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Hanover Fair 2018: ENTRADE AG presents high-performance compact power plant fueled by biogenic waste

High plant flexibility: modular power plants with an energy output from 25 kW to 5 MW

Hanover Fair 2018: ENTRADE AG presents high-performance compact power plant fueled by biogenic waste

CEO Julien Uhlig explains the power plant

At this year“s Hanover Fair ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG is presenting a further model of the biogenic-waste fueled power plant it has developed in-house. Currently two versions are available, with a respective electrical output of 25 kW (E3) or 50 kW (E4). These can be combined on the modular principle to form larger units, resulting in power plants of up to 5 MW.

The E3 and the new, more powerful E4 compact power plant – which are protected by numerous patents – are based on years of research and development. In a high-temperature reactor they use previously unused biogenic waste to produce a high-quality synthesis gas, which in turn drives an internal combustion engine and supplies electricity as well as heat or, if required, cooling.

Power plant can start operation within two days

It is the world’s first modular, series-produced, patented, fully automatic biomass power plant for grid-connected and off-grid power generation. Each individual small power plant (E4) has a generator output of 50 kWel and a nominal heat output of 120 kWth, and can be put into operation on a turnkey basis within 48 hours. This capacity can supply around 50 households with electricity and heat.

With a length of 186 cm, a width of 156 cm and a height of only two metres, the individual system modules are particularly compact and can be shipped worldwide, even by air freight. Even without renewable energy subsidies the electric power they generate is competitive compared to other conventional or renewable power sources, and can be used locally in the stand-alone operation or fed into the public grid. The waste heat is used for heating purposes or can be transformed into cooling. The special feature: the individual small power plants can be connected to form larger units, resulting in power plants of up to 5 MW. In the last 18 months more than 150 of these power plants have been planned or commissioned in nine different countries worldwide.

Another focus at ENTRADE AG is to combine various renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics, wind power and biogas into a hybrid grid, thus forming a single power plant unit. Here the advantages of the respective technologies are optimally used in order to exploit the resulting synergies.

Many advantages over conventional power plants

Compared to conventional power plants, the E3 and E4 have a range of advantages.

– Flexible system sizes in electrical output steps of 25 kW.
– Biogenic waste serves as fuel, which makes power generation particularly sustainable.
– Even in the lower output range the modules have a very high efficiency level of over 85 percent.
– The compact power plants can be set up wherever the energy is needed or the waste is available.
– They do not require long approval procedures and can therefore be connected to the grid within 48 hours.
– Due to their modular design they are highly protected from breakdown and require little maintenance.
– It can be combined with other renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy to form a hybrid grid, with the biomass power plant providing the base load and compensating for any fluctuation on the part of other energy sources.
– In terms of price the compact power plants are below usual costs for power plant construction.

CEO Julien Uhlig and ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG staff will be available at the Hanover Fair from 23 to 27 April 2018 at the joint stand of the state of NRW in Hall 27/ Stand F73. Further information is available at www.entrade.de

Worldwide ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG develops, builds, operates and distributes innovative powersystems for the generation of electricity, heating and cooling from biomass and waste materials.

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Siempelkamp: Unique constellation including planning, designing, casting and manufacturing

Siempelkamp: Unique constellation including planning, designing, casting and manufacturing

The press applies maximum radial and axial pressing forces of 6,300 kN each.

Metal forming XXL – size: Complete solutions for all stages of metal forming have worldwide appeal

At the Hanover Fair 2014, at the collective booth of the German Forging Association, Siempelkamp introduces closed-die forging presses for forged parts made of aluminum and titanium alloys for the aircraft industry. Furthermore, the company presents the first ring-rolling mill manufactured in its 125 years of company history.

With these large plants, Siempelkamp proves its competence as a systems supplier and provider of complete solutions. Worldwide Siempelkamp is the only manufacturer that can offer exceptionally large plants from one source for all stages in the metal forming process – from the design, to the casting, to the machining of the cast components, to the installation, to the startup at the customer“s site.

Nanshan: Closed-die forging press made in Krefeld is the heart of a new plant

A current example for complete solutions is the 500 MN (55,115 US t) closed-die forging press which will be the heart of a new forging mill of the Chinese Nanshan Group. The press will manufacture forged parts made of aluminum and titanium alloys for the Chinese aircraft industry. Siempelkamp has been commissioned with the design, construction and installation of the complete plant.

The heavy parts of the press are made of spheroidal graphite iron and weigh up to 300 t (330 US tons). These components were cast at Siempelkamp Foundry and then machined at the Siempelkamp Machine Factory. Both companies are located on the same premises. Furthermore, as part of this large project, the customer ordered another 125 MN (13,778 US t) closed-die forging press for different applications in the beginning of 2013. Both presses are currently built in Krefeld.

The technical data of the 55,115 US t press clearly illustrate the challenges: Due to the large dimension of the 4 x 7 m (13 x 23 ft) press table, the clearance between the columns amounts to 5 x 3 m (16 x 10 ft). Eight cylinders are responsible for the movement of the moving beam. With an output of roughly 24 MW the energy-efficient oil-hydraulic drive, developed by Siempelkamp, applies a pressure of 420 bar.

The innovative strain rate control compensates high eccentric loads. It also allows extremely low forging speeds for the forming of very challenging geometries and materials used in the aerospace industry.

Ring-rolling: First time for Siempelkamp

For the first time in the company’s history, Siempelkamp has designed and built a ring-rolling mill. At its initial startup, it passed its crucial test at the Krefeld plant. Currently, the mill is being delivered to the customer JSC Metallurgical Plant Electrostal in Russia.

The ring-rolling mill will manufacture rings with an external diameter of up to 4,000 mm and a height of up to 600 mm made of steel and special materials such as nickel-based, titanium and aluminum alloys. It can apply maximum radial and axial pressing forces of 6,300 kN each.

The rings with rectangular or profiled cross-sections made of these extremely rigid yet lightweight special materials are mainly used as mechanically and thermally stressed components in the aerospace industry.

Siempelkamp not only completely manufactured the rolling mill at the Krefeld location but also assembled and started it up there as well as extensively tested the hot rolling process. The startup in Krefeld has proven that the plant not only meets the customer’s desired specifications but even exceeds them in some areas.

With a variety of design details, Siempelkamp achieves exceptionally high precision during ring rolling. For example, the diameter of the rings during ring rolling is precisely measured via laser measurement systems. High process accuracy is also guaranteed by the SicoRoll control which Siempelkamp specially developed for ring rolling.

Just as for both closed-die forging presses for the Nanshan Group, Siempelkamp supplied, next to the rolling mill, the complete hydraulic system, the automation technology as well as the SicoRoll control – the kernel of which simulates the dimensions of the blanks for the closed-die forging press.

Extensive FEM calculations are the guarantee for the high fatigue strength of the mechanical structural components. This is further supported by the fact that the housings for the tapered rolls, which experience high mechanical stresses, are designed as one-piece castings without weld seams.

Apart from investment security, the Siempelkamp design engineers focused on low total costs: especially for highly stressed component parts, such as the gears, many standard components were used. For our customer this translates into cost savings because maintenance becomes simple and spare parts are easily procured.

Siempelkamp at the Hanover Fair 2014:
Hall 4, Booth E42
Collective booth of the German Forging Association
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About Siempelkamp
The Siempelkamp Group is a technology supplier operating internationally. The Group consists of three business units, the machinery and plants, the foundry, and the nuclear technology business units. As a systems supplier of press lines and complete plants for the wood-based products industry, as the world“s largest hand-molding foundry producing castings with a weight of up to 300 t (330 US tons), and as component supplier and service provider for nuclear facilities the company is internationally recognized.

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