, die viele Möglichkeiten bietet. Für Kunstinteressenten bietet Wien viele unvergessliche Plätze. Von einen Spaziergang durch Wien, im Park Schloss Schönbrunn, im Park Schloss Belvedere, einfach gemütliche Straßen und Gassen in Wien. Von Ausstellungen in Museen und Galerien Wien, bis zu Veranstaltungen und Vernissagen, Musicals, Opern, Konzerte in vielen wunderschönen Theatern wie das Ronacher Theater, Raimund Theater, Wiener Burgtheater, Volksoper und das Volkstheater.

Neben vielen zauberhaften Schlössern, Burgen und Museen bietet Oberösterreich eine perfekte Möglichkeit sich an einem den wunderschönen Seen: Attersee, Mondsee, Wolfgangsee zu erholen und die Oberösterreichische Natur zu erleben. Was kann einem noch mehr Genussmomente bringen? Betrachten des Bildes moderner Künstler. PAKS Gallery zeigt in wechselnden Ausstellungen international etablierte so wie aufstrebende Künstler in ihrer Galerie, internationale Events und Messen. „Es ist interessant einen neuen Künstler zu entdecken, ihn in seiner Künstlerkarriere begleiten und zu sehen was er durch seine Kunstwerke den Betrachter erzählt“ – sagt Director der PAKS Gallery, Herr Heinz Playner.

Über PAKS Gallery:
In Kooperationen mit Museen, Galerien, internationalen Kunstmessen, Autoren, online- und Printmedien präsentiert PAKS Gallery Künstler weltweit.


PAKS Gallery
HLG.Gasse 50
5270 Mauerkirchen

In Kooperationen mit Museen, Galerien, internationalen Kunstmessen, Autoren, online- und Printmedien präsentiert PAKS Gallery Künstler weltweit.

PAKS Gallery
Herr Heinz Playner
Heiligengeistgasse 50
5270 Mauerkirchen

Art Culture

Opening of the exhibition “ Art & Textiles. Fabric as Material and Concept in Modern Art from Klimt to the Present “ on Sunday, October 13, 2013 in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg presents this large-scale exhibition encompasses approximately 170 works by over 80 artists, among them major paintings by Gustav Klimt, Vincent van Gogh, Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Paul Klee and Jackson Pollock. But artifacts whose creators“ remain nameless can also be viewed in the circa 2700 square meters large exhibition space.

Nothing, no material, no technique is as capable of touching our sensual and mental existence so universally as textiles, particularly at a time that is in danger of becoming ever less sensuous due to increasing virtualization. Textiles with their abundance of weaves and textures that evolved over the millennia are the ideal medium to fulfill this need for sensuality.

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg again devotes itself to a central aspect of human life from the perspective of art in a historically far reaching, interdisciplinary multimedia exhibition that encompasses the most diverse cultures. After Interior/Exterior in 2008 and The Art of Deceleration in 2011, this exhibition represents a further step in the pursuit of modernism in the 21st century that the museum has been undertaking since 2006.

Opening of the exhibition on Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 11 am.

The exhibition will be shown from October 12, 2013 until March 2, 2014.

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg was opened in 1994 and can already look back at a unique history with numerous authoritative exhibitions and events. Within a brief period of time, it has been possible for the museum to position itself locally and find international recognition at the same time. The museum is dedicated to modern and contemporary art, combining diverse media ranging from painting, photography and sculpture and the new media to fashion and design. The striking modernist building located in the heart of the city presents temporary exhibitions as well as works from its own collection on 3,500 square meters

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Rita Werneyer
Hollerplatz 1
38440 Wolfsburg