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BIM in India : Real Estate

How real estate can take advantage of 4D & 5D BIM in India to save costs and efficient construction without delays.

BIM in India : Real Estate

WDI Studios – BIM (Source: WDI Studios Pvt. Ltd.)

How real estate can take advantage of 4D & 5D BIM in India to save costs and efficient construction without delays.
Indian Real Estate has seen a huge boom in construction activities in the last twenty years due to the growing need for urban development which includes roads and highways, hospitals and schools along with more and more industrial units. This has forced the AEC industry to look to the application of modern technology to meet demand while time and cost is squeezed to smaller margins. This article looks at the increasing use of Building Information Modelling or BIM in India also known as Virtual Design Construction (VDC) to achieve this.
What is 4D and 5D BIM?
The construction of buildings requires careful synchronization of numerous disciplines in an orderly manner in order to not only complete a project on time and to customer specifications, but also within project budget. Companies can face significant challenges as they carefully manage electrical systems, gas piping, plumbing, firefighting and heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC) plus the infrastructure of large, complicated buildings.

During this process, any contradictions between systems must be resolved which can lead to reworking, delays, and increased cost. These problems can be avoided with the use of 4D and 5D BIM technology or Building Information Modelling. BIM incorporates not only a 3D representation of the building’s infrastructure but also timely factors (known as 4D BIM) and cost-related information (known as 5D BIM). By linking relevant data with the design aspects, ongoing construction clashes can be identified and resolved at the design stage thereby vastly reducing unforeseen time or cost expenditure.
What are the benefits of 4D and 5D BIM in India?
Time is money, and this is certainly true in the real estate industry. The need to build structures safely and quickly, without increasing additional costs is increasingly necessary to meet growing demand.

In general, BIM usage avoids repeating the same processes by identifying patterns allowing processes to be carried out simultaneously thus reducing the time of construction. In Project Management terms, it is also known as Overlapping of Activities. Any potential issues can be identified and resolved before work begins in the real world.

Firstly, 3D BIM produces a detailed digital 3D model of the construction (whether building or infrastructure) is produced. This includes all systems such as electrical, piping and HVAC, telephone and computer networks plus any other desired components. The whole life cycle of the project is included from breaking ground through the building process, the daily use and maintenance of the building right through to its demolition. Analysis at this stage identifies design problems allowing for their resolution before work starts, thereby reducing potential delays due to reworking as the construction progresses.

4D BIM takes this a stage further by incorporating time-related factors, so that the sequence of construction can be visualized much more clearly and potential conflicts will become apparent, solutions can be sought and applied before risks becomes issues. Scheduling conflicts and timing issues such as out of sequence work can be foreseen. There are many advantages to incorporating 4D BIM modeling. Due to the increased awareness gained by being able to visualize the project better, lead time is improved, the overall construction time may or can be reduced, and progress can be monitored against construction targets. These are achievable because of the increased amount of information that allows for project optimization and better communication between everyone involved using a small piece of open-source relevant software.

Even with all this additional information, there is room for improvement.
What can 5D BIM add to the Indian Real Estate?
In a nutshell, cost analysis. Remember, you already have a detailed digital 3D model for the life cycle of the project, 4D BIM can be built on this and can streamline the project, resolving problems and reducing delays that obviously impacts the cost.

With the incorporation of costs, both capital and ongoing running costs are once in use and you have a wealth of extremely useful information. Consider being able to estimate capital purchase cost, installation cost and running costs of each component as well as the cost of future replacement, all of this linked and updated automatically. A result is a powerful tool for managing actual cost versus predicted spend for the complete project and ongoing budgeting.
Why has there been slow usage of BIM in India?
The benefits are absolutely clear, yet in India, the uptake of 3D BIM is slow. Why is it so?

The short answer is technological limits that have previously restricted the use of 3D BIM to a few select firms which often made it too expensive to be generally accessible but this is changing, and a growing number of companies now have the skills to offer BIM services which are driving the cost considerably down thereby increasing the heat of construction competition.

This has allowed more AEC companies access to the BIM technology in order to deliver high-quality products at lower costs, which in turn proves the value of BIM services and makes them increasingly desirable. As demand increases the remaining issues of lack of process standardization and software compatibility are also being resolved which can only increase BIM’s accessibility and therefore use.
Where has been BIM used successfully?
Despite its slow start, BIM technology is now being used on a vast number of Indian construction projects, some notable ones include a Power Plant covering a huge site in Vidarbha, an IBIS 4-Star Hotel in Chennai and a corporate office in Noida. Impressive because of their reduced construction schedules. Three very different projects challenged by their size, quality or schedule all are completed successfully using the BIM Technology.

India has embraced the increasing use of BIM technology over the past 20 years, particularly seeing the advantages of 4D and 5D BIM technology which has allowed the AEC industry to keep pace with growing demand for construction in India. Its use is growing in all areas of development from residential and high rises to industrial and infrastructure, by firms large or small. The advantages of this technology are clear to its users, reduced costs and efficient building, once experienced why would they use anything else?

We offer BIM or Building Information Modeling Services based in India. We currently serve Singapore and India and wants to establish strong presence across the globe providing utmost quality and performance.

WDI Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Gaurav Sharma
DLF Phase 4 125
122002 Gurgaon

WDI Studios
Gaurav Sharma
DLF Phase 4 125
122002 Gurgaon


Art Culture

„Facing India“ from April 29, 2018 in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg is presenting the first exhibition in Germany featuring six women artists from India.

"Facing India" from April 29, 2018 in the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg

Prajakta Potnis, Capsule I, 2012 (Source: © Courtesy of the artist and Project 88, Mumbai)

Although women and men have equal legal status, Indian society is profoundly marked by patriarchy. India finds itself in a state of fundamental social change, yet it remains torn between the poles of tradition and progress – and in this field of tension, women are still strongly disadvantaged. The rapid development of urban India thus runs contrary to the living conditions in rural areas. Countless ethnicities, castes, languages, cultures, religions, and philosophies form an ostensibly pluralistic society, in which identity is defined by differentiation from the respective other. The social structure of India thus reflects that of our global community as a whole, which basically struggles with the same issues.

„Facing India“ examines the question of how one“s own national history, present, and future manifest themselves from a female point of view. In their multimedia works, Vibha Galhotra, Bharti Kher, Prajakta Potnis, Reena Saini Kallat, Mithu Sen, and Tejal Shah shift attention towards historical and contemporary conflicts. Poetic, metaphorical, and quiet, but also radical, direct, and loud – they question borders of all kinds, be these political, territorial, ecological, religious, social, personal, or gender-based. The history of these borders, their visibility and invisibility, their legitimacy, and not seldom their dissolution are the themes of the works presented in „Facing India“. The exhibition focuses on six positions in order to present these more comprehensively. Socialized and educated in an increasingly globalized world, these women artists no longer limit their „border controls“ solely to India, but rather reach out into other countries and continents. The state, society, and the individual, as well as questions regarding identity and the environment, are critically examined. Nevertheless, as broad as their range of topics may be, explicit and implicit references to the presence of the feminine and the position of women, as well as solidarity and empathy, are recurring themes throughout the exhibition.

„Facing India“ was developed out of a continuing dialog with the artists and reflects a kind of collective plea for communication and the notion of unity in diversity beyond pigeonhole thinking and caste mentality. The exhibition architecture incorporates these ideas. Each of the six artists has her own separate exhibition space, which are arranged to provide clear visual relations to each other. The center of the exhibition is an open communication forum, which allows the visitor a view in all directions – both literally and metaphorically.

The catalog, edited by Ralf Beil and Uta Ruhkamp in separate German and English versions, with a preface by Ralf Beil and an introduction by Uta Ruhkamp, essays by Urvashi Butalia, head of the feminist publishing house Zubaan, and Roobina Karode, director of the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art in New Delhi and Noida, as well as in-depth interviews with all six artists conducted by Uta Ruhkamp. Hatje Cantz Publishers, 240 pages with 150 illustrations, 24 x 31 cm, hardcover, 38 € in the museum shop.

The exhibition will be held from April, 29. until October 7, 2018.

Press preview on Thursday, April 26, 2018, 11:15 a.m.

Opening on Saturday, April 28, 2018, 7 p.m. with party from 9 p.m.

The Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg is one of Lower Saxony“s cultural beacons. Opened in 1994, the non-profit foundation above all realizes wide-ranging thematic cultural history exhibitions alongside major monographic presentations of contemporary art. A unique architectural feature is the 16-meter high and 1600 square meter large exhibition space-a Germany-wide unparalleled possibility space for art and cultural with a large international impact.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Christiane Heuwinkel
Hollerplatz 1
38440 Wolfsburg
Phone: 05361266969
E-Mail: info@kunstmuseum-wolfsburg.de
Url: http://www.kunstmuseum-wolfsburg.de

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
Christiane Heuwinkel
Hollerplatz 1
38440 Wolfsburg
Phone: 05361266969
E-Mail: presse@kunstmuseum-wolfsburg.de
Url: http://www.kunstmuseum-wolfsburg.de

Computer Information Telecommunications

bloodsugarmagic joins the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

bloodsugarmagic joins the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

bloodsugarmagic helps Indian companies coming to Germany

The high demand of skilled IT personnel and the booming software market in Germany create great opportunities for Indian IT companies to enter the German market. bloodsugarmagic joins the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce to help Indian companies comin

Villingen-Schwenningen (D), October 17, 2014- bloodsugarmagic is now a member of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce. With this step the international experts of go-to-market strategies for IT companies acknowledge the growing importance of the Indian IT industry und want to support Indian IT companies in entering the German market.

According to BITKOM, the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media, there still is a high demand for IT professionals in Germany. At the moment about 39.000 IT specialists are needed, especially in the field of software development. Every second IT company declares that the lack of appropriate personnel is hindering the development of their business.

Therefore it is more and more important to look for qualified staff and resourcing partners abroad. German IT companies are looking to establish partnerships and joint ventures with foreign IT companies. India has a high number of extremely well skilled IT staff and therefore is perfect for cooperation. A lot of German companies already use offshoring concepts in India for their software development.

In addition, Germany is the biggest and most important IT market in Europe. Thus Indian hardware vendors and ISVs can expect strong potential sales in Germany. The German software market is expected to grow by 5.3 % and the IT services market by 3.2% this year to more than 55.6 billion Euro. German IT buyers are used to buy foreign IT products and service. Plus, a market position in Germany not only opens additional markets in Switzerland and Austria, but can also serve as a useful springboard to the fast growing IT markets in Eastern Europe.

„We see a high potential for Indian IT companies to enter the German market now“, says Bernd Hoeck, go-to-market expert and founder of bloodsugarmagic. „Due to the shortage of skilled personnel in Germany the IT industry here is looking for partners abroad. With our knowledge and experience we can help Indian companies to get a foot in the door in Germany.“

„We highly appreciate the support that local experts like bloodsugarmagic can give Indian companies that are interested in entering the German IT market“, says Dirk Matter director of the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Germany. „It is crucial to have a deep understanding about the market you are about to enter to be successful. We recommend our Indian members to look for a local expert first before taking the big step.“

The membership in the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce is the first important action for bloodsugarmagic to start working with Indian companies. „We are happy about the great support we received from the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce so far and are looking forward to further cooperation and exciting tasks to come“, says Hoeck. „We have won some first Indian IT companies as customers already and are looking forward to expand these relationships.“

Please read more news about bloodsugarmagic here:

About bloodsugarmagic

bloodsugarmagic is an international network of experts in positioning, marketing programs and go-to-market strategies for IT companies. We offer all that is needed for IT companies wanting to either enter a new market or to boost their market performance in existing markets with new positioning, messages and a unique selling proposition that resonates.

Based on many years of practical experience in marketing, business development and sales with leading IT companies, we support and guide these companies by creating unique and compelling positioning based on the organization“s specific strengths. bloodsugarmagic adapts each story and messaging framework to apply to the local market while offering ready-to-run campaigns and services for fast results.

Being truly transatlantic with offices in Germany and the US, bloodsugarmagic combines international reach with local market insight and networks to deliver unprecedented success upon a new market entry. Our clients span medium-sized IT companies and global IT players from the United States, the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) and other high tech clusters worldwide.

Please find more information at www.bloodsugarmagic.com

bloodsugarmagic GmbH & Co. KG
Bernd Hoeck
Gerberstr. 63
780520 Villingen-Schwenningen
0049 7721 9461 220

Science Research Technology

Secure competitive advantage in India – STN® now offers comprehensive Indian patent information

INFULL adds the full-text of Indian patent applications and granted patents to STN / Full-texts in English language / to be presented at this year“s PATINFO from June 5-7, 2013 in Ilmenau, Germany

Karlsruhe, June 2013 -India is an important future market. As with all emerging markets, there are risks involved, for example, for companies doing research and development. For such companies it is a crucial factor to have their intellectual property protected. Therefore, it is of vital importance that these risks be minimized by means of targeted searches and first-class information on patents and patent applications. INFULL, the new Indian full-text patent file offered by FIZ Karlsruhe on STN International, enables researchers, developers, and patent specialists to access comprehensive patent information from India. The information spectrum of INFULL comprises the state of the art, patentability, freedom to operate, and licensing possibilities. Searches on infringements of own patents by third parties are also possible.

„The new database offers access to the Indian patent landscape. This important enhancement of STN secures the competitive advantages of our customers on an even broader basis,“ says Dr. Rainer Stuike-Prill, Vice President Marketing & Sales at FIZ Karlsruhe.

At present, the INFULL file contains over 444,000 records in English language and more than 120,000 images from 1912 onwards. About 500 documents are published each week. The records of the database contain bibliographic data, various patent classifications including the new CPC codes, abstracts, and the full text of descriptions and claims. New documents are available about one week after publication with the complete content.
INFULL will be presented at this year“s PATINFO (held on June 5-7, 2013 in
Ilmenau, Germany) together with other important STN databases and features, including the new STN platform, precise CPC searching in patent databases, Asian full-text patent files, and many more. A special workshop will be dedicated to patent full-text databases on STN and the advantages of combined searches in full-text and bibliographic value-added patent files on STN (CAplus, DWPI, etc.).

Additional Information:
FIZ Karlsruhe
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen, Germany
Phone: +49 7247 808-555
Fax: +49 7247 808-259
E-mail: helpdesk@fiz-karlsruhe.de
Press Contact:
FIZ Karlsruhe
Rüdiger Mack
Phone: +49 7247 808-513
E-mail: ruediger.mack@fiz-karlsruhe.de

About FIZ Karlsruhe
FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz Institute for Information Infrastructure (www.fiz-karlsruhe.de) is a not-for-profit limited liability company and one of the largest non-academic information infrastructure institutions in Germany. As such, its public mission is to develop and provide products and services for an information infrastructure to science, research, and industry. FIZ Karlsruhe strives to strengthen the transfer of knowledge in Germany and abroad and to support the promotion of innovation.

Our business areas:
– STN International – the world“s leading online service for research and patent information in
science and technology
– KnowEsis – innovative e-Science solutions to support the process of research in all its stages (e. g., research data management), and throughout all scientific disciplines
– Databases and Information Services – Databases and science portals in mathematics, computer science, crystallography, chemistry, and energy technology

FIZ Karlsruhe is a member of the Leibniz Association, which comprises more than 80 institutions involved in research activities and/or the development of scientific infrastructure.

FIZ Karlsruhe
Rüdiger MAck
H-v-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen

English Press Releases

Desi Networks applies for .DESI TLD with KSregistry as backend provider

Desi Networks, LLC submitted an application for a new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), DOT DESI as part of the new gTLD program of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. DOT DESI will use the registry system of the German based provider KSregistry GmbH as technical framework. Desi Networks, LLC was formed in 2011 for the purpose of operating the DOT DESI gTLD. KSregistry GmbH is a technical backend provider for customized registry operation; the company is a fully-owned subsidiary of the international domain registrar Key-Systems.

The string DOT DESI represents an informal term that is used by many members of the South Asian Diaspora to identify themselves. It refers to people, cultures and products from the Indian subcontinent and is used by the Diaspora to connote an origin or a connection with the Desi regions. „We are glad to support the DOT DESI application with our KSregistry technology. The TLD has great potential to become a unifying virtual home for all people connected to the South Asian region. The string .DESI addresses a large worldwide community of people sharing the same spirit,“ states Alexander Siffrin, CEO of KSregistry GmbH.

The Management Team of Desi Networks, LLC adds: „When looking for a registry services provider, we evaluated many companies. It was crucial that we select a partner that had the technological expertise and infrastructure as well as a commitment to provide world class service. We chose KSregistry because they exceeded our expectations in every category. Their management team understands the vision behind the DOT DESI TLD and has demonstrated a commitment to making our partnership a success.“

Desi Networks, LLC chose to apply for the DOT DESI TLD because it provides a unique platform to unite a dispersed group of people who share a common bond. The majority of their management team is of South Asian descent and have significant ties back home and to Desi communities across the globe. „We are excited by the opportunity to create something that has the potential to promote a lifestyle and culture that has been largely underrepresented“, describes the Management Team. A major tenet of the DOT DESI philosophy is education and philanthropy, and the company will give back a portion of the revenue from new registrations to the Desi countries through charities and partner organizations. DOT DESI shall provide a platform to help the Desi Diaspora facilitate the distribution and exchange of information, products and services within the community, thus linking the numerous Desi groups that have formed but are dispersed throughout the internet.

DOT DESI is one of 31 new gTLD applications using KSregistry as technical provider. Among these 31 are nine additional generic TLDs as well as two geographical strings with German script/language. Furthermore, KSregistry will be the technical backend provider for 18 .brand TLDs. The registry system of KSregistry GmbH, a fully-owned Key-Systems subsidiary, provides features and functions to successfully operate your own registry. The registry solution is tailored to the customer’s needs. The service is directed at operators of existing ccTLDs, applicants for new gTLDs, and companies planning to establish their name or brand as a new TLD. KSregistry systems utilize state of the art technological standards in all components. The complete design is based on a TIER III architecture which guarantees maximum security for all services. Due to the modular design of the KSregistry, customer-specific solutions can be designed and expanded to meet the changing needs of our clients in a cost effective manner. Therefore, the KSregistry can easily handle an increasing number of customers or domains.

Über Key-Systems
Key-Systems ist ein internationales IT-Unternehmen, das zurzeit mehr als 3 Millionen Domains für über 70.000 Endkunden, Corporate-Kunden und Reseller weltweit verwaltet. Das Unternehmen mit über 60 Mitarbeitern ist der zweitgrößte Registrar für generische Domains wie .COM oder .NET in Europa und einer der 15 größten weltweit – gemessen an der Zahl der verwalteten Domains unter gTLDs (Quelle: webhosting.info). Key-Systems Hauptsitz ist St. Ingbert, daneben bestehen Niederlassungen in den USA und in Mexiko. Zu Key-Systems Unternehmensbereichen gehören neben dem Reseller-Portal RRPproxy.net und dem Endkunden-Portal domaindiscount24.net das Corporate Domain-Portal BrandShelter.com, der Registry-Betrieb (KSregistry), das SkyWay DataCenter und die Domainer-Software DNWorker.

Key-Systems GmbH
Dorothea Marx
Im Oberen Werk 1
66386 St. Ingbert
06894 9396902

Wissenschaft Technik Umwelt

IT Concepts eröffnet 2. Niederlassung für Industrie Endoskope

IT Concpets Industrie Endoskope vertsärkt weltweite Präsenz. Niederlassungen in Nord und Süd Indien für den asiatischen Markt.
IT Concepts eröffnet 2. Niederlassung für Industrie Endoskope
IT Concpets Industrie Endoskope – Süd Indien – Herr Saggam Arvind Kumar

IT Concepts trägt damit der immer größer werdenden Nachfrage aus dem asiatischen Raum Rechnung.

Bereits Ende diesen Jahres soll die Vertriebs- und Serviceniederlassung Neu Delhi/Indien für Kunden aus Asien erreichbar sein. Die neue Niederlassung ist nur ein weiter Baustein auf dem Weg hin zum weltweit agierenden Hersteller für Industrie Endoskope. Nach Niederlassungen in Deutschland, Frankreich, USA und Russland ist Indien nur der nächste logische Schritt im Rahmen der Internationalisierungsstrategie ITC Unternehmens Gruppe.

Um optimal auf die Bedürfnisse der indischen Kunden einzugehen verstärkt IT Concepts sein Team in Indien um Herrn Saggam Arvind Kumar. Herr Kumar ist für den Süd-Indischen Markt zuständig, Herr Agrawal für Nord Indien. Die Kombination des breiten Produkt Portfolios von IT Concepts und die langjährige Erfahrung von Herrn Agrawal und Kumar lassen ein Angebot entstehen, welches passgenau auf die Bedürfnisse des indischen Marktes eingehen.

IT Concepts India (South)
Mr. Saggam Arvind Kumar
D-24, Alind Factory
Seri Lingampalli (P.O.)
Hyderabad 500019

Tel.: +91 40 2301 2524
Cell: +91 93 9245 7735
Web: http://www.itcworld.com
Email: saggam.arvind@itcworld.de

IT Concepts – Made in Germany. Unsere Endoskope (starre Endoskope, Glasfaserendoskope, Videoskope und Dokumentationslösungen) werden von erfahrenen Spezialisten besonders anwenderorientiert entwickelt. Sie entsprechen dem aktuellen Stand der Technik und erfüllen den robusten Qualitätsanspruch für industrielle Anwendungen. Durch Endoskope von IT Concepts ist es möglich mit geringem Zeit- und Kostenaufwand jegliche Art von Hohlräumen in den unterschiedlichsten Anwedungsgebieten der visuellen Sichtprüfung zu unterziehen. So können frühzeitig kritische Veränderungen des Inspektionsobjektes erkannt werden. Dies dient der Prävention von Schäden, ermöglicht die Planbarkeit notwendiger Wartungen, und reduziert effektiv Ausfallzeiten.

IT Concepts GmbH – Industrie Endoskope
Kim Schäfer
Gewerbestraße 17
35633 Lahnau
+49 6441 6792990


IT Concepts GmbH
Kim Schäfer
Gewerbestraße 17
35633 Lahnau
+49 6441 6792990


The Ultimate Luxury Experience

The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Arrive and feel comfortable from the start as at home: This wish will be fulfilled here. Luxe Concierge services in India available even before the trip, you can already call us before you leave for your specific needs and preferences and we provide the service. Whether the placement of the mini bar, ordering the required newspaper or celebrating special events to all this you can already specify before your departure.

Luxe India Nürnberg brings you the finest collection of experience based holidays available throughout the Indian Subcontinent. Each holiday offers exclusive handcrafted opportunities that are fine tuned by a team of experts together with our dedicated and unique Concierge & Butler service to ensure that no expectation is left unmet.

Whether the requirements are for the finest local or international restaurants in town, extensive wine lists, attending exhibitions and purchasing fine art, relaxing in a yoga or ayurvedic centre, shopping for curios, having clothes tailored, visiting local markets, mixing with the glitterati, photographic opportunities, wildlife safaris or finding a venue for a special birthday or anniversary, the list goes on but the Premium Deluxe team will make it happen. In addition, our concierge service, the first offered by a tour operator, will keep in regular touch with your patrons throughout their tour to ensure everything is being perfectly carried out.

The Itineraries are carefully planned to provide a relaxed and culturally rewarding holiday and offer the time to enjoy and relax as well as to explore. Interaction with local families, home visits, cultural shows, souvenir-hunting and insights into destinations – everything is selected to match the discerning tastes of your elite traveler.

We offer a personalized welcome kit which includes: travel documents, an itinerary and an essential hand-book on how to make their holiday a truly unforgettable experience.

We promise to think „outside the box“ in creating the ultimate travel experience and therefore an undoubtedly memorable holiday.

Tour Operator for Luxury Holidays and Roundtrips in India

Premium Deluxe Reisen
Jochen Ziegler
Elsa Brandström Str. 2
90431 Nürnberg
0911 60057990

Politik Recht Gesellschaft

Das Hunger Projekt: Frauenabgeordnete in Indien gestalten die Zukunft ihrer Dörfer

Die Panchayat-Kampagne
Das Hunger Projekt: Frauenabgeordnete in Indien gestalten die Zukunft ihrer Dörfer

Indische Frauen müssen gestärkt und ausgebildet werden, damit sie, vor allem in den ländlichen Regionen, ihre gesetzlich garantierten Rechte und entsprechenden Möglichkeiten wahrnehmen können. Diese Unterstützung bekommen sie vom Hunger Projekt.

Die Regierung in Indien übertrug 1992 wichtige Anteile an Ressourcen und Entscheidungen auf die Gremien der kommunalen Selbstverwaltung – die Panchayats – die so endlich als wichtiger Schlüssel zur Überwindung extremer Armut in den ländlichen Regionen erkannt wurden. Gleichzeitig wurde in der indischen Verfassung die Beteiligung von Frauen verankert: ein Drittel aller Sitze in den Panchayats auf Dorf-, Block- und Distriktebene muss seitdem von Frauen besetzt werden. Diese Quote wurde inzwischen in einigen Bundesstaaten sogar auf 50 Prozent erhöht. Das Verfahren der Quotierung für das nationale Parlament läuft. 1,2 Million Inderinnen haben bereits durch die aktive Teilnahme am öffentlichen politischen Leben viel bewirkt und verändert.

Die Frauen setzen sich in den Gemeinderäten andere Schwerpunkte: In den Vordergrund sind Gesundheit, Ernährung, Bildung, Umwelt und sauberes Wasser sowie lang ignorierte soziale Probleme wie häusliche Gewalt, Familienplanung, Korruption und das Kastenwesen gerückt. Und die Zukunft des ländlichen Indiens ist abhängig von Verbesserungen in diesen Bereichen.

Empowerment der Frauenabgeordneten

Für die Frauen ist es eine große Herausforderung die Regierungsbeteiligung für sich und ihre Dörfer erfolgreich zu nutzen. Viele von ihnen sind unterernährt, Dalit (früher als „Unberührbare“ bezeichnete Kastenlose) und können weder Lesen noch Schreiben. Das Hunger Projekt organisiert als einzige Organisation in Indien Women´s Leadership Workshops, um die Frauen auf ihre Arbeit in den Panchayats vorzubereiten und sie während ihrer fünfjährigen Amtszeit zu begleiten und zu unterstützen. Seit 2000 wurden über 75.000 Frauenabgeordnete in 14 indischen Bundesstaaten für ihre herausfordernde Arbeit ausgebildet. Hierfür werden Trainerinnen und Trainer aus regionalen Nichtregierungsorganisationen von Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeitern des indischen Hunger Projekts geschult, welche die Workshops in den lokalen Sprachen halten.

Anjali Bora, Vorsitzende des Dergaon Panchayat in Assam, Teilnehmerin der Panchayat-Kampagne: „Wir haben vier öffentliche Straßen gebaut, 20 Röhrenbrunnen installiert, Häuser für 180 verarmte Familien errichtet und 64 Selbsthilfegruppen für Frauen gegründet. Trotz alledem hat ein lokaler Politiker versucht, mich durch ein Misstrauensvotum aus dem Amt zu treiben. Doch die Bevölkerung hat mir das Vertrauen ausgesprochen und es ist ihm nicht geglückt.“

Die Erfolge der Frauenabgeordneten zeigen sich in ihren Dörfern, wo sie in den vergangenen Jahren viel erreicht und durchgesetzt haben. Dies verschaffte ihnen Respekt bis zur höchsten Regierungsebene, so dass einige von ihnen auch sogar Barak Obama trafen.

Weitere Informationen über die Arbeit des Hunger Projekts gibt es unter:
Das Hunger Projekt e.V. ist eine globale Nichtregierungsorganisation (NRO), die sich seit 1977 für die nachhaltige Überwindung chronischen Hungers einsetzt. Gegenwärtig ist das Hunger Projekt in 12 Ländern Afrikas, Südasiens und Lateinamerikas (in Äthiopien, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, Mosambik, Senegal und Uganda; in Indien und Bangladesch; in Mexiko und Peru) vertreten. Insgesamt gibt es 350 Angestellten und rund 362.000 Ehrenamtlichen. Der internationale Hauptsitz ist in New York.

In Deutschland arbeitet das Hunger Projekt seit 1982 als gemeinnützig anerkannter Verein – momentan mit ca. 50 ehrenamtlichen Aktiven und fünf Teilzeitkräften. Weitere Partnerländer sind: Australien, Belgien, Großbritannien, Japan, Kanada, Neuseeland, Niederlande, Schweden und die Schweiz.

Das Hunger Projekt konzentriert sich auf drei Leitgedanken: Mobilisierung zur Eigenverantwortung, Gleichberechtigung von Frauen und Männern sowie Stärkung lokaler Demokratie. Alle Strategien und Initiativen sind darauf ausgerichtet, die acht UN-Millenniumsentwicklungsziele zu unterstützen.

Das Deutsche Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen (DZI) in Berlin zeichnet das Hunger Projekt e.V. seit Jahren mit dem DZI-Spendensiegel für seine transparente, sparsame und satzungsgemäße Verwendung der Spendengelder aus.

Das Hunger Projekt e.V.
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