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tML fibre-optic modules: LC ports with integrated shutters for dust and laser protection

Integrated metal dust caps ensure the transmission quality of fibre-optic cabling

tML fibre-optic modules: LC ports with integrated shutters for dust and laser protection

(Source: tde – trans data elektronik GmbH)

Dortmund/Germany, 17 January 2017. As of now, tde trans data elektronik GmbH is offering tML fibre-optic modules with full dust and laser protection with the same high packing density as before: During the plugging process, integrated shutters open automatically through a special mechanism and close again after the removal of the connector. As the shutters seal the ports dust-tight, external dust caps are no longer necessary. At the same time, the shutters protect the eyes from harmful laser beams. In contrast to other products available on the market, which only offer plastic shutters, tde couplings are equipped with shutters made of metal. In conjunction with Fault Finders, the shutters let harmless light beams pass through and make ports belonging together visible. tde tML fibre-optic modules with self-closing shutters are available for LC connector types of the product lines tML-Standard, tML Xtended and tML 24.

„Cleanliness plays a central role, especially in relation to high transmission rates in fibre-optic connection arrangements“, explains Andre Engel, CEO of tde. „But especially while on the job, network technicians are likely to forget about the dust caps after repatching, either because they are not available at the moment or have been lost altogether. However, dust contamination of the delicate connector end-faces of the ports is often the reason for performance losses and can, under certain circumstances, lead to the complete deterioration of the port.“

tde is able to remedy this situation: The new tML fibre-optic modules have ports with integrated shutters which open and close automatically during the plugging process, without even touching the ferrule of the connector being plugged in. The delicate connector end-faces are thus protected from contamination of any kind and the transmission rate remains consistently high. By permanently installing the shutters into their fibre-optic modules, tde has made external dust caps redundant. At the same time, the shutters serve as a protection from laser beams: Even when utilizing long range transceivers, the human eyes are never at risk. tde has made this possible through their use of metal instead of plastic shutters, which is unique in the industry. The metal shutters offer another advantage: If maintenance staff couple light via Fault Finder, the exiting light becomes harmless to the human eye and also makes ports which belong together visible. The integrated safety shutters in no way limits the packing density.

As of now, tde has tML fibre-optic modules with integrated safety shutters for LC connector types of the product lines tML-Standard, tML Xtended and tML 24 in its portfolio. The network expert is planning to offer its other fibre-optic products with LC adapters, which include splice boxes, with the option of shutter couplings.

The tML – tde modular link system

tML is a patented modular cabling system consisting of the three main components module, trunk cable and module rack. The system components are a 100% made, pre-assembled and tested in Germany. They ensure a plug-and-play installation on site – especially in data centres but also in industrial environments – within a very short time. The core of the system is the MPO/MTP and telco connector at the back, which can connect at least six ports with 10 GbE or GbE performance all at once. Fibre optic and TP modules are available which can be used together in one module rack with a very high port density.

About tde – trans data elektronik GmbH

For 25 years the tde – trans data elektronik GmbH, an internationally successful company, has specialised in the development and production of scalable cabling systems for highest packing density. The nuclear research centre CERN relies on the know-how of the leading company in multi-fibre technics (MPO) as well. The company“s portfolio „Made in Germany“ contains complete system solutions with a focus on Plug-and-play for high speed applications in the field of datacom, telecom, industry, medical and defence. tde offers both planning and installation services through its own service department and supports the „European Code of Conduct“ when it comes to energy efficiency in data centres. For more information, visit www.tde.de

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Electric Electronics

Light conducting LC duplex dust caps by tde – trans data elektronik

Light conducting LC duplex dust caps by tde - trans data elektronik

translucid dust caps

tde supplies all kinds of LC adapters with translucid dust caps as standard

Fiber optic networks in data centers or industries are highly complex and extremely sensitive systems. It is essential to protect them in the best possible way to avoid impeding their capability. As an extension of the successful cabling system tML®-tde Modular Link the network specialist offers all kinds of LC adapters in tML-modules as standard with translucid dust caps: „We provide optimal protection for the ports and remain true to our principle, which is to reduce the installation effort due to their special material characteristics „, says André Engel, CEO of tde – trans data elektronik GmbH.

The new tde protection standard for LC duplex adapters

Associated ports within one range can be found very fast with the aid of dust caps, as the light – interconnected by the use of a fault finder – is visible throughout the cap. This allows the easy inspection of the transposition of fibers.

Compared to conventional simplex dust caps the new duplex option has the advantage of being firmly and solidly attached to the adapter: „For this reason the dust cap not only stays exactly where it should be, that is to say on the adapter, but also owing to its shape it enables an easier handling and can be pulled out with only two fingers if required“, explains Engel.

The tML®-tde ModularLink system

tML® is a patented modular built up cabling system, which consists of the three main components module, trunk cable and module unit. These system components are manufactured, patched and tested to a 100 percent in Germany and implement a local Plug & Play-Installation – particularly in data centers, but also in industrial surroundings – in the shortest possible time. The core of the system comprises the dorsal MPO/MTP® and Telco connectors, which connect at least six ports with 10GbE or rather GbE performance at once. There are fiber optics and TP modules, which can be used simultaneously in a module unit with very high port density.

About tde – trans data elektronik GmbH
As an internationally successful company in the field of data and communications systems tde – trans data elektronik GmbH – specialised in the manufacture and distribution of networking components and is considered as a technological pioneer in the field of fibre optic multi-fibre technology. With an extremely high-quality range of copper and fibre optic cable products, including matching connection and splicing systems, tde is an experienced networking expert providing full-service solutions for various fields such as Datacom, Telecom, Industry and Defence. In addition to manufacturing and distributing tde, as a full-system provider, offers the full range of services from planning to installation from one source. As one of very few German manufacturers of network technology, tde supports the Code of Conduct for energy efficiency in data centers, an initiative of the European Commission. For further information see www.tde.de

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