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SKIDATA Innovathon: exploring digital trends

Employees and students develop new solutions for IT & SKIDATA technology

SKIDATA Innovathon: exploring digital trends

SKIDATA Innovathon: exploring digital trends

It´s that time again – namely, for the next round of the SKIDATA Innovathon. Experienced specialists, creative outside-the-box thinkers and inspiring newcomers will develop practical applications for SKIDATA´s digital future as part of the third SKIDATA Innovathon taking place from November 8-10, 2017. Anything goes at this event – anything except conventional ideas, that is. From big data to virtual reality or artificial intelligence: removed from everyday work, more than ten international teams from all divisions will work on fresh, new concepts. Because together we create the best ideas.

„At SKIDATA, we have employees with many creative ideas and a strong pioneering spirit. With the Innovathon, we want to give them the chance to develop and utilize this power of innovation in an inspiring think tank atmosphere and in interdisciplinary teams“, explains Wolfgang Titze, Head of Software Development in Salzburg and co-organizer of the SKIDATA Innovathon. In addition to being a think tank for the company, however, this event has a social component which is also very valuable. Working together on an idea for days unites us.

Innovation is a result of professional teamwork

This is the third time the Innovathon has taken place and it has already established itself as an internal forum for innovation. Each year the number of participants has grown. Participants all have a knack for technology and plenty of unconventional ideas in their mind, and work in teams of three or four. With an open mind and enthusiasm for new things, they develop exciting concepts that no one has thought of before, making the teams grow closer together. „The best part of the Innovathon is that it harnesses the impressive knowledge and inventive spirit of SKIDATA team members to bring ideas to life and help shape the future of the company“, says Jeff, participant from the USA at this year´s SKIDATA Innovathon.

Research & development: inventiveness at SKIDATA

At SKIDATA, innovation is practically in our blood. Günther Walcher started the operative business in 1977 with the first printed ski ticket. What began as an idea 40 years ago has since developed into an internationally successful digital solution provider in access and visitor management. Still today, it is our employees´ pioneering spirit that drives the development of our IT business solutions forward. The result? SKIDATA has more than 100 patent families that have been developed and filed by the approximately 60 inventors in the SKIDATA team. Continuous research and development, a good work atmosphere that creates freedom for innovation and events such as the SKIDATA Innovathon make it possible. Our employees´ power of innovation is central to SKIDATA and new patent ideas are awarded once a year as part of a recognition event by the Executive Board.

Anyone with a keen eye for digital trends who is interested in working in SKIDATA´s creative and state-of-the-art environment can find job vacancies by visiting: https://www.skidata.com/en/corporate/jobs-careers/job-vacancies-at-skidata/

Note: The publication is accepted until 06.02.2018.

SKIDATA is a leading international company for access solutions and management. More than 10,000 SKIDATA installations in ski resorts, sports stadiums, major airports, shopping centers, cities, spas and wellness facilities, exhibition centers and amusement parks worldwide ensure safe and reliable access control for people and vehicles. SKIDATA places great value in offering solutions that are intuitive, easy to operate and secure. With their integrated concepts, SKIDATA helps clients optimize performance and maximize profits. The SKIDATA Group ( www.skidata.com) is a member of the publicly traded Swiss Kudelski Group ( www.nagra.com), a leading provider of digital security solutions.

Mag. Belkis Etz
Untersbergstraße 40
5083 Grödig/Salzburg
Phone: +43 6246 888-0
E-Mail: jobs@skidata.com
Url: https://www.skidata.com/en/corporate/jobs-careers/

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Press Release: New Work and the need for cooperation

Press Release: New Work and the need for cooperation

Connection of decentralized employees via digital collaboration platforms

As a result of New Work, decentralization, flexibility and digital information, virtual collaboration tools are considered irreplaceable.

Cooperation and increasing individualization

Employees increasingly want to decide individually about their work process and flexibly determine their working time and location. By taking these wishes into account, companies can win motivated, productive and loyal employees. Cooperation and efficiency must not be impaired. This can be achieved thanks to digital tools. Real-time communication and collaboration platforms create new forms of collaboration. „Building, maintaining and sharing knowledge is an important part of successful collaboration“, said Lars von Thienen, who has accepted this question with his tool, „To find digital information on a decentralized basis is a task of digitization and the changing cooperation. For example, the digital knowledge assistant „Noggle“ offers a way to answer this by presenting decentralized documents in a central search result and by cognitively sorting and linking knowledge. Finding knowledge and colleagues is achievable.“

Digitization of the working world

The digitization of the working world and processes is progressing. IT systems are getting better at analyzing information. Information is more and more digitally available and will remain structured over an extended period of time. In the medium term, all necessary documents will be available digitally and thus independent of the location. This is how digitization affects cooperation. An increasing flexibilisation, decentralization and de-marginalization of work are developing.

New Work – Cause and Goal

New Work, the profound change in the world of work, is at the same time both thinking and movement. Work-Life-Balance and Industrie 4.0 find their merger in this term. Knowledge growth, demographic change, digitalization and globalization have an impact on society and on companies and are the cause of the discussion about New Work.The goal is to change the design of work.

New Work is to be seen as a future of working and it has to be culturally and technically adapted for companies.

Noggle AG is a registered trademark. Patent is pending. Noggle is a knowledge assistant for Windows. Noggle unifies search results through desktop locations, network file servers, and cloud storage. By sharing libraries, the collaboration of several users is realized. An intelligent search shows content relevant documents.

Noggle AG
Lars von Thienen
Bredbeekskoppel 6
21266 Jesteburg
Phone: 017656218987
E-Mail: info@noggle.online
Url: http://www.noggle.online

Noggle AG
Melina Müller
Bahrenfelder Steindamm 55
22761 Hamburg
Phone: 017656218987
E-Mail: knowledgeassistant@gmail.com
Url: http://www.noggle.online

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Digitalization: Mike Flache among the world’s TOP-10 influencers

The Onalytica ranking of the 100 most influential individuals and brands on Twitter on the topic of digital transformation has listed business angel and startup investor Mike Flache among the top ten.

Stuttgart, 27 September 2016

The latest Onalytica ranking officially confirmed that digital transformation is one of the great global challenges for businesses and will demand the increased attention of companies now and in the years ahead. Discussions and exchanges on this issue no longer follow the traditional patterns but take place where the transformation originates from: virtual space. Mike Flache is quite pleased with his ranking: „To be able to make a sustainable contribution and to help shape one of the most important issues for the future of the global economy is acknowledgment and motivation enough.“

The methodology for this analysis conducted by Onalytica is based on engagement data. For this ranking they analyzed over 338,000 tweets over 90 days mentioning „Digital Transformation“. Onalytica’s analysts looked at a user’s connections and calculated relative influence using PageRank analysis. This methodology enabled them to show those users with the best quality of connections who are driving the most engagement on topic. Reach (follower count), Relevance (number of tweets on topic) and Reference (number of times the user has been added to twitter lists) were also factored into the equation to produce an overall influencer score. Onalytica also used their custom-developed Influencer Relationship Management Software (IRM) to generate the network maps and topic share of voice charts. The result is a data-based list with 100 individuals and brands, each a distinct leader in the exchange and discussion on Twitter about digitalization.

Digital transformation will become the key strategic thrust for most CEOs

The term „digital transformation“ describes the restructuring of a company’s culture, business models and associated processes with the objective of fully taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the new digital technologies. According to a recently published report by the World Economic Forum, companies that utilize digital technologies across all business areas are more successful in opening up new sources of income and in prevailing against the competition of „digital natives“ and rival companies. By 2018, it is expected that 67%* of CEOs of the Forbes Global 2000 companies will have shifted the focus of their business strategies onto digital transformation.

Decision-makers must understand digitalization as a holistic effort

Mike Flache is a business angel and investor who supports innovative technology startups and emphasizes the importance of an integrated approach for this complex task in paving the way to the future. „No doubt, the transition from analog to digital could be a long march, because it’s more than just a technology issue; it’s also about a clear strategy aligned closely to market needs, streamlined processes, and, above all, open-minded and competent people“, Mike Flache explains. „Companies that are willing to understand that these key factors need to be in line for a successful business transformation, will enjoy fundamental advantages over competitors – from creating new business models and profit streams to building a decision-oriented agile organization.“

The ranking lists Mike Flache alongside with Satya Nadella (CEO, Microsoft), Brian Solis (Chief Analyst, Altimeter Group), Bill Bunting (Director Healthcare Solutions, EMC), Vala Afshar (Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce), Ronald van Loon (Director, Advertisement), Kirk Borne (Principal Data Scientist, Booz Allen Hamilton), Simon Porter (Vice President Commercial Sales Europe, IBM) and Paul Daugherty (CTO, Accenture), among others.

A summary overview of the ranking is available at onalytica.com (http://www.onalytica.com/blog/posts/digital-transformation-top-100-influencers-and-brands/).
You can follow Mike Flache on Twitter (https://twitter.com/mikeflache).

* Source: Forbes / Tech (http://www.forbes.com/sites/gilpress/2015/12/06/6-predictions-about-the-future-of-digital-transformation/#4b572f0b25b4)

About Onalytica

Onalytica was founded in 2009 and has specialized on Influencer Relationship Management Software and supporting services. The company assists brands in the 1:1 scaling of influencer relationship management results. Onalytica works with experts in marketing, communications, digital media and PR to offer assistance in the planning and implementation of custom-made influencer programs. Onalytica solutions assists with the improved automation and optimization of influencing activities and the continuous identification of opportunities to engage.

Mike Flache is a German business angel and seed investor. He is involved in a number of technology startups in Europe and the US, including Fundment (Fintech), Ctrlflow (Software Engineering) and tocario (Workspace-as-a-Service Technology). Mike Flache serves on the digital advisory boards of various companies. He also advises VCs and institutional investors on performance optimization for their portfolio companies. Mike Flache also shares his experience with companies in traditional markets and supports them in getting the optimum added value out of their business transformation process. Onalytica lists him as one of the Top 10 global influencers for the digital transformation.

Mike Flache
Mike Flache
Königstr. 26
70173 Stuttgart

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Berufshaftpflichtversicherung für Ingenieure – HDI passt Deckungskatalog an die Risiken der Digitalisierung an

Die HDI Versicherung hat ihren Deckungskatalog für die Berufshaftpflicht für Ingenieure und Architekten überarbeitet. Seit Anfang des Jahres werden nun auch Planungsfehler aufgrund falscher Software-Berechnungen, die durch fehlerhafte Bedienung der S

Berufshaftpflichtversicherung für Ingenieure - HDI passt Deckungskatalog an die Risiken der Digitalisierung an

Chriet Titulaer mit Cardboard (Bildquelle: Flickr: sndrv)

Kelkheim, 13. April 2016

Schon längst hat die Digitalisierung unsere Arbeitswelt verändert. Innovative Technologien, Cloud-Anwendungen und Software-Programme: Die Digitalisierung bietet große Chancen und erleichtert uns das Arbeiten, doch der Einsatz dieser neuen Technologien, Plattformen und Software-Lösungen birgt bisher unbekannte Risiken, die sich auch in der Haftung von Architekten und Ingenieuren niederschlagen.

Zwei Beispiele, wie die Digitalisierung die Arbeitswelt von Architekten und Ingenieuren verändert und diese damit vor völlig neue Haftungsfragen stellt.

Das Erste: Inzwischen ist es üblich, dass Architekten und Ingenieure vor allem bei der Planung größerer Projekte auf so genannte Building-Information-Modeling-Programme (BIM-Programme) zurückgreifen. BIM-Programme ermöglichen hochkomplexe Berechnungen. Doch das Programm ist nur so gut wie der Mensch am anderen Ende. Planungsfehler, die sich aus der falschen Bedienung des Programmes ergeben, lassen sich nie ganz ausschließen. Und das kann zu falschen Ergebnissen, damit falschen Plänen und letztlich zu erheblichen Kosten führen für die der Planer haftet.

Ein zweites Beispiel: Immer öfter nutzen Architekten und Ingenieure Kameradrohnen, um Gebäude- und Flächenmaße zu nehmen oder um einen besseren Überblick über ein Gebäude, ein Gelände oder eine Baustelle zu bekommen. Doch selbst bei professioneller Bedienung kann es immer zu Abstürzen oder Kollisionen kommen. Das kann zu Sach- und Personenschäden führen, für die der Anwender der Drohne haftet

Neuer Deckungskatalog schließt Risiken aus dem Einsatz innovativer Soft- und Hardware ein

Bis jetzt waren Risiken dieser Art nicht im Leistungsumfang von Berufshaftpflichtversicherungen abgedeckt, da sie bis vor wenigen Jahren noch gar nicht existierten. Nun gehören diese Risiken zum Arbeitsalltag von Ingenieuren und Architekten.
Inzwischen reagieren Versicherer auf die Veränderungen in der Haftung, die sich durch diese digitalen Innovationen ergeben. Die Berufshaftpflicht für Ingenieure und Architekten des Versicherers HDI wurde zum 1. Januar 2016 überarbeitet und umfasst nun seit Anfang des Jahres unter anderem Planungsfehler aufgrund falscher BIM-Berechnungen, die durch falsche Eingaben verursacht wurden sowie den Einsatz von Drohnen.

Über die gb.online gmbh

Die gb.online gmbh hat sich auf die berufliche Absicherung von Freelancern spezialisiert und bietet mit www.easy-insure.eu das umfangreichste Online-Versicherungsportal für freie und beratende Berufe in Deutschland. Seit 2011 können Selbstständige und Unternehmen bis 1 Million Euro Umsatz pro Jahr hier ihre beruflichen Risiken versichern.
Steigt der Umsatz, und wird eine individuelle Lösung benötigt, so steht mit dem Schwesterunternehmen groot bramel versicherungsmakler gmbh ein verlässlicher Partner zur Seite, der seit über 25 Jahren Gewerbetreibende und industriellen Unternehmen in Versicherungsfragen vertritt. Die groot bramel versicherungsmakler gmbh ist in 18 Ländern vertreten und begleitet sie, wohin auch immer sich ihr Geschäftsfeld entwickelt.

gb.online gmbh
Lutz-Hendrik Groot Bramel
Frankfurter Str. 93
65779 Kelkheim
06195 9919-60
06195 9919-30

gb.online gmbh
Lutz-Hendrik Groot Bramel
Frankfurter Str. 93
65779 Kelkheim
06195 9919-60
06195 9919-30