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3 Ways MLB Can Knock It Out Of The Diversity Park

3 Ways MLB Can Knock It Out Of The Diversity Park

Jay-Z Concerned Yankees Baseball Fan & Mogul (Source: all rights to owner)


„Do It Again”
“Hat cocked, can’t see his eyes, who could it be? With that new blue Yankee On, who but me?” – Jay-Z
3 Ways MLB Can Knock It Out Of The Diversity Park 
Let’s start our story with…
…the Yankees, “winningest” team in Major League Baseball (MLB) .  Next, top rapper and mogul Jay-Z lauding the Yankees praises in song after song, unofficially pitching their product to America and Americans for years.  Click back to 7 years ago, where Jay-Z inked a co-merchandising deal with MLB, building an empire while sealing a place in the retail history Hall of Fame!  This is Jay-Z, his presence is electric, exciting crowds worldwide, so much so even his “haters” have to admire not only his lyrical hustle and diversity of style, but even more his business savvy.  Flowing directly from Roc-Nation came his newest creation, ARRIVE to assist startup businesses with early stage capital (hold that thought)…

“early the ROC started out as coal, now the ROC is diamonds sold”- me

Obviously the rap game is not for me (sigh…my mom held out so much hope…)

Back to baseball, America’s pastime, with MLB as the gatekeeper.  MLB is no slouch!  To partner with them in any way is life changing as Jay-Z experienced.  Companies like Anomaly, which prides itself as one of the largest Marketing conglomerates in the world, have done so with much success and against many obstacles.

What is the Common Thread? 
Achievable success and overcoming obstacles! Jay-Z and Anomaly each have partnered with MLB to achieve business success yet, there is another partner looming on the horizon…

…but success is fleeting, elusive, the bullseye is ever changing.  MLB knows that well enough.  In 1947 the color barrier in baseball was broken and soon thereafter the percentage of players on baseball teams that were African American exceeded the national average of African Americans in the general US population.  A major achievement.  Today, 70 years later those numbers have come full circle on the playing field.  Some estimations have as low as only 7.7 % of African Americans on the playing field in the 2017 campaign!  For all of MLB’s great strides in diversity employment, supplier relations and advancing people of color OFF the field, much work has to be done ON the field and IN the stands. 

“when Jay-Z sits in the stands what does he see?, does he see someone colored like he?” – me

Okay, okay I know when to stop… (sorry mom, I will keep my day job)

MLB “on the field” is a management issue that can be resolved through awareness, guidance and existing processes already in place in the front office. 

MLB “IN THE STANDS” is another matter entirely.  Really, when Jay-Z sits in the stands at MLB sanctioned games and looks around, who does he see?  Much has been studied and data crunched to come to some very simple conclusions, but the hardest hitting evidence as to what MLB should do is outlined in the following video, a candid, organic conversation to an untargeted, untapped sector of the population:


5 Women In Philly Talk Baseball On Google Hangouts

What is Needed for Diversity & Inclusion?
A targeted, cohesive, league-wide, approach that is long-term.  It would include a business model change that is scalable, sustainable, serviceable and portable.  It HAS to encompass the following:

Create socially and emotionally engaging content to warmly welcome Women, diverse families, and millennials to games – everyone LOVES an invitation, especially to a good time!
Satisfy Corporate Social Responsibility objectives – delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all targeted groups to show they care!
Imprint MLB initiatives with targeted visual content

…and look cool doing it so others involve themselves!
“Numbers don’t lie check the scoreboard” – Jay-Z
Let’s run the numbers!

Major League Baseball Independent Survey Numbers


Definitely, the problem is real because the solution at first glance was not so obvious!  From insider information I learned there are talks at MLB where they are engaging the Team at Making A Village (M.A.V.) to provide solutions for these issues and more.  With numbers like this the M.A.V. Team should easily hit one out of the park!  The research was fact checked and revealed a target market that could easily put seats in the stands.   Moreover it would answer the bell in the community and enhance MLB‘s image substantially within diversity and inclusion objectives. 

Curiosity lead me to research M.A.V. a little closer which revealed their plans to talk directly with Anomaly and its CMO, Eric Damassa about creating a solution for MLB.  This would include working with Anomaly’s Production Team for online and network broadcast TV content.  There is even a VR/MR technology app that is in early stage prototype creation.  Furthermore, the preeminent plan is to engage SPELMAN College to initiate the build of the front end of the application.  This would convincingly reinforcing their inclusive collegiate outreach.  In addition, some of their other thoughts were to contact the CMO of the NBA, Pam El, COMCASTVENTURES Kai Bond & Gil Beyda, IBM Watson and others.  This looks like a rally for M.A.V. and consequently a win for MLB or any of those partnering with them.
“Now, can I get an encore? Do you want more?  Cookin‘ raw with the Brooklyn boy” – Jay-Z
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Please contact Making A Village at Info@Mav.Global or their website at http://www.MAV.Global

MAV (Making A Village) – Overview
From Our “Communal Thought Process”, Making A Village (MAV Global), chronicles the endeavors of urban community developers who are socially responsible in there revitalizing their neighborhoods.  Revitalizing our cities is more than renovating houses – it’s about revitalizing our soul, our public consciousness, about rebuilding our communities. In our hearts we and many more like us pursue these endeavors, but the journey to transformation is a long and winding road with many twists and turns.  
These are our stories…
MAV (Making A Village) – The Show
The Show, a cornerstone network TV property, from MAV Global is constructed as a home improvement show that features recording music artists, entertainers, and/or athletes.  In this self contained concept, each week features a different part of the design and build phase leading up to the big reveal at the end of the season.  This will feature a block party where music artists will perform in honor of the communities coming together.  In the midst of the season the music artist(s) will be included to give input or to help assist in the design or build phase.  What is the objective?  To have them learn something new about the artist which has never been revealed.  The show follows a minimum of 3 different community developers through their daily lives as they attempt to renovate their prospective communities and give back in a big way.
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HELP JOSELITO! – New Therapies for an Autistic Child

HELP JOSELITO! - New Therapies for an Autistic Child

An autistic boy in Mexico, an overwhelmed family looking for help, a Frenchman with a vision: these are the ingredients of Dr. Jean Weinfeld’s therapy crowdfunding project „HELP JOSELITO!“. Yet its continuation depends on supporters searched on https://www.gofundme.com/help-joselito-an-autistic-child. Joselito’s innovative therapy has already given astonishing results, it can also help other autistic children – but now it needs financial support.

Joselito’s therapy experiment started in late 2014. Dr. Jean Weinfeld developed an extensive and original therapy concept, in which he included a psychologist and a rhythm therapist in Mexico. First, a pragmatic therapy fosters Joselito’s motor and cognitive abilities in everyday life. Second, an aesthetic-sensorial therapy helps Joselito to open up and communicate with the outside world through lyrical stimuli that aim to „surprise“ his senses. Dr. Jean Weinfeld recorded both project and therapy concept in a book written in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German. The book and its free e-book version of „HELP JOSELITO! A Health and Therapy Project for a Mexican Autistic Child“ were released in February by GRIN Publishing.

Achievements of the therapy program for autistic children

Joselito (Jose Guillermo Águila Guerrero) suffers under an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The program designed for him can be yet applied to other persons with a Pervasive Development Disorder. For instance Dr. Jean Weinfeld tried a concept variant with an Asperger child.

The program focuses on creativity and expressivity, to which speech also belongs. Success was first reached by classical speech training. Joselito trains his motor abilities and coordination by a combined movement, rhythm and music therapy, also by dance, drum and piano playing. This enabled him to interact in a playful way with other people and to get along with his life – without stress or constraint. Now, the aesthetic-sensorial part of the therapy concept includes excursions. Numerous pictures and videos document Joselito’s therapy successful results on https://www.facebook.com/Help-Joselito-1722097254768537/

However, without the help of donors Dr. Weinfeld and Joselito’s therapists cannot pursue their work on this concept. Help them to help! https://www.gofundme.com/help-joselito-an-autistic-child

The author and initiator

Dr. Jean Weinfeld, the author and founder of the project „HELP JOSELITO!“, has been working for decades in the field of cross-cultural education. Born in France Dr. Weinfeld now lives in Germany; he already published several specialist books in French, German and Spanish. Dr. Weinfeld travels regularly to Mexico to continue and expand this therapeutic program on the spot together with the therapists. Suggestions and comments related to this program are most welcome.

Der GRIN Verlag publiziert seit 1998 akademische eBooks und Bücher. Wir veröffentlichen alle wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten: Hausarbeiten, Bachelorarbeiten, Masterarbeiten, Dissertationen, Fachbücher uvm.

GRIN Verlag / Open Publishing GmbH
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Mitglieder der Alliance for Financial Inclusion beschliessen auf ihren Konferenzen in Afrika und Lateinamerika eine Regionalstrategie für mobile Finanzdienstleistungen

Mitglieder der Alliance for Financial Inclusion beschliessen auf ihren Konferenzen in Afrika und Lateinamerika eine Regionalstrategie für mobile Finanzdienstleistungen

(ddp direct) BANGKOK, THAILAND — (Marketwire) — 03/01/13 — Die Entwicklung mobiler Finanzdienste (MFS) als Instrument für die Förderung der finanziellen Einbeziehung hat in diesem Monat einen deutlichen Schritt nach vorne gemacht: Zwei hochrangige Regionalforen tagten in Tansania und Kolumbien.

In Afrika fand am 14. und 15. Februar die Eröffnungskonferenz der AMPI (African Mobile Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative) auf Sansibar (Tansania) statt. Auf dem gemeinsam von der Bank of Tansania, der Zentralbank von Kenia und der Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) veranstalteten Event waren hochrangige Politiker aus dem gesamten afrikanischen Kontinent vertreten. Sie setzten sich dafür ein, bewährte Verfahren und Erfahrungen bei der MFS-Politik zu teilen und gemeinsam daran zu arbeiten, dass die Bevölkerungsteile der Region, die über keine Bankverbindung verfügen, die Möglichkeit erhalten, problemlos und sicher die Mobiltechnik zu nutzen, um Zugang zum formellen Finanzsektor zu gewinnen. Zum Abschluss der Konferenz haben Vertreter von 18 afrikanischen Politikern eine Erklärung veröffentlicht, in der die nächsten Schritte für die AMPI-Konferenz 2013 dargelegt werden. „Es bestehen keine Zweifel an den Vorteilen, die eine Ausweitung mobiler Finanzdienste auf die Afrikaner ohne Bankverbindung bietet“, sagte Ndungu, Gouverneur der Zentralbank Kenias. „Gemeinsam verfügen wir über die Erfahrung, das Wissen und jetzt über eine gemeinsame regionale Zusage, Afrika auf diesem Gebiet an die Spitze der Welt zu bringen. Dazu bedarf es intelligenter, sicherer und praxisorientierter Richtlinien ebenso wie kostengünstiger Lieferkanäle.“

Am 21. und 22. Februar trafen sich in Cartagena (Kolumbien) Politiker zu einer ersten Regionalkonferenz über MFS unter der Flagge des AFI. Mit dem kolumbianischen Ministerium für Finanzen und öffentliche Kredite, dem Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) und der AFI als gemeinsame Veranstalter trafen sich hochrangige Politiker aus ganz Lateinamerika und der Karibik sowie Stakeholder, Vertreter von Finanzdienstleistern und Telekommunikationsgesellschaften. Die Region hat bei der Einführung und Ausweitung von MFS erhebliche Fortschritte gemacht. Allerdings gibt es viele unterschiedliche Ansätze dazu, wie diese Dienste reguliert und implementiert werden. Regionale Politiker und Partner aus der Privatwirtschaft haben die zwei Konferenztage dazu genutzt, Erfahrungen auszutauschen und zu vergleichen sowie die Erfolge auf diesem Gebiet zu feiern. Durch die gemeinsame Betrachtung der MFS-Themen durch die gesamte Region bezwecken die Politiker, die Dienste in ganz Lateinamerika und der Karibik zu fördern und zu verbreiten. „E-Money ist der nächste Schritt in der Entmaterialisierung des Geldes. Die Schaffung von E-Money ist eine Revolution, wie es die Einführung des Papiergelds war“, sagte Daniel Schydlowsky von der peruanischen Aufsichtsbehörde für Banken, Versicherungen und Pensionsfonds (SBS). „Die armen Bevölkerungsteile werden von dieser Entwicklung erheblich profitieren.“

In beiden Regionen arbeiten Politiker des AFI-Netzwerks zugunsten der Prinzipien der Maya-Erklärung, die 2011 auf dem Global Policy Forum (GPF) der AFI in Mexiko eingeführt wurden. Viele AFI-Mitglieder aus beiden Regionen haben konkrete Zusagen für die MFS-Ausbreitung im Rahmen dieser Erklärung gemacht. Die jetzt stattfindenden regionalen Anstrengungen zeigen, dass die AFI-Mitglieder die Ziele in der Maya-Erklärung ernst nehmen, und betonen die erheblichen Erfolge der letzten beiden Jahre.

Die Allicance for Financial Inclusion mit ihren 95 Institutionen widmet sich der Entwicklung intelligenter Politiklösungen und der Herausstellung der Erfolge bei der finanziellen Inklusion, die erreicht werden können, wenn Aufsichtsbehörden aus Entwicklungs- und Schwellenländern auf Augenhöhe zusammenkommen und zu einer Politik gelangen, die konkret an ihren Bedürfnissen und Umständen ausgerichtet ist. Durch die speziellen Arbeitsgruppen, Regionalkonferenzen und das jährlich stattfindende Global Policy Forum ist die AFI zum weltgrössten und umfassendsten Netzwerk der Politiker für die finanzielle Inklusion geworden. Weitere Informationen über die Arbeit der Alliance finden Sie auf: www.afi-global.org.

Eingebettetes Video verfügbar

Bild verfügbar: http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/frame_mw?attachid=2244133 Eingebettetes Video verfügbar: http://www2.marketwire.com/mw/frame_mw?attachid=2244144

Kontaktinformation: Peter W. Foster peter.foster@afi-global.org

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Pixargus: Hybrid inspection system checks material and contour at the same time

Pixargus: Hybrid inspection system checks material and contour at the same time

During inline inspection, the tubing first runs through the Allroundia measuring head (in the background) and then through the Medictube light ring and the Medictube measuring head (shown in the opened condition), which accommodates the cameras.

All-in-one solution for optical inline control of medical tubing: High speed and precision combined into one system

At Medtec 2012, Pixargus will introduce its all-in-one solution for optical inline inspection of medical tubing. Being a dual-head system, it combines the new Allroundia system for fast and precise inspection of the tubing contours and the proven Medictube system for checking the material walls for irregularities such as inclusions or bubbles.

In the past, tubing material could only be checked offline on a random basis or manually, involving a high degree of uncertainty. Now, with the new system, it is possible to inspect the complete material in real time already during production. The system automatically sorts out any flaw material, relieving the operators in their final inspection activities.

According to Björn Lindner, Managing Director of Pixargus, the new dual-head system provides major benefits for both manufacturers and users of tubing: „Using this new solution, our customers can now at the same time check the interior of the tubing material – for bubbles, holes, cracks, impurities or inclusions – and measure the outside contours by a multi-axis system. This guarantees that only perfectly flawless material is sold.“

Medictube: flawless material

Medictube detects bubbles, holes or inclusions in the material. The new integrated pattern-recognition feature now also identifies structures inside the tubing material, such as spirals embedded in semi-transparent, shape-retaining suction hoses. The system checks the shape of the spirals and triggers an alarm as soon as deviations are identified.

Allroundia: perfect dimensions

AllRoundia for the first time combines the functions of a „high-speed node controller“ with those of a „high-precision diameter and ovality inspection system“ into one reasonably priced device. The system measures the outside contour of the tubing in three axes and performs diameter and ovality inspections with an accuracy of 1 to 2 µm at a rate of up to 36,000 measurements per second.

Pixargus at Medtec Europe in Stuttgart March 13 -15, 2012: hall 4 booth 362?

About Pixargus

Pixargus develops and manufactures systems for optical inline measurement and inspection of plastic and rubber profiles. Established in 1999 as a spin-off of the Institute of Plastics Processing (Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung IKV) of the Technical University RWTH of Aachen/Germany, Pixargus has specialized in optical quality control of extruded products made of plastics and rubber.

Pixargus systems inspect sealing profiles ? for example, for the automotive industry ? and tubing, catheters, cables or window seals as well as raw material (compounds) made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and rubber. Additionally, Pixargus offers systems for the inspection of – textured, woven or non-woven – web material.

Worldwide, renowned manufacturers, e.g. B. Braun, Medtronic, Biotronik and Hansemed, use Pixargus systems for surface control and profile measuring tasks.

The company, based in Aachen/Germany, is active worldwide through its US branch and various international technical agencies.

Pixargus GmbH
Dirk Broichhausen
Monnetstraße 2
D-52146 Würselen / Germany


Regina Reinhardt
Suesterfeldstraße 83
52072 Aachen