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Electronics and solar power manufacturers in Asia discover the latest concepts

Rehm presents new innovations at SNEC and NEPCON

Electronics and solar power manufacturers in Asia discover the latest concepts

Rehm solar equipment

This April, Rehm Thermal Systems will appear at two major international trade fairs in Asia – both in the world city of Shanghai. Visit us at SNEC from 19 to 21 April or NEPCON China from 25 to 27 April. We look forward to seeing you!

April 19 – 21, 2017: SNEC, Shanghai
SNEC is one of the most renowned solar industry platforms in Asia. With over 1500 exhibitors from 90 countries, it is one of the world“s largest trade fairs in the photovoltaics sector. This year, Rehm will be showcasing the VOC Thermal Oxidizer, designed for exceptionally efficient and sustainable solar cell manufacture. Our team at booth E3-001 will be happy to advise you!

Reduce VOCs by 99.9% with the Thermal Oxidizer
In the VOC Thermal Oxidizer, Rehm is offering one of the most effective residue management systems on the market. During the heating process, the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released by the pastes are cracked and converted almost entirely into carbon dioxide and water. All available systems operate with a separation efficiency reaching up to 99.9%, ensuring compliance with German air pollution regulations. Oxidizer systems with heat recovery such as the available counter flow reactor (CFR) are also particularly energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Visitors to Rehm“s stand can also find out more about new systems developments in the solar sector. The product portfolio ranges from efficient firing systems for standard mono- and multicrystalline metalization of solar cells to high-quality solar dryers. The flexible, modular structure allows for a variety of different production layouts, while reduced energy consumption and higher performance make the systems ideal for a wide variety of uses.

April 25 – 27, 2017: NEPCON China, Shanghai
NEPCON China is one of the biggest names in electronics industry trade fairs in Asia. Rehm Thermal Systems is one of over 500 leading companies who will be exhibiting innovations and the latest systems technology for modern and efficient electronics manufacture in Shanghai. Come and find us at booth 1E40.

VisionXP+ Vac: The 2-in-1 solution for convection reflow soldering
The VisionXP+ convection soldering system combines various advances in technology, particularly with regard to energy efficiency optimisation and emissions reduction. It allows customers to reduce energy use in electronics manufacture by up to 20% and consumes on average 10 tonnes less CO2 per year. For the first time ever, the vacuum option makes it possible for convection soldering to take place with or without a vacuum – in one system! The VisionXP+ Vac reliably removes gas cavities and voids during the soldering process, while the solder is still in its optimum molten state. With a vacuum pressure of up to 2 mbar, void rates of less than 2% can be achieved.

CondensoXC: Compact structure – huge performance
The CondensoXC, designed for reliable condensation soldering, has a compact structure thanks to its innovative processing chamber. And it performs in a big way. With its patented injection principle, the exact amount of Galden® required is added to the process for optimal profiling. The closed-loop filter system allows almost 100% of the medium to be regained and filtered. The system is completely suitable for vacuums and has an integrated process recorder for maximum traceability.

Visit us at SNEC or NEPCON – the Rehm teams will be happy to advise you!

As a specialist in the field of thermal system solutions for the electronics and photovoltaics industries, Rehm is a technology and innovation leader in the modern and economical production of electronic modules. As a globally operating manufacturer of reflow soldering systems with convection, condensation or vacuum, drying and coating systems, functional test systems, equipment for the metallisation of solar cells as well as numerous customer-specific special systems, we are represented in all relevant growth markets and, as a partner with more than 25 years of industry experience, we implement innovative manufacturing solutions that set standards.

Rehm Thermal Systems
Anna-Katharina Peuker
Leinenstraße 7
89143 Blaubeuren
07344 9606 746
07344 9606 525

Internet E-Commerce Marketing

punctum pr-agentur GmbH erhält PR-Etats von Gambio, ISI Automation und Smart Electronic Factory

Agentur für Marketing und Public Relations schafft Neukundenhattrick

punctum pr-agentur GmbH erhält PR-Etats von Gambio, ISI Automation und Smart Electronic Factory

Düsseldorf, 9. März 2016 – Die punctum pr-agentur GmbH ( www.punctum-pr.de ) mit Sitz im Düsseldorfer Medienhafen begrüßt zum Jahresbeginn drei neue Kunden. Hierzu zählen die Gambio GmbH, ISI Automation GmbH & Co. KG und der Smart Electronic Factory e.V. Der feste Kundenstamm der seit mehreren Jahren branchenübergreifend tätigen PR- und Marketing-Agentur beträgt damit mehr als zwanzig Unternehmen.

Die punctum pr-agentur GmbH übernimmt seit mehreren Jahren die PR- und Marketing-Aktivitäten namhafter KMU und Konzerne unterschiedlicher Branchen – teils auf internationaler Ebene.

Aktuell hat sich die Gambio GmbH, einer der Top 5 der Anbieter von Shopsoftware, für die Zusammenarbeit mit punctum pr entschieden. Der Fokus der Agentur liegt für diesen Kunden auf der Unterstützung der Vertriebsstrategie durch Print- und Online-PR. Zudem vertritt punctum pr mit der ISI Automation GmbH & Co. KG ab sofort einen namhaften Spezialisten für Steuerungsautomation und IT-Systeme. Zu den Zielsetzungen gehören hier ebenfalls der Ausbau der Online-Sichtbarkeit und die verstärkte Präsenz des Unternehmens in den gedruckten Fachmedien. Dritter im Neukundenreigen ist der Verein Smart Electronic Factory e.V. Dabei handelt es sich um eine Initiative, die sich auf die Entwicklung und Evaluierung von Industrie 4.0-Szenarien spezialisiert hat. Die PR-Agentur fokussiert für den Verein neben der klassischen Pressearbeit das Lobbying und Public Affairs.

„Wir werden die drei Neukunden in der Corporate- und Produkt-Kommunikation unterstützen. Dies reicht von der strategischen Beratung über die Pressearbeit bis hin zu Aktivitäten im Marketing“, erklärt Ulrike Peter, Geschäftsführerin der punctum pr-agentur GmbH.

Die punctum pr-agentur GmbH hat sich auf die Segmente Marketing und Public Relations spezialisiert. Der Fokus liegt auf einer ganzheitlichen Strategie, Beratung und Durchführung. Dabei kommen crossmediale Instrumentarien wie klassische Print-Maßnahmen, Online-PR und Content Marketing gemäß neusten Erkenntnissen sowie TV- und Hörfunk-PR zum Einsatz. Zum Kundenstamm zählen namhafte Unternehmen unterschiedlicher Branchen aus IT, Industrie, E-Commerce, Dental und Healthcare sowie viele mehr. Weitere Informationen unter www.punctum-pr.de

punctum pr-agentur GmbH
Ulrike Peter
Neuer Zollhof 3
40221 Düsseldorf
+49 (0)211-9717977-0

Art Culture

A2A-Projet, HEY YA, his hit goes through all the galaxies

the music: electronic meets guitar. the message, sing this song all over the world and galaxies

A2A-Projet, HEY YA, his hit goes through all the galaxies

A2A-Projet feat K-Kanayo and his Summerhit 2015 HEY YA

A2A-Projet – Hey Ya, out now in Septemeber 2015 worldwide by LA-Groove (Los Angeles-California). LA-GROOVE is a successful record label.
„LA“ stands for Los Angeles and „GROOVE“ refers to a wide variety of music creations and productions ranging from electronic and dance music to hip-hop, rock, and pop music.

The man behind this label is Maxx Scuti, an Italian American music producer. He usually stays in the background, very rarely gives interviews, and prefers not to be mentioned by name at all; yet he can look back on tremendous success around the world and several famous chart hits.

A2A-PROJET is a modern music act consisting of two experienced artists known around the world who call their style of music „electronic meets guitar.“

In the United States and South America, A2A-Projet“s hit „Hey Ya“ triggered absolute hype among both DJs and the public. The song „Hey Ya“ has a message! It offers people what they always want: fun, love, peace, partying, and happiness. A2A-Projet“s „Hey Ya“ has been catapulted through the galaxies and is on its way around the universe traveling at supersonic speed.

Thanks to „Hey Ya,“ A2A-PROJET has meanwhile achieved galactic popularity as well as what many space scientists have always longed for: contact with other forms of life in outer space. They are well known throughout the entire universe, because everywhere people sing and dance to the sound of „Hey Ya.“ A galactic super hit for every club, every party, every planet.

Fachbereich, Musik+Medien, Reisen und Tourismus, TV, Film, Stars und Sternchen.
VIPNAB arbeitet mit einem Netzwerk aus mehreren Journalisten und Presse-Fotografen. Schwerpunktthema ist aufgrund der guten Kontakte dabei die deutschsprachige Musik, TV, Filmbranche mit ihren Stars und Sternchen. Alle unsere Journalisten haben langjährige Erfahrungen in der Branche.

VIPNAB Media Ltd.
Adrian Zeiler
Bordesley House, 59/60 Coventry Road
B10 0R Birmingham
+44 121 288 1104

Electric Electronics

Rehm and a New World of Temperature Monitoring

Rehm Thermal systems and pro-micron have teamed up to develop a wireless temperature sensor

Rehm and a New World of Temperature Monitoring

TiP300 allows temperature measurements with no external power supply or connecting cable (Source: @ pro-micron)

Every electronics manufacturer wants stable production processes and precise monitoring of production parameters. In thermal processes such as soldering, drying or curing of electronic assemblies, reliable and reproducible temperature profiling is important for achieving high-quality results. Temperature monitoring in the challenging soldering process therefore has special significance. TiP300 is a new wireless temperature sensor technology developed by pro-micron and tuned to the specific requirements of condensation soldering with the CondensoX series from Rehm Thermal Systems (http://www.rehm-group.com). The technology was exhibited for the first time under the name WPS 2.4 (Wireless Profiling System) at the Rehm booth at this year’s SMT in Nuremberg.

The WPS 2.4 is a temperature measurement system, a unique innovation worldwide, used for precise detection of the reflow profile in condensation soldering processes. The innovative temperature sensor technology makes it possible to check and to document at little or no expense the machine and process capability in thermal processes exactly and reliably, without affecting the ongoing production.

The temperature sensor of the WPS 2.4 with firmly attached antenna is fixed to the carrier of the CondensoX soldering systems from Rehm. No power supply is necessary. As the name of the system suggests, no cables are needed to transmit the temperature from the sensor to the receiving antenna. This is done via a radio signal. Evaluation electronics deliver temperature readings live to the system control via a digital interface. In the recorder software, also newly developed by Rehm, the temperatures are plotted graphically in real time. The transmitting and receiving antennae were optimized by pro-micron for this application. The WPS 2.4 therefore guarantees continuous monitoring of soldering processes up to 300 °C and provides a new quality of temperature detection.

Advantages of the WPS 2.4 at a glance:
-100 % process monitoring
-Simple and continuous quality verification
-Lower cost for profile measurements
-Greater transparency in the detection of machine and process capability
-No disruptive cables

The measuring system is available for the first time in the CondensoX series from Rehm Thermal Systems as an option for new installations and as a retrofit solution. „With the WPS 2.4 we put our clients in a position to meet the growing demands of complete traceability and of industry 4.0“, assures Michael Hanke, Chief Customer Officer of Rehm. In the future, the system will also be available for other processes such as convection soldering, annealing and drying.

Rehm Thermal Systems was founded in 1990 by Johannes Rehm and is a provider of reflow soldering systems and drying systems for the electronics industry as well as a manufacturer of fast firing systems and solar dryers for the metallization of solar cells. With Simply. More. Ideas. our goal is to become technological leaders in all areas of production and offer our customers sustainable, future-oriented products.

Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH
Marketing Department
Leinenstrasse 7
89143 Blaubeuren-Seissen
+49 7344 9606-0

APROS Int. Consulting & Services
Volker Feyerabend
Rennengaessle 9
72800 Eningen

Science Research Technology

Rehm presents product innovations at AMPER

Trends in the electronics industry

Rehm presents product innovations at AMPER

Rehm Thermal System’s VisionXC – Convection soldering system in compact design (Source: @Rehm Thermal Systems)

The company is once again participating in renowned international trade fairs and will present state-of-the-art plant and system technology in the areas of reflow soldering with convection and condensation, and circuit board coating in electronics manufacturing. Visit us at AMPER in Brünn, Czech Republic, from 24 to 27 March 2015. Our teams will be on hand to offer advice and look forward to seeing you!

24-27/03/2015: AMPER, Brünn
AMPER in Brünn, Czech Republic, is one of the largest trade events for electrical engineering and electronics in Europe. The trade fair attracts leading companies in the electronics industry, who take the opportunity to present their product portfolios in the areas of electrical engineering, automation, building services engineering, communication and radio technology to a wide range of industry professionals. You can find Rehm Thermal Systems at booth F 2.29. We will exhibit the following systems in Brünn:

VisionXC – Ideal system in compact design
Small batch sizes? Limited throughput? For every electronics manufacturer it is important that high-quality assemblies can be produced even with limited throughputs. This means an optimal process performance for reproducible soldering results, which must be implemented and maintained over the long term and without compromise. VisionXC was designed precisely for these customers. It impresses with a compact design which takes up minimal space yet encompasses all the key technological properties. VisionXC is the ideal convection soldering system for small and medium batches in manufacturing, laboratory or demo line applications. Our team will be on hand to offer advice!

Rehm (http://www.rehm-group.com/en/media/news/detail/article/new-trends-in-the-electronics-industry.html) presented innovations at IPC APEX EXPO 2015, San Diego
„Upgrade your TECH [knowledgy]“! This is the motto for this year“s IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego, California, which will focus on innovative technological developments. At booth 2849 Rehm has exhibited state-of-the-art thermal system solutions, including countless features that can be optimally integrated into every production environment. IPC APEX EXPO is one of the USA’s biggest trade fairs for the electronics industry. CEO Johannes Rehm and Paul Handler, new general manager of Rehm USA, were there and offered advice on the systems. The following products were presented in San Diego:

VisionXP – Clever convection soldering for flexible processes
Efficient convection soldering processes, increased energy-efficiency, stable processes, as well as optimal and reproducible results are the key features of our VisionX series. You can count on flexible production with VisionXP. The system can adapt to any production landscape thanks to a wide variety of options. The precise temperature control ensures accurate reflow profiling and uniform warming of the assembly. Temperature discrepancies are minimised and soldering errors are considerably reduced. With diverse transport variants, lead-bearing and lead-free soldering processes can run in parallel with a reflow soldering system, which saves both time and money.

CondensoXS – Maximum performance in the minimum space
Efficient condensation soldering processes in the minimum space are possible with CondensoXS. The system has a considerably smaller footprint. The benefit: 25% less space required with the same process features. Use of the injection principle, plus temperature and pressure control guarantee precise and diverse reflow profiling. Void-free soldering is simple with all systems in the CondensoX range thanks to the vacuum option.

Protecto – Selective conformal coating applications
You can increase the quality and service life of your products by using a protective coating. Our Protecto conformal coating system protects sensitive electronic assemblies from damage caused by corrosion or other environmental influences, such as moisture, chemicals and dust. Thanks to the multifunctional coating applicator, complicated application processes can be achieved in just one step, even in narrow spaces between components. With up to four nozzles available, the coating options are extremely flexible. The system is also available as a line concept with coating drier, which makes your production even more efficient.

Rehm Thermal Systems was founded in 1990 by Johannes Rehm and is a provider of reflow soldering systems and drying systems for the electronics industry as well as a manufacturer of fast firing systems and solar dryers for the metallization of solar cells. With „Simply. More. Ideas.“ our goal is to become technological leaders in all areas of production and offer our customers sustainable, future-oriented products.

Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH
Marketing Department
Leinenstrasse 7
89143 Blaubeuren-Seissen
+49 7344 9606-0

APROS Int. Consulting & Services
Volker Feyerabend
Rennengaessle 9
72800 Eningen

Wirtschaft Handel Maschinenbau

25 Jahre Pharmacontrol Electronic

Wegweisend für mehr Patientensicherheit

25 Jahre Pharmacontrol Electronic

Vom Firmensitz in Zwingenberg aus entwickelt PCE führende Technologien für mehr Patientensicherheit

Zwingenberg, 13. März 2014 – Mettler-Toledo Pharmacontrol Electronic (PCE) feiert im März 2014 das 25-jährige Firmenjubiläum. PCE gehört zu den weltweit führenden Unternehmen für Track & Trace und Quality Inspection und entwickelt seit 1989 wegweisende Technologien für die Pharmaindustrie. Namhafte Pharmahersteller aus aller Welt vertrauen heute auf Lösungen von PCE zum Produktschutz, zur Qualitätssicherung und zur Patientensicherheit.

Seit der Gründung im Jahr 1989 ist PCE Vorreiter bei Sicherheit und Produktkontrolle in der Pharmaindustrie – mit Innovationen von Codelesern über Smart Kameras bis hin zu integrierten Kennzeichnungs- und Verifizierungsstationen für lückenloses Track & Trace. In den letzten Jahren steigerte PCE Investitionen in den Ausbau von Forschung und Entwicklung noch einmal deutlich. Das Unternehmen eröffnete 2013 ein neues Competence Center in Aurora, Illinois, bei Chicago sowie einen zweiten Produktionsstandort in Heppenheim. Mit den neuen Forschungs- und Produktionskapazitäten positioniert sich PCE als maßgeblicher Schrittmacher und internationaler Player in der Pharma-Produktsicherheit.

Neue Technologien schützen Patienten

„Unser Ansporn seit nunmehr 25 Jahren ist es, der Pharmabranche stets passgenaue Lösungen für eine maximale Kundenzufriedenheit bereitzustellen“, so PCE-Geschäftsführer Oliver Wyrsch. „Heute schaffen global verteilte Produktions- und Lieferketten sowie internationale Absatzmärkte neue Herausforderungen für die Pharmaindustrie. Mit unserem Knowhow unterstützen wir unsere Kunden auch in Zukunft dabei, die Patientensicherheit weiter zu steigern und sichere Produkte zu garantieren – an jedem Ort der Welt.“

Rückblick: Vom Codeleser zur Komplettanlage

PCE wurde 1989 von Dirk Dickfeld in Bickenbach als Zwei-Personen-Unternehmen gegründet. Zu den ersten Produktinnovationen gehören Codeleser zur Kontrolle von Faltschachteln und Beipackzetteln sowie Farbkamera-Systeme zur Blisterfüllgutkontrolle. Im Jahr 1995 führt PCE Smart Kameras zur Produktüberprüfung ein. Die Innovation vereint leistungsfähige Aufnahmetechnologie mit einem intelligenten System zur Auswertung der Aufnahmen und eröffnet die Möglichkeit für komplexe und vernetzte Kontrollszenarien. Ab 2000 bietet PCE seine Komponenten auch als leicht zu integrierende Komplettanlagen an und tritt für selbige als Generalunternehmer auf. Im Jahr 2008 realisiert PCE als eines der ersten Unternehmen ein umfassendes Track & Trace-System zur Serialisierung und Aggregation für einen türkischen Pharmahersteller, nachdem die Türkei zum Vorreiter bei weitreichenden gesetzlichen Vorgaben zur Medikamentenserialisierung wurde. In Folge schließt PCE zahlreiche umfassende Track & Trace-Projekte im In- und Ausland erfolgreich ab.

Mitglied der Mettler-Toledo Gruppe

Seit August 2011 ist PCE Teil der Mettler-Toledo Gruppe, des führenden Anbieters von Präzisionsinstrumenten, und verzeichnet am Firmensitz in Zwingenberg ein stetiges Mitarbeiterwachstum von rund 20 Prozent pro Jahr. Heute umfasst das Angebot von PCE vielfältige Lösungen für die Qualitätskontrolle sowie Komplettsysteme zur Serialisierung und Aggregation. Darüber hinaus fokussiert das Unternehmen auf Softwarelösungen für das Management der Produktionslinien und der Serialisierungsdaten. Als Mitglied der Mettler-Toledo Gruppe bietet PCE seinen Kunden ein weltweites Vertriebs- und Servicenetz. Mit den 2013 neu geschaffenen Kapazitäten in Aurora und Heppenheim ist PCE perfekt aufgestellt, um zukünftigen Branchenherausforderungen aus den Bereichen Track & Trace, Quality Inspection, Tamper Evidence und Produktionsvernetzung mit innovativen Lösungen zu begegnen.
Bildquelle:kein externes Copyright

Über Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH
Seit August 2011 ist die Pharmacontrol Electronic GmbH Teil der Mettler-Toledo Gruppe in der Division „Product Inspection“. PCE bietet seitdem seinen Kunden über das starke, weltweite Vertriebs- und Servicenetz der neuen Muttergesellschaft Mettler-Toledo noch besseren globalen Service und Support. Mettler-Toledo ist ein führender globaler Anbieter von Präzisionsinstrumenten und zugehörigen Dienstleistungen mit eigenen Vertriebs- und Service-Organisationen in 35 Ländern weltweit und einem umfassenden Netzwerk von Vertretern in den meisten anderen Ländern.

Mettler-Toledo ist der größte Anbieter von End-of-line Inspektionssystemen, die in der Produktion und Verpackung der Lebensmittel-, Pharma- und anderen Branchen eingesetzt werden. Führende Marken von Mettler-Toledo Produkt-Inspektionssystemen sind Garvens Kontrollwaagen, Safeline Röntgeninspektionssysteme und Metallsuchgeräte sowie CI-Vision optische Kontrollsysteme. Weitere Informationen über Mettler-Toledo finden Sie unter www.mt.com.

Pharmacontrol Electronics GmbH
Marcus Pabsch
Gernsheimerstraße 2
64673 Zwingenberg
+49 (0) 6251 85 45 – 225

H zwo B Kommunikations GmbH
Michal Vitkovsky
Am Anger 2
91052 Erlangen
09131 / 812 81-0

Electric Electronics

Fail-safe software for networked vehicles

Fail-safe software for networked vehicles

Components of functional safety

* Functional safety fundamental to automotive embedded software
* ETAS offers comprehensive solutions to ensure safety even in complex, networked electronic systems
* Expert consulting delivers quality from the outset

Functional safety has always been one of the most important factors in the development of automotive embedded software. Functional safety can only be achieved through a combination of reliable tools, secure processes, and expert knowledge. With its years of experience in the field, ETAS can cater to all these areas with a comprehensive range of automotive embedded software solutions that brings together tools and expert consulting.

The functional safety of an embedded system depends on reliable basic software. Over a period of more than 20 years, the ETAS RTA real-time operating system has proved its worth in more than a billion ECUs-without a single error in operation. What“s more, its speed and efficient use of resources has made it into one of the leading systems, capable of implementing AUTOSAR 4.x safety concepts at the operating system and basic software level. Clear and easy to use, ASCET model-based software development offers the possibility of early validation so that errors can be flagged very early on in development. The integrated code generator is also certified by TÜV in accordance with the ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 standard.

Not only should tests and validations be conducted at the earliest possible opportunity, it is also important that they reflect real-life conditions-an area in which the ETAS INTECRIO integration platform and the virtual ECU ETAS EVE excel. When testing is limited only to functionality, there is the danger of overlooking a vital aspect: how the system behaves when things go wrong. For instance, what happens if the start-up process is disrupted? What if there is a loose contact during braking?
Here, too, faults must be rooted out at the earliest opportunity. This is where ETAS EHOOKS comes in, an extremely helpful tool that lets you insert bypass hooks into software that has already been compiled. With EHOOKS you can run white-box tests in which you introduce specific errors to see how the system reacts, or you can look deep into the functioning of the software. This gives testing an enormous breadth of scope, which ultimately translates into more safety.

Safety must be considered from every angle

For some time now, ETAS has been offering services that go beyond individual tools and tool support. The ongoing expansion of ETAS expert consulting activities enables users to make better use of ETAS and third-party tools, efficiently assuring the functional safety of software across the product“s entire lifecycle- even in increasingly complex systems. When it comes to safety, you can“t just look at a part of the picture-the safety chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Bildquelle:kein externes Copyright

ETAS provides innovative solutions for the development of embedded systems for the automotive industry and other sectors of the embedded industry.
As a systems provider, ETAS supplies a multifaceted portfolio that covers the range from integrated tools and tool solutions to engineering services, consulting, training, and support. Security solutions in the area of embedded systems are offered by the ETAS subsidiary ESCRYPT. Established in 1994, ETAS GmbH is a 100-percent subsidiary of the Bosch Group, with international subsidiaries and sales offices in 13 countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Anja Krahl
Borsigstraße 14
70469 Stuttgart
+49 711 89661 240

alvacon pr
Mandy Ahlendorf
Tannenweg 11
82319 Starnberg

Elektronik Medien Kommunikation

Über 350 Produkte im DJ Online Shop Elcotec Electronic Greven

Der Grevener Party-Macher Elcotec, (bekannt als Mobildisco – Betreiber für Greven, Ladbergen, Saerbeck, Emsdetten & Münster) eröffnet professionellen Internet – Fachhandel

Über 350 Produkte im DJ Online Shop Elcotec Electronic Greven

Elcotec Electronic Online Shop für DJ Equipment

Mit Elcotec Electronic eröffnen die weit über das Münsterland durch zahlreiche Events- und Veranstaltungen bekannt gewordenen Grevener DJ’s im Frühjahr 2013 — pünktlich zu Beginn der Open Air – Saison (nunmehr ganz offiziell) mit über 350 Artikeln ihren Online Shop für DJ’s, Musik-, Bühnen-, und Event – Profis. Statt gleich direkt mit allen Produkten online zu gehen, erklärt der Firmensprecher Marc Farwick den geladenen Gästen, wollten wir lieber zunächst einmal den Warenbeschaffungs- und Versandprozess anhand eines verschlankten Sortiments optimieren. Erst, als wir uns ganz sicher waren, setzten wir uns mit Anfang Mai einen offiziellen Starttermin für unseren Online – Shop. — Mit allen Produkten, die ein DJ oder Bühneveranstalter für die perfekte Show benötigt.

Begleitet vom Mülheimer Webdesigner und Reiseportalbetreiber Stefan Mehler, ging schließlich am 06. Mai 2013 getreu dem Firmenmotto „Händler und Dienstleister rund um das Thema LED Technik, Lichttechnik, Tontechnik und Traversensysteme“, die gesamte Produktpalette multilingual in deutscher und in englischer Sprache online.

Elcotec hat es sich — laut Farwick — zur Aufgabe gemacht, seinen Kunden stets topaktuelle Produkte und Dienstleistungen zu fairen Preisen zu ermöglichen. „In unserem Sortiment finden sich daher auch nur die angesagtesten Lichteffekte, die neuesten LED Moving Heads, modernstes DJ Equipment, Cases und Traversensysteme.“

Mit Erfahrung aus über 10 Jahren im Bereich der professionellen Veranstaltungstechnik, bekommen die Elcotec Kunden im DJ Online Shop www-elcotec-electronic.de alle gängigen Markenprodukte aus dem Hause Flash, dB Technologies, Denon, Eurolite, Omnitronic, GLP, Sirus Pro, Varytec, Global Truss und viele mehr.

Bildrechte: www.elcotec-electronic.de

Stefan Mehler Reisen und Webdesign – Online Reisepreisvergleichsportal und Dienstleister für Unternehmen

Stefan Mehler Reisen & Webdesign
Stefan Mehler
Auf den Hufen 12
45481 Mülheim
0208 4390665

Electric Electronics

Basista Printed Circuit Boards: Quality In, Quality Out.

Basista Printed Circuit Boards: Quality In, Quality Out.

Peter Basista with circuit board test product upon completion of the company?s modernization project

Modernization project to increase quality and performance is now complete.

Basista Leiterplatten GmbH, based in Bottrop (Germany), specializes in the production of circuit board prototypes and small production runs of the highest quality. The circuit board manufacturer enjoys an outstanding reputation among its large client base. With the continual modernization of his company, Peter Basista not only guides the development of the market, he anticipates it.

Peter Basista, founder and owner of Basista -The PCB company-, works closely with developers and designers who devise circuit boards and layouts for new products. Indeed, until founding his own company in 1994, the state certified electronics technician worked on the development of microprocessors and control systems himself. This first-hand experience means he knows what he is talking about when consulting clients — he was once in their shoes himself.

Early in his career, Basista recognized a need for the production of circuit board prototypes and small production runs but found very few reliable and flexible providers. He soon founded a company for electronic developments and began to produce circuit board prototypes — although at first only for his own purposes. Later, as a way to reduce costs and make better use of the machinery, he began producing circuit boards for others.

Today the Basista Circuit Boards consultation team is completely client-oriented. The customer base is diverse, with clients stemming from every industry. Chip and electronics developers and the automotive industry constantly present the Basista Printed Circuit Board team with new demands; they are a driving force behind the company“s continual adaption to technical challenges. The team welcomes consultations prior to production. In these consultation sessions the peculiarities of circuit board production can be discussed, and layouts for specially-defined DFM (Design for Manufacturing) processes can be reviewed and optimized directly with the client.

Although such personal consultation means an additional step for the designers, it is a step gladly taken by these professionals. After all, a fully optimized draft results in shorter production times and, ultimately, financial savings. At this stage, the areas typically marked for improvement include distances and hole sizes, as well as the solder mask or component overlay. When not everything aligns precisely with the process and product demands of PCB production, the designers will often consult „public libraries“ for assistance with layout challenges and technical values. For this reason, Basista Leiterplatten makes the DFM guidelines (the design regulations for circuit board layouts) available to its clients on the company website.

The meaningful exchange of ideas between engineers and clients means that Basista Leiterplatten“ knowledge base is constantly updated and in tune with the latest developments. Likewise, the company“s meaningful investment strategies guarantee the latest technical standards are in place for planning and production — thus guaranteeing the highest level of product quality and production efficiency.

10-15 % of Basista Printed Circuit Boards“ turnover is continually reinvested in development initiatives. This commitment to development is reflected in the recently completed year-long internal modernization project. The aim of this project was technological expansion, an increase in the efficiency of coating, etching, and solder mask development, as well as production flow and security.

To achieve a more efficient production flow, logistics was given a complete overhaul: Nearly every piece of machinery – each weighing in at nearly 1 ton – was repositioned and realigned. This meant repositioning the electrical, water, exhaust, and primary energy outlets of each machine as well.

Furthermore, together with the company Pill GmbH, Basista Circuit Boards developed a new production unit which meets its own increased standards and technical demands. The old unit was no longer adequate for the application of the new liquid photo-imageable solder mask. In order to fully utilize the outstanding properties of the new liquid solder mask, a completely new unit had to be developed.

With the new solder mask and new Pill machines, significantly finer solutions (up to 70 um) and significantly thinner coatings (25 um instead of the previous 50 um) can be applied. This improvement also translates into a shorter processing time, fewer chemicals and fewer materials, and thus results in financial and environmental savings throughout the entire circuit board production cycle.

The improvements don“t stop there, however. A 4m etching unit produced by another German manufacturer was customized according to Basista Circuit Boards“ demands. Because the modifications desired by Basista were not part of the manufacturer“s standard portfolio, Basista Printed Circuit Boards completed the modifications themselves: The pump and drive systems were improved in order to produce thicker circuit boards – from 0,35 to 3,1 mm – in a more controlled and balanced manner.

Along with the production renovations, at the beginning of the year IT infrastructure and security underwent a complete update. This segment of the modernization project was also completed at the end of April. An additional hardware firewall was installed, new back-up systems were implemented, power supply safeguards were upgraded to the most modern standards and the network was expanded to gigabit-bandwidth.

Basista Leiterplatten has been ISO 9001/2000 certified for some time. But in order to document the maintenance of this high standard following the large modernization project, the system will be recertified this year.

For Peter Basista development is never complete. He is already planning the next stage. „Coming up next is a direct exposure unit for prototype production. This will further expand our product range. It represents significant innovation because we want to implement completely new technologies. Ultimately it will save us production time and material, and allow us to work faster, more efficiently and sustainably.“

Currently, an academic study is in the works which will analyze the environmental aspects of the recently completed modernization measures, as well as those of the upcoming exposure unit. It will also identify areas for further optimization. For Peter Basista, innovation is an investment which always pays off – investing time and money at the start results in savings and a quality product in the end.

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APROS Services
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Berliner Pop Duo Two Different veröffentlicht neue Single

I know You want it reloaded
Berliner Pop Duo Two Different veröffentlicht neue Single
Two Different I know You want it reloaded

Was braucht man um den Feel Good Hit des Jahres 2012 zu kreieren?
Zwei Berliner Musiker haben die Antwort bereits gefunden.
Mit ihrem Video „I know you want it Reloaded“ hat die Künstler Combo Two Different ihr Können unter Beweis gestellt. Bunt, extrem sexy und vollgepackt mit guter Laune überschwemmen die beiden Großstädter den Zuschauer mit purem Partyfeeling.
Das Video zu „I know you want it Reloaded“ spielt auf einem Berliner Hausdach in loungiger Atmosphäre. Eine Spontanparty die jeden in seinen Bann zieht.
Coole Rap-Einlagen von LAROD gepaart mit der lasziv und anmutig klingenden Stimme von Alicks und feinster Elektrosound sorgen für einen Ohrwurm der besonderen Art. Ein Feelgood Sound an dem kein Vorbeikommen ist.
Die Single erscheint am 25.05.12 beim Label RHR Records als digitaler Download, sowie in einer limitierten Auflage als physische Single.
Das Highlight der Single bieten die exklusiven Remixe von Trümerfrau und Spiritus Rektor.
Die Single „I know you want it Reloaded“ ist ein absolutes Must Have für den Sommer 2012 und ein weiterer Meilenstein in der Geschichte des Künstler- und Musikerduos Two Different. Hinter den Namen LAROD und Alicks steht die visuelle Band, die es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht hat mit alt her bestehenden Rollenklischees aufzuräumen. Spaß an der Verwandlung steht ebenso im Fokus wie das Verbreiten von tiefgründigen Texten.
Dabei sind Two Different tabulos. Bereits das im Frühjahr 2010 erschienene, äußerst erfolgreiche und kontrovers diskutierte Video „Baise Moi“ sorgte für Aufsehen. Es geht um Freiheit, Respekt und den Mut Anders zu sein.
Die Qualität der Arbeit überzeugte auch die Agentur von Jörg Himmrich und das Label RHR Records die, die beiden Ausnahmekünstler betreuen.
Two Different – ein Name den man sich merken sollte.
I know you want it 4 Track CD
1. Single Version
2. Hot Kiss Mix
3. Hands Up Mix
4. Hot Kiss Instrumental
Als digitaler Download bereits erhältlich!
Mehr Infos unter
Two Different
RHR Records
Jörg Himmrich

RHR Records wurde 2008 von mir Robin Hildebrandt gegründet. Ein Label mit angeschlossenem Musikverlag.

Durch die langjährige Mitarbeit und Mitgliedschaft im Verband Deutscher Musikschaffender (VDM) habe ich mir ein großes Wissen über das Musikbusiness (2 VDM Diplome),sowie hervorragende Kontakte in sämtlichen wichtigen Bereichen über die Jahre aufbauen können.

Dieses Wissen möchte ich nun an Künstler die mir Ihr Vertrauen entgegen bringen weiter geben, und mich als Person gemeinsam mit meinen gut gepflegten Kontakten aus den Bereichen Radio, Musikmagazine, Film und Fernsehen, sowie Konzertveranstalter einsetzen.

Bei mir steht vor allem das Talent und die Musik eines Künstlers im Vordergrund, und dies Stil übergreifend, also traut Euch, und nehmt Kontakt zu RHR Records auf, ich helfe gerne weiter.

Robin Hildebrandt

RHR Records
Robin Hildebrandt
72351 Geislingen
07433 22660